Chapter 1

Whats up everyone. So, this is a new story that I have started to help clear my head when I got stuck on my main one. Now to those who read my other story most well know that I said I wouldn't start another one till the first one was done but I find it is helping a lot to clear my head. All so before anyone gets upset only spend about half the time, I do on the other one.

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Time passes on, the world changes and that was the way of things. It was something that couldn't be stop, something that shouldn't be stop but still when you were an immortal it was hard to watch the passage of time. Having to stand and watch as all those you had loved so dearly pass on when you were stuck living on was not an easy thing to do.

"What are you thinking about Lelouch?" CC ask him as she stands by his side on the Sword of Akasha.

Looking over at the woman Lelouch thought of as his wife he answers. "Just the ever-flowing river of time and how it keeps marching on no matter how much you wish for it to stop."

Looking at her husband with a sad smile on her face CC says "No good deed goes unpunished Lelouch. You know this better than most seeing as you dared to save the world."

Lelouch just chuckles at her words and says, "Indeed I do."

When Lelouch looked back he really shouldn't have been surprised to have woken up in the morgue after Suzaku had stabbed him. Nor should he have been surprised to find CC standing there waiting for him to wake up. They didn't say a word to each other that day seeing as no words needed to be said. They just left and disappeared into the shadows of the world and history, were they watched over those they left behind as time passed on.

As they watched they saw many wonderful and sad things come to pass. His sister's reign was a golden age of peace and prosperity. As was her children's and their children's after her, he had made sure of that. They even saw man lay down their swords, putting aside their differences so as to look towards a new horizon.

Sadly, they couldn't be a part of all those wonderful things and instead just watched as all those they loved passed away. Nunnally, Suzaku, Kallen, Milly and all the rest had lived full lives and had long sense passed on. It was painful to have to watch them move on and though he could talk with them in C's World it was not the same as being allowed to be there with them.

Lelouch couldn't hold back a laugh at recalling his dear sister scolding him from C's World when she found out he was alive.

"Yes, that was indeed a funny moment my love." CC says after reading his thoughts.

It was one of the many little things they had learned they could do after Lelouch had become immortal. So long as one of them didn't wish to keep something from the other they could keep in constant contact through telepathy no matter how far away they were from each other.

"Are you still sure you want to go through with this? Once we leave, we will have no idea if we will still be able to connect to this worlds C's World." CC asks him seriously.

Lelouch looks at the woman he had come to love after a time and answered. "Yes, I am sure. There is no longer any reason for us to stay here. It had been 500 years since we have left the world stage and the last of the vi-family line along with those of our friends have died out. Plus, mankind is headed towards the stars. It no longer needs us protecting it from the shadows."

CC gave a sad smile at his words. It was sometimes hard to believe that 500 years had already passed and that all their friend's descendants had died out. Well not all of them had died out but those still living could hardly be called blood relatives with how far removed they were from the originals.

"You are right but still what will we do in this new world once there. We could only see glimpses of it and from what we saw it's very much medieval. I don't need to tell you Lelouch that I don't like the idea of being burnt at the stake once more." CC says with some distaste at the memory of the one time that had happen. It was a uncomfortable experience to say the least.

Smiling kindly at his wife Lelouch says, "I can assure you dear that will not happen. We are far too smart and have grown far too powerful for that to happen. Plus, in this new world we can finally have what we have always wanted."

Thinking over what her husband has said CC has to agree. Over the years they had become quite adapt at hiding from the world. Even with all the changes to technology over the years the world was still arrogant of their existence. There was also the fact that like Lelouch said they had grown far too powerful for a bunch of medieval brats to stop them from doing what they wanted. Granted Lelouch was somewhat more powerful than her seeing as he taught her all the little tricks he had learned the Code allowed them to do.

