Izuku felt the harsh metal of the quirk canceller handcuffs rub against his wrist as he was led through the winding halls. With every step, he felt his gut twist and knot. He wanted to puke. After nearly 2 weeks in the hospital, he was finally ready to attend his trial. He knew what he was going to do. While he was in the hospital, All Might had come in and gone over everything with him. Izuku was nervous, of course, he was, but he had learned how to hide in the past month or so.

The officer pushed the door open and lead him to sit next to his lawyer. It was a short young woman with long cotton candy pink hair. Her eyes were a sky blue and she wore a tan sweater and dark blue skirt that hugged her tanned legs. Her name was Kaity.

She turned to give him a soft smile. "Don't worry, it'll be just fine" she mumbled under her breath. Izuku nodded, looking around to the stands. He saw most of his class in the back, his mother, All might and Aizawa, and just random people. Katsuki and Should gave him a smile and a wave. ' you got this' Katsuki mouthed.

Izuku wanted to smile back, show them he saw them and got their support, but he couldn't get his mouth to lift. Not even a little. He nodded, then turned back to face the judge. It was a man with a big white beard.

"Izuku Midoriya you are on trial for the crimes you have committed against U.A, how do you plead?"

Izuku felt like he couldn't breathe. He wanted to run, never face the consequences that were unfortunately thrust upon him. But that would be a cowardly thing to do, and he never ran from anything in his life.

So he took a deep breath and straightened his shoulders, Aizawa-sensei and All Might being on both sides of him helped more than they would ever know. "Not guilty."

He glanced back and saw his classmates, bringing tears to his eyes, Because even after all he had done they still stood behind him and loved him. Izuku knew that no matter how the court spun it, he deserved whatever punishment they dished out. Kacchan and Shouto could scream his innocence all they want, but they weren't there for every crappy thing he had done.

Katie smiled softly as she finished signing the papers that would lead to his freedom. The court case went better than expected, and Izuku's case was discharged. "I told you it'd be fine" Kaite reached over the table to hold his hand comfortingly.

Tears welled up in forest green eyes. "Thank you." He said softly, using his free hand to wipe the tears from his eyes. She pushed the paper in front of him and held the pen out.

"Last thing and then your free" she huffed playfully. Izuku nodded. With trembling hands, he took the pen and began signing all the papers. When he finished the last signature, he dropped the pen to the table with a sigh.

Kaite patted his arm in slight understanding as she stood. The greenett followed, trailing behind her as she swiftly walked the halls. When they finally reached the lobby, he was almost knocked off his feet as Bakugou, Shouto, and his mother all piled onto his.

"Oh, izuku I was so worried about you!" Inko wailed, hugging his torso tightly. Shouto didn't say anything, but the silent tears that fell showed more than any words could ever say. He hugged them back, soft words to comfort his mother with even softer touches for his boyfriends. Finally, into stopped crying and let get, walking over to kaite.

"I wanted to thank you." She bowed. The pink haired woman seemed shocked at first, before she seemed to understand and bow back.

"Of course, Mrs. Midoriya. He doesn't deserve jail." She responded, a soft smile on her lips. After a few more goodbyes, she left. Izuku was led to a car, and everyone piled in. Izuku sat in the middle of his boyfriends,while Inko sat in the front passenger seat and Aizawa drove.

Shouto rested his head on Izuku's chest, eyes closed and grip tight on his navy tee. Katsuki held them both, threading his fingers through unruly green curls."its over" He muttered, kissing Izuku's cheek. "We're finally together again."

Shouto hummed in agreement, or as izuku could only assume. Izuku thought back on the past month, on all the pain he endured. All the crimes he committed behind everyone's back. And he then thought about right now, the warmth of right now, of their happy faces. And it was worth it. He would do it over 100 times again of it mwnt he could see his boyfriends this happy even once.

"I love you…" be muttered, holding the two of them closer. Katsuki smiled softly, that smile he rarely showed, the one that made them fall for him.

"We love you too," he huffed happily. "Ya sap" he added.

"Love you both.." Shouto groaned, pecking him on the cheek. Izuku smiled, closing his eyes and focusing on this moment, right now. He was safe. He was safer and surrounded by the two people he loved the most. And couldn't have asked for more.