It's five year old Annabeth Chase's first day of kindergarten and it's already going horribly. She isn't even at school yet and she knows she's going to hate it. To start the day her dad woke her up late this morning, as per usual with such an absentminded man. On top of that her mom was already at work. She'd spilled cereal milk on herself in her rush to get breakfast done quickly and ended up having to change. On the walk to the bus stop Annabeth stepped in a puddle and her socks had gotten wet. They were still wet, her feet squishing nastly with every step, water sliding between her toes. She almost missed the bus and when she finally made it, she had to sit next to a stranger because her two best friends, Thalia and Luke, had already filled up a seat together.

The boy next to her turns around and gives her a wide smile. " Hi my name is Percy! Mommy says I'm her little De-ling-kwent," he pronounces it slowly and proudly like he had practiced this word a lot. "Delinquent!" He added for good measure after a moment of silence.

"Whatever," little Annabeth says and goes back to staring angrily out the window. Percy frowns for only a second before returning to playing fighter jets with his two paper airplanes.