She was truly amazed at how much Lelouch had learned about what could be done with the Code. After killing himself a good number of times Lelouch had learned that he could stay awake and even move around from anything less than having his head chop off or being tossed in to an active volcano. That was another thing it seemed that even if the body was destroyed a Code bearer would just reform in a different location. Her husband had also learned that if a Code bearer trained hard enough, they could have powers of their own. So far Lelouch was able to do telekinesis to a somewhat limited degree. As it stood, he could stop and trap a full-grown man in place and could even slow down a moving car. He could even stop bullets in mid-air along with other small objects, as well as move them around. She on the other had could only stop a full-grown man in place for a couple of minutes and trap or move small objects.

From what they saw of this new world the most advanced projectile weapon they had were longbows and crossbows. Two useless weapons when facing them in combat. But what really made her agree was that once there she could have what she had been wanting for a long time, a family of her own. In this world they were only able to have one child and even then, it was a risk to do so and had many drawbacks.

Their son Gawain had been the light in their very lonely lives and when they had learned that he aged slower than normal humans they had been overjoyed. Sadly, his slow aging had been the same reason they never had any more children. Their son's life was far lonelier then their own. Because he was their child and would live a very long life, he had to hide who and never be a part of the world for longer than a decade at a time before he had to move on or risk being found out. He had died a lonely man with no love ones by his side save them and though he never blamed them for it they both felt responsible for it.

It was for that reason they never had any more kids, but this new world would allow them to have more. All they had to do was go there and set themselves up in such a way that no one would dare try to challenge them or hurt their children. And seeing as they would more or less live forever or till, they made up their minds to give up their code, they could take their time and do it right.

"Ok my love then let us get on with it." CC says with a soft smile.

Walking up to his wife Lelouch takes her hand in his and walks up to the physical representation of the gods or collective human unconsciousness than use their power to ask to be taken this new world.

A large surge of power is felt passing through them and the Sword of Akasha shakes. Their bodies start to slowly disappear like what had happened with Charles and Marianne but unlike them CC and Lelouch felt no fear in what was happening. Right before the last of their bodies disappear, they hear a collection of voices call out to them.

"Farewell Lulu, Lelouch, Father, CC, Mother good luck and we hope you both find happiness." Their friends and son call out to them as they vanish to never be seen or heard from again.

-88BC Deep in the Bone Mountains-

Opening their eyes Lelouch and CC found themselves in a cave system of some kind. It was not the most elegant of places to end up in, but it would seem that they had indeed been transported to a new world or at least so it would seem. They couldn't really tell seeing as they were just in a cave that for all they knew could still be on earth.

"Well, Lelouch it looks like your little idea worked." CC says as she looks around the cave.

"It would seem that way." Lelouch says as he looks to connect to the collective human unconsciousness but finds that he can't.

"Look deeper love. It is there but at the same time not there." CC says to him.

Lelouch does as told and looks deeper. After a bit he does feel it, but it feels distant. None the less Lelouch does connect to it and quickly starts to talk with it. As Lelouch communicates with the collective human unconsciousness CC starts searching for her friends to see if she can still communicate with them. Sadly, she finds she cannot and gives a sad sigh.

"It looks like we were indeed successful my love. I can't find our friends or our son at all." CC says in a sad voice. She knew that this could very well happen, but she did hope that somehow, they would still be able to talk with them.

"Indeed, we were my dear and I know exactly where we are." Lelouch says feeling the same sadness as his wife. He didn't go looking for his children himself in the collective human unconsciousness but due to their telepathy he knew why she was sad and could even feel it.

Putting her feelings to the side for now CC asks, "Oh do tell my love."

Smiling softly at his wife Lelouch says, "We are on a continent called Essos which is a vast continent on this world. Our exact location is a mountain range called the Bone Mountains which is a couple of hundred miles North of a city called Kayakayanaya. I couldn't find what year it is, but something called the Doom had happen some 50 years ago or so."

Raising an eyebrow at her husband CC says, "I have to say I am impressed you got all that information so quickly my love."

