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"I just jammed every signal up and down the spectrum" seeing Tej quickly typing on his computer made my fingers itch to push him out of the way and do it myself, but I was currently wrapped in my own arms for comfort.

Everyone started picking up weapons and readying them; they were set for a fight. "Let's move," Dom called out, holding a shotgun in his hands as Letty was loading a pistol.

Picking up my jacket, I moved towards the two "I'm coming with you," they gave each other a short look making me sigh. "I played a part in this," I stated, glancing at Hobbs. "and I should have told you about Riley earlier."

The tall man just stoically nodded as I peered back at Dom "Let me fix this" I sighed at the situation and how I unknowingly helped put my family in danger, "She's my sister too, right?".

Letty handed me a gun as she smirked at me "You may not remember much, but your heart hasn't changed" I tried not to seem excited at her words but knowing I was a little like the 'old' me was kind of comforting.

Dom just chuckles as she passes the two of us. "Neither has her attitude, it's like she's 17 all over again," He says, walking towards one of the cars as the rest of us follow readily.

Getting into the car with Letty, Dom and Brian, I once again forwent the seat belt use knowing we wouldn't be in the car that long "You need to hurry before the plane gets here," I say as Brian swiftly turns to look at me.

"What plane?" the loud roar of engines abruptly sounded above us as the plane Owen had obtained flew overhead. "Oh."

"She's as good as dead if Shaw gets away on that plane" Letty seethed, looking towards Dom in the driver's seat as he and Brian share an expression before the older man quickly turns to us with a dire expression.

"Then we don't let him get away." I blinked at the words not said and felt Letty take my hand, I spared her a quick glance, but she was facing forward.

She was comforting me without understanding my sadness – it was an unfamiliar feeling.

"Ride or Die," Dom said to Brian who repeated the words with as much fervency as I frowned, he had said the same thing to me before we raced in London. Maybe it was some kind of motto they had.

Trying not to flinch and backseat drive, I just breathed as our cars speed towards the massive aircraft.

I smirked, seeing Riley when we got closer to the plane "Run that bitch," I ordered Dom as we drove up the ramp and into the ex DSS Agent, forcing her to hit the windshield of the car with a pained yell.

Cocking my gun, I felt a hand pull at my arm as I tried to get out of the vehicle.

I gazed at Brian as he pointed out a brunette woman as she ran from my team "That's Mia, don't shoot her" giving him a sarcastic expression as I secretly tried to remember what she looked like so I didn't inadvertently kill her.

Watching Dom get out of the car, I winced when he immediately started shooting. "Oh cool, so we're that kind of family," I affirmed before following in his lead, "Ride or die makes so much more sense now."

I started to fire off round towards Vegh as I tried to repress any attachments I may have built towards them, knowing they'd kill me in a heartbeat now.

"Fuck!" I shouted when my gun clicked empty "Useless," I huffed, throwing it down, Hearing a shout I turned back to see Riley pointing a gun into Letty's face.

Sprinting towards them, I yelled, "Hey!" when Riley turned to the sound of my voice, I jumped up and used both legs to kick her away from Letty, landing roughly on my back.

Letty quickly picked me up as Riley came back swinging; seeing her leg kick up, I ducked on reflex and grimace when Letty was roundhouse kicked to the ground.

"Oops, sorry," I grimaced before I was punched in the face by Riley's meaty fist, laying on the cold metal floor I groaned, feeling my eye already swelling.

"Go find Mia," Letty ordered, jumping in front of me when Riley tried to step closer, "Now!" I jumped up and away from the two Alpha females as they locked horns with each other.

Hiding behind crates, I attempted to find Mia without being seen by anyone who now would have no problem in putting bullets in me or beating the hell out of me.

Narrowing my eyes, I saw Owen beating up Brian as the brunette woman frantically screams at him. Gritting my teeth, I ran towards her when I saw Dom hit Klaus with a flying headbutt.

Grabbing the older woman, I pushed her out of the way as she looked at me in shock, "Mia, right?" I greet with a smile as she held onto my arms speechless.

"This is Mia, correct?" I question again, peering down at Brian, who lay on the floor with a thumbs-up as he breathed heavily, giving a quick side nod to the woman I asked, "Is she mute?".

My question was cut off by Mia throwing herself at me and almost crushing my internal organs "Come on. Let's go", Brian says, grabbing the two of us and pulling us into a run with him. "Get in the car."

Feeling the back of my jacket being pulled, I turned to see Owen holding me, "Rosalie!" I heard Mia scream as I try and pull myself away from the dark-haired man.

"Go!" I shout as Mia fights against Brian desperately, but I shook my head at him "Go, Brian, do it for Jack!" I say knowing he'd have no choice, pushing a screaming Mia into the car, he quickly jumped in after her.

Throwing my elbow into Owen's face, I quickly jump over one of the crates away from him "That hurt me way more than it hurt you" I called over my shoulder as I ran, picking up a metal bar as I moved.

