Just to let you know there are some ships you may not agree with so if you don't like these ships then it's fine with me :3

Marlin X Dory

Nemo X Pearl

Gill X Peach

Bailey X Destiny

Gurgle X Deb

Sheldon X Tad

Fluke X Rudder

Jenny X Charlie

Marlin X Coral

Ships that will not be featured (note if you ship any of these ships, that's fine with me, I just don't ship it myself and it's just my opinion. But I'm glad you're able to see something in these ships that I can't. I'll state my reasons why next to it)

Marlin X Nemo (THEY'RE FATHER AND SON! THATS INCEST AND PEDOPHILIA! I guess it makes sense cause the clownfish is a hermaphrodite but god no)

Gill X Nemo (NOPE PEDOPHILIA! I see them as like a kid and a godfather, NOTHING MORE!)

Dory X Hank (I can see why people ship these two but I honestly see them as having a sibling like relationship. Also Hank is a septopus and Dory is a blue tang. And also, Dory's known Marlin longer than Hank and even said she's part of their family, that's why I prefer Dorlin more than this ship. Yes he's a clownfish and she's a blue tang, but they're around the same size, so it's more possible)

Deb X Bubbles (I honestly just don't see it)

Gurgle X Bloat (I honestly just don't see it)

Dory X Gill (Dory hasn't even met Gill in the movies, even if she did, I don't see it honestly)

Any self insert with me X a character (I do not have a crush on any of the characters, ALSO BLUEBELL X SQUIRT IS NOT A SELF INSERT SHIP! BLUEBELL IS AN OC THAT DOES NOT REPRESENT ME. I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON SQUIRT IRL)

Nigel X Gill (Um... Nigel eats fish... idek anymore)

Bruce X Anchor or Chum (Eh, I don't see it)

Anchor X Chum (Huh... I actually haven't thought about that... I might consider it, idk)

Blenny X Anglerfish (What?)