This has also been on mind for a while. I mean, doesn't Honest, Stylish or even Dorothea look like they would make a deal with demons? Besides, who else to appear on a planet where morality is practically non-existent and people are messed up in more ways than 10? So with that said, please enjoy.

(Campsite of Esdeath's Army)

The Doom Slayer grunted as he awoke. The last thing he had remembered was that bastard Samuel Hayden tricking him and then teleporting the Doom Slayer somewhere else. As his vision returned he realized that he was inside what looked like a tent. Looking around him, the Doom Slayer saw that his entire body was wrapped in chains, a padlock included.

Suddenly his HUD came to life. Words and numbers began to appear, bars showing something was finished uploading. It was followed by a mechanical voice. [VEGA unit now fully uploaded and operational. Greetings, Doom Slayer.]

The Slayer grunted again ignoring the greeting. He wanted to know more about his situation. [Understood. Praetor Suit's helmet recording shows that after being teleported, we have ended on another world where you ended up unconscious upon impact. Audio recording reveals that you have been captured by a force identified as Esdeath's army of this planet's dominated government, the Empire. Their vocal tone suggests hostile intent. Recommend escape.] VEGA suggested.

Nodding. the Doom Slayer got to work. With a simple flex of his muscles, the measly chain broke apart easily. It was nothing compared to demon-forged chains that held him for centuries. It was almost laughable that someone thought this would hold him.

Now freed, the Doom Slayer walked out of the tent, his scanners not picking anyone outside. The cold wind suddenly struck him, but with his armor, the Doom Slayer felt nothing. Instead he took in his surroundings. Around him were a dozen or more tents, along with a wooden wall circling the place. The Doom Slayer could also see what appeared to be cannons covered by tarps to protect them from the snow. He was about to leave when the sound of obnoxious laughter caught his attention coming from the other side of the tent. Walking around it the sight he saw was not a pretty one.

Wooden stakes were impaled into the ground. Tied to them were naked corpses of men, women and even children. They had wounds inflicted on their bodies and some white substance could be seen on the inner thighs of the women, already dried. Nearby were a good several hundred soldiers, laughing around fires. They seemed to be mocking the corpses and even a few took pot shots at the bodies, using them as target practice.

The familiar sensation of rage began to build up in the Doom Slayer as he watched these men commit such cruel acts. No, these weren't men, but demons in human skin. And the Doom Slayer knew what to do with demons. Without thinking twice he charged towards the nearest soldier. The man didn't even have time to react when his head was blown apart by a solid punch from the Unchained Predator. The Doom Slayer than swiftly grabbed the heads of the next two closes soldiers and slammed them together. The impact caused their skulls to shatter. The fourth closes soldier had finally realized what happened, and was only able to let out a short yell before the Doom Slayer impaled his fist through the man's chest.

By then the other soldiers began to react, surprised that their prisoner had escape. They all scrambled for their weapons. An alarm was rung, attracting the attention of others who were still in their tents, on patrol and elsewhere. Immediately, Imperial soldiers began swarming towards the Doom Slayer. Like lambs to a slaughter.

The Doom Slayer decided it was time for firearms and thus pulled out his combat shotgun. The Slayer quickly fired an explosive shot at the closes group. Two soldiers were killed upon impact, while the others were ripped apart by the cluster bombs from the explosion. He fired another round that tore a large hole in a soldier's chest and then one after that, which blew off the face of another soldier. One soldier attacked the Doom Slayer from behind with a sword, only for the blade to shatter upon contact with the Praetor Suit. The Hell Walker merely struck the soldier in the stomach with the butt of his shotgun. As the soldier keeled over, the Slayer struck the back of his head with his fist, the blow sending the soldier smashing into the ground face first.

The Doom Slayer began killing more soldiers with his shotgun. Many of them had tried to do the same foolish thing of charging him, only to be filled with bullets or be torn apart by his fists. Some realized the futility of melee and decided to attack from a distance. They fired either crossbows or rifles at the Slayer, hitting him with arrows and bullets. However, the Praetor Suit was designed to withstand attacks from demons. Attacks like these didn't even leave a scratch. Swapping out his shotgun with his plasma rifle, the Doom Slayer released a fully charged Heat Blast. The soldiers were incinerated immediately, leaving behind only their melted weapons.

Sticking with the rifle, the Doom Slayer would either killed soldiers by tearing their bodies apart with plasma bolts, or incinerate several of them with a heat blast. A few had tried to flee but were cut down before they could escape. Others continued firing rifles despite how futile it was. The Slayer switched to the super shotgun, killing three soldiers at once with one shot, and then killing three more with the second. While reloading, a soldier tried to attack with a lance. The Doom Slayer merely dodged the attack before grabbing the soldier's head. He then kneed the man's face, causing it to cave in. He then finished reloading after throwing away the corpse.

A group of soldiers charged at him upon horses, their lances ready to skewer him. Unfazed, the Doom Slayer grabbed the lance of the closes soldier. He threw the man off his stead and on the ground. Then the Slayer crushed the soldier's face with the bottom of his boot. A second soldier was killed along with his horse when the Doom Slayer fired his shotgun at them. The Slayer then did a jump towards the last rider, dodging the lance and delivering a powerful punch to the soldier's chest. His ribs and lungs were instantly crushed and the soldier could only gasp as he fell off his mount dead.

He had just landed when a shadow overcame him. Sensing danger, the Doom Slayer ducked as a large blade swung over his head. Turning around Doom was faced with an unusually tall human wearing an imperial uniform and holding a broadsword. If the Doom Slayer had to make a comparison he was around the same height as Hell Knight. And Slayer knew just how to deal with him.

