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With that said, please enjoy.

If I'm being perfectly honest, this is one of the fantasies that I wished to happen. Yes, it is shameless but you best not to deny it cause I am sure you do have it once in a while.

What fantasy am I talking about?

I'm sure describing it is better than outright say it. Show what I see than to talk about what I see is my approach. (Though this is a written form story so does it still consider say?)

The very thing I am seeing it now is a purple screen with large letters saying [Hyperdimension Neptunia] and underneath the large letters are [Touch to begin].

… I am sure as hell being sent to another world with the Gamer ability. But I wonder why am I chosen for this. As far as I am concerned, from the original series abilities like {The Gamer} can only be manifested through a strong liking or love for a certain concept and Gaia, the being that oversees everything in that world, will gift such ability to certain individuals.

In simpler words, if you like something so much it's part of your life, it has a chance to be manifested as a power.

Since I am in this situation, I guess I can just go along for now. Maybe this one is slightly different than those that I know about.

I touch the [Touch to begin] and immediately everything around me turns white. Argh! WHY DO YOU DO THIS GAME?!

When I finally able to open my eyes, I am greeted with another screen. This time there are two options I can choose from: [New Game] and [Options].

I guess checking the options first is the best course of action. You never know what kind of default option does the "developers" had given to the players. I shuddered the thought of the default option of a game that I played when I was a child. I never touched it again after suffering trauma from it.

Everything seems normal to me. The only missing options that I can identify are the video settings and sound setting. I suppose there is no need for them because I'm "playing" with my very own body instead of a console.

That is until I find the difficulty option and HOLY SHIT WHAT KIND OF OPTION IS THIS?! What kind of sadist sets the default difficulty as [God of War and Harem]?!

I read the description and it says that this is the hardest difficulty of the game. It increases enemy "AI" and damage by 250% and decreases [Lily Rank] exp by 50%.

I immediately change the option to [Normal], since I have never played this game before. Once that is done, I exit the [Options] menu.

With the setup done (thank goodness for this habit of mine), I touch [New Game] and everything turns dark.

I do wonder what new world I will be in. Now I think about it, didn't the title say Hyperdimension Neptunia? I hope I can survive in this new world. Oh, who am I kidding, this is Hyperdimension we're talking about.

Let's just get this journey to begin.

DAY 1: Welcome to Hyperdimension

When I managed to open my eyes, I found myself in an alleyway of all places. I suppose it could've been worse, like from the sky, but I think having a better place to spawn is nicer.

Maybe I should check my stats first before beginning my adventure. I open my menu and press the [Status].

Name: Helli

HP: 1900/1900


NEXT: 0/25

EXP: 0


Casual Clothing


STR: 150; AGI: 110

VIT: 140; TEC: 100

INT: 100; LUC: 90

MEN: 110; MOV: 6

Element Resist: None

It seems that the game decides to use my usual alias for all of my gaming accounts. But nevertheless, I'm somewhat surprised that I have such high number for my [Strenght] of all stats. Then again, I did so some gym but not enough to warrant such a high number.

I guess I can shrug this off since this can help me a lot in the future. Hopefully, most of my stats distribution is focused on the [Strenght] stats. Now let's see my skills and… there is none.

This is surprising because there should be at least a skill in every game I've played. Maybe there is a hidden skill I have to obtain? Nevertheless, I should begin my adventure now.

I leave the alleyway and is greeted by a sight to behold.

The buildings I am seeing now is technologically more advanced than my home. Most of the buildings I am seeing are white buildings with purple linings on the edges. The streets are porcelain white and the roads are much smoother than the ones in my homeworld.

But there is one particular building that sticks out the most. A building that towers over all other buildings in this city, Neptower (if my memories serve right). It is a white tower with purple linings all over. It looks more advanced than any other buildings in this city and, to me, looks majestic.

I think I should stop admiring the buildings and start looking for anything I can do. Maybe I can explore around the city and see where it will lead up to. I am confident that I will stumble upon a story event!

I mean, how hard can it be right?

… Maybe I shouldn't jinx it. No time to waste now, time to look for story events!

