Now, I know what you're all thinking. Or at least an idea. Something like 'Don't you have other stories to finish?' or 'When's [insert story here] getting updated?' Yes I have stories to update but in preparation for Avengers 'Endgame' I re watched Infinity war and got super hype and this idea wouldn't leave me alone. Now it won't be starting during infinity war, it'll be starting from Thor Ragnarok. Something to note about Naruto in this story, he did not get with Hinata in his life and his truth seeking balls do re materialize after use. Anyways with that in mind just know it will be a Naruto x Hela story as those seem to be virtually non existent. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy.

Asgard. The home to many, most notably Thor, Odin, and at one point in time Loki. It was a beautiful land made of giant gold buildings and breathtaking landscapes. Now however it looks a lot different. What was once a beautiful sight was now dull and looking worn down. If one were to look down into the actual city they would see hundreds of asgardian soldiers laying dead on the ground. Blades imbedded into different parts of their bodies. All but one soldier was dead.

The warriors met their end by the same person. The person responsible for the massacre was a woman who looked no older than twenty five. She wore a form fitting black and dark green body suit with a portion of the shoulders missing. She has long flowing black hair as well as dark shadows around her eyes. Her name is Hela Odinsdottir the first born child of the former king of Asgard.

"Go back to whatever cave you crept out from." Yelled the final Asgardian warrior "You evil demoness." He added before charging. Unfortunately for him he didn't get very far as Hela wound her arm back and created a blade that pierced the mans body. He was left suspended on the blade, his feet not touching the ground.

Taking a look around to make sure no one is standing she turns around to her companion. He's a bald headed man with two tattoos on his head and armor. This is Skurge the man she ended up giving a job to. He didn't exactly accept more like not answer and didn't get killed for it.

"Come now. We have things to do." She says as she walks past him. Skurge takes one look around before following suit. The two made their way through Asgard in direction of the bifrost. To both of their surprise, 'Hofund' the sword that activates the bifrost was missing.

"Impossible." Skurge says while running up the steps. "It was just here." He added before turning to look at Hela. The goddess narrowed her eyes in anger before turning around and walking away. Skurge caught up to her and spoke "We'll find the sword. Whoever took it can't be too far away."

"See to it that you do. But never mind that now. There's something much more important we must do. Hurry along now." Hela told him. Seeing that she wasn't in the best of moods he didn't speak and simply walked faster to keep pace. He wondered where they were going.

To his confusion she took them to Odin's throne room. Having not been in there that many times he looked around taking in the sights. He stopped when he noticed Hela stopped walking and was looking up at the mural on the ceiling. The goddess of death felt a deep anger flow through her as she looked at the images.

"This is what Odin replaced the truth with?" She hissed out as she took in the pictures of Thor and Loki. "Look at these lies. Goblets and Garden parties?" She hissed. She looked at the next images. "Peace treaties?" She said no more, instead opting to create multiple blades and strike the ceiling at different points.

Skurge watched as the ceiling began breaking before completely falling down. He moved out of the way as to not get hit by debris while hela stayed put. When the slight smoke cleared he noticed a different mural.

Skurge frowned in confusion as he stared at the new images. Odin in the center, around him images of battles portraying Hela and himself as well as one other notable person. Hela began explaining to him the story of how Asgard was a force to be reckoned with before Odin seemingly had a change of heart. He tuned part of her out as his attention was focused on one image in particular.

Odin and Hela side by side. Odin holding up his golden staff and Hela holding up a hammer that looked like the one Thor used. What really caught his attention was the other man. In that same image there was a blonde man standing behind Hela. The shocking part was that his arm was holding her around the waist pulling her towards him. He too had a staff being held up into the air. It was nothing fancy, a simply thin black staff with a C shape at the end of it.

"….and as our ambition grew greater than his, the old man decided to seal us away until the end of time." She finished. Whether she knew that Skurge wasn't listening he didn't know but he was thankful she didn't call him out on it. He was tempted to ask her who the guy was in the picture but didn't get the chance as she continued on forwards.

"Let's go." She told him. The two walked down a few sets of stairs before Skurge realized where they were.

