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"All I'm saying is that maybe they're not that bad." Peter reasoned. Over the past couple of minutes, Banner had watched as Tony and Peter bantered back and forth about their new 'allies'. Tony wouldn't consider them real allies just yet as in his opinion, anyone who would willingly work with Loki couldn't be that much better.

Their eyes traveled across the room as a dark blue portal appeared and the two deities in question stepped out. The blonds hand holding the staff extended and accidentally hit an expensive looking decoration piece Tony had set on a small table. Everyone's eyes followed the piece as it fell off the table and shattered with ease.


Pieces slid on the floor in every direction and Tony turned to Peter giving him a look.

"It was an accident, it could've happened to anyone." Peter defended, though he wished they hadn't done that as he was trying to make a case for them.

Ignoring the teenager for the time being, the man spoke. "Well? How'd it go?"

Naruto smiled proudly and nodded. "Everything went well. We told him what was going down and he seemed pretty concerned."

"As he should be." Banner commented.

"He's going to be making some calls but it's safe to assume we got his support." He finished.

"So what do we do now?" Banner asked. "It's gonna take some time for Dr Xavier to gather people and we still don't know what to do about the mind stone. We can't just rip it out of Vision, that's what keeps him alive."

Tony nodded and rubbed his chin in thought. "That's true. Speaking of time, that stone is out there somewhere too and we have no leads to follow. As far as I can remember we haven't come across any threat that was using it."

"You don't think Thanos knows where it is, do you?" Bruce asked in mild concern. The thought of the purple giant getting his hand on another stone filled him with dread. He'd already seen what the blond could do with two, and even though he was on their side, it put him on edge. If Thanos got the rest it would be catastrophic.

Fortunately for him, his worries were put to rest by Naruto who was shaking his head. "Doubt it. He had the power stone when we fought. If he knew where the time stone was I think he would have had it already."

"What about the other stone? You said there was also the soul stone right?" Peter asked.

"There's a chance he knows where that one is, or at least has an idea." Hela pitched in. "He wouldn't have made the decision to retreat if he wasn't certain he could get more fire power."

Naruto stared at the staff in his hand and felt the power flowing through it. All this talk of the stones had brought up a concern in his mind. Hela's weapons were powerful, she was the goddess of death after all, but even now he could tell the staff was barely able to use the might of two stones.

Trying to add a third would certainly cause it to shatter. He would need to head to Nidavellir some time soon to get a real staff constructed. A distant memory from the fourth great ninja war made its way to his mind, specifically, one of their adversaries at the time. He nodded mentally, he knew just how the new staff would look.

Noticing that everyone was looking at him, he nodded and hoped they had asked a yes or no question.

If the rolling of her eyes was any indication, he would take a guess that it wasn't.

"They're wondering what you think about whether or not Thanos has more stones by now and if you can handle it."

"Chances are he'll at least have the soul stone the next time we meet. I'm certain that even with two stones I should be able to overpower him. I can feel my strength slowly returning to me so the longer we can avoid the confrontation, the stronger I'll be. Anyway…" He said, trying to get back to the other stone.

"The issue with Vision is simply taking the stone out. Using the reality stone I can create another source of power to keep him alive. It'll be up to you guys to equip him with it however." Naruto finished.

Peter frowned in confusion and took a look around the room. Two of the smartest men in the world were right next to each other but no one had suggested the obvious solution. "Uh excuse me"

Everyone looked at the young man who slightly shrunk under their gaze.

"Why not just give vision a body?" He said.

The room went silent and those around began looking back at each other.

"What do you mean by that?" Naruto asked

"Well, the reality stone can literally warp reality right?" Naruto nodded. "Then why don't you just reality warp Vision a new body? It should be easy enough for you right? In theory that's all it should take."

The blond scratched the side of his head and thought about it. As of now all he'd been doing was using a little bit of energy to cause the stone to work. If anything it acted as an overpowered genjutsu but if he actually forced more power…

He tapped the staff on the ground, letting the stone glow a deep red. In his hand a small red can materialized, complete with liquid inside. The stone was still glowing so the can was still with him. Imposing his will, he cut power to the stone and smiled widely at the sight of the can still in place.

