Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

SPN 100 Drabble Challenge, word: mad.

Summary: Whoever said, you can trust your brother no matter what… well, he obviously didn't know Dean.

When Sam came back, Dean sat in the car, still wheezing. The incredulous glances of passersby, the vain attempt of the blonde barista to ignore the sparkling glitter on the young man's hair and eyelids, his brother's growing unease… and then the look on his face after he'd noticed his unicorn styling in the mirror, friggin priceless!

"You did this when I slept, right?"

"I just knew it'd suit you, Sammy."

"Guess what suits you…"

"Oi, are you mad?"

"Girls dig vanilla latte."

"Yeah, but not on my jeans."

A shove.

A chuckle.

Then the Impala exploded with roaring laughter.