A/N: Part of the Who Falls AU, enjoy! I do not own DW or GF. All credits belong to their creators. These shorts takes place after certain events of season one chapters.

Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained: Candy Monster

Dipper is holding a basket of chicken strips.

"Well, that concludes Gravity Falls anomaly #13, the Möbius chicken strip. It's infinitely delicious!"

Something runs past his view in front of the camera.

"Whoa, hey! What the—Mabel, did you see that? Wake up!"

"Never. Let me sleep forever."

"Some creature just jumped out of nowhere! It's eating our leftover Summerween candy!"

Mabel gets up, "What?!"

Dipper points camera at the monster, "Look!"

"Ew, it's like a... naked little man."

"Okay, this is now Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained, # 76, uh, "That Thing?"

The "thing" eats candy and picks up candy basket.

"No, put it down. Put it down..."

It licks the basket.

"Oh, gross!"

Dipper then comes in dressed in squeaky toys, "Okay, I'm ready. I've covered myself in armor. I'm going to capture him for science."

"And for candy!"

"Get this on tape in case I die or whatever." As he walks over to the Thing and moves some candy with the golf club, then tries to catch it in a wastebasket, "Aha!"

It however climbs up the ceiling.

"Oh! Die mutant! Die!" As she throws squeaky toy at it, but it comes back and hits her. "Ow!"

It jumps into the staircase.

Dipper runs after it.

"Save the candy!"

"Where is it? Have you seen it-Ah!"

It jumps down on Dipper and knocks him over, grabs candy and runs off out of the room.

The Doctor comes in.

"What is all the hollering and ruckus is all about?! We just defeated the Kandyman-"

The creature is on the fridge. It throws the cereal onto the floor.

The Doctor readied his screwdriver, "Oh, I see..."

"Aw no!"

Dipper then throws a can at it.

It then throws candy at Dipper.

"He's wasting candy! Dipper, open your mouth! Try to catch the candy in your mouth!"

The Doctor shouts out, "Not a bad idea though,"

"What? No, why would I—Actually that's pretty good—"

The Doctor gets palmed by a big candy bar, "HEY!"

He then accidentally pointed his screwdriver at the TV, turning it on.

The creature runs with candy into the living room, then was captivated by the screen.

"Look! He's hypnotized by the TV."

"Reminds me one time that a horrid electronic energy tried to vaporize people's faces-don't watch too much TV kids!"

Dipper exclaims, "Ha! And he dropped the candy! What a little dummy! Glued to the... to the... Oh, I love this movie."

The Doctor rolls his eyes, "...Then again,"

Soon Dipper, Mabel, and the creature are watching TV; Dipper and Mabel are eating candy while it eats a golf club.

"Shouldn't we...do something about the monster?"

"Candy now. Monster later."

The thing eats the golf club and whimpers, Dipper gets another one for it and eats it.

Soos comes by, "Oh, hey Dipper! Hey Mabel! Hey Doc! Hey Grunkle Stan!"

"Well, that's it for Dipper's Guide to the Supernatural. The next episode will probably be about getting rid of this candy-eating monster."

"Psst! Stan, what's he talking about?"

The Doctor comes over and cups the creature in his hands, "I have just a nice place for it...with some well-known friends..."

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