"Yes, well one of the unconsciousness I talk to was something called a Maester which I think is this worlds version of a scholar." Lelouch says to her.

"You think Lelouch? It is unlike you to not be completely sure." CC says to him.

"I know but there was something there in the collective human unconsciousness. I don't know what, but it was like there were several strong consciousnesses there and all at once they looked right at me. They were too far away for me to tell where they were or if they knew where, we are, but I felt it was best to not give them the chance to find out. At least not till we are well established in this world." Lelouch tells his wife.

CC is a bit surprised at this information. It was one thing for this world to have its own collective human unconsciousness but to have something that was aware inside of it was another. "Do you think it is another Code Bearer?"

Thanking it over a bit Lelouch answers. "I don't believe so. Whatever they were they seemed far away and weak. I don't think they have a physical body but can't be sure. Why don't you take a look my love you know you are better at looking into the collective unconsciousness than I am?"

"Flattery will get you no where's Lelouch." CC says with a smile as she looks into it herself. It does not take her long to find what her husband was talking about and is honestly surprised at what she finds. "You were right my love there are several strong presences I can feel, but your wrong about them being inside the collective unconsciousness."

"Really? What did I miss?" Lelouch asks his wife.

CC gives a smug smile as she answers, "Well first they are outside the collective unconsciousness of this world. If I had to guess, I would say they are the gods of this world."

"That is interesting. Do you believe they know we are here or who we are?" Lelouch asks.

"Doubtful. They seem more confused than anything. Like they know something has come to their world but can't did your out what it is." CC says.

"Well, that is helpful. The longer we stay under the radar so to speak the better it is for us. It could take years for us to set ourselves up here in this new world and if they have followers, we don't need them coming after us just yet." Lelouch says back to her.

"Indeed, my love but I wouldn't worry too much. Like I said they know something has changed but they don't know what, and you were right they are pretty weak overall. The strongest of the presences I feel are somewhere far to the Northwest of here and are of no threat to us as it stands." CC says as she smiles at him.

"That is good to know. Well should we be on our way love?" Lelouch asks her.

"Yes, let's be on our way. The sooner we establish ourselves here the sooner we can have the family we have always wanted." CC smiles as she and Lelouch start to make their way out of the cave.

-Outside the Bone Mountains-

Just a couple of miles away from the cave that Lelouch and CC were in was a group of some three to four thousand men and women of different races. They were the remnants of the cities of Sallosh, Gornath and the outlining villages after the Dothraki had attack. A mix of Tall Men who were as their name suggested taller than your average man, Lhazareen a peaceful people, and YiTish who had immigrated from Yi Ti to the once proud Kingdom of Sarnor. They had been fleeing for months now trying to get away from the Dothraki hordes with little luck.

At first, they had tried fleeing west to the other cities of the Kingdom of Sarnor only to find themselves cut off by hundreds of thousands of Dothraki raiders. They were lucky the Dothraki were too distracted by the prospect of greater prizes from the sacking of the other cities to care about a couple of thousand refugees. This allowed them to flee west in hopes of making it to the Kingdom of the Ifequevron or at least to the Steel Road where they could hope to find some shelter from the Dothraki. They had some luck for a time seeing as the majority of the Dothraki were in the east attacking the cities and villages there. That luck didn't hold however when a small khalasar spotted them and attacked.

The only reason they survived was due to the sheer number of refugees there was compared to how many Dorhraki there was. When they first started to flee there had been about 6 to 7000 of them, with a little more than 1000 of them being soldiers, most of whom had died holding off the 2000 Dorharki raiders allowing the rest of them to escape. For the most part the soldiers had succeeded but still they had lost 3000 people in the attack and the Dorharki would be back to finish them off. This Narbo knew all too well.

Narbo was a guard of the watch for the city of Sallosh before its fall. The son of a mason, whose father was a fisherman there was really nothing special about him. He had lived the simple life of a less then average guard who would never rise higher than the lowest ranks. Yet here he was 1 of only a handful of soldiers who were left behind to help the fleeing citizens of their once proud kingdom.

