A Life Reboot

By: DoctorEd17

Chapter Four:


We go to Ben's room in Area 50-Something where we see Ben himself asleep on his bed. We then see the alarm clock next to his bed go off. He pressed the shut off button and slowly got up...


We go to the Vornicarn's room where we see Ben enter with a small RC car with a chocolate bunny on it.

It's been a week since Sta'abi arrived on Earth and Ben accidentally trained and adopted the Vornicarn Sta'abi wanted. At first she was super upset but when she discovered his origins and the bad guys he fought. She slowly gained a sense of respect for the young hero.

After Ben asked Sqweep what the Vornicarn dietary requirements were, he used Grey Matter to combine the nutrients with some chocolate and other flavors he liked. Then using an RC car, he was able to both satisfy the Vornicarn's need to hunt and dietary needs.

At first General Monger hated the idea of the Vornicarn in base. Mostly because of the no pets allowed on base rule.

Ben pointed out that General Monger himself wrote the rules and regulations and that he didn't have a choice on this one. Due to the Vornicarn not being your average pet and that he won't leave Ben he had no choice but to fold.

Luckily since Ben had a dog before he arrived in this universe he's used to taking care of pets.

Eventually he even began to like the Vornicarn.

Anyway we see him approached the Vornicarn and said, "Wake up. It's time for your breakfast!"

At the word "breakfast" his eyes opened. He then immediately got up and started licking Ben.


We go outside the base where we see the Vornicarn and Ben by the front door. Ben put the RC car on the ground and said, "OK, Vorn... Ready?"

He got to a ready position.

"Get set..."

The Vornicarn's eyes were looking at the car with determination.

"GO!" Ben said as he let go of the RC car

We then see the car drive away and the Vornicarn started chasing after it.

We then see Link, Sqweep, Susan, and B.O.B. arrive.

"Hey guys." Ben said

"Hey Ben!" B.O.B. said

"Why are you out here?" Susan asks

"Giving the Vornicarn his breakfast hunt..." Ben said

"Breakfast hunt?" Link asks

"As Sta'abi said, he's a hunting pet. I didn't want to inhibit that. So every meal and snack I bring him out here to hunt for his food." Ben said

"Hunt for what exactly? There are no animals in this area." Sqweep said

"I know. That's why I made one for him." Ben said

"How do you make an animal?" B.O.B. asks

"Simple. I make a bunny from the nutrients Sqweep provided for me. Combine that with some chocolate or other flavors and it's a meal worthy of him." Ben said

We then see the Vornicarn return to Ben. When he stopped he spit out the RC car and Ben picks it up.

"And with this Vorn here can chase after it. Thus earning his meal." Ben said

"That's actually pretty clever." Susan said

"Thanks." Ben said

"How did you drive it?" Sqweep asked

"I used Grey Matter to reprogram the RC car to drive itself. It's programmed to drive itself away from Vorn, but stay within a close proximity of me so i can keep an eye on him." Ben said

"That's also clever." Susan said

"Wait... Vorn is Ben's?" B.O.B. asked

"Yes. You were there when Sta'abi explained it." Ben said

"Oh right! I forgot!" B.O.B. said

"Anyway, what are you guys doing out here?" Ben asks

"Monger wants you to keep Vorn inside the base for a while. Derek is snooping around the area hoping to see an alien. He want's you in there too because the world's not ready for your debut yet." Susan said

Then she went back inside

"Who's Derek?" Ben asked

"He's a local news weatherman in Modesto." B.O.B. said

"OK. But why does Susan say his name with loathe?" Ben asked

"Loaf? As in bread?" B.O.B. asked as he pulled some french bread from somewhere off screen

"I'll explain… Just get your pet inside." Link said

Ben whistled and Vorn immediately ran over to his masters side.

As they entered the base Link said, "Before Suze became Ginormica, Derek was her fiance. When she became Ginormica he broke up with her, because he didn't what her to overshadow his career."

"So he was a jerk who put his job over everything else?" Ben asked

"Yeah, pretty much." Link said

"My Grandpa had a friend who worked with him as a Plumber. We discovered last summer that he was causing problem so that they would pay him to fix it." Ben said

"As in clogs and pipes?" Link asked

"Oh right. In my universe a Plumber is also an intergalactic police officer. Phil was releasing aliens from a dimensional prison called the Null Void so that the people would pay him to capture them." Ben said

"And I thought Derek was selfish." Link said

"I would call it a draw." Ben said

"Still, Intergalactic police officer? That sounds like a cool job! Except the word Plumber." Link said, "And your grandpa was one?"

"Yeah." Ben said

"Wait. What was their job?" Link asked

"One of them was making sure no illegal alien technology is on a planet it is not suppose to be." Ben said

"Illegal Alien Technology?" Link asks

"Basically technology too advanced for a planet civilization. There are 20 levels. Earth is a Level 5 Civilization. My Earth and maybe this version as well." Ben said

"Cool!" Link said

"The Omnitrix is considered Level 20 technology." Ben said

"WHAT?!" Link asked

"Anyway I need to go to the rampage room. I'll see you later." Ben said


We go to the Rampage room where we see Ben standing in the middle of the room looking through his last four new aliens.

"Who should try now?" Ben asked

He then stopped at a silhouette, shugged and slammed down the core.

After the flash of green light we see a blue humanoid moth alien floating where Ben was standing. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

"Whoa! A flyer! Looks cool." Ben said

He then had an idea as he took a deep breath and exhaled. At the same time we see Coverton enter the room. We see ice exit his breath and it hit Coverton covering him in ice.

"Ice Breath?! This is a great replacement for Stinkfly!" Ben said, "Now what to call this alien?"

He then gotten another idea as he flew to a wall. Just before he hit it he turned Intangible and went through the wall.

"Intangiblity. Cool. Wait! I got it...! Big Chill!" The now named alien said


We go outside Area 50-Something where we see Ben looking at his last three unknown alien forms.

"Okay. Big Chill replaced Stinkfly, Slapback replaced Ditto, Humungousaur and Rath replaced Four Arms... Ohh! This alien looks good!" Ben said as he stopped at an alien silhouette

He then slammed down the core and after the flash of green light we see a blue cheetahch like alien with a black wolverine like mask around his green eyes. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

"Ok. So what can you do?" Ben asked himself

He got his answer when he started running at speeds close to XLR8.

"Super Speed?! Looks like i got my XLR8 replacement." Ben said

He then noticed that he was getting closer to Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Okay. Either the base is closer to Vegas or this alien is slightly faster then XLR8." Ben said

"Help!" He heard a woman shout


We go to not to far from Ben's position where we see a woman being mugged by a man in the middle of the desert.

"Gimme your cash!" The man said

"Is there a problem folks?" A voice asked

The mugger and woman turned to see Ben standing not too far.

"Get lost, Freak!" The mugger saif as he turned back to the woman

Only for the woman to disappear because Ben used his super speed to move her away from him.

Then Ben grabbed the man and he ran him to the nearest police station. He went back to the woman.

"Are you ok, ma'am?" Ben asked

"Yeah. I was getting gas for my car when he came out of nowhere." The woman said

"Where is your car?" Ben asked


We go to a red station wagon where we see Ben arrive there with the woman.

"Thanks. What's your name?" The woman asked

"Call me Fasttrack." Fasttrack said before he left


We go back to the Base where we see Fasttrack arrived as we see him change back to Ben.

"That was cool." Ben said


And there you go. Big Chill and Fasttrack are in this Fanfiction as replacements for Stinkfly and XLR8.