Lilo was on the ship, looking around when Joy interrupted her. "Time for a little Banjo playing." Joy shouted.

On the computer screen, she saw a familiar looking bear with a bird in his backpack, "It's Banjo" Lilo recalled, "Haven't seen him in a while."

They landed near the outskirts of a mysterious village.

"What are you doing here?" Banjo asked.

"We came to see you" Lilo explained, "What's going on?"

"Needed a way to get Bottles out of his coma." Banjo explained.

"Coma?" Lilo asked.

"Well, this all started last night." Banjo explained, "Kazooie, Mumbo, Bottles and I were playing a little game of poker when we heard somthing strange outside of my house. Mumbo went out to look to find out that Grunty's younger sisters Mingella and Blobbelda"

"Wait" Lilo said, "How many sisters does Gruntilda have?"

"3 actually" answered familiar voice, "Mingella, the skinny bookworm, Blobbelda, the obese cat lover, and me."

"Brentilda" Lilo recalled, "Why didn't you tell us about your other sisters?"

"Like I said," Brentilda explained, "I hate to talk about my family.

"Well then" Tucker asked, "What happened here?"

"Let me explain dogs" shouted a bird-like king, "Z'up, The names, "King Jing-A-Ling. Ruler of the Jingo Village."

"Well" Rainbow Dash said, "It seems that your village is empty."

"That's because those wannabe witches scared them all away." King Jing-A-Ling explained, "Now I need them all back for our kickball tournament next week. It's a big issue in our town."

"Don't worry" Lilo said, "We're the Celestian Alliance. We'll help you find your villagers."

"Okay, homies" King Jingaling replied as he showed his secret doorway behind his bookcase, "Go in here and talk to Master Jiggy of the Order of the Crystal Jiggies. There what opens portals to different areas in our world."

"We'll keep it real!" Pinkie smiled, "Celestian Alliance out!"

And just like that, our heroes walked into the secret exit.