How did this happen he didn't know, nor could he understand it. All he knew was that just a couple of months ago he had been at home with his family celebrating his father's name day. Now his father, mother and brothers were dead with only his little sister still alive. His people were killed or enslaved and yet he still held out hope that the rest of them could escape but only for those hopes to be scattered to the winds. They were able to make it to the mountains but the Kingdom of the Ifequevron and the Steel Road were 100 miles away from where they were in both directions.

All hope was lost for him and his people. It would only be a matter of days before the Dorhraki caught up with them and kill or enslaved them all. Looking around himself as he sat on a rock, he could tell everyone else knew it as well for their eyes were as dead as his. Looking towards his sister he sees the fear in them as well and he could not help but bury his face in his hands and weep in despair.

"I would not be so quick to give up in despair young man." A voice from behind him says.

Rising quickly to his feet Narbo draws his sword and turns around to see who it is that is behind him ready to attack if they prove to be hostile. What he sees however is what to many would seem to be a harmless young man and woman. The young man stands head and shoulders shorter than him and the women is even shorter than the man. And yet in his eyes they seem like giants who stood above him. Their eyes held such power that he felt as if he were but a mere ant in their eyes and it scared him to no end. Barely able to stand he asks a question in a weak voice, "Are you gods?"

The woman gives an amused yet cold laugh that chills him to the bone. "Silly boy we are no gods. We are merely your salvation."

With his face taking on a confused look Narbo asks "What do you mean?"

"What my wife means young man is we are here to offer you power. The power to lay waste to these uncouth barbarians that are hunting you and yours down like animals." The man by her side answers in a not unkind voice.

Narbo does not understand some of the words the man or woman have said but he understands what they are telling him more or less. He finds he has no reason to believe them but with his heart in despair and no hope to be found he finds himself wishing to believe them. "What must I do for this power." Narbo asks.

The man gives another smile but this one of pure evil, "You and yours most merely swear to me and my wife your undying loyalty."

Taking a step back in fear Narbo is about to refuse when he years the sounds of screams from behind him. Turning around to look behind him Narbo sees a cloud of dust rising in the distance. It's the Dorharki they were back to finish them all off and this time there would be no escape.

"This is a onetime offer boy. I would suggest you take my husband up on his offer before you all die." The woman says without a hint of fear in her voice or a care for him and his.

Looking back at them Narbo cannot see any other choice but to accept their offer even if it is not real. So, with fear and hope driving him he bends his knee and answers, "I accept your offer. Just please let me save my people."

Others that had heard what these two strangers had told him step forward and bend their knees swearing their undying loyalty to them in exchange for the power to protect their families as well.

-Open plains below the Bone Mountains-

Power, unbelievable, untamed power is what Narbo felt as he stood before the charging Dothraki hordes in armor made from his own will without fear. His new lord and lady had called it the power of the king, and the feeling the armor gave him made it feel like he was one. And yet if he was a king with this power what did that make his lord and lady?

Shaking his head Narbo put that thought out of his mind for the time being. It mattered little what his lord and lady were. Be them gods who came down from on high or demons from the lowest pits of hell it didn't matter. They had given him and his fellow kings and queens power. Looking to his side he saw 300 of them standing by his side ready to meet these fuckers head on without fear. Some of them were soldiers like him but the rest were potters, blacksmiths, learned men and seamstresses who only wanted to protect their families. Their lord had warned them that their armor did not make them invincible and that they could still be killed if they were not careful. They didn't care however and would gladly take death in exchange for the safety of their families.

Seeing the horde get closer Narbo unleashes the power of his geass, his body giving off a crimson flame as he does. By his side the others do the same their own armor giving off their own types of power. Some of with is water, earth, sky fire, wind and some just plane physical power. Seeing they were as ready as him Narbo creates a spear of fire in his hand and yells a fearsome battle cry as he charges forward into battle.

