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Chapter 1: A day to be dreading

Students bounced across the courtyard of Auradon Prep in excitement. Many students were carrying decorations and tables around for the event they have all been waiting for.

Well... maybe not all of them.

Mal stood bitterly to the side, leaning against the wall as she watched her excited school mates put things in order. She was placed in charge of creating flower bouquets for the queens that will be arriving tomorrow.

Tomorrow was a special day. A day that everyone across Auradon had been waiting for. An event more important than even Family Day. For you see, tomorrow is a day that everyone loves.

Mother's Day

Despite many heroes and royals not knowing their mothers or were raised by the cruel villains that lived on the Isle, their children wanted to make the best of it because they had their mothers to celebrate it with.

Which was the main reason for Mal's bitterness.

" Calm down, will you. Your eyes are glowing", Evie chided," I thought you had your magic under control".

After Mal had turned into a dragon at the cotillion, her magic had begun acting up, causing random bursts of magic at the worst times. Such as now.

Mal sighed, but her eyes hadn't stopped glowing," It's this stupid holiday and-".

" Audrey's bragging about her mother coming tomorrow. That's what's bothering you", Evie guessed.

" Sometimes I wished she would stop reminding me my mom's a lizard", Mal grumbled before admitting sadly," She's getting smaller, E".

Evie placed a comforting hand on Mal's shoulder, rubbing it soothingly as the half-fae mourning over the possibility of losing her mother. She wished she could do more, but she hasn't lost her own mother and the Evil Queen had requested a video call so she could spend time with her daughter on Mother's Day. So any word of comfort Evie could provide for her sister in all but blood would be dismissed coldly.

" How's my eyes? Did they stop glowing?", Mal asked.

Evie cringed," Just... one of them", she said.

Mal frowned as Evie handed her a mirror to look into. The former gasped when she found her left eye completely normal and her right eye still glowing.

" What the heck?! This has never happened for me", Mal shrieked.

" Calm down. Maybe it will fade if you fully calm down", Evie said.

" How can I calm down if my one eye is a torch?!", Mal seethed.

" Mal!"

" Shit. It's Ben", Mal cursed," Help me!".

" Cover your eye with your hair", Evie advised before she turned around to greet the prince," Hi Ben!".

Ben smiled," Hey Evie. Could I talk to Mal for a bit?", he asked.

" Sorry, she's a bit occupied with the flowers at the moment. Maybe later", Evie said.

" It'll just be for a minute", Ben replied.

Evie sighed," Fine. Mal", she called.

Mal, with her hair draped her right eye, peeked from the bouquet she was working on. She slipped into a calm exterior and sent her boyfriend a sweet smile.

" Hiya Bennyboo! To what do I owe this pleasure for my dork in shining armor to pay me a visit", Mal said playfully.

Ben chuckled," To ask if you're okay about coming to the Mother's Day party tomorrow", he said nervously.

" Of course! Why wouldn't the Lady of the Court not appear to the party her own mother can't be at because she's a five-inch long gecko", Mal said with a twitch of her eye.

" That's... the exact reason why I'm worried. Which is why I wanted to ask... if you had any other female relatives, maybe a sister of your mother... or your grandmother", Ben asked.

Mal frowned," I don't know. My mom never mentioned anyone except her mother, who she claims was an evil traitorous woman. And for all we know, she could be dead", she explained.

" So you have no other female relatives. Maybe a mother figure from the Isle?", Ben asked.

" ...There was Lady Tremaine but I don't think Cinderella would take too kindly to her being here. Besides her, my mother cut off contact with a lot of female villains except Cruella and the Evil Queen. I don't even know what Ursula looks like other than having a small resemblance to Uma", Mal explained.

Ben sighed," This is turning out harder than I thought... it's your first Mother's Day in Auradon and you can't even celebrate with your mother", he said.

" Hey... don't feel bad. I'll just hang with you and Belle. We've been getting on well lately anyway", Mal said optimistically.

Ben smiled," Yeah. It's a nice sight. I'm sure my mom would love to have you with us. However... you're going to have both your eyes back to normal right? I don't have a problem with it but it kind of reminds me of a traffic light", he said as he brushed a bit of Mal's hair to reveal her eye still glowing.