"Odin's vault" He whispered to himself. He had only ever heard of this place. It was said to contain only the most powerful artifacts. They walked down the path, lined on both sides with relics. Hela stopped at a golden gauntlet.

"Fake." She said as she knocked it over. "most of this stuff is fake anyways."

"Weak" She commented as she looked at the casket of ancient winters.

The crown of surtur she noted was smaller than she expected. The tesseract was in her opinion 'not bad'. Finally she came across the item she was looking for.

"Now this… is truly special. The eternal flame." She said as she dipped her hand in it. She pulled it out and Skurge watched as the flames danced in the palm of her hand. Hela produced a weapon out of her sleeve and proceeded to smash the ground until a portion caved in. Looking down all that could be seen was darkness. The goddess turned around.

"Want to see what real power looks like?" She asked before letting herself fall backwards into the pit. She flipped right side up on the way down and landed gracefully. She looked at the bodies of all her warriors and her trusted dog in sadness.

"With the eternal flame you are reborn." She exclaimed before slamming her hand on the ground. The flames turned green and began consuming everything around her inside the room. The skeletons of the long dead warriors lit up in green flames before giving them life. Fenris' eyes glowed before it too began standing on all fours. Soon her former comrades were all awake and began walking towards her before kneeling.

"I've missed you." She said looking at Fenris. "I've missed you all." She repeated to everyone else. She waved her hand and all the undead warriors began jumping out of the hole.

"We're still missing one." She said quietly to herself as she walked deeper into the room. She walked for a good five minutes down a set of stairs until she found what she was looking for. It was a pitch black room, the only light visible was a small fire in the corner of the room that didn't seem to give off much light. In the center was what looked like a large boulder.

Etched into the stone were hundreds upon hundreds of asgardian runes. "The old fool really outdid himself with this." She said as she ran her hand along the stone. Her prison weakened with his death but not his. It made sense to her though, of the two he was the stronger one. Not that she'd ever admit it to him, she didn't want him to get a big head.

She placed both of her hands on it before pushing her power into it. The runes glowed a bright green before cracks began appearing on it's surface. Soon it was done, the boulder exploded.


Blackness was all he knew. He didn't feel anything around him, see anything, or hear anything. It wasn't that he was deaf, no, there just wasn't anything around to make any noise except for his own breathing. All he had were his thoughts. He didn't know how long it'd been since he'd been trapped here, he'd long since lost track. It felt like forever though. Most of the time he spent going over just how he had ended up here.

It had been so sudden. His life was great; he and Sasuke had defeated Kaguya with a bit of help from the Sage. The two worked out their issues and Sasuke had finally seen the error of his ways as Itachi had wished. Everything was good, but over time he noticed something strange. As he grew, so too did his power. It seemed that Hagoromo had given him more than just a small power boost. Eventually his power became so great he had no equal on his planet. When his time finally came, and he died of old age he found himself in a similar room as the one where he had met his mom.

Only this time he wasn't with his mom. The only other person in that place was a whitish yellow figure with no distinguishable features. When he asked who he was the figure referred to itself as 'the one above all'. He explained how his power had reached heights that should've been unattainable to mere humans. As such he would not be going to the heaven that his world leads to. Instead he would awaken and reside in a place called Asgard.

Before the blond had a chance to protest he was ejected from the space and awoke in a completely different place. Not only that but he looked the way he did when he was 24 and had his old power in tact. After a few years in his new home he joined their army and quickly rose through the ranks. Eventually his power was known throughout the lands and he found himself as Odin's right hand man. His word was only less impactful than Odin's himself and his daughter Hela.

Hela and himself were Odin's main weapons in their conquests. The two of them would lead the charges against enemies, both invading and defending, and together took many lands. The nine realms were won basically because of them two. Their chemistry was good, so well that they were almost inseparable. It came as no surprise to anyone when word got out that the two were together. Over time they grew even closer and eventually with Odin's blessing they wed. They were powerful, they were feared and respected, everything was good.