Hela raised an impressed eyebrow at the display and felt immense pride in her dearest. Part of her wondered if she would have the power to control a stone to that degree. Use one, of course, but more than one with that kind of control? That was iffy.

She turned her attention to the young man who had made the suggestion and put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed lightly to show her approval of his idea. Her lips quivered upward in a mischievous smile at the feeling of him tensing upon contact.

"Please don't kill me" She heard him whisper repeatedly.

Naruto tried not to show how amusing he found the boy and decided to save him from the position he found himself in.

"I hadn't thought of that actually. Next time I see him I can just change his body's composition to make it organic."

"And the stone?" Tony asked. He was slightly concerned at the power the stones had, to be able to just turn something inorganic into a living being with a thought… It just wasn't natural.

He eyed the blond as well, he didn't know him but Thor trusted him and he trusted Thor. Loki, not so much but even if the God of Mischief decided to go rogue, with the power at their disposal, handling him would be easier this time around. Thinking of the God reminded him of their last encounter and he grinned.

The image of the Hulk grabbing the man by the leg and smashing him into the ground repeatedly always put him in a good mood.

Even though they had seemingly solved one problem, Banner still had an apprehensive look on his face. A look which Tony recognized and asked what was wrong.

"Well I still see one pretty big problem." Banner started. "If his body is just changed to be organic, he would be a grown man but is really only two years old. Vision has no birth certificate or records of any kind. Not only that but he's a machine, he won't be used to the bodily functions a human has like needing to eat or breathe."

All eyes turned back to Naruto.

He glanced at everyone and shrugged. "Yeah that's going to be on him. All I can do is provide the means to keep him alive and then take care of the stone."

"We can deal with that after saving the world from destruction. Sound good?" He asked rhetorically. "Great. Now if we can…"

The Avenger cut his sentence off abruptly as the phone in his pocket began to ring out. "Huh. That was fast. It's Dr Xavier. One second." He said, raising a finger and putting the phone to his ear.

Everyone perked up. It seemed the man had more pull than they believed if he was able to round everyone up that quickly. Tony nodded a few times, throwing in a few 'yes's', 'sure', and 'uh-huh' every now and then until he pulled the phone away from himself and tried handing it to the blond.

Naruto frowned. "What?"

"It's for you. A young lady named Ana Marie from the Xavier institute wants to talk to you. Popular weren't you?" Tony asked with a smirk, seeing the Goddess of Death beginning to look upset. Only he would find it appropriate to make that comment knowing a man's wife was getting upset.

Hela turned to Naruto and shot him a sharp look and placed a hand on her hip. She remembered perfectly who Ana Marie was and narrowed her eyes. The way the child caressed her husband's hand when they shook hands rubbed her the wrong way. She had been seconds away from removing her head cleanly off her shoulders.

Naruto looked at the outstretched hand but made no moves to take the phone.

"Answer it." Hela ordered.

"I'm good actually." He told her trying to decline.

Unfortunately, his wife wasn't trying to hear that and with a soft shove, she moved him closer to the phone. "Answer the phone and see what the child wants."

The blond looked around the room hoping one of them would come to his aid only to be disappointed. It seemed everyone had decided the ground or the walls were more interesting at the moment.

"I really don't think it's necessary." He tried one more time. "We have things to take care of."

Hela gave him one last look. A look that he hadn't seen since the early days in their relationship when she thought he had been flirting with some girl in their army. That had been a rough day but once he proved it wasn't as she thought, she made it up to him in a very pleasant way later that night.

He sighed and took the phone, placing it up to his ear. Hela was quick to place her head on the other side of the device in an attempt to listen in on the conversation.


"Hello." Ana replied in a nervous and unsure voice "I wanted to talk to you when you were here but you were in a rush. I was wondering when you would be back…" Naruto heard whispers in the background, probably the students that were there earlier. "When you two would be back" She corrected. "I'd like to ask you a few questions"

"Well, we were only there to discuss some important information with Dr Xavier so I'm not sure when or if we'll be back. If we do return, I'll be sure to let you know." He answered before handing back the phone to Tony.

He wrapped his arm around his wife's waist. Her eyes were still narrowed but now her arms were crossed.