-Back on the Bone Mountains-

Standing on top of a boulder with his wife Lelouch looks down at the fighting that is taking place below him. The fighting was in a word pathetic and over all hard to watch. The fighting ability of the men and women they had given geass to, could be called little better then children swinging a stick but then these Dorhraki were little better.

"You are so cruel my love. Do you not care what happens to your new subjects?" CC asks him.

"Do you?" Lelouch asks back.

CC smiles at him and answers "Not at all my love. They are but a means to an end for me but for you, well I was sure you would lead them in some way."

"Perhaps I have grown tired of fixing other people's problems." Lelouch says with no feeling in his voice.

It was true he really had gotten tired of fixing other people's problems. Hell, he had been doing it for over 500 years after his rebellion. How many wars had he stop from the shadows? He had in all honestly lost count. Now with all his friend's being dead he found it hard to care at all for those who were not his wife.

CC gives an amused laugh at this, "Oh Lelouch do not believe for a moment I believe that. You can't help but play the messiah. Your arrogant personality won't let you do anything less than build them up to be a powerful people."

Lelouch gives a small laugh himself, "You know me all too well my witch."

"Of course, I do. Time changes many things but not one's nature. You may have become a bit colder and more distant towards your fellow man but, in the end, you will always be that boy I met all those years ago." CC says with a loving smile.

They are silent for a bit as they keep watching the battle unfold before them. More than a few of the men and women they had given geass to have died all ready.

"I must say love I didn't believe you when you said that if we tried hard enough, we could control the types of geass we give people." CC says to him as she watches on.

"Well, it was not really that surprising to find out that we could. You had admitted to me that you had never tried to do so before." Lelouch says in a playful yet mocking tone.

CC gives a frown at his teasing, "Well excuse me Mr. I know everything. We can't all be geniuses who have nothing better to do then sit around all day learning to manipulate and push the limits of the geass he gives out."

Walking up to his wife and taking her into his arms he says, "Now love don't be upset. After all we are starting something new here. Soon we will have the family we always wanted and have the power to keep them safe from harm."

CC gives a dry laugh, "Lelouch don't be a fool. We got lucky with how well behaved and understanding Gawain was. Whatever more children we have will no doubt be more like you then our lovely little boy. I can see nothing but endless worry and sleepless nights in my future."

"Then does that mean you have changed your mind on having any more children?" Lelouch asks his wife.

"Hell no. I have waited too long to let a little thing like worrying about their safety stop me from having anymore." CC says in dead seriousness.

"Yes, my love and anyone who hurts our children will feel the wrath of the one they called the Demon Emperor and his Immortal Witch." At his words both CC and Lelouch take on evil smiles on their faces as they continue to watch the battle down below them.

-5 years later 83BC-

Things were going quite well if Lelouch was being honest with himself. No matter how primitive these people where they had done very well so far under his leadership. They still had a long way to go before they could reveal themselves to the world, but they were getting there none the less.

After the first battle with the Dorhraki was over Lelouch was pleasantly surprised to find out that of the 300 men and women that took part in the battle less than half had died and none of those who did were the ones with the element geass powers. Which was wonderful seeing as those that could manipulate the elements were far more useful than those who didn't. Sure, CC and he could replace them whenever they like but that was not the point. It was one thing to have the people look at them like they were gods as they were doing now, but it was another for them to become so dependent on them that they ceased to be useful. They were tools who only use was to help him give his wife the family she had been longing for. If they couldn't do that then he would take his wife and leave them to the Dorhraki to do with as they please.