That was until Odin feared that Hela's ambition for power and dominance was growing out of hand. Odin had a difficult choice to make. He loved his daughter and son-in-law but feared for the future. He knew that wherever Hela went her husband would follow. His fear drove him to seal them away for all of eternity.

The blond never saw it coming as one moment he and Hela had just finished a hard battle and were exhausted. As they were preparing to depart Odin had ambushed them, a beam of light from Odin's staff was the last thing he saw before the familiar blackness took over.

His musings were interrupted as a green light appeared in front of him. His eyes grew wide as he realized what was happening. Suddenly for the first time in years he hears her voice.

"Welcome back darling." He hears. He couldn't see her as the bright green light from the fire as well as not seeing light in years had left him sensitive for the moment. It would take hours or days for a normal person to recuperate from this, for him however, it only took a few minutes.

When his eyesight was back he finally saw her face. Hela was as beautiful as he remembered. He walked forward and wrapped her in a hug. She sighed but returned the embrace nonetheless. Emotions and such were never really her thing but she'd make an exception.

He lets her go and takes a look around at the now broken rock he was in. "So what have I missed? Where's that old man?" He asked referring to Odin.

"The old man is dead." She said happily before taking a look at his tattered clothing. "Before anything else though…" She trailed off. She snapped her fingers in his direction and on him a new set of clothing appeared.

He now had on a pair of black pants along with a form fitting black and green shirt. Over the shirt was a piece of black armor covering the chest and shoulders but leaving the sides open. He had matching arm guards on both arms.

"Matching colors huh?" He grinned at her. She snorted quickly in amusement before walking off.

"Come now I'll fill you in on what's going on." She told him. He followed suit and left the room and jumped out of the hole they were in. Skurge noticed him and realized it was the same guy he'd seen in the mural. He looked innocent enough unlike Hela, but he felt something was off about the man.

"Odin's gotten some new ones since the last time I was here." Naruto commented as he walked alongside Hela.

"Yes. Too bad most of the things in here are either fake or weak." She says before turning to skurge to tell him something. The two noticed that their blond companion was no longer walking alongside them. Turing around they found him looking at a glowing blue cube.

"That's the only decent thing in this place." She commented to him. He didn't answer, instead his gaze was kept on the cube. He was looking at with concentration she hadn't seen from him before.

"What is it darling?" She asked. Again he didn't reply, instead he picked the cube up and began to close his hand around it then began adding pressure. In a matter of seconds the cube let off a small pulse of power before it was crushed.

When he opened his hand again they noticed a small blue stone inside the small pile of glass that was the cube. Naruto dropped the glass leaving only the stone in his hand. "So this is an infinity stone." The blond said to himself.

"Odin told me about these stones once. There's six of them, each giving the user great power depending on what stone he or she has in their possession. This will be useful." He commented. He took off his arm guard and pulled his sleeve back. On his forearm was a simple storage seal from when he was alive. He placed the stone close to it and the others watched as the stone disappeared. The seal glowed briefly before it died down.

"Well now that that's done." Naruto began as he went and wrapped an arm around his wife. "Lead the way." He finished. She shook her head in amusement but continued nonetheless. Skurge meanwhile watched in confusion the whole time. He was about to speak when his new queen turned her attention to him.

"Find the sword. I don't care if you need to turn Asgard upside down. I want it found. Understood?" She asked. Skurge gulped but nodded.

"Good. We'll be back in a few hours. Now go." The man left the vault on a mission, for he knew if he failed he was as good as dead.

"So where are we going?" Naruto asked.

Hela let a smirk grace her face. "To our chambers of course. It's been over 1500 years you know. I'm getting impatient lets go." She told him. Naruto's eyes widened in excitement as he knew he was in for a good time and hurried after her.

After a few hours of fun and a brief explanation later the two now refreshed entities were standing before the inhabitants of Asgard. Hela looks out at the people before speaking up.

"Everyone here has decided against our rule." She says referring to herself and Naruto. "One of you knows who stole the sword to activate the Bifrost, or one of you yourselves has stolen it. So we're going to give you a little incentive to hand it over. You there." She points at a woman in the crowd.