Dodging another swing, the Slayer did a leap and delivered a powerful punch to the large man's right cheek. Blood and several teeth flew out of his mouth as the soldier staggered backwards. The Bane of Hell then grabbed the right arm and slammed the giant soldier into the ground hard. The Doom Slayer then finished the man by turning his head 180 degrees. Even if he was the same size as a Hell Knight, the human soldier was far weaker.

Suddenly the ground around him exploded, a few brushing against his armor. While the Doom Slayer had been busy killing the soldiers, some of their comrades had managed to reach the canons and get them lined up before firing. The cannon shells were slightly more annoying then the bullets, but still did no damage to the Praetor Suit. More soldiers began pouring in, armed with swords, spears, axes and rifles. Getting annoyed, the Doom Slayer drew out the Chaingun in its Gatling Rotor mode. Already spinning up the barrels to maximum speed, the Slayer released bullets upon the soldiers around them. The high-speed armor piercing bullets tore through their flesh like paper. The ground was quickly covered in blood and gore.

Turning his attention back the cannon crews, the Slayer already saw them desperately attempting to reload. Swapping the Chaingun with the Heavy Assault Rifle, he fired a barrage of micro-missiles at them. The soldiers didn't even have time to ponder when they and the cannons were blown into many pieces. The barrels near the cannons must have been full of gunpowder, as they soon exploded. Flames latched onto the nearby tents and smoke rose into the sky.

The Slayer had just put away his weapon when VEGA spoke up. [I am detecting one survivor.] VEGA announced.

Following the coordinates on his HUD, the Doom Slayer saw there was indeed a living soldier. Said person was near where the cannons were, most likely have taking less of the explosion from the missiles. He was desperately trying to crawl away, as his legs had been blown off from the knee down. Blood was pouring out rapidly, and it was most likely the soldier would die from blood loss if the Doom Slayer didn't kill him first.

[Recommend interrogate. Sufficient information will be needed in order to learn of our current situation.] Proposed VEGA.

The Unchained Predator nodded mentally. While it looked like they were primitive, it was better to be safe than sorry. It was the same at the UAC Mar's Facility. With that thought in mind, he made his way towards the terrified soldier. The interrogation would not be gentle.

Thirty minutes after questioning, the Slayer was examining the insides of a tent. This tent had been set up in the center of the fortress and was larger than the others. At the other side of the tent was a large bed, comfortable, but quick to collapse when needing to go on the move. There was also a fur rug in the center, as well as a desk to the side with a chair. On the desk were various maps, charts and other pieces of paper. It was easy to identify as the tent for the commander of this army. However he could see no sign of any personal value, nor did he recall killing someone of a high rank among the soldiers. the Slayer could only conclude that the commander must've left before he arrived.

Either way, it was not the Doom Slayer's concern. Instead he went over to the desk and began examining the maps. Well, more like he let his HUD scan the maps for future use. And thanks to VEGA, the A.I was able to reorganize the maps to form a single and more useful map of the surrounding area. The other papers were mostly reports from scouts or messages carrying orders. What caught the Slayer's attention were documents about creatures called Danger Beasts and objects named Teigu.

[Analysis: Danger Beasts seems to refer to creatures with unique physiologies and traits that differ from normal animals. Teigus appear to be advanced weapons above what hostile soldiers used. Recommend caution until further data is gathered.] VEGA said.

The only response was a grunt. The Slayer didn't care what they were. If wielders of these 'Teigu' came after him, he would slaughter them without mercy. His main focus was what to do next? From the information he got from the soldier, they were currently in the northern land of what was called the Western Continent. The Empire was focused more in the center of the continent, where their capital was. The Empire was also in a civil war against the Revolutionary Army, a force that was tired of the Empire's tyranny.

Once again, VEGA came up with a suggestion. [Current analysis shows that the natives of this world are not as advanced as the humans of Earth. However, heading towards the heart of this Empire might present a higher probability of a way to return to Mars.]

Seeing how there was no better option, the Slayer decided to take up VEGA's idea and head south. Before he did that, the Doom Slayer proceeded to set the stakes holding the victims on fire. It was clear they had gone through a gruesome fate at the soldiers' hands, so the Doom Slayer decided that they at least deserved a proper funeral, their bodies being cremated. The soldiers were left to rot or become food for nature. With that final task completed, Doom headed out of the fortress and walked south.

Meanwhile a few miles away from the fortress, a pair of soldiers was lying on a cliff that overlooked the land. They had been sent to do recon on the army of the most sadistic and strongest general of the Empire. During their scouting, they bore witness to the Imperial soldiers dragging in an unconscious Doom Slayer into the camp. When the scouts saw the armor, they had thought it was a Teigu. Their thoughts on the subject were forgotten when they watched slack-jawed as the Doom Slayer single-handily slaughter the soldiers of the Empire. They had never seen such brutality, even from the Empire. Nothing worked on the green armored man such as swords and bullets and even cannon shells were ineffective against him. Then there were the weapons the large man pulled out from nowhere. The scouts had never seen anything like them. Let's not forget the bloodlust. Even from that distance, the scouts could feel it rolling off the Doom Slayer as he brought judgment onto the Imperial soldiers. After that they watch him interrogate the lone survivor before crushing the soldier's skull with his boot to entering Esdeath's tent, burning the corpses of the victims and finally leaving the fortress, heading south.

As the armored man disappeared into the snowy wind, the two Revolutionary soldiers looked at one another. They nodded and one immediately headed back to the campsite to inform HQ. The Revolutionary Army needed this man on their side.

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