Clock Tower...

Tohsaka Rin is quite well-known alright.

For one from such a shallow lineage, she was born a miracle unlike her father Tohsaka Tokiomi whose powers were truly a result of their short history as Magi.

40 powerful circuits, and born an Average One.

Her father is a mediocre magus with 25 Circuits with just-as-mediocre quality. However he made up for it by having strong bases and foundations that each of his spells have 'decent' effects and honed Jewelcraft that was a notch above what the Association currently knows in its many stored tomes as noted by Zelretch that despite their shallow lineage, their clan's reputation 'improved a bit'.

She was also already a capable clan head as she participated in events for clan heads only and spoke well in politics and such, that many families found themselves pressuring their own heirs not to be outdone by 'that yellow-skinned asian chit'. She who was just too good and the uppity families were irritated but competence was competence. You do not survive the tower by being an idiot.

In truth, Rin was cunning and capable, thanks to her sister who was ahead of her years. She who pushed Rin to be who she is today and Rin knows it.

Sakura was the motivator and supporter as their father wished it so, as Sakura's duty was prosperity in society and Rin's duty was prosperity as magi.

By dividing duties between them, the Tohsaka have great breathing room as a result, and less stress at that.

However, Rin was very updated, because she uses ant familiars linked to many pendulums in her room. The ants listen to every word spoken in the tower's many rooms that has no Bounded Fields, and Rin reads the events every night.

However, she gets an alarm if events happen immediately instead of next day or next week, month and year.

That aside, she is also a known student in Mineralogy, but also took other courses. However, abilities, unknown as unlike most magi, she does not brag what she was capable of in paperwork alone as most students write down what they know just to look superior to others. Rin did not. All she has, was a mischievously smug smile on her face.

In the academy, people get injured.

Getting into her bags and lockers were a bad, baaaad idea, and injuries took weeks to heal. Her dorm room was worse, resulting in hospitalization by critical conditions. Because the hallway was booby-trapped with nasty traps, even if she had neighbors it will only activate if and only if there was intent of going to her room unauthorized.

So in P.E which translates to Magus Combat, Rin does only enough to defeat, she never shows off nor prolongs her fights. All they know is that she's insanely fast and uses precise strikes for a one-hit KO. That's it.

And she's a Master in the upcoming Grail Wars, and purchased an artifact for her summoning already.

Only those sponsoring the Association Candidates knows what she's bought.

'So Tohsaka bought a shard of the Round Table?' Atrum asked as in an office, was the magi sponsored for by the association.

'Yes.' said Bram Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri. 'She looked at the stocks for a long time before deciding which one, clearly aiming for a Saber. So, which ones would you like?'

'I have it set hard on being a Lancer.' said Bazett Fraga McRemitz, giving Bram a small slip of paper.

'I as well.' said Atrum Galliasta.

'That makes it five participants now.' said Bram. 'But nobody's moving in for the remaining two spots. The Einzberns already summoned Berserker. Tohsaka wants a Saber. And...' he looked at the slips, '-you two want a Lancer and Caster. But Atrum, you sure about this one? You'll die early you know, given this one's reputation.'

'I'm sure of it.' said Atrum.

'On your own head, be it...Lancer's 950000 and Caster is 1200000.'

'Expensive!' Bazett gasped out in aghast as Atrum looked like he swallowed a whole egg, shell included.

'Well, ones from the Age of Gods are expensive! The older the pricier, just like antiques!' Bram sputtered. 'They're harder to find!' he snorted. 'The Matou purchased a Rider, so the classes left are Archer and Assassin up for grabs. And how come nobody interested is coming? Its almost time soon we can't do this with only five people!'


Japan, Homurahara Gakuen...

Sakura tasted normal life for the first time that she enjoyed elementary school, and junior high school.

The thing was, she experienced in Grade 5 to Junior High what she never did before in Hogwarts.

While aware that her new body was beautiful, she never thought boys would become shy or nervous around her all of a sudden.