" I was hoping you wouldn't notice", Mal said embarrassed.

" After that last fiasco with the trip to the Isle, I plan on noticing every detail if something seems off with you", Ben explained before he frowned," I thought you talked with Fairy Godmother".

Mal sighed," It's not that easy, Ben".

" I know. But I'm worried if your magic might hurt you some day", Ben said concerned.

" It won't. I promise. I'll learn to control it... maybe I could try suppressing it?", Mal said with uncertainty.

" Don't do that", Ben said sternly," Queen Elsa said suppressing magic will only make it worse. Maybe you could try to do small spells... y'know... keep the magic flowing".

After the incident of Mal running back to the Isle, Ben had been making it his mission for Mal to still practice her magic. He had done research and he found out that the law his father had appointed that banned magic was hurting others more than helping. He had been thinking of lifting the ban, so that it would be easier for everyone with magic.

He knew his father would be 100% against his idea. Especially since magic was what made him a beast in the first place. But if he brought up Mal's problem... maybe it would soften him up.

" Sometimes I wonder how Jane has better control than I do", Mal mumbled.

" While I didn't think she had magic for a while, her wild magic might've been the reason for the beanstalk incident of 2010", Ben said cringing," Charmington was never the same after that".

Mal snorted at the imagery. She may have turned good but destruction was still very humorous to her.

" Jane's younger than you. Maybe it has something to do with that", Ben suggested.

" Maybe", Mal mumbled.

" Look. I have to go. There's a meeting I have to be at. I'll see you tonight at dinner", Ben said before planting a kiss on Mal's forehead," Love you".

" Love you too", Mal said softly before Ben left.

Mal smiled as she watched Ben walk away. She didn't know what she did to deserve him.

" Y'know, I think Ben is the key to you having control. Your eye's back to normal", Evie said handing the mirror back to Mal, who sighed in relief.

" At least nobody but him saw", Mal said relieved.

" Yeah, or else FG will find out for sure", Evie said before grabbing five bouquets," C'mon, these flowers can't deliver themselves".

Mal grabbed a batch before she followed Evie to the middle of the courtyard, where various tables were set up. Students were scrambling to get the decorations done as the person of Mal's nightmares dictated them.


" No! That doesn't go there! That goes over there. How can I bring my mother, QUEEN AURORA, to a place that was imperfectly decorated, people?! Fix it!", Audrey shrieked.

" Hey Audrey. Here's the flowers you wanted. All wrapped and organised... as you had represented to us in your drawing board", Evie said politely.

Audrey took one glimpse at the flowers, eyebrows raised," Wild flowers? Seriously. Does this look like Corona to you?", she scoffed.

" There isn't enough money in the budget to buy flowers from the store, Audrey. We had to improvise", Mal explained

Audrey scoffed," You're the Lady of the Court. You have King Beast's bank account number. Surely, you could've loaned some money from him to buy flowers from the store", she said.

Mal clenched her jaw," That's not how it works. Yes I have access but that doesn't mean I'm willing to take money from him", she said.

" Ugh, money issues. You know, if your mother never cursed my mother, you could've at least be able to buy Ben a decent birthday gift", Audrey drawled.

Mal's eye twitched," Maybe if your grandmother hadn't been such a spoilt brat and just invite my mother to that stupid christening, maybe you would've been less of a brat than you are!", she shouted.

People gasped at what Mal had said. Audrey turned around slowly with an ever so fake smile on her face.

" At least I KNOW my family, you orphan", Audrey sneered.

Mal growled," TAKE THAT BACK YOU BITCH!", she exclaimed.

Suddenly people started screaming. Audrey backed away in horror and screamed for help. Mal was taken back, confused as ever as everyone started screaming.

" Mal, the flowers!", Evie exclaimed.

" Huh?", Mal said confused before gasping at the sight of the flowers burning in green flames.

" Make it stop!"

" I'm trying!", Mal said panicked.

The flames grew larger and more wilder, Mal was afraid she'd set everything on fire.

