Pit enjoyed the wind racing and fizzing through his feathers and hair. It reminded him of a hand stroking them. As much as he liked to just close his eyes and let the feeling sink in, he had to have his eyes locked to the ground. Even after Hades was defeated, the monster who didn't return to the underworld were still causing trouble. He couldn't help but admire how independent they were. They didn't have a commander anymore so they resort to taking things in their own hands. And they seem to do a pretty good job with it. „There!" He noticed a monster that looked like a single, pinkish eyeball with tentacles to move around with. He grabbed the bow from his back and fired an arrow made of pure light. The arrow didn't miss and the Monoeye exploded. The angel grabbed the hearts that fell to the ground before getting back up.

As he did so he put his bow back on his back and the collected hearts in a small bag under his toga. Said bag was already filled with a few hearts that shone like stars at night. Pit smiled and closed the bag. „Not bad!" He heard an all too familiar voice. The white-winged angel turned around and noticed Pittoo behind him. His black wings seemed almost silvery-blue in the soft sunlight and his normally red eyes had a slight pink shine to them. „I never miss a target!" Pit laughed cheerfully. His twin flapped his wings harder and was soon next to him. Pit noticed slight drops of sweat on Dark Pits forehead and cheeks. Why wouldn't he sweat? The summer sun was unforgiving this year (probably because someone couldn't appease Pyrrhons ego) and Pittoo had not only black wings but also black clothes.

„You wanna take a break?" The blue-eyed angel asked. His twin was about to shake his head, when they noticed a crack in the earth under them. There hasn't been an earthquake for months so... „What is this?" Pittoo asked the silent question in Pits head. „Let's check it out!" Before the dark angel could open his mouth, Pit closed his sparkling wings and dove towards the gorge. One hand held his golden laurel crown to keep it from falling off his head. He was able to see the ground of the crack so it was no door to the Underworld. Pit felt relieve rush from his heart through his entire body. Mere meters before he hit the ground, he opened his wings and float down like a piece of paper. His twin followed. Their wings stopped glowing as Palutena and Viridi withdrew the Power of Flight from their respective angels. „You better check this out. Just to be sure that it isn't a way in and out of the Underworld." „Already on it, Lady Palutena!" Pit smiled and stepped towards the edge of the gorge. He felt strong gusts of wind rushing through the opened stone and earth like a stream of rushing water.

„That's weird." He mumbled and fell on his knees. „We can't fly down, that's for sure." Dark Pit stepped to his side and looked down as well. „Not that you could fly at all." The voice of the Goddess of Nature was followed with a short and quiet sigh. „How about we just float down?" Pit suggested and opened his wings as if he wasn't expecting an answer. „Are you crazy?" The dark angel grabbed his shoulder and pulled him away from the edge: „That'd kill you!" „Don't worry. If things get out of hand Lady Palutena can always get me out of there." A confident smile formed on his lips. „You sure?" Pit nodded and, begrudgingly, Pittoo took back his hand. He had, even when he didn't want to admit it, grown a certain appreciation for the blue-eyed angel. „I'll stay up here."

The white-winged angel nodded and started his climb down. While doing so he pressed his wings against his body as tight as he could. The winds hit his side as if they were trying to push him away but the angel kept climbing down. He grunted under his breath as the wind got stronger and stronger. Above him he could see the face of his twin. The expression on it was a mix of worry and uncertainty if that was really such a good idea. Both emotions were so unusual and so seemingly impossible for the black-winged angel that it almost made Pit of all angels challenge his actions. It's too late to turn back now, he thought and looks down instead of up. The bottom was clearly visible but it could be just an illusion or made of a material that wasn't hard, solid rock. A particular powerful gust of wind blew one of his feet of the rock on which he had found safety. He heard Lady Palutena's frightened gasp and looked for another ledge. But as he did so, the ledge under his other foot broke under his weight.

Now it was him who gasped. „Pit!" „I've got this, Lady Palutena!" Even though he addressed the goddess of the light, he was more trying to calm himself down. He had come far but the ground was still so far down. His heart pounded as fast, if not faster than, Phos's and Lux's hooves. „You've climbed enough! I better get you out of there." Palutena that moment the last stones holding him cracked, he lost his grip and the before calming wind now howled in his ears. As if they were some wolves, waiting for their prey to make the wrong move, the winds caught him and threw him around like he was just a small leaf. Pit screamed, not noticing his golden crown getting ripped off his head.