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3rd Person P.O.V.

Peter knew when his time had come. He shuffled his feet closer until his toes were dangling over the New York City traffic. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and jumped.

Bucky watched Peter get closer to the edge, until he was practically teetering off the side of the building. When he jumped, Bucky sprung into action, diving off his perch to save the young hero. Bucky tackled the spiderling midair, holding him close to his body. Within seconds, both Peter and Bucky were on the ground.

Bucky was unharmed, thanks to his quick thinking and survival skills. Peter was unconscious, but other than that he seemed okay. Bucky picked up the younger superhero, slinging him over his shoulder and escaping into the night.

Back at the Compound, Peter had been brought into the hospital wing. With Bucky's short explanation and Tony's gratitude, life carried on. Once the spider themed hero had woken up, he was bombarded with questions. But Peter had no idea what had happened. One minute he was free falling toward a NYC street, the next he was lying in a hospital bed, virtually unharmed.

"Pete... how do you think May would feel if she had lost you? Or your friends? Or me?"

"I'm really sorry Mr Stark. But I just didn't want to live anymore, it was just too hard."

"Kid, I know it's hard sometimes, but people need you. The citizens need you, your friends need you, your aunt needs you... hell, even I need you. You are loved."

"T-thank you, Mr Stark."

After more explaining, and lots of talking between Tony and Peter, Bucky was called in. He stood in the doorway, staring at Peter.

"Um, Mr White Wolf, I just wanna say, thanks for saving my life and everything," Peter said, managing a small grin. "I uh, I'm glad you didn't let me fall." Bucky gave a quick nod, smiling a bit at the spiderling.

"Great! Now you are gonna call your aunt, I'm sure she's worried sick about you. Let her know that you're going to stay here at the Compound for the next few days, but she can stop by to visit if she wants." Tony handed Peter his phone, and all was okay again.

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