The rays of sunshine were bright, and in a little park, children were playing nice...
except two kids who werent...really kids:

-I blame you for this.-


-Seriously, stop laughing you redhaired bastard!- exclamed Mihawk Dracule ex shibibukai and ex greatest swordman of...his world. He was so done with his life .new life. This was so wrong. This couldnt be happening.

The response was a growl. -Unfortunally i am not redhaired this time.- said Akagami Shanks, ex yonko and ex cadet of the famous Oro Jackson. He loved his hair in his previous life. But now -By the way, what was your new name again Mihawk?-

- Midoriya izuku.-

-Uh? Sounds weird.-

-Shut up, at least is better than Bakugo Katsuki.- said his friend with a smirk.

-Oh you are on, eyed bastard.-

-Shanks we are 3 years old in a park surrounded by children. You really want to do this now? Especially since we cant drink?-

-Fuck oh shit, my mother is coming here. Hey, is that lady acompaning her yours? She looks like you.-

- she is.- Dracule said uncomfortable.

-She seems nice. Might as well introduce myself.-

-Akagami please dont flirt with my mother. I WILL return the favor to you.-

-Good luck with that, mom is a little feisty.- Shanks just sweetdropped and mentally gave his old rival good luck if he dared even trying it.

-Uh, my type.- said Mihawk with a challeging smirk.


Author's note:

Hello there, hope you enjoy this mess i thought when looking for this type of crossover and i was REALLY BORED. (someday should finish the other story i have made but for now, dont want to write it)

This fic will be about this swordmen duo going on the hero path and making chaos along their way with Haki. While we still dont know Dracule Mihawk s backstory (and shanks s is still incomplete i think?), i might have to invent one to explain the character. Since i am an amateur writer, i apologize in advance if they got too oc, i am not good at writing. Also about the title, there is a reason for that. These two wont be the only ones to be messing with the Hero academia universe. I have at least other two characters in mind, but that is just it.

Midoriya Izuku(Mihawk) would not give a fuck about being quirkless and would be kinda like the original bakugo, except the whole anger issues, bullying, and superior/inferior complex. He will be a healthy loner rival with the drive to be Number 1.

Bakugo Katsuki(Shanks) is gonna be as playful and laidback as he can be (although he would be kinda depressed at first). He will try to recruit every student he can for his plan to sail again in the world as his final goal. Unfortunaly, the world of MHA is gonna push his buttons, and when he finally reveals why he is the unquestionable rival of Mihawk, everyone gonna lose their mind. Eraserhead specially.

If there would be relationships along the way, take in mind they were old pirates once. Sure they would be an interesting couple together, but i picture them more like bromance.

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