As Harry Potter, she was never like that around any girl at all...until her mother told her that because of her past wherein she's so broken she never thought of possibilities of having her 'first love' that survival was her primary concern and trying to get by, and she has limited company none of whom are good influences in regards to teaching her how to be social and expand her world, it was no wonder.

Aoi had to teach her what puberty was. The age when boys notice 'girls' and girls notice 'boys' and what they like about them. From looks to personality traits, having crushes, a struggle to confess to the one they like...among such things.

So Tohsaka Sakura understood at long last what Harry Potter never did.

Harry Potter wasn't ugly or anything. He was good-looking and that's not her vanity talking. Her mother and father said so when she 'printed' what he looked like at age 18. Sure he has a girlfriend but that was more born of war pressure, irrationality and the need to leave behind proof they were alive. A baby. It was why loads of people married YOUNG. But his and Ginny Weasley's romance never lasted long anyway which was why as quick as it was there, as quick as it was when feelings faded away.

What Harry felt was just a survival impulse.

If it was love, he would have chosen a better girl he would live for, not the most convenient choice who was his best friend's sister. Had he chosen a girl who actually loves Harry Potter, not the image of who he was to his people, Harry would have fought harder to live with her instead of accepting his death as he had when he thought there's nothing to live for having lost everything. The sad part was, that was the bitter truth.

And now, he became Tohsaka Sakura. She would experience what its like to be loved and cherished and protected by a boy.

She had no idea what to feel about that.

'Sakura,' said Aoi. 'You suffered and gave and gave yet got nothing in return. To the point that you don't even know how it is to receive for a change.' she said, 'Such a thing is harmful and painful to you but you never noticed your suffering as people demanded more of you, expected more from you, you never got any room to think about what YOU truly want.' she stated severely in severe disapproval.

'True relationships are give-and-take. You give and they receive, then they give and you receive, and make compromises out of concern and consideration. And always ask for opinions instead of doing things without their knowing and input as some surprises, are never good when they could possibly want something else, not the one you have in mind.' she explained. 'As a girl, its a good opportunity to teach you what's it like to be loved and treasured.'

'I'll be loved for a change by boys?'

'Yes. By knowing how a boy loves a girl, you'll know how to properly love a girl when you're reborn a boy again.' Aoi smiled. 'Experiences are the best teachers.'

So she watched.

There are boys who simply found her attractive and cute, and intimidated by her because of both so they were shy around her.

So only her looks were an issue, even moreso as she grew up so that made her quite sad. Upset by it, she dove into training and research, and Shiki and Rin called her out on it. However, when Rin was out of earshot, A Shiki that wasn't her teacher talked to her, fully-aware about her case and was more helpful than her mother.

Well, that Shiki, was Akasha itself that gained an Ego by inhabiting Shiki until her natural death. After giving her advice, Sakura asked how can the Tohsaka stop pursuing Akasha as the family's goal since its IMPOSSIBLE as Sakura realized just by meeting her.

'Fufufu...its not impossible, Sakura-chan.' Shiki smiled. 'Those who will meet me to gain magic or the knowledge they wished for are destined since birth before they're even born. Magi try and try to reach me in hopes of being that chosen one but sadly, I call the shots here.' she stated with a playful look on her face. 'As much as you wish to, your family will never stop, and can never reach me as nobody even in the distant future is fated.'

'Because you chose ones who wouldn't misuse it?'

'One of the reasons.' Shiki told her. 'You being Master of Death is one such case. No matter what life throws at you, you will never abuse your immortality and protect your secret.'

'Then...about the Holy Grail War...' Sakura deflated. 'Its doomed to fail from the start...? Can't neesan just focus on working hard to make the Tohsaka a renowned well-respected name instead? Can't she just forget about reaching the Root?'

'As long as you're by her side, she'll never think of the family goals.' said Shiki. 'You've done quite well in that regard. Oh yes, there's one thing you need to do for me...'

