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League of Assassins force training. Anakin wasn't sure what to expect, but the words themselves sounded slightly ominous. Then again, does anything with the word "assassin" in it sound particularly friendly?

After his rough morning of regular training, the force portion should be rather forgettable. He was a Jedi, he already knew everything they'd teach him, right? Wrong!

Anakin and five other force sensitive recruits stood in a straight line waiting for Talia to arrive. None of them wanted to stand out from any of the others. With their spines straight and hands behind their backs they appeared as though they could be statues.

Suddenly the gordian man next to Anakin was zapped with force lightning. Everyone jumped as he screamed in pain. Anakin frantically examined the large stone chamber, until he saw the attacker on the cement entry steps.

"I would learn to sense me, otherwise you might not get a second chance the next time" said the woman. She was in her mid-twenties and had long, flowing, curly black hair. The woman delicately picked up a sword and slowly walked her way toward the recruits. "I am Talia Al Guhl. The daughter of the Demon".

So this was Talia. With her cunning, grace, and beauty she was clearly a true royal woman of the League of Assassins. She walked over to a wookie recruit. "Kuroka, hold still" she said. Talia sliced across the wookie's arm, leaving blood gushing. As Kuroka cried out a small human woman spoke up.

"Stop!" she pleaded. The girl was Atalanta, the only other new recruit Anakin knew by name. They'd met that morning. She was just 17 years old and had come to the League out of desperation.

Talia slowly turned to the girl and menacingly asked "What will you do to stop me, Atalanta?" Atalanta froze for a few moments. "Five, four, three, two, one" counted Talia. She raised her sword about Atalanta's head.

Anakin instinctively force pushed Talia away. She smacked into the granite wall. Was he imagining it, or did he hear a cracking sound?

In his quick action he'd accidentally knocked over one of the torches and set a tapestry ablaze, which he would probably be in trouble for, but he didn't really care.

Anakin stood with arm stretch out breathing heavily. His thoughts were beginning to clear but be could still feel the surge of protective emotion running through him.

"Good, Anakin, good" said Talia. A smile spread across her lips. "Thank-you, for demonstrating for us"

"What?" asked Anakin. Talia stood and walked to the center of the room.

"That, was a perfect example of today's lesson. The first thing you all must learn, is how to use both the Darkside and the Light".

Anakin didn't know how to respond. There's always the Giving into the Darkside isn't the Jedi way but he couldn't cross Talia and he wasn't really a Jedi anymore. Besides, learning to use both sides of the Force was technically part of the deal, he just hadn't gave it too much thought.

The idea just seemed so incredibly foreign. The Jedi used only the light and the Sith were all Dark. He never really imagined anyone used both; it was always one or the other.

Talia spoke up again. "What Anakin here unknowingly demonstrated, was a combination of protectiveness and anger"

She turned directly to Anakin. "Out of kindness and compassion for Atalanta, both Lightside qualities, you desired to help her. That is exactly what the Lightside is supposed to be". Anakin glanced over at Atalanta for a brief moment.

"However ever it was your anger and passion that drove you took action, which is what you used the Darkside for" said Talia. She continued speaking as she walked toward a large chest.

"Many major force users in the Galaxy, like the Jedi and Sith for example, only use one side of the force while teaching their students to suppress and oppose the other" she monologued.

"However, quite frankly that is completely wrong" said Talia as she crouched down and pulled out a roll of bandages which she then threw at at the bleeding wookie.

"There are two equal and opposite sides of the Force. One cannot exist without the other. To have too much dark or light would destroy one's soul. This is why we will learn and harness both. Understand?"

Anakin and everyone else nodded their heads. This speech sounded vaguely familiar, like he'd heard something similar before from somewhere; but he couldn't place from where. One thing was sure, if he had, it hadn't been as on the nose as this.

Talia walked back to the front of the room and faced all her students. She drew a sword for not apparent reason. Instead of attacking like Anakin feared she would she simply ran her fingers along the edges.

"Lesson number one. Never lead the Galaxy completely to one end or the other. When darkness rises, light rises to meet it. When light rises, darkness rises to meet it".

She spun the sword around and abruptly stopped it's motion with it pointing at her students.

"If you think the force itself can't make conscious decisions, your wrong. The force will do nearly anything to balance itself"

Talia paused. Anakin thought for a moment she glanced at him, but then she turned away. He decided he'd imagined it, at least he hoped.

"If anyone using just one side gets to powerful, someone using the opposite will rise to oppose or defeat them"

Anakin thought of how the Sith had risen again after having been thought extinct for thousands of years. Had what Talia was saying really been the case?

"Now, naturally you wouldn't want to lose your power because the force had to send someone to balance you, would you? I guarantee no matter how much the force may like you personally-" Talia glanced at Anakin for a brief second.

"The force may work against you should you rise one side to too much power. If you don't believe how crucial this balance is, allow me to emphasize to you, too much dark or light, would detroy the Galaxy as you know it"

Anakin knew where he'd heard a similar speech before.

"Now my students" said Talia. "Let's learn to properly use both the Darkside and the Light"

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