Being that this was a magical forest in a city full of yokai, Raph supposed in some weird backwards way, it made sense that it seemed to swallow them as soon as they entered. The trees seemed to move slowly around them almost like they themselves were alive and crawling about.

Leo was trying to port back out of the forest to no avail, it kept spitting him back out only a few feet away.

"What're we gonna do now?" asked Mike, his voice small. He hovered by Raph, who was squinting into the trees. Don was pretty much checked out by now, but that didn't stop Mikey from holding onto his shoulder.

"Leo, stop! We need to focus, he said somebody was down here," said Raph, and blessedly, Leo listened. He came back over.

"You're right." Well that was nice, if not for the circumstances. "You're right, but how do we find whoever's down here if the trees are shuffling?"

A good question, but not one they had time to consider. "I think we came from that way," said Raph, nodding one direction. "So if we keep walking forward, away from there, maybe we'll get somewhere."

Leo chewed on his lip, but it wasn't like he had any better ideas. "Alright. I'll scout ahead?" Raph nodded.

"Don't go too far, we shouldn't get separated!" Mikey added, starting to walk after Leo.

Raph looked down at Don. "Hang on… hang on, please. I think we're almost there."

There was no way to tell how long they walked. The trees did indeed shuffle around them, and they did their best not to change directions. Their way was lit by faintly glowing plants, and fireflies that were every color other than what they should have been.

Until finally, Leo stopped and put his sword out. "Who's there!?" The brothers halted, tense and ready to fight.

A pair of yellow eyes peered at them from the dark. "What are you doing in my forest?" a voice asked. They trailed along, circling them. "What do you…." the yellow eyes landed on Don. "Who sent you to me?"

Mikey swallowed, reaching out and pulling Leo's sword hand down out of a defensive position. "Hueso sent us here, he said you could help us," he said. "Please, our brother- He's really hurt."

The eyes slowly came forward, and the shadows parted to reveal a fox. It stood on its hind legs, dressed in layers of bright fabrics. It walked up to Raph and looked at Donnie down it's snout. "I see. Come with me, we don't have much time." It- she? said.

Raph let out a preemptive breath of relief. They'd found help. "Thank you… What do we call you?"

She bustled into the trees and they followed. They seemed to part in her way, and as they walked Raph noticed that she had not one but five tails. "Alopex, is what you may call me," she replied. "Not many beings dare to venture into my forest, you usually would be lost to wander until… well, it doesn't matter. This way."

The trees pulled away to reveal a building. It looked old to say the least, overgrown with vines and fluorescent plants. When they came to the door it became clear that Raph was not going to fit inside. She looked up at him. "Apologies. You will have to wait here," she said, and pointed at Leo. "You. Bring your brother inside."

Leo looked at Raph and it almost looked like they had a telepathic conference on if this was okay. Then they both nodded and Raph eased Don into Leo's arms and sat back. "I'll be here if you need anything, guys."

Leo and Mike nodded, and ducked into the house.

so, incredibly, im not dead. even more incredibly, i re-read all this and in fact remembered where I was going with it. This ones for you, person who asked a few months ago if i was still writing this. I'm gonna try to finish it. I'm a bit rusty so sorry if anybodys out of character.