"She's unable to touch anyone because of her powers. I'm sure she was just shocked to see that she could actually make contact with someone and got excited." He tried reasoning. He loved his wife, he really did but he would be lying if he didn't think her jealousy went out of control sometimes.

She would swear up and down that she wasn't a jealous woman, claiming that no other woman could compare to her in either beauty, power, or skill both in and out of the bedroom. That all went out the window whenever someone decided to get bold and get too close to what she considered 'hers'.

"You have nothing to worry about alright?"

Hela rolled her eyes again but leaned her head into his shoulder. Perhaps she had let herself lose it for a moment.

The blond sighed in relief. Looking back at the Avengers, he was about to speak but like Tony, he stopped himself before the first word could even make it out of his mouth. He quickly turned so that he was looking out the window into the distance.

"What's wrong?" Peter asked, trying to see if anything would set his spider sense off.

"A stone is nearby." Naruto replied. "It's staying in place, activating and deactivating. Whoever has it is either practicing with it, or they're trying to get attention."

Tapping the staff on the ground, the dark blue and black portal opened behind him.

"I'll be back in a moment, if all goes well we'll have another stone." He said. Hela took his arm and followed him into the portal. Once closed, the remaining men glanced at each other.

"You don't think it's a trap do you?" Peter asked.

Tony shook his head. "Can't say for sure. If they know someone has two stones they wouldn't want to draw attention to themselves. We'll just have to let him handle it and hope for the best."


The married couple appeared a few miles out in the middle of the large city, ignoring the looks from the civilians going about their day. Naruto walked in the direction he felt the stone until suddenly, the feeling stopped.

"This is it. 177A Bleeker St." Naruto read. Walking up the steps, he raised a hand to knock on the door. The moment his knuckles made contact with the blue door, the environment changed. The street they were on had been changed into a dark room with multiple glass display cases and a large circular symbol on the side of the building. A bit of light shone through the slightly tinted glass.

"Well this is new." Hela commented, not at all impressed by the display. Her finger ran across one of the display cases and she wrinkled her nose at the dust that had stuck itself to her. "This place is filthy. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a dirty home."

"That sounds like something an upset mother would say." Naruto snorted.

"Really?" She asked in a sardonic tone. "Perhaps after all this is over you can make good on that promise you made to me before we were sealed away. We can see if I really do say that."

"Naruto and Hela." They heard from above them. Neither bothered to get into any sort of fighting positions even as the singular man floated down until he was standing right in front of them. "Odin's two most valuable."

They stared at the man before them, each taking in his features and measuring him up. The man seemed to be somewhere in his thirties with a small goatee and wore a blue outfit that seemed almost black in this lighting, along with the red cape, and finally a gold necklace around his neck. Naruto also took note of the cape the man wore and how it seemed to flow even though there's no wind blowing at the moment.

"Maybe I should get one of those." He whispered to his wife.

"You will not."

Their eyes moved to the necklace and Naruto instantly knew that's where the stone was being kept.

"You can put the staff down if you like." The man said, motioning to the small holder that had suddenly appeared next to him.

The blond shook his head. He'd made sure to grip the staff at the part where the infinity stones were being kept and since he wasn't on guard yet, Naruto knew the man couldn't sense them like he could.

"I'll pass. You have us at a disadvantage Mr…." Naruto trailed off.

"My name is Dr Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme." He introduced himself.

Naruto nodded politely, his head turning slowly as Strange walked by them to lean against one of the walls.

"A pleasure. Can I presume you called us here on purpose?" Naruto asked.

Dr Strange confirmed his suspicion with a slight incline of his head. "That's correct." Suddenly, the room changed once more and they were now seated on some admittedly comfortable loveseats. Naruto and Hela sat next to each other while the sorcerer sat across from them with a pensive look on his face.

"As comfortable as we are…" Naruto began. "Would you like to enlighten us as to why we're here?"

Dr Strange leaned forward in his seat. "One of my responsibilities as Sorcerer Supreme is to keep track of beings that could potentially be a threat to the Earth." His eyes slowly drifted to the sole woman in the room. "I had this same conversation with your brother Thor not too long ago, although in his case it was for bringing Loki."

Hela laughed. "I can see why you would want to keep track of him."

