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Hello, everyone! I am back with another ZLS fic. I know, I'm obsessed. You've seen it in the past with RWBY, and again later with Frozen, and AGAIN later with Disney's Descendants. Pretty easy to know when I'm obsessed, huh? Anyway! This is an idea a friend and I came up with, so we hope you like it!

And if you're wondering: No, this isn't romantic or shippy. It's just Franchouchou being supportive big sisters to Lily. Now, onward!

"That was the best vacation!" Saki cheered.

Franchouchou strode back into the mansion. They had been gone for a few days, sent to a hotel in western Karatsu, near Genkai to relax. Kotaro hadn't given them much information before practically shoving them out the door. None of them were going to complain, though, considering how hard he'd been working them lately.

"It was so nice to visit Genkai," Junko agreed, lifting her suitcase over the threshold. "The Kaijou Hot Springs felt lovely."

"Fortunate we could get a large private bath," Ai said. "I can imagine it wouldn't have gone over well had we stepped out without makeup on."

Murmurs of agreement rose from the others as they made their way into their room. While Yugiri, Junko, and Sakura went about putting everyone's stuff away, Saki and Ai examined the room for any signs of something being tampered with. They did appreciate the vacation, but it was too sudden for something not to have been up. It was rare for Kotaro to do something nice for them without benefit to himself, and the possible reasoning behind this spontaneous getaway put the group on edge.

When Ai and Saki deemed everything normal, everyone relaxed. "Gotta hand it ta Shades," Saki groaned, cracking her neck. "He at least knows what he's doin'. That was one of the best sleeps of my life."

Junko blinked at her, not even bothering. "I have to agree. The sleeping accommodations were very nice. There was plenty of space for all of us."

Suddenly, the door slammed in, making three of the seven idols jump. Their mysterious producer marched in with a proud smile. "Good afternoon, ladies!" he cheered. "Now that your vacation is over, hope you're all ready for some practice!"

"Knew the peace wouldn't last," Saki sighed, leaning back on her arms.

"No time for relaxing!" Kotaro shouted. "We need to make up for all the time you lost on your vacation! GET CHANGED AND HEAD TO PRACTICE! GO! GO! GO!"

Ai and Saki rolled their eyes at his antics and the entire group moved into action. Before he left, though, Kotaro left them with a new piece of information. "And make sure to bathe when you're finished. No more hosing off in the yard."

"Wait, for real?" Saki exclaimed, staring at the shut door. "He's letting us use the bathtub? Bout damn time!"

"That at least makes him barging in a little less offensive," Ai chuckled, slipping into her workout shirt.

Once they were all changed, everyone made their way out to the backyard.

And stopped dead in their tracks.

Sitting in the middle of the backyard, connected to their dance studio, was a smaller building none of them had seen before. It was slightly smaller than the studio and looked to be accessible from the outside as well as an indoor entrance. Bold words over the door read 'Franchouchou Private Bath House'.

"No way," Sakura whispered, dropping her water bottle.

"HE GOT US A BATH HOUSE!" Saki screamed. "If I didn't wanna punch his face in every other hour, I'd totally hug that shady weirdo!"

"Come on!" Ai urged them all. "Let's get to practice! The sooner we finish, the sooner we can check it out!"

While the others raced into the dance studio, ready to begin, Yugiri hung back. She had noticed a shift in the air beside her as soon as they stepped out and now she glanced to the girl beside her. Lily's entire demeanor had slumped with the revelation of their new bathing quarters.

Originally, even though the group hosed off together, all of the other girls kept their backs to Lily and watched for any peeping toms. It was both to ensure Lily's safety and preserve her modesty. However, with the reveal of the new bath house, Yugiri had a hunch Lady Lily would not be nearly as comfortable bathing.

"Lady Lily?" she asked quietly.

"I'm… okay," Lily told her, not looking up from the ground.

Yugiri tapped her chin. "If these bathing facilities are like what I think they are, you won't have to join us in the bath if you're not comfortable. We may invite you in, but you will always have the right to refuse. Alright?"

Worried red eyes lifted to her and Yugiri merely smiled. The tension in Lily's neck eased a bit and she nodded. "I can just shower and go?"

"If that's what you wish," Yugiri told her. "Shall we catch up?"

"Yeah!" With newfound exuberance, Lily bounded off for the dance studio. Yugiri watched her with a smile, happy to have given the girl her confidence back. She knew it was still hard for Lady Lily to show herself around them, but with time, perhaps she would be comfortable bathing with them. Until then, Yugiri would continue reassuring her.

And here we go! As I said before, it's just sisterly relationships between everyone, so no need to worry. Hope you stick around!

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