" Mal! You have to calm down!", Evie exclaimed.

Mal breathed, trying to soothe herself before she caused a mass fire that would rival her mothers. Eventually, the flames went out, leaving dead, burnt flowers.

" What in the pumpkin pie happened?!"

Mal gulped as she saw Fairy Godmother walking towards her in worry. The young fairy had a feeling she'd be in huge trouble.

" Mal nearly set everything on fire!", Audrey exclaimed.

" It was an accident!", Mal retorted.

Fairy Godmother picked up the burnt bouquets and assessed them. Damaged by magical fire, nearly as intense as Maleficent's. She hated to admit it, but Mal's mother would've been proud at the amount of destruction Mal has caused.

Fairy Godmother sighed," Mal. Go to your dorm room", she said tiredly.

"What?! But-"

" Mal please. Just until dinner", Fairy Godmother added.

Mal silenced herself before walking slowly back to the dorms, but not before she gave Audrey one last glare. People stepped away from her in fear, giving her the same feeling she had back when she firat came to Auradon. She heard Evie muttering something about meeting her later, but Mal hadn't heard everything as she walked away.

With a slam of the door, Mal plopped onto her bed. She hugged her pillow, needing comfort from any source because of the stress she was facing. Luckily, someone got that idea.

Mal smiled as she felt something tug at her hair. She placed her hand over her shoulder and felt something hop into her palm. She smiled when she saw a young black raven chirp at her and snuggle against her thumb.

" Hi Dami", Mal said softly," How's my little bird?".

The raven cawed soothingly, trying to calm his mistress down.

A month ago, Mal had found Damien, or Dami as she loves to call him, in the forest behind the tourney field. She knew ravens and crows had bad reputations in Auradon due to mostly being seen as pets of big villains such as Maleficent and the Evil Queen. However, Mal wasn't one to judge on one's species, so instead of leaving the bird on the ground, Mal had taken the nest with the little chick in and placed it back in the tree, not imagining that the little baby would follow her back to school. It amazed Mal that no one, not even Evie, had found him following her around.

At first, he merely followed her around for the sake of wanting to get to know his savior. Later, he began helping her with small tasks, such as fetching her tiny items or even feeding her mother from time to time. Mal admitted it, it was nice to have him around, even if he wasn't much of a conversationalist.

" Just had a bad day. Audrey was a prick as usual. Y'know, sometimes I wished I could curse her but that would send me back to the Isle. And I can't guarantee that I can always feed you if we get sent there", Mal said softly.

Damien cawed gently before nuzzling against Mal's thumb.

" Aww, I love you too, buddy", Mal said before she gently ran her finger through his feathers.

She played with Damien until night fall, bringing him some dinner after she had left. She sat with him in the bedside window, gazing out into the starry night sky, particularly one star that stood brightly in the sky.

" I heard people made wishes on that star", Mal said absent-mindedly," And those wishes would always come true".

All Mal got was a small caw from her companion.

" Do you think if I wished on that star... my wish could come true...", Mal asked quietly.

Damien flew onto her shoulder and gave her an encouraging nudge against the cheek, causing Mal to chuckle.

" Okay, I can give it a try", Mal said before she got on her knees and looked up at the star," Please please please", she murmured softly.

The star continued to twinkle brightly in the sky. Mal sighed," What's the use? It's probably just an old myth", she muttered before going to bed.

Mal placed Damien on the pillow she had reserved just for him to sleep on before she returned to her own bed. She knew she wouldn't sleep well if she was to still be at that party tomorrow, but Mal let her eyes close and sleep take over.

Deep in the night, the stars became immensely brighter, almost blinding. One particular star not only became brighter, it came closer to the ground until it floated through the window of Mal and Evie's room.

A figure formed from the star and stood over Mal almost protectively.

" I heard your wish, my dear. You are a person of good heart and are deemed worthy to receive your wish. I hope the best of luck to you, starlight... the family will love to have you back, Mal", the figure said before placing a small kiss on Mal's forehead," Sweet dreams, my shining niece".

End of Chapter 1

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