Things were suddenly real.


This was not a game anymore. This was reality.

Raphael's voice rang in his ears and for a moment, he couldn't figure out what was wrong. He was standing in front of Leon, his back to the enemy, breathing hard. Being the soft shell, he was used to hiding behind one of his brothers, because he knew he couldn't take the same kind of attacks.

But tonight, he'd seen arrows rushing at his twin and he hadn't been able to stop his body from moving. He had to protect his little brother. It wasn't a choice, it was instinct. It was family.

Besides, his tech shell should've been okay, it wasn't like it was bullets. It wasn't like arrows would be able to really hurt him, though they might've scratched the paint.

At least, that was what he'd thought, in the seconds where he'd positioned himself to deflect the arrows, keeping them from striking his younger twin. He didn't even realize something was off until he tried to look up at Leo, grin, say something about how he owed him big time. Because his breath caught in his chest, and it quickly turned into hoarse, wet coughing. Pain exploded across his back, deep in his chest, in—

The color drained from Leon's face, and Donnie brought a hand up to his lips, confused. He blinked a couple times when his fingers came away soaked in sticky red.

"No," Donnie mumbled, his eyebrows furrowing. "No, it's not—no!" He broke off in heavy coughs, his knees suddenly giving out beneath him.

As he fell forward, five arrows became visible, having broken through Donnie's tech shell. Leon's wild eyes turned on the enemy, and in a flash of light he was gone. Raph was suddenly at Don's side, though if Donnie had to be honest; he wasn't sure when Raph had moved. "S'not possible," Donnie said, his voice trembling. "It was supposed to be strong enough—"

"Easy, easy." Raph caught him as his body lurched forward, as the coughs turned into wheezes and blood painted the pavement. Don's expression was hard to read. "Mike, cover us!" Raph ordered suddenly. "Once we're underground, go get Leo!"

Mikey nodded, his eyes wide with clear panic. He was on his feet and out of Donnie's sight before he could blink. Raph looked down at Don, gently but hastily shuffling him around into his arms bridal style. "Alright, easy Don," he said gently, opening the manhole cover. "Just hang on. That's all you gotta do, you just gotta keep breathing for us okay?"

Donnie groaned quietly as Raph slid down the ladder to the sewer level. He found himself leaning into Raphs plastron, coughing up more blood. "Yeah, that's gonna be so easy," he muttered, managing to find an eye roll despite the pain.

Raph started running, either not hearing or electing to ignore him. "Where do we go?" he asked, jogging.

Donnie thought on this, trying to distract himself from the tinny taste of blood in his mouth. He swallowed and realized immediately that that was a mistake. "Uh," he mumbled, trying not to gag. "Dunno…"

"You think Dad can handle it?" Raph asked, still jogging. Behind him he could hear Leo and Mike starting to catch up. But what he didn't hear was Donnie talking anymore. "Don? Oh no—"

Leo ran as hard as he could, trying to catch Raph. His heart was pounding. It had taken Mikey literally jumping in front of him to break him off his warpath, out of pursuit of the ninja.

Now he was underground with Mikey, catching up. Raph wasn't moving as fast as Leo knew he could though, he ran stiffly, cradling their brother. Probably trying not to jostle him. "HEY!" he yelled. "Where are we going? I can get us there now!" He gripped his sword, not even thinking about how it might not work for him.

Now wasn't a time to consider such a thing. It would work. It had to.

Raph skidded to a stop, and then Leo was finally able to get a look at Don. There was a lot of blood now, and there were splatters of it following Raph as he bled through the tech shell. There was blood down his front too, dribbling from his mouth. There was internal damage. Leo tried not to step back. He barely noticed Mike coming up next to him, gasping.

"I don't know," said Raph. "I don't know where we can take him. He needs like—a doctor or something!"

Leo chewed on his lip for a moment, his fingers clenched. "Do you think the mystical city would have somewhere to help him? I mean, yokai have to get hurt sometimes too, right?" Mikey asked suddenly, watching Donnie struggle to breathe. Every few seconds he'd break into coughs, bringing up more blood from damaged lungs.

Raph swallowed. "I mean," he said. "We can't go to a hospital. April can't fix him. I don't think Dad can fix him…"

Leo stepped over. "Then we're going to the mystical city and looking for a yokai doctor. It'll be closer than any human doctor can get," he said firmly. He wasn't even sure how he'd managed to keep his voice from shaking.

Raph nodded back. "Lead the way," he said.

Leo raised his sword, tearing through the air and opening a portal. He usually would've celebrated at opening a portal so easily, but as Raph rushed past him with Donnie he didn't even consider it. Mike and Leo dove in after them.

Please, please, let them have someone who can help him.

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