I do not own Ben 10 or Monsters VS Aliens. Takes place after the Original Series of Ben 10 and before the "Vornicarn" Episode on the Monster's VS Aliens TV Series.

A Life Reboot

By: DoctorEd17

Chapter one.

We go outside Area 50-Something where we see it is a sunny day and The Missing Link was in his car driving around the area he was in.

"Woo-Hoo! There's nothing like a nice drive on a Saturday!" Link said

He was about to go a little faster when all of a sudden we see a thick Dark green lightning bolt strike Link's car! As a result it exploded and Link went flying and landed a few feet from the bolt.

He got up and looked up at the cloudless sky. He looked at what was left of his car and said, "First of all where did that bolt of lightning come from? And second… NOOO!"

He then ran to the remains and dropped down on his knees and he said, "And I just got you washed and waxed!"

"(GROANS)" said a voice

Link looked around confused. He then saw the source of the groan. In the middle of the remains was a kid between the ages 10 to 11 with shaggy brown hair, pale skin, and he's quite skinny for his age. He is wearing a black-striped, white shirt with short sleeves, military green cargo pants with side pockets, and black and white sneakers with black stripes. On his left wrist is a very big wristwatch, primarily black and grey in color, with a grey dial in the middle (like a watch face) which has a green hourglass shape on it.

We see the kid is unconscious.

We go to the infirmary where we see the kid on a hospital bed. Link just finished telling the story to Susan, Dr. Cockroach, B.O.B., Sqweep and General WR Monger. Sqweep and Dr. Cockroach was looking at the kid.

"What was a kid doing alone in the middle of a desert?" Susan asked

"Who knows? When the intern comes back with the results on his picture and fingerprints. He's going back home!" Monger said

We then see said intern enter the room with no files or any kind of papers.

"General. We have a problem…" the Intern said

"Let me guess… B.O.B. using the computer again." Monger said

"He's right here." Link pointing to B.O.B. who was right next to Link

"No. We entered the information into the computer. We even checked it three times!" the Intern said, "The kid… He doesn't exist."


"We checked! There's no birth certificate, no school records… Nothing!" the intern said

Dr. Cockroach was scanning him with a scanner made from garbage when he said, "General, I think I know why there's no results on the computer for this boy."

"You do?" Sqweep and Monger asked at the same time

"Yeah. What do you know of the Multiverse theory?" Dr. Cockroach asked

"The what?" Sqweep asked

"It's a theory where there are an infinite set of parallel universes. Some that are like ours but with minor differences and there are others that are so different that our minds can't compensate it." Dr. Cockroach said

"You don't have a theory like that on your planet?" Susan asked

"We did, but a scientist dismissed it as a bunch of baloney." Sqweep said

"Well, for once an alien scientist is wrong." Dr. Cockroach said, "I once tried to enter another universe long ago. I was about to leave when the machine exploded. That's when I decided to turn myself into a Cockroach."

"So this kid is from another universe?" Link asked

"Not exactly." Dr. Cockroach said

"What does that mean?" Monger asked

"He is a temporal copy of the original who is still in his universe." Dr. Cockroach said

"Temporal copy?" Susan asked

"A temporal copy is a perfect copy of the original, right down to the atoms. But the copy can't exist in the same universe as the original." Dr. Cockroach said, "So the copy is sent to a random universe to prevent Temporal Cascade Failure."

"What's a…" Link asked

"Basically if two of the same person from different universes were to be in the same universe. Either the copy or the universe they're in would be destroyed in days." Dr. Cockroach said

"Oh." Link said

"(Groans)" the kid said as he slowly opened his emerald green eyes and sat up

When his vision cleared he sees a woman, a general, and four weird creatures looking at him.

"Uh… Hi?" the kid asked

"Hello!" B.O.B. said waving

"What happened and where am I?" the kid asked

"You're not going to believe this…" Dr. Cockroach said

"You're in another universe!" B.O.B. said

"B.O.B.!" Link, Monger and Susan yelled

"What?!" the kid asked

"And the Doctor said that you're a Tent portal copy!" B.O.B. said

"A what?" the kid asked confused

"OK. Let's start over… What's you name?" Susan asked

"My name is Ben Tennyson." Ben said

"Nice to meet you. I'm Susan Murphy. This is Link, B.O.B., Dr. Cockroach, Sqweep and General Monger." Susan said introducing her friends

"Hey there." Ben said

"Uhh. Ben? Your watch is sparking." B.O.B. said pointing to his left wrist

Ben lifted his wrist to see that the watch is indeed sparking, flashing and beeping.