Upon getting what was to be done and the means to do so, Sakura bid her time, and that Shiki never showed before her anymore.

As she went through Junior High School wherein she blossomed as a beauty, puberty attacked all teenagers. Gender-differences and crushes aside, there's also physical maturity and the most hated pimples. Girls in her class wailed at having the things on their faces, and some even get startled with 'the red tide'.

Sakura was glad she was forewarned and forearmed with her sister.

They used magical products to make teenage life bearable, and a 'warning system' of their cycle. They knew when they're fertile, and about to bleed. Their hair is perfect, no body hair, no blemishes and smooth, beautiful skin befitting an aristocrat family as Rin wanted the picture of elegance and beauty because she took their father's words seriously. In fact, their mother who was only 39, did not look 39 at all thanks to Rin's vanity. And she has suitors in town from men her age. However, they would have NONE of it as they're a magus family, bad idea for ordinary men to discover they're magical unless they find a rare man like Mikiya. Aware of the supernatural, but would prefer a normal life, content with supporting his not-normal friends in his own way.

Rin, Sakura and Touko would think 'Lucky Shiki!'

And now that she was 15, her criteria was a man just like Mikiya for a boyfriend, and sent out magical feelers...and to her surprise, that man in question, was the boy she poked years back!

So she did some investigating.

Emiya Shirou, age 17 Room 2-C living in Miyama-cho. Family was recorded as Emiya Kiritsugu(Foster Father-deceased) and Fujimura Taiga(Legal Guardian).

"Emiya Kiritsugu, Master of Saber in the last war..." Sakura thought at home.

Emiya Shirou was a boy she helped because his training was lacking. Perhaps it's because the Magus Killer is a lousy teacher or deliberately sucked to dissuade his adoptive son from the path of a magus? She can never really tell, but she botched up the man's plans by giving him a nudge.

Shirou was a bit stronger than their father which was why she helped him out as its a waste to let someone like him wither before he had the chance to grow properly.

But still, its first come, first served as much as Sakura cared for Rin, she refuses to lose the ideal boy who would love her to her.

So she worked to be noticed by him.

'Coincidental' sightings, seeing her in school during lunch break, even joining the Archery Club...she did it all until he approached her.

They talked together as after all, she did NOT teach him how to differentiate magus from human. Unless Kiritsugu botched her plans by teaching him how.

That would mess up her plans.


Lately he's bumping into this girl lately...

A Junior with long brown hair in a hime cut with the cheek-length fringes spread a bit. She's a beautiful girl with a very fair complexion.

Her name was Tohsaka Sakura. She was also in the Archery Club starting at the second month of school. She joined the club late because she was super-busy at home beforehand. But she was a good shot for a beginner.

Everything about her was striking.

Long, flowing brown hair, like that girl who poked him in the head causing him to black out, and learned how to heal and protect.

That girl was his reason for being a proper mage.

Since then he looked for a magus with long hair, wanting to meet her for real but since her arm obscured her face, he could not tell who and girls decide on haircuts depending on what's trending, so his clue was a magus girl with brown hair.

But he has no way of knowing without his father's gadgets.

'Shirou, Magi, because of Magic Circuits and prana actively flowing in them, have higher body temperatures. Especially if they're using concealing spells. If they want to hide, just use a heat-detecting scope or create a spell that mimics one. You'll be surprised to see a human-shaped figure glowing like neon lights with it.'

So he tried. He created a spell that enables his eyes to detect living things no matter where they are through heat as he studied the differences between the heat emitted by a living thing, and an active electronic.

Sakura was the only person who was glowing brightly. Her silhouette was bright! TOO bright!

He looked back to his father's lessons.