"The reason you two are here is because like Loki, you're some of those beings." He revealed.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. He hadn't seen that coming. "So you want to know why we're here?"

"To my knowledge the two of you were a well guarded Asgardian secret. Sealed away for whatever reason Odin saw fit." He concluded. "So why are you on Earth?"

Hela smirked. "Well it didn't work out for the old man did it? A pity he was dead by the time we returned."

Naruto ignored his wife for the moment and leaned back. "I'm glad you asked. Tell me, on that list of yours, is there a person named Thanos?"

"The name isn't familiar to me." The man responded evenly.

Figures, he thought. Naruto was glad the man allowed him to speak without interrupting as he gave him the same information he gave Xavier. The man listened to every word and looked more serious the longer the blond spoke. It was clear to see that Thanos was the true threat to the world at the moment.

"So he plans to wipe half of the universe." Dr Strange said with a tone of disbelief. He'd heard some things in his time but this was a whole new level of crazy.

"That's right. So we're going to put a stop to it. To do that…" Naruto pointed the end of the staff at the man's necklace. "We need the stone you're wearing around your neck."

Strange smiled but it held no warmth. "I'm afraid that won't be happening. If Thanos really is coming, the stone will need to be protected and I can't just hand it over to an Asgardian I've never met."

For the first time since arriving, Naruto moved his hand lower on the staff to show the two stones glowing brightly.

"Well I'm not really Asgardian for one. Second, as you can see, I already have two of the stones in my possession. The Avengers are already working with us as is Charles Xavier. So again, I'll ask politely. Please hand over the stone." His voice, while still calm, held some force behind it.

A yellow portal passed through the room and like before, they were in a completely new area.

"Here again?" Hela asked, seeing the large green field they now stood in. "This is where Odin died."

"If you want the stone you're going to have to take it by force. I'm not handing it over." Naruto sighed, he really hoped the man could've just listened to him talk and see things his way like when he was younger. Times really had changed.

Looking over at his wife, he spoke the same words she told him when they'd been recently freed. "Don't interfere."

Dr Strange began to float in the air, and golden rings spinning clockwise began to appear along his sleeves.

Doing as she was told, Hela created plenty of space between herself and the two men. Strange was high above them looking down with the most utter seriousness on his face. On the other hand Naruto looked as calm as could be, not at all worried about the man he was facing.

Golden spectral whips formed in the sorcerer's hands and swiftly made their way towards the blond in zig zag patterns. As they approached, Naruto whistled as he was able to feel how much energy was coursing through them. Tilting his head to the right, the first whip passed by him harmlessly while the second one was aimed at his chest.

Using the staff he easily deflected the trajectory of the attack allowing it to crash into the ground.

Glancing up once again, he frowned at the lack of an opponent and began surveying the area. He couldn't have just disappeared. A gold eyebrow was raised at the sight of the sky beginning to break apart in the shape of triangles, light bounced off of them as if it were glass.

"That's new." He commented. The large sheet of glass began to descend on him but he made no effort to move, though he was prepared to use one of the stones if necessary. The glass passed over him harmlessly but suddenly, he found himself upside down 'falling' towards the sky.

"We're in the mirror dimension now." He heard from all around him. "Here, I'm in control."

Naruto finally found Dr Strange, he was hovering in front of him moving his hands in an intricate way with his magic. Magical circles began to appear all around him, each with illegible text scribed on them. The blond's eyes widened when each portal created ten of those whips and latched onto him, slowly applying more and more pressure onto him.

Dr Strange watched as the whips quickly enveloped every inch of him until a golden mummy-like object flowed in the sky. The man frowned, at the simplicity of the battle, something wasn't right. His assumption was correct.

When the whips began covering his face, Strange never noticed the smirk that had donned the blond's face.

"I'm getting claustrophobic just thinking about being caught in that." Strange heard from beside him.

Turning slowly, the man came face to face with the same blond who should've been up above getting squeezed until he was out cold. "What?"

Making a single hand sign, the Naruto trapped inside the makeshift cocoon exploded. The staff was then pointed at the man who was quick to conjure a large circular shield in front of him to protect him from the red blast that was aimed at him. It was a relatively low level blast, meant only to test the defensive capabilities of his magic.