"What the?" Ben asked

"System Malfunction! Now rebooting!" the watch said in Ben's voice

"Rebooting?" Link asked

"I don't know. It never did this before!" Ben said

Then all of a sudden we see the watch glow green with black circuit lines. Then the dial started to turn as it changed it shape. When it was done the glowing stopped…

We see the watch has a new look. The rim of the dial is white, and the buttons on the last look are replaced by green arrows, and the area behind the hourglass is now the same color as the new wristband: grey. The outer band is black with green arrows, and the sides of the dial and the ends of the wristband are silver. The top of the grey wristband has a green hourglass underneath the dial. The top of the dial is now black. Unlike the last version, this one does not have its tube-like circuitry.

"Reboot Complete! 10 aliens now available." the watch said

"What kind of watch is that?" Dr. Cockroach asked

"OK. It's not just a watch. It's called the Omnitrix. It allows me to transform into one of many of the alien lifeforms in my universe by accessing their DNA." Ben said

"Fascinating… A DNA altering device the size of a watch." Sqweep said as he (I am assuming that Sqweep is a he for right now.) looked at the Omnitrix,"It can't be human technology. Can it?"

"Actually it was made by a Galvin named Azmuth. He made it as a way for alien species to understand each other. To walk a mile in their footsteps." Ben said

"How did you get here?" Susan asked

"Last thing I remember is being shot by an energy cannon. Then I woke up here." Ben said

"Well. You're going to like this even less. You're not the original Ben. You're a temporal copy." Dr. Cockroach said

"A copy?" Ben asked

"A clone." Dr. Cockroach said

"That means… I can never go home." Ben sadly realized

Everyone felt sorry for him at the moment. Then B.O.B. broke the ice by saying, "I have an idea! You need a place to stay and we could use another team member! Why doesn't he join Team Monster?"

"Wait what?" Sqweep asked

"B.O.B.! That actually a good idea." Monger said

"What?" Ben asked

"What do you do anyway? What is this place?" Ben asked

Monger then spent the next 20 to 30 minutes explaining to Ben about the Base and Team Monsters history. When he was done Ben said, "Wow, that's some history."

"So what do you say?" Monger asked

"Okay. I don't have much of a choice anyway." Ben said

"Great! Welcome to Team Monster!" Monger said

"Can I give him a tour?" B.O.B. asked

"Sure, but take Susan with you." Monger said

"Why?" B.O.B. asked

"Don't you remember what happened the last time you gave a tour by yourself?" Monger asked

"No." B.O.B. said

"What did happened last time?" Ben asked Link

"You don't want to know." Link said

We go to the Mess hall a while later where we see Susan, B.O.B. and Ben just arriving in.

"And last up on the tour is the mess hall." Susan said

"YAY!" B.O.B. said as he ran to the line, "It's Taco Tuesday!"

We go to a lunch table a few minutes later where we see B.O.B., Ben and Susan sitting there. B.O.B and Susan were eating tacos.

Ben was about to eat his when the Omnitrix beeped.

Ben then put his taco down and looked at the Omnitrix. He pressed the green arrow button and the core popped up. In the middle we see a silhouette of the alien Ben calls Grey Matter. He turned the dial a notch and we see a silhouette of the alien Ben calls Upgrade.

But when he turned it again he see an unknown silhouette.

"What the?" Ben asked

He turns the dial again and he sees another unknown silhouette. He kept turning the dial while counting the aliens at the same time. When got back to Grey Matter, Ben said, "This is new."

"What is it?" Susan asked

"The reboot must've removed of every alien I had except Grey Matter and Upgrade and replaced them with eight brand new ones." Ben said

"So now you have…" B.O.B said before tried to count in his head before saying, "Nine aliens altogether!"

"No B.O.B. He has ten aliens altogether." Susan said

"You sure?" B.O.B. asked

"Yes…" Ben said as he looked at the new silhouettes

He stopped at one and asked, "No way! Is this a dinosaur? (Turns it again) And some sort of a cat guy!"

"Cat?! I love cats!" B.O.B. said

Ben turns the dial again and sees a silhouette of another one of the new guys.

"Does this place have a training room or something?" Ben asked

We go to the rampage room where we see Ben standing in the middle of the room looking through his available selection of aliens. We see Monger, Team Monster and Sqweep on the balcony.

"This is exciting!" B.O.B. said

"What is going on here?" a voice asked

We then see Coverton on his hoverchair hovering to the group.

"We just got a new team member!" B.O.B. shouted

"Really? Who is it?" Coverton asked not caring

"Coverton. This is Ben Tennyson." Monger said pointing to him, "Newest member of Team Monster."

Coverton looked at Ben and said, "He is a child! What does he have that can make him be considered a monster?"

We see that Ben had selected an alien and slammed down the core surrounding Ben in a blinding flash of green light.

"Ahh!" Coverton yelled as he covered his eyes

When it faded we see a green humanoid frog with grey metallic eyebrows. He's wearing a blue, black and white jumpsuit covering all except for his arms and feet, as well as a grey and black mask. The now white and grey Omnitrix is located on his back.