"Bring her forth." On command her warriors retrieved the woman. She was crying, pleading to be let go but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

"Hmm. A public execution. Haven't seen one of those in a long time." Naruto commented as he watched Hela present Skurge with an axe.

Just as the man was about to bring the axe down, a man in the crowd admitted that he knew where the sword was. "Take us." She ordered.

They were taken to a mountain side where two giant doors were closed. The goddess began creating blades but a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"Please allow me. I haven't been able to really stretch my legs since I've been free." he told her.

She took a step back and gave him some space. "Very well." Smiling at her he raised his hand in direction of the door and used his magnet release to forcefully pull the door off the mountain. It remained floating in mid air until he dropped it down using it as a bridge for them to get across.

"After you my queen." He told her as he extended his hand. With that being said the army headed in. She walked in with her army following suit only to find out that the chamber was now empty. The undead warriors began storming the room looking for any hidden citizens only to come up with nothing.

Hela narrowed her eyes in anger and was about to speak before she was cut off by a banging sound. Then another.

"That's coming from the throne room" Naruto commented as he looked in that direction.

"Thor is here. I'll be sure to kill him this time." Hela said.

"Who's Thor?" Naruto asked.

"My brother. The 'God of Thunder'" She told him using air quotes when saying his title.

"Your brother? Hmm. Perhaps I should meet him." He said rubbing his chin. "But before that, do you mind making me another staff? I could make one myself but it won't work for what I have in mind." He asked her.

Hela brought her arm up in his direction. On command a pole began extending out of her sleeve until finally the whole thing was revealed. Skurge noticed it was the exact same one he had in the picture on the mural.

The blond held it up for a second making sure everything was right before nodding in satisfaction. He rolled up his sleeve and smacked his forearm allowing a poof of smoke to appear. Once cleared it was revealed to be the space stone he had taken from the cube. Holding it in his right hand he slammed it into his staff just under where the 'C' shape at the top began.

The stone let off a pulse of power as it sat in the staff before calming down. "Now lets see if this works." He said as he applied a little chakra to the staff. It worked as the stone began to glow and a dark blue portal appeared in front of him.

"Alright now we can go." He said as he held his hand out to his wife. She takes his hand and walks forward but not before stopping to speak to her executioner.

"Deal with the people." She ordered as they left through the portal.

The two deities reappeared in front of a shocked Thor who wasn't expecting this at all. Before the god of thunder could speak Naruto stepped forward.

"You must be Thor, nice to meet you." He said calmly. Thor frowned, not understanding who this strange man was.

"Who the hell are you?" He questioned? He'd never seen this man before.

"Oh right, my bad I haven't introduced myself yet. Naruto Uzumaki I'm your brother-in-law."

Thor was baffled. If the situation wasn't so dire he'd believe this to be one of Loki's tricks "Brother-in-law?" He repeated to make sure he hadn't misheard.

A nod was his answer. "Mhm. I married your sister a long time ago. Isn't she the greatest?" He asked turning his head to glance at her. Now Thor knew something was very wrong. His sister, the greatest? Most definitely not.

The demigod turned to his sister. "He's joking right?"

She let out a chuckle "No he's not joking. I actually did marry this simpleton a long time ago." She replied while running a finger under the blonds chin. "But lets not discuss that now. You're in my seat." She said as she ran her hands through her hair, allowing her antler like head piece to appear.

"Believe me I'd love for someone to rule Asgard but it can't be you because…you're the worst" Thor replied.

Hela turned to the blond. "Don't interfere." Was all she said before the two siblings began their duel. The blond frowned but complied nonetheless. As the two were duking it out he could sense multiple battles happening near the Bifrost.

"I'm going to go enjoy myself." He said to his wife before he used the stone to teleport himself out of the room. Those opposing Hela didn't know it yet, but they were in for a bad time.

So I'll go ahead and stop it there. So what did you think? Good? Bad? As it stands Naruto has his hands on the Space stone, and since I plan to take this into infinity war that means a certain mad titan will have to get it some other way. Anyways tell me what you guys think. If you have any suggestions or comments leave them in a review or PM me. Later.