'Strange has good reflexes. He blocked the attack when I was only a foot away and was already conjuring up another attack with his free hand.' Naruto thought, mildly impressed. He was no Sasuke in terms of speed but still rather impressive.

The world shifted once more and again, the blond allowed himself to fall if only to see what the sorcerer would do next. He was definitely interested in this magic he wielded, and wanted to see much more.

Giant spectral arms appeared out of thin air, all reaching for and trying to punch at the blond. Unlike before, he didn't have a clone on standby to switch places with so he would need to actively maneuver to avoid being grabbed.

'As long as we're in this dimension, Strange can do damn near anything he wants. I'll need to get out before I can start fighting back.' He thought. In the distance he could see the border of the mirror dimension slowly turning in place.

Locking onto Strange, he disappeared and reappeared in front of the now shocked sorcerer. Another shield was conjured to stop the punch that had been sent his way. Naruto's fist collided with the barrier, created several cracks in it. He aimed the staff at the barrier and the reality stone began to glow brightly.

'Sorcerer or not, you're still human. Once the shield breaks you'll move aside.' Naruto thought. The cracks became more profound until finally, as he predicted, the shield could bear no more. Millions of smaller cracks appeared on the shield until it finally burst under the immense pressure. As predicted, Strange moved his body aside to not get hit by the concentrated power of the stone.

Naruto smiled, everything went just as planned. The attack wasn't canceled and it soon found the border of the dimension, easily destroying it in the process.

The world was right side up once again. Dr Strange was down on a knee panting slightly but righted himself a moment later. Naruto was impressed, taking the full brunt of an infinity stone and managing to hold it back even for a split second was something to be praised, but it definitely took a lot out of the man.

"That mirror dimension and the attack from the stone took a lot out of you." Naruto commented. "You sure you don't want to just reconsider?"

The answer was Strange getting himself into a fighting position once again. Sighing again, Naruto realized the only way he would listen would be if he had no choice. Just like Madara had only listened to Hashirama after he'd been screwed over by Zetsu and Kaguya, it seemed Dr Strange would need to be out of commission.

Bending his knees, he jumped high into the sky until he was a mere dot and then disappeared. Strange looked over at Hela who was filing her nails. She felt his gaze and shrugged uncaringly. "Don't look at me. I'm not sure what he's doing either."

The cloudy sky began to darken even though it was supposed to be light out. The clouds turned a deep dark gray and lightning flashed through the empty skies. Wind picked up rapidly and then a loud piercing roar echoed across the land. The clouds began to move into a swirl-like pattern, gaining speed as they did so.

A single drop of rain fell, then another and another, until a light drizzle fell upon the battlefield. Strange kept his gaze up at the sky, he knew Naruto was up there somewhere.

Another roar echoed, this one louder than before. The force of the roar was so great, the clouds cleared, revealing a large lightning dragon that was circling the skies. Strange didn't fear it, he'd seen worse with Dormamu, but he couldn't simply write it off either. The beast easily covered the battlefield and then some.

His eye spotted Naruto, carelessly riding along the body of the dragon, staring right back at him. The dragon followed his line of sight until it too was staring at him and began to descend with its mouth wide open.

Strange's hands moved rapidly, focusing on creating the strongest shield he could muster. His plan was derailed however, as the dragon exploded into a shower of miniature dragons, each coming down faster than he could react.

A smaller shield enveloped him, managing to stop the lightning strikes that were hitting. With the disbursement of the dragon, Naruto could no longer be seen, the flashes of light didn't help much either. Using a simple spell to locate someone, he saw the blond with his hands in his pockets, falling alongside one of the dragons.

Naruto raised the staff high into the air and enacted the second part of the plan. The dragons and lightning were to keep him busy, to hide the main attack. A red veil flashed across the area and Strange felt his stomach drop and dread filled his body.

Behind the blond was a giant meteor, perhaps just a bit smaller than the moon making its way towards them.

"He's going to kill everyone." Strange muttered, trying desperately to think of a spell that could stop this.

"No." Naruto spoke from beside him. "Hela and I will easily survive and I'm sure the stone will too. I'll retrieve it afterwards." He said smoothly.

