The cemetery was filled with people dressed in black sobbing into their tissues as race cars line the streets in respect for a fallen member of their own community "We have gathered here to pay our final respects to Rosalie Amelia Toretto. Let us reflect on her journey..." The priest preached as they all sat around a beautiful mahogany casket.

A lonely and heartbroken Mia looks down at the coffin as a guilty Brian O'Connor watches her along with a team of officers who were awaiting the arrival of Dominic Toretto and Leticia Ortiz, they knew they would never miss this, a final chance to say their goodbyes to the girl they raised.

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down..." Strangled sobs came from guests as they listened to the words and prayers for the young woman who they would never see again but her older sister hadn't cried a tear so far, she was almost waiting for her little bird to jump out from behind the tree or call her to say she was okay she wasn't really dead.

Mia somehow felt like she had failed her baby sister, she should have gone with Rosalie to get Dom back, or at least fought harder for her to stay but she also knew making Rosalie do something she didn't want to do was almost impossible.

When their mother died giving birth to the youngest Toretto Mia and Dom swore to themselves and each other they would protect their baby sister until their last breaths but somehow the youngest of them had taken hers before them, she left them behind unknowingly.

Mia could still remember the words that had left Brian's mouth, the same Brian she hadn't seen for the last five years, the Brian who for some reason knew more about her sister's whereabouts than she did at that point "I'm so sorry Mia but Rosalie's gone".

Mia rubbed her eye furiously when tears welled up in them as she remembered how she had found out that her beautiful baby sister was never coming back to her, they would never share another meal, another prayer... one last hug... Mia would give her life just to have her sister wrapped in her arms one last time.

Dominic Toretto stood alone at the top of the embankment as he stoically looked down at the funeral that should not be taking place, his girl should be back home with their sister laughing and joking not going 6 foot under. Hell, they didn't even have a body for a proper burial and it was his fault, he should have protected her better.

He was at a loss, all three women in his life that he was supposed to take care of were all suffering or had suffered, Mia had lost their sister and now was alone, Letty had gone off the deep end after the phone call and was AWOL looking for something to help them find Rosalie's killer and his poor baby sister was murdered at the hands of another.

Dom didn't even want to think about Rosalie's last moments or how terrified she had to have been but even more he didn't want to have to think about how she was alone at the time of her brutal murder, he had left her to save her but in the end leaving her killed her.

The lights at 1327 were all out, the only sounds that could be heard were from the sirens that seemed to always plague the city, the FBI sat in an unmarked police car outside the front of the house trying to look inconspicuous but everyone knew they were there.

Mia was carrying a box of her sisters things into the garage for storage, putting the box on the worktable she looked over her shoulder but she didn't jump in fright when he walked out of the shadows she looked numb as she wrapped her arms around him as he held her back just as tight "I told you not to come" she sighed pulling away making him feel a pang of guilt. "They're staking the place out. If they find you...".

Dom shook his head at his sister's words watching the tears fall down her face "They won't" Dom affirmed as the two of them looked at each other for the first time in five years, his sister looked tired, she looked done.

"Come on. Look at you" Dom half smiled wiping away his sister's tears before his eyes roamed around the garage reminiscing, his eyes trailed over a familiar vehicle and his heart stopped dead, not a lot surprised him anymore but somehow this had.

Letting go of his sister he slowly walked over to the pristine Dodge Charger, he gave Mia a confused look over his shoulder but she just smiled knowingly, fondly "Rosalie wouldn't let them junk it. Even though it is a goddamn curse".

Dom let his hand trail over the new paint job as Mia continued to talk "After you guys left she was always in here, working on it day and night" she told him as he felt his heart tug at her words, his baby sister had done him proud and she didn't even know it.

"It was weird. It was like she knew you were coming back" Mia explained from behind him sounding stunned, his fist clenched in anger his previously guilty thoughts of leaving her came back to the forefront of his mind.

Looking into the car Dom's heart and stomach clenched once again seeing the cross necklace he and Letty had left for Rosalie back when they fled the Dominican, she had hung it from the mirror for him, Mia was right she knew he'd be back one way or another but how?

Turning to his remaining family member Dom gritted his teeth as he made a demand he knew would be the catalyst of finding out what happened to his sister, getting justice for her and causing a whole lot of trouble "I want to see the crash site".

Opening my eyes, I blinked seeing the pure white room that burned my sensitive eyes, I had no idea where I was or what the hell I was doing here but from I could gather I was in a hospital but why I was in the hospital was a complete mystery to me.

Trying not to panic I breathed in deeply and wiggled my nose feeling the oxygen tube tickle my nostrils, moving my fingers I could feel pain everywhere but it seemed dulled down like someone gave me something for the pain.

Looking down at the end of my bed I noticed a man dressed casually as he flipped through what looked like a file "Well I'm guessing you are not my doctor" I spoke boldly as his eyes met mine in surprise before he let out a small chuckle "definitely not".

"Figures. You're too cute to be a doctor" I joked closing my eyes again trying to get the burning sensation out of my eyes "So who are you?" I questioned trying to keep calm once I opened my eyes and noticed him standing by my side.

He didn't answer my question, and I became a little unnerved of his stature by my bedside it was almost like he was watching me like a predator and I was about to become his prey, did I know him, did he know me?

"Okay follow up question, who am I?" I asked trying to force bravery again but I guess he knew that by the sound of my voice wavering, I was getting worried I was in a hospital injured with a stranger who wouldn't answer any of my questions.

I looked up into his brown eyes wondering if he would say anything or if he was just going to stare at me, gripping the thin bed sheets I almost wanted to scream at him before he sat in the chair next to my bed his eyes never leaving mine.

"You mean you don't know?" He replied in a tone of shock as I shook my head slowly as a small Cheshire smile grew on his face "Who are you?" I growled again ready to shout for a nurse until his hand held mine in a tight grip a simple smile on his face.

"You are Rosalie Ortiz" he smirked as if he knew something I didn't "but obviously you can't remember that. You have amnesia" he chuckled as I frowned at him trying to remember anything but it was like my mind was free of memories "and me well... I'm Owen Shaw".