Was that heartless of him? Yes, it very much was but it was not like they didn't get something in return for their usefulness. Already do to him and his wife they had food due to the power he gave the woman the people were now calling Eglantine the Queen of the Ever Green. Out of all the ones they had given geass to she was most likely the most powerful. True her geass had a limited range of uses but when someone had the power to make crops, trees and plants grow in any environment with little water well you would always have a need for them. When you combined her geass with the geass of Tycho the King of Water you could grow a near unlimited amount of food and wood for building. Those two were indeed slowly changing the landscape around the Bone Mountains for the better.

However, the one who was by far the most useful was Narbo the King of Flames. As his title suggested his geass granted him the power over fire itself and the man put that power to wonderful use. At first Lelouch didn't think much of Narbo seeing him as only a pawn to use in order to get control over the rest of the refugees. He had proven Lelouch very wrong, for after the battle when everyone was ready to celebrate the victory, he was the only one to realize that even though they didn't leave any Dorhraki alive more would come. With that knowledge Narbo had gone to Lelouch and CC to ask for permission to build a wall.

Of course, they had given the man their permission and had even let it be known that he was their right-hand man, and the others should obey his orders so long as they didn't conflict with any they gave out. He did not fail them in his new position and as the son of a mason he had the knowledge to build a wall of a good size very quickly. It was quite impressive that they were able to build a 50-foot wall that surrounded a good size of land in just three years, it was also too bad that it was all for nothing. Not that the wall itself was for nothing, it was just that the rush job was.

In the 5 years sense the first battle with the Dorhraki they had not seen hide nor hair of their hordes. It was for that reason that Lelouch had started to send out scouting parties some 2 years ago to find out what was happening and if at all possible, find more people to bring to their little town. For the most part the scouts had been successful in this bringing back word that the vast majority of the Dorharki were in the west sacking and raiding what was left of the Kingdom of Sarnor. This work out well for allowed them to improve on the wall and build up their armed forces which were sadly small. As for bringing people here that was less successful seeing as only a total of may be 500 people had been brought here sense Lelouch had started sending his scouts out.

Well, it matters little how many they bought back seeing as the town was experiencing a baby boom right now. Their population had grown from a mere 3000 to 5000 in a little under 2 years sense Lelouch had judged it was safe enough and that they had the provisions to do so. Yes, things were working out well for now.

-Same time with CC-

Leaving a small wooden house where another whining little brat was just born was CC who was feeling extremely annoyed right now. Do to the fact that in their old world she could not go to a hospital to have her son she had to learn everything she could about childbirth. It was one of the two reasons why she was put in charge of overseeing the birth of every child in the village. The second reason being she lost a game of janken to Lelouch who had the same knowledge.

At first, she really didn't mind seeing as child births were low do to people being afraid that tomorrow could be there last. But after two years had passed without an attack, a good size wall being built and Lelouch making his little announcement they were now in a baby boom which in turn made her a very busy woman. To take the load off she had taught others her knowledge on the subject but with the sheer number of children being born she still had to help out. It was hardly a thing the future empress of the empire Lelouch and her were making should do. Or at least she thought so.

"Kōgō-sama." A young man calls out from in front of her as he bows his head.

"What is it boy?" CC asks in a sharp tone. She was in no mood to deal with anyone at this time.

The young man flinches at his Kōgō-sama's voice but still says to her, "I just wanted to thank you for helping with the birth of my child Kogo-sama."

"Thank nothing of it. Now go and be with your wife and your newborn son." CC says to him in a somewhat softer tone. She may despise having to help out but even she wasn't so cold hearted as to be mean to the young man on such a joyful day.

Bowing his head once more the young man says, "Yes Kogo-sama thank you." He then rushes into his home to be with his family.

Absentmindedly CC's hand goes to her own stomach wishing she had a child in her womb right now. She was a very patient woman, immortality did that to a person but even she had her limits on how long she was willing to wait to have another child and it was reaching the end of its rope. She understood why they had to wait till their powerbase was secured but at the rate they were going it would be another 15 years before they had a large enough army to not have to worry about the Dorhraki destroying what they have built. And the Dorhraki were not the only ones they had to worry about. Sooner or later this period of chaos that has engulf this land would come to an end and when it did, they would have to deal with those who still stood. So, in reality she had at least another 30 years on top of the 15 before she could have kids of her own.