Strange's shoulders dropped as the realization that death was imminent. Naruto looked at him, then Hela, and finally at the meteor. Just as it would have collided with the earth, it disappeared as if it were never present.

"What?" Strange muttered.

Naruto walked around him until he was kneeling in front of him and rested the staff against his shoulders. "I didn't come here to kill you, Strange. I've never been one to kill people just because. I just needed you to see that fighting me would be pointless. If I really wanted the stone I could have had it within the second the fighting started."

"All this…to prove a point." Strange muttered in disbelief.

Naruto laughed. "Yup. So, care to hand the time stone over?"

Strange stared at him and crossed his arms in a strange way in front of his chest. The golden amulet hanging from his neck shifted until the green light from the time stone made itself seen. The Sorcerer Supreme sat down with his legs crossed and brought his hands up.

"What is he doing?" Hela asked, now standing beside him. Strange was floating a few feet off the ground, his body moving in erratic patterns with blurs coming off of him every so often.

"I'm not sure."

The man stayed in that position for five minutes until he fell down, taking deep breaths with wide eyes.

"You alright?" Naruto asked.

Strange coughed but nodded nonetheless.

"What was that?"

"I was looking into the future. Seeing how safe the stone would be with me and my people."

"And?" Hela asked, curious about this ability to see into the future.

"Thanos takes it from me every time if I keep it." He replied grimly. "I have to know, what do you plan to do with the stones?"

"Keep them out of Thanos's hands. He plans to erase half of every living thing in the universe. I plan to help those struggling. I'll make sure there's just enough so people everywhere have access to what's necessary for life. Evolution of their species will be up to them after that. You can think of me as something of an overseer."

Dr Strange stared at the blond in front of him and grabbed the amulet. Pulling it off of his neck, he begrudgingly handed it over.

Naruto took it from the man, and put it around his neck. Grabbing the amulet itself, he forced it to activate and smiled when the mechanism opened. He wouldn't take it out just yet, he still needed the new staff.

Standing up, he nodded to his wife. "We got what we needed, now we just need Vision and we'll have four."

Turning to Strange, he continued. "There's no doubt Thanos will be here soon. You know what's coming, if you want to help, gather everyone you can and prepare for an invasion soon."

Despite having lost, Strange nodded. He was mature enough to realize this was bigger than himself and the stone now. While he may not like having to hand over the time stone, he would cooperate for the cause.

"Let's go." The married couple stepped through the portal and disappeared from the area, leaving Dr Strange to mull over the events of the day and those to come.


The three Avengers turned to see the portal opening once more and wondered how things had gone. It hadn't been too long since they left and they could use some good news. Everyone noticed the new addition to Naruto's outfit in the form of the amulet around his neck.

"It went well then?" Peter asked.

Naruto nodded. "The time stone is ours and we have the help of the Sorcerer Supreme."

"Great. So what now?" Bruce asked.

The blond shrugged. "We wait until we can talk to Vision. Not sure how long that'll take but I think we should call it a day." Naruto said, looking out to the darkening skies. "Is there somewhere on Asgard for us to rest? Surtur caused a lot of damage."

Hela was going to tell him that he was the one that used their buildings as nails but decided against it. "I'm sure there is."

The two disappeared without another word, leaving the Avengers to their own devices.

"See. I told you they weren't that bad." Peter said in a proud tone.


"The queen is back." Hela announced cheerfully upon seeing her siblings. Thor rolled his eyes and Loki sighed.

"I can see that. What's that?" Thor asked, pointing to the amulet.

Naruto let it glow momentarily. "This is the time stone." Naruto informed them. "We're up to three now."

"Excellent. Now there are a few things we need to discuss." Thor began only to be cut off by Hela's raised hand.

"Whatever it is, it can wait until tomorrow. Naruto and I will be heading to our quarters to rest." She informed them. Both men made a face at her comment causing her to roll her eyes again.

"Grow up, I didn't mean…nevermind. Come now Naruto."

Naruto tapped both men on the shoulders and followed his wife as she led them away. As they walked, Hela stopped to think about what her brothers had thought. They'd done it once but they were in a rush to get things done. Now they had a bit more time on their hands. Glancing over her shoulder, she grinned seeing her husband's eyes on her rear.

