Percy finally arrives at the house about ten minutes later, in which time Annabeth had yet to see Hazel, who she assumed was hiding out in her room or something. Annabeth had been sitting at a stool in front of the kitchen counter on her phone, messaging Thalia while she waited for Percy to show up.

He bursts through the door in a flurry of color, energy, and bags. Bags which he dumps onto the counter in front of Annabeth and says, "Come on, I'll take you up to see my second favorite person in the world!" Percy tells her excitedly. Heading right up the stairs, motioning for Annabeth to follow him without actually bothering to wait and see if she would.

"Second?" Annabeth had to ask, to which Percy only shrugs and keeps walking. She follows him up the stairs and stops at the door on the right. On the door was a rather large horse decal placed near the top of the door and under that painted in a nice steady hand was the occupants name, Hazel. He steps up to it and knocks gently on the door.

"Go away!" A small voice calls out from the other side of the door, shaking ever so slightly.

"Marie's gone, Hazel. It's me, Percy. Unlock the door and come out here, there's someone I'd like you to meet," While he had been talking his voice took on a well practiced but slightly fake cheerful tone. Afterwards he lets out a tired sigh, like this was something that happened a lot. That didn't seem right to Annabeth though. Hazel had sounded scared and Marie, that must be the girl's mother, didn't seem all that scary to her.

The door opens up slowly and a little girl peeks around the edge, as if checking to make sure that her mother really was gone. Once she had confirmed this, giving Annabeth a suspicious look, Hazel flings herself at Percy, hugging his legs. "Sh-sh-she did it again," The girl whispers to him shaking a little,

"Hey, hey, it's alright. It's just a voice, you know that. She's not going to hurt you okay?" Hazel nods, leaving Annabeth wondering what about a voice could leave a little girl so scared. "Now come on, today I brought a few surprises. Picked them up on my way over here."

Hazel looks up at Percy with her big brown eyes, "Did you remember the fireworks this time?"

"FIREWORKS?" Annabeth cries out in horror, thinking of Percy telling her how he had lit the kitchen on fire. Of all the other disasters he'd mentioned and she hadn't truly believed, but maybe she should. Fireworks, now that's just asking for trouble.

The little girl glances over at Annabeth again and flashes her a toothy little smile, mirroring the mischievous grin she'd seen on Percy's face several times in the few days she'd known him. Then the look changes into curiosity and she turns to Percy. "Is that her?" Hazel asks him before meeting Annabeth's eyes. Instantly her smile falls just a little bit and Annabeth is reminded of the first time her mother-in-law had seen her. Of the months after her parents divorce and the way her father's smile had fallen a bit every time he looked her in the eye.

For a second she fears she must have forgotten to put her contacts in this morning. Her mother-in-law had bought them for her, making her wear them whenever she was at home, or out and about with her family. Blue contacts. At first she had hated them. After a while though she realized that with her grey eyes covered people stared at her less, it made her feel just a little bit less like a freak, so she didn't mind wearing them.

"Nevermind," Hazel sounded a little disappointed, "her eyes are the wrong color. They're blue."

"Yeah, Hazel, I know," Percy says, sounding slightly annoyed, and slightly embarrassed. "Don't mind her," He tells Annabeth before turning back to Hazel, "That was rude, ya know. You can't just tell people their eyes are the wrong color."

"I knowwwwww, I just thought…" Hazel shrugs and then looks over at Annabeth, "Sorry," She says quietly, not sounding very sorry about it.

"It's fine. But, who did you think I was? What color are my eyes supposed to be?"

"Just… a… friend of mine. One I haven't seen in a long time, and one that for some reason Hazel has taken quite a liking too, despite never actually meeting her.. Doesn't matter though, the chances of bumping into her again are pretty low." Percy says, cutting off Hazel who had opened her mouth to say more. They tossed a 'look' at each other and Hazel shut her mouth. "Come on Hazel. I'll put a movie on for you while I get the rest of the stuff out of the car, and try and scare something up for you to eat," He tells her. Hazel shoots him another look, though this one is easier to figure out. Clearly Hazel has some experience with Percy finding her something to eat, and it isn't something she looks forward to.