Well, she was not willing to wait that long. So, standing up she starts to walk towards the farmland they had inside the wall where her husband was sure to be. As she walks towards the farmlands everyone bows their heads to her out of respect for not only being their Tennō's wife but also in respect for her power as well. They had long learned that their Kogo was not to be underestimated. She had shown that to them when in the early years one of the many Kings of Power got drunk on the power, they had given him and tried to assault her. They could still recall the fear on the man's face as he stood there motionless do to her power as she walked up to him and slit his throat like it was nothing in front of everyone. It was a powerful message that said do not mess with the ones who gave them their power.

As she made her way closer to her husband Lelouch could feel her anger and though she had closed off their connection that allowed them to talk to each other he knew why she was angry.

"My love we have to talk." Looking to one of the farmers that is talking with her husband she says. "You boy leave now."

The so-called boy who is really an old man in his 60 gets a scared look on his face and bows his head and runs off faster than a man his age should be able to.

Looking at the man as he runs off Lelouch gives a sigh. "Now dear was that really necessary?"

"Perhaps not but I really don't care if it was. I grow tired of waiting Lelouch." Her cold voice making it clear how displeased she is.

Giving off another sigh Lelouch says "My love it has only been 5 years sense we came to this world. Don't you think it's a bit too soon to be getting upset."

CC's face takes on the look of a woman who is extremely pissed off, a rare look indeed for her. "It has been 5 years here Lelouch, but it has been over 200 sense Gawain's passing."

"My love we are not secure enough yet in our power to be having children. If they were immortal like us, then I would give you as many as you wanted but for now, we have to wait till we are secure." Lelouch says trying to calm his wife.

It is not working. "Then I suggest you find a way to speed things up Lelouch or you will soon have a very unhappy wife to come home to." CC says in a cold and over all frightening voice then walks away.

As his wife walks away Lelouch looks on and rubs his forehead. He really needed to do something and fast. There was an old saying in his old world that said happy wife happy life and with them being immortal the sweet release of death couldn't save him from his wife if he made her unhappy. He better find a way to please her soon or his immortal life would definitely be a very unhappy one soon.


So how did you guys and girls like the start of my new story? It went in a completely different direction then I was planning on taking it.

As you all can see I started off Lelouch and CC in Essos instead of Westeros. I was thinking about putting them above the Wall but its been used so many times I felt I do something a bit new. With that said I am going for them building there empire out of refugees who survived the almost complete destruction of the Kingdom of Sarnor during the Century of Blood some 88 or so years before Aegon's Conquest.

In order to do build their empire I am split between having Lelouch and CC subjugate the Dothraki with medieval weapons or having him give the refugees more advance weapons like the musket and bayonet.

I have also gone taken liberty with the geass Lelouch and CC can give out by letting them manipulate it to their will. So, I hope you all like that.

I would also like to ask you all how you feel about the titles of the people Lelouch and CC gives geass to. I have taken form air gear who calls their best riders kings and made it so all the mightiest warriors or rules of their cities are called kings. I did this so other rules of other lands feel that even though they are kings themselves Lelouch and CC see themselves above them. That is also way I am having Lelouch and CC's go of Japanese titles for emperor and empress. After all the title of emperor in Japanese is Tennō which literally means "heavenly sovereign". I would think that would piss or at the very least piss some people off.

Last thing I swear this story is for now a single paring story with Lelouch and CC's children or grandchildren being the ones who marry the women from Game of Thrones. Now ever I also plan to make this a story that is base off of polls that I well put up in a attempt to make up for my last story when I stop doing them because I couldn't follow through with one poll. So yes for those who want it to be a harem you will get your say. Just check the polls after you read.

Thank you and I hope you all enjoyed chapter one of my new story