'You can determine how strong a magus is through brightness of what you see.' said Kiritsugu. 'I've looked at every magus with a scope while looking at their files. Starting with the amount of prana emitted by their circuits...' he created images through sorcery in black and white on many papers. 'Magi with 20 Circuits...25 Circuits...30 Circuits...' and up to even 90! 'The magi with 90 Circuits are often the families with statuses of Lords in Clock Tower, and their Branch Families.' he told him. 'However, there are magi born with 25 units of prana per circuit and rare 30. So the results are these.'

More papers shown. They were only 5% brighter.

'However Shirou...if you see a person whose silhouette is completely Never think of fighting them. Ever.' said Kiritsugu, looking at Shirou seriously. 'There are those who are extremely lucky to be born with EX-Class Circuits.'


'It means powerful beyond compare.' said Kiritsugu. 'The quality of their prana is so great that one circuit alone containing all its units can cause considerable, even lethal force in even their weakest spells. Number of Circuits no longer matter with these people. Aozaki Touko of the Aozaki Family was born with 20 Circuits of such quality, enabling her to obtain the much-coveted status of Grand when she graduated from Clock Tower. She was particularly very bright according to my teacher who taught me this trick. Never cross a Magus who's so white from your scope. Only stupid suicidal idiots would choose death.'

That's what he said.

He decided to keep an eye on Sakura by befriending her and hopefully, avoid having her crosshairs on him. He's a doctor, not a fighter! He doesn't even know what she can do. Kiritsugu taught him about the supernatural families of Japan and what he knew of them.

However, Sakura was a mystery.

Magical Families only have one heir to avoid deadly squabbles on who would be family head. Yet the Tohsakas kept their two daughters with the eldest clearly being heiress of Tohsaka, so what does that make Sakura, the stronger sister? When he and Kiritsugu snuck around to look at the family of three females when he was ten, Rin's brightness was as expected of someone with 40 Circuits.

Then to the Matou Family.

Matou Byakuya had a paltry 10 Circuits. He was akin to a flashlight critically low-batt. His son Shinji had none as the Matou finally died through him. It was Zouken who was the brightest, but his light was foul. A blackened light that disgusted Kiritsugu that made his father dive into research...and his father was furious for some reason.

Thus when his father was dying...

'Shirou...will you promise me something?' Kiritsugu asked Shirou on his deathbed.

'What is it, dad?' Shirou asked Kiritsugu as he did all he could but he just wouldn't get better...because of a deadly curse on him that's too powerful for him to break and he despaired in it.

'Read my...research...under the mattress of my bed. You'll understand everything.' said Kiritsugu weakly. 'Become a good magus that gives and protects life. Being a doctor is a really cool dream.' he said with a strained, pained smile. 'I'm sure you'll be a magus you can be proud of.' and he died.

When Shirou raided his bed before he called the Fujimuras the next day, he found his research...and a diary.

A diary about the Fourth Holy Grail War, how he realized that there's something wrong with the prize, and how his rejecting it got him cursed. He had Saber blow it up to destroy it to protect the world from seven billion curses but blowing it up was apparently a poured its evil mana onto the city, causing the Great Fire of Shinto to his horror that he desperately looked for survivors...and Shirou was the only one he found. No memory, and no relative came to claim him either. So he adopted Shirou and left him everything he had.

He was truly sorry for the deaths he unwittingly caused in a desperate bid to protect the rest of the world. The evil within the Grail had the last laugh and killed a whole district as if to spite him that he still failed to protect a couple hundred from it, and then cursed him to die a painful death for rejecting it. So he planted bombs outside Fuyuki City that will cause a 'bump' in the leylines that will explode in ten years, hoping to 'choke' the Grail by not gaining any more prana and start the next Grail War ten years later as its prana wasn't spent at all...and the winner unwittingly unleashing curses instead of the prize they wanted to obtain. However, the result of the choking would be an earthquake every six decades in Fuyuki.

And he checked the bombs in the location given.

It blew up back at New Year. The amount of explosions just to cause a bump, was ridiculous.

The destruction, was massive.

And now he has a near-impossible mission, his father's last will.

What can be the key to end it all?