Chapter 1: A Tall Tale Is Coming

(Ganon's Tower)

Ganondorf was looking out the window of the highest tower at his castle while holding onto some kind of ancient scroll.

Ganondorf- An interesting score I managed to get. Sure, Tabuu's palace in Subspace had many more treasures to find, but I had to leave with what I was able to grab before Tabuu or any of his followers spotted me. But if this formula contained in this scroll, I took from Tabuu's library does what it says it does, it will be worth the risks I took just sneaking into Tabuu's palace. Speaking of which…

Ganondorf turned around to look at his Moblins who were looking through a ton of books.

Ganondorf- Have you found the ingredients yet?!

Moblin- Hold on, sir! We still haven't found where these plants grow. We've never even heard of these plants before!

Ganondorf- Well find them before I lose my temper! I'm already upset enough for losing that Harp of the Gods!

Another Moblin- Lord Ganondorf, I think I found what you're looking for!

Ganondorf walks over towards the Moblin.

Ganondorf- Oh really?

Moblin- The plants listed in this book seem to match the plants in that potion formula you stole from Tabuu. See for yourself.

The Moblin hands Ganondorf the book and Ganondorf sees the plants illustrated in the book's pages.

Ganondorf- About time you found them!

Moblin- One problem. The plants can only be found in one location…an island that happens to be the home of a giant monkey who's also a member of the Super Mario Brothers' Team. It obviously won't be easy getting those plants without being noticed.

Ganondorf- Well, you leave that ape to me. Once I've created the potion…not even the Super Mario Brothers' Team will stop me!

(At Link's house after midnight)

Aryll has woken up from a bad dream and began screaming at the top of her lunges. Link, who was sleeping in another bed in the room, woke up after hearing Aryll scream.

Link- Aryll, is everything ok?!

Aryll- I'm not sure…I had some…some kind of vision…

Link- You sure it wasn't just a bad dream? To be honest, I wished me being crammed into a painting last Halloween was dream.

Aryll- You know how Hylia's magic is in my body? I felt it activating when I saw what I saw. I think it's more of a warning.

Link- A warning? A warning for what?

Aryll- I saw Ganondorf, but he was much larger. Almost as if he had grown over 200 feet taller. I also so plants that I've never really seen before. And…I think I saw an island full of monkeys.

Link- An island of monkeys…to me, that sounds like the island of Kongo Jungle where Donkey Kong lives. I guess we can pay DK a visit and see if he knows anything about this vision of yours.