Turning back, I see Dom tackling Owen, who was running after me, shifting on my feet I had no idea whether to stick with him or go help, Letty.

Breathing rapidly, I struggled with my choice until I heard Letty's pained voice scream out.

Gripping the metal tighter I ran in the direction of where I left the woman fighting the one person who probably would take out her anger on someone who loved me, I couldn't let Riley kill Letty.

Seeing Letty being thrown around like a rag doll, I jumped onto the car and swung the metal bar like a baseball bat hitting Riley in the head as she flies away from Letty, who sinks to the floor dazed. "Are you okay?" I question her before feeling myself being picked up.

Riley hits my arm against the metal wall of the plane, forcing me to drop my weapon before she pushes me against it and wrapping her hands around my neck pressing tightly "you know I always was jealous of how much he cared for you" she sneered.

Grabbing her wrists I did everything I could to move, but my vision started to blur "Now I won't have to worry" she laughed, but it sounded like she was underwater, I was slipping away.

Moving my hand all around I felt a handle underneath it and used the last of my strength to pull it, Riley suddenly slid away from me as the door unhinged from the plane.

Slipping to the floor, I greedily took deep breathes, looking up when I heard Samoan Captain America's voice. "Hey!" he threw Letty a harpoon gun, which she quickly turned on Riley.

"Wrong team, bitch" The latina hissed as Riley gave her old partner a dark look as he just shrugged back at her, Riley gave Letty a smirk as she quickly reached down to grip my leg as Letty shot at her.

Riley screamed as her body flew out of the door, but my own scream wasn't far behind when I felt my body being sucked out of the hole by the force of the wind "Letty!" I cried out using one hand to hold on, and the other stretched towards the woman.

The older woman's face drops before she dives to catch me, "Letty!" I cried out again as she tried pulling me back into the plane. "Please don't let me go! Please!" I begged watching the tears slip down Letty's face.

I gasped, feeling another set of hands holding me and glanced up to see Dom helping Letty, who wrapped her arms around me tighter "I won't baby girl, I won't ever let you go again" She promised when they safely got me back inside the plane.

Dom and Letty stood either side of me as we huddled together, my grip on them was tight as I fought away the hyperventilation my body wanted to bestow on me.

Hobbs moved towards the open door and looked down towards the tarmac "We gotta move, it's going down!" He shouted back towards us.

"Go!" Dom shouts, motioning towards the DSS agent who without a second thought jumps from the plane "Go, now!" my brother says gently pushing Letty next as I take my hand form her and hold onto Dom with both hands.

Letty glances at me before doing at Dom says, she takes a deep breath before leaping out of the same hole. "Your turn," My brother says as he tries to push me towards the door.

"I can't" I cried out as I glanced down to the car underneath us, Hobbs and Letty both yell up at me but my body felt frozen with fear; apparently I wasn't as fearless as I thought I was "I'm scared," I told my big brother who gazed down at me before it shifted.

We both turned to see Owen moving around, I turned to him and read Dom's expression clearly as it darkened. I glanced down at Letty before following behind Dom as he ran away to chase Owen.

Just as Dom reached Owen, the plane tilted throwing me off balance, holding onto the wall I watched from the sidelines as the two traded hits before Dom jumped out of the jeep with the component in hand.

Seeing the jeep sliding forwards, I let out a scream and reached my hand out as Owen was thrown out of the vehicle "No!" I cried, watching as his body disappeared into the darkness outside.

"Move" Dom jumped up as the plane tilted and hit the ground, the plane was going down, and we were still inside it. Reaching down, I picked up the case of the thing that got us into this mess followed him.

"Get in," my brother shouted as he got behind the wheel of one of the cars and revving it before driving it towards the nose of the plane. My eyes widened when it hit me what he was about to do.

Holding on tight to the car, I tried not to squeal when it went airborne as we almost flew out of the front of the plane before hitting the ground and skidding, which caused the car to barrel roll.

Hitting my head on the window, I groaned but did my best to protect the rest of my body until the car stopped flipping, pulling the case tighter to my chest I closed my eyes hoping for the best.

The car flipped one last time as we landed upside down, "Dom?" I called out calmly, but my heart was beating fast "are you dead?" I asked, timidly feeling my body beginning to ache already.

A small laugh was my first clue that he was okay. "No, you?" He said, moving to help me out of the car as we groaned like old people holding our backs.

"God I hope so because if this is healthy life just isn't worth it" I joked before my knees buckled underneath me, my brother quickly caught me and held me close to him as we began to walk.

Moving around the plane I hear Dom sighs happily seeing his friends all waiting for us, I smiled as Letty run up to us and wrap her arms around us both as her body shook with tears.

I Handed Dom the small case quickly, I could go the rest of my life without having to see it again "So, this is worth billions, huh?" He asked, handing it to Hobbs when we made it to them.

Hobbs exhales but nods at the question "Yes, it is" I feel Letty put her arm around me when Dom moves closer to the DSS Agent. "Name your price, Dom," the man says with a smile – the first real smile I've seen from him actually.