Dark Pit hissed and looked up to see the shadow of the harpy coming towards him. He jumped back to avoid her talons and drew his Silver Bow. The harpy flew up but the branches and leaves of the surrounding trees worked like a huge green cage keeping her down. That gave Dark Pit to target the hybrid with one of his Arrows of Darkness hitting the back of ripped shirt that she wore. The harpy yowled and sprang towards him with shimmering, jet black talons stretched out. He didn't have time to shoot another arrow and was forced to roll to the side. The talons buried themselves into the ground. She hissed and shot back up – at least as far as she could. Dark Pit loaded up another shot and missed her sharp face by a hair. Her blazing, yellow eyes focused on him and Dark Pit glared back: "Is that all you can do?" A confident smirk ran across his lips: "Charge towards me?" The harpy flexed her talons and he noticed her feathers stand on end. She circled around the trees looking for the right moment to attack. Dark Pit however strained his bow and shot multiple arrows in her direction. Only one arrow hit her back since she flew horizontal. She screamed and crashed into the ground. The angel ran up to her as to not give her chance to fly up again. He knew that harpies weren't dangerous when they are pinned to the ground instead of being in the air. Dark Pit pinned her to the ground with one foot: "Giving up?" The harpy growled deeply and squirmed under him. Her gray wings that she had instead of arms hit the ground creating rather strong winds: "Get off me, angel." Dark Pit leaned down and smirked. However a stinging pain ran through his body starting at his thigh. Her talons had buried themselves into his left thigh and blood ran down his skin. He hissed and stumbled back. The harpy jumped to her feet and attacked Dark Pit. He fell back and his bow was being smacked out of his hand. She ripped his clothes and skin while she hissed at him: "You spoiled little thing! Can't take a single hit?" Dark Pit glared up at her standing on top of him like a hungry vulture with her wings flared to both sides.

"Spoiled?" "Why are you allowed to live in Skworld but not we?" He could practically see the jealousy burning in her eyes like a fire. The angel squirmed under her talons: "What are you talking about?" The harpy bared her teeth: "You stupid angels! You're allowed to live up there in your endless paradise while we are down here! It's not fair!" The black-winged angel looked up and held her gaze while his right hand grabbed some dirt: "I didn't choose to be an angel!" He wanted to make her as furious as he could. It would make it easier for him if she was blinded by rage: "I didn't choose to live in Skyworld, you bastard." Her talons clawed at his chest.

The harpy leaned down until there was only a noselenght between them. That gave him the chance to throw the dirt into her eyes. She screamed and with a single kick she fell back on the ground. Dark Pit jumped up, ran over to his weapon and parted them into two blades. His muscles burned and blood flowed over his skin but adrenaline ran through his veins. His heart pounded strongly. The harpy turned towards him and her talons scratched the ground beneath them. The two were about to charge at each other again but a strong voice came out of the forest. Seconds later a centaur with dark brown fur and white spots covering her flanks and wearing a brown vest jumped out of the shrubs. On her fur covered back sat a white-winged angel. "Pit!" The goddesses yelled so loud and so sudden it made Dark Pit flinch. Pit smiled brightly as the centaur came to a hold between the angel and harpy. He jumped from her back, ran over to his twin and hugged him tightly: "Pittoo! I missed you so much!" Dark Pit growled: "Get off me, Pit-Stain! We weren't even gone for one day!" He took out Pit's head wreath and put it onto the other's head. Pit smiled as he heard the voices of Palutena and Viridi rang through his head. Dark Pit put his blades together again and looked over to the hybrids. The centaur's flanks shivered and she glared down at the still furious harpy. Did the two know each other? Pit noticed Dark Pit's expression and pulled his twin towards the hybrids. The centaur turned around and forced a smile on her lips: "You must be Pittoo."

"My name is Dark Pit."

"Pit told us about you." She stepped forwards, her smile more genuine now: "My name is Nerolia and I guess you already met Jespa." Nerolia looked down at Jespa with her dark eyes as cold as ice. The angels looked up at the sky. "Are you ready to leave?" Palutena asked. Dark Pit noticed a small urgency in her voice as if she wanted to get Pit away from the hybrids as fast as possible. "Just a second, Lady Palutena." The white-winged angel smiled and walked towards Nerolia. He threw his arms around her waist since he couldn't reach higher. Nerolia blushed and put her hands on his back creating a weird hug. "I'll be sure to visit from time to time." "I can't wait." Dark Pit felt the same warmth running through his chest he had felt after Pit and Palutena were reunited after the whole disaster with the Chaos Kin. It made him smile. Pit turned over to Jespa who looked away and huffed still mad. The angel sighed and stepped back. Both Pit's and Pittoo's wings glowed and then they shot up towards the hole Dark Pit had created during his fall. Pit looked back one last time at the two hybrids and waved his arm one last time. Dark Pit noticed a small twitch near Pit's left eye that had always been a sign of him being in pain. However Pit still had a huge smile on his face.

Soon after they flew towards the wast lands of Skyworld. In front of Palutena's palace stood Palutena and Viridi.