"On second thought…maybe rest can wait until later." Hela spoke in a suggestive tone.

The blond matched her grin, realizing what she was getting at. He was never one to turn down such an invitation. "I actually have an idea." He said, taking her hand and activating the reality stone.

Just like when they acquired it, the two found themselves in the same place he'd taken them to. Hand in hand, they walked down the straight path towards the largest building.

"What are we doing back at your home?" Hela asked. Now that she had a bit more time she took in her surroundings to try to really take in where her beloved grew up. It seemed like a rather poor village compared to the gold lined Asgard but there was something homey about it.

"I want to fulfill a dream I had when I was younger." He replied cryptically.

Hela raised an eyebrow. "Didn't you become the leader of this place? Wasn't that your dream?"

He nodded. "Yeah that was the main dream. This one was more of a checklist type dream."

The woman didn't understand what was going on. She thought she had made her intentions to make love clear but he'd brought her here instead? Maybe she should have been more direct, she thought.

They made their way up the large stair set, completely invisible to the people walking by. She supposed with the power of the reality stone it wouldn't be hard to do.

Naruto opened the door to the office and stepped inside with a nostalgic look on his face. "I never thought I would be back here. Anyway…" He said.

Hela didn't get a chance to ask what, he grabbed her by the waist and with little effort placed her atop the desk right in front of the Hokage chair. It finally dawned on the woman what they were doing here.

"You brought me here…to have sex in your old office?" She asked.

Naruto nodded. "One of my private dreams was to bring my wife here and have sex with her after achieving my goal. Unfortunately I didn't get that chance then, but I do now."

Hela laughed. "Well then, you have your wife here. What will you do now?" Calling upon the power of the reality stone once more, the two were left as naked as the day they were born. His eyes were drawn to her bare breasts and despite having seen them for centuries they still excited him like the first time.

She had told him once that if her breasts really excited him that much then he must have been an infant, to which he responded by saying she could call him an infant.

His wife pulled him into her arms and brought her lips up to his, slowly letting their lips smack together. They'd been apart for so long that the simple feeling of desire she felt coming from her husband sent a chill down her spine.

Likewise, Naruto loved the feeling of the Goddesses soft lips on his, the subtle taste she left drove him crazy. The intensity of their kiss reminded him of their wedding night. He had gotten no sleep.

Their lips separated momentarily to catch their breaths but the small pecks continued. Letting his hands dip down to the small of her back, he pulled her closer so that she was just barely sitting on the edge of the table. He was able to see her rose beginning to drip and knew she wouldn't be wanting any foreplay. He was ok with that, he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

They could have all the foreplay they wanted in the future. Rubbing two fingers along her slit, he looked her in the eyes and smirked at the lustful look she was sending him. Her hands were gripping his shoulders and he felt her nails begin to dig into him, a warning that she was getting frustrated.

Chuckling to himself, he used her nectar as lube for the moment and with practiced ease pushed himself into his wife. If there was something he was thankful for about being sealed, it was for this moment right here. Hela was tighter now than she was on their wedding night.

Her womanhood began to stretch to accommodate him causing the woman to moan softly into his ear. Pulling slightly out of her, he enjoyed the wet sound that was created by the action and pushed back in with force.

Hela's long legs quickly wrapped around his waist, preventing him from pulling out as much as he'd like. Long strokes were replaced with short but powerful ones. Her nails moved from his shoulders to his back and the raking motion she made caused him to wince slightly but he didn't slow down. Hela's legs began to tighten up around his body at the same time, the tell-tale sign that her orgasm was approaching. They had only been doing it for about half an hour but with how long it had been, it was to be expected. The grip he felt on his tool was almost painful but he was committed to making sure she saw stars.

He laid the woman back and had her grip the sides of the desk, so that he could continue with a bit more leverage. The fire within her burned hotter with every stroke and never being one to hide her pleasure, Hela moaned loudly at the feeling of her orgasm finally hitting. Her body convulsed but once again, Naruto didn't cease.

Keeping the same pace, he reached down and pinched her clit to add to her sensation. The pleasure continued to build up within her. Her hands, which had been gripping the sides of the table, clenched with enough force to destroy the wood.