"Whoa! Who's the alien? I'M THE ALIEN!" Ben said as he looked at his new form

"What the?" Coverton asked

"Ben possesses a piece of technology called the Omnitrix which can change him into one of 10 alien life forms." Sqweep said

"Alien life form? I've never seen anything like that creature before!" Coverton shouted

"Ben and the Omnitrix are from another universe. So I think it's safe to assume that there are different aliens that don't exist here." Sqweep said

"So Ben, what can this alien do?" B.O.B. asked

"Let's find out!" Ben said

He then walked over to a Jeep that was conveniently placed there and attempted to lift it.

While he was struggling to lift it, Ben said, "I bet... he's stronger… then Four Arms!"

He then was able to lift it but he was struggling…

"OK, NOT AS STRONG!" Ben shouted as he fell on his back

When he did we see a smaller not blinding flash of green light. When it faded we see two of the aliens except that both of them are half the original size.

We see one of them pick up the jeep this time with success. They then looked at each other and they both said, "Whoa!" in a higher pitched voice.

"Uh. What just happened?" Link asked

"Wait. Are you me or am I me?" One of the Ben's asked

"I think we're both us!" the other one said

"Awesome!" They both said

"I wonder how we did that though?" Ben #1 asked

"I think it happened when you landed on your back." Sqweep said

"Back?" both Ben's asked before smirking at each other

"Then this alien will be called…" Ben #1 said as he and Ben #2 slapped each other on the back creating two small flashes of green light

Once it faded we see four of the aliens now half as smaller then when there were two.

"SLAPBACK!" the now named Slapback's said in a higher pitched voice

"Uhh… Slapback?" Link asked

"I like to name my alien forms. And Slapback is a good name for this form. Right guys?" Slapback #1 asked his comrades

"Aye!" the other three said

We then see B.O.B. jump down from the balcony, ran up to the Slapbacks and said, "Whoa! They are 3 of you!"

"Uh… Three?" Slapback #3 asked

"Yeah. Zero, one, two, three!" B.O.B. said counting the Slapbacks

"Uh, B.O.B. you don't start from zero when you count." Slapback #4 said

"Huh?!" B.O.B. asked

"He's right." Slapback #1 said

One of the Slapbacks then ran to the jeep and easily lifted it with one hand. Much to Team Monsters, Monger, Sqweep and Coverton's surprise.

"How did you lift that?" Monger asked

"Yeah! You couldn't do it when there was just one of you!" Link said

We see Dr. Cockroach scan a Slapback and said, "Interesting. It appears that when a Slapback duplicates into two, not only do they get smaller. They also get stronger, denser and heavier."

"Heavier?" Monger asked

"Cool!" B.O.B. said

We then hear a beeping sound and at the same time we see the white Omnitrix on the Slapbacks backs flashing red.

"What's that sound?" Monger asked

We then see a flash of red light as the Slapbacks merged back together into one big Slapback. When the flash cleared we see Ben is human again.

"It was the Omnitrix warning me it was about to time out." Ben said

"Time out?" Susan asked

"It's a fail safe to prevent the alien DNA from corrupting mine DNA and personality." Ben said, "Once it times out it needs 5 to 10 minutes to recharge before I can use it again."

"Whoever made this device sure knew what he was doing." Sqweep said

"And how many of these aliens can you change into?" Coverton asked now getting interested

"10." Ben said, "Each one with a unique ability."

"Well, if you need me I need to find a way integrate Ben into our world." Monger said before he left in his jetpack

We go to Coverton's room where we see Coverton talking to the Grand Coverlord.

"They call it an Omnitrix. They were right. The Multiverse theory is true! The Omnitrix is more advanced then Sqweep's stuff and it's in the hands of a human child! If I can somehow get it we could use to our advantage." Coverton said

We go to what is now Ben's bedroom where we see Ben himself on a twin bed looking through his list of available aliens.

"I wonder what caused the malfunction?" Ben asked himself as he looked through his list of aliens


First of all I like to say that the descriptions of the Omnitrix and the aliens are mostly from Wikia.

Second… I don't know much about Slapback (Due to him only being in two episodes) yet so I am making up most of it for this Fanfiction.

For example… For this version of Slapback there can only be 8 of him max. Once a Slapback reaches a certain size they can't duplicate anymore.

They can duplicate by slapping each other on the back.

Third… Ben still has Upgrade and Grey Matter. And he gained Slapback. Two of the aliens he gained are pretty obvious. (If not… Well I am not going to tell you because… Why ruin the surprise?)

Forth… The eight aliens he gained are going to be a combination from the reboot, Alien Force/Ultimate alien and Omniverse.

Fifth… Hoped you enjoyed this fanfiction. If you did Please Favorite, Follow and Review!