Her cum drenched the area where she laid much to Naruto's pleasure. Finally slowing down, he leaned forward to kiss the woman again and was glad when she reciprocated his action.

"You might want to take a deep breath." He warned. Hela looked at him with a half out of it look and wondered what he was talking about.

Gripping her by the waist, his intensity sped up, every thrust from then on went deeper than she could remember. Hela could feel a dull soreness in between her legs and as a warrior who would need to battle in the not so distant future, that could potentially slow her down. As a woman and wife however, she wanted nothing more than for her husband to continue what he was doing and make her feel like this forever.

Like the goddess she was, Hela endured the pleasurable pounding for another hour, experiencing three more mind blowing orgasms. The throbbing she felt from her husband's cock inside of her warned her that he was on the verge as well. Wanting to make sure he was as satisfied as she was, Hela sat up and hugged him warmly while he did his thing.

Whispering a mix of loving and dirty words in his ear still got him going like it used to and finally, he let himself go. If anyone from the old days of Asgard were to see her now, they wouldn't be able to comprehend the kind of face she was making. Naruto's love filled her well and the feeling of rope after rope of his cum was the last thing she needed to trigger another orgasm.

Naruto's arms moved to her back and gently laid her down so that she could enjoy the feeling as much as possible. Looking down at their connected bodies, the gold glint of the amulet around his neck caught his attention. Looking at it and then his wife, a smile not seen since his prankster days as a child crept up on his face.

Extending his hand, green runes like the ones Dr Strange used appeared across the length of his arms.

"What are you doing darling?" Hela asked, slightly out of breath.

Naruto didn't answer. His hand came down rubbing just above her womanhood and turned to the left. A green glow surrounded Hela and soon her back arched again as her orgasm was rewinded and let to play again. She was already satisfied but he would make sure she couldn't think straight.

She had gotten him out of his prison and for that, she deserved to feel something no other woman would ever get to experience. A small green rune appeared on her stomach and automatically rewinded time around her after she came, letting her experience it again and again.

"Naruto…I'm fuck.." She cried in pleasure. "This is.."

The feeling of her clamping up on him over and over again was indescribable but he was sure it was nothing compared to what she was experiencing. Smiling at his actions, he looked up and noticed the portraits of the previous Hokage staring back at him, it was a little off putting.

'You're either really proud of me dad, or you're turning in your grave for what I've just done.' Naruto thought with amusement. Eventually, he cut power to the stone and let Hela rest. Sweat covered both of them but she looked worse for wear. The mascara on her face ran down her face and her hair clung to her wet skin.

The shaking of her body was much more pronounced but the smile on her face remained. "That…that was…" She couldn't finish her sentence.

"I know…" Naruto teased. He picked her up in a bridal carry and adjusted his head so that she could wrap her arms around him. Her hold was tight and he had a feeling she wouldn't be letting go of him tonight. Using the reality stone, he took them back where they originally were, and then the space stone to teleport them to their chambers.

As he was placing her on their luxurious looking bed, a chuckle from her caught his attention.

"What is it?" He asked curiously.

"I know this isn't what my father imagined you would be using the most powerful objects in the universe for when he told you."

Naruto smiled. That was true but then again, he didn't imagine Odin would seal them up either. In his mind he couldn't complain even if he were still alive. The man sealed them away, so he used the stones to turn his daughter into a quivering mess. That wasn't bad if you asked him.

"Let's just get some rest dear." Naruto whispered to her, planting a kiss on her forehead. "It might be one of the last peaceful sleep we get until after everything is over."

Hela nodded and turned around to hold him before letting sleep claim her. Following suit, Naruto threw their blankets over them and joined her.


"Well, what did they say?" Thor asked impatiently.

Loki shook his head. "I told you we should've waited before trying to talk to them." He said bitterly.

"Why? Was Hela in a bad mood?"

"I wish." He replied dryly. "It seems our dear sister and brother in law decided to have a little fun in the hall. Now I have the image of his backside and our sister's dopey look burned into my mind." He replied with disgust as he made his way out of the large room.

Thor grimmaced. "Well, better him than me I suppose. We can always use the time stone tomorrow."