It has been about 2 hours since I have been exploring the city, and so far there is one discovery I had found.

I have no clue where to go! I seem to be unable to encounter any sort of 'event-like' scenarios at all.

With almost no way to progress the "game", I need to find a way to survive in this world. I have no Credit in this world and I have a feeling lunch is coming soon. What is worse for me is that I have no place to stay, and being homeless is the last thing I want to happen.

I sigh and scratch my head. "Should I go to the Guild? I don't even have a weapon. I learned basic Muay Thai but I seriously doubt that's enough to kill even Doggos." I mumble to myself.

Just then I notice something sticking out in a nearby rubbish bin. If my eyes aren't deceiving me, that's a compound bow.

I glance around to make sure no one is seeing me and take out the bow. It seems to be in a good shape but has scratches all around it.

If this bow is in this bin… maybe the other equipment is in the bin too. I scavenge the bin for a while and found what I want. The basic pieces of equipment which include the three-finger glove and an armguard. Surprisingly they don't smell and, while slightly worn out, is still usable.

Unfortunately, there is no quiver or any arrows in the bin at all.

When I finally walk away from the bin, I am immediately given several notifications.

[You have obtained the following items: Old Compound Bow; Old Glove; Old Armguard]

[Through the following actions, you have assigned to use the following weapon(s) for this run of the game: Bow]

[Through the following actions, you have obtained the following skill(s): Power Shot]

So this is how I get skills? By having a weapon type locked I will gain skills based on the weapons I have. This is a rather interesting system but not one I never have seen before.

With this, perhaps it's okay to go to the Guild to get a new quest. But right now I have no idea where is the Guild. It may be the hub for Adventurers and Clients alike but in such a huge city, searching for it would be a pain in the ass.

While I am worrying on how should I approach this problem, I notice a familiar brown hair and blue shirt passing by. I quickly turn to that person and, sure enough, is someone I can recognize.

She is a fair skinned girl with emerald eyes and light brown hair that is about waist length. Most of her bangs are long and reach down to her eyes, curling outwards or inwards to her face, with a split on the upper corner side. A few parts of hair frame her face while more of it reaches her chest, about the length of the hair she wears in a ponytail, held with a leafy green hair piece.

She wears a dark blue, oversized jacket with black, silver, and white detailing. Underneath the coat, she wears a black, tank top and short-short style one piece with silver detailing and a belt around her waist. The jacket is worn open and has a big loose belt that she keeps all of her cell phones on. She wears matching dark blue boots.

I tap her shoulder without thinking and, when she turns around, I immediately panic internally. Shit, I didn't even think about the possibility of her being suspicious of me. I mean, I am just a normal looking guy who has a bit too many fats on the waist.

No matter what I convince myself with, I am sure as hell I somewhat look like a creep.

"Is something the matter?" IF ask me. I snap out of my internal monologue and answer. "Yes uh… I want to ask where is the Guild."

"Are you new around here? I don't recognize you and…" I can feel her gaze checking my current equipment and most likely is unimpressed by it. "You're new to this aren't you?"

"Y-yeah. I'm new to this kind of stuff so I have no idea where to go. Pretty stupid of me not doing research right?" I nervously laugh while trying not to embarrass myself further.

She chuckles and gestures me to follow her. "Just follow me since I am going there too."

I quickly start following her and we got into an awkward silence (for me at least). I want to talk to her about anything, ranging from gaming to the world, but that would risk myself either expose I am not a native to this world or paint myself into a weirdo.

Maybe if I talk to her about something mundane? I have a few topics in my mind, and questions too.

"Say, I didn't catch your name did I?" I ask her as an icebreaker. I feel that this is a good way to start.

"The name's IF. So what's yours?"

"Helli. It's what my parents named me and I have no idea why." I lied to her but as of now, the name Helli is my name in this world.

"Let me guess, there are a bunch of people making chopper jokes." The brunette gives me a shit eating grin. All I can do is a surrendering gesture to tell her she is right about it. "Yeah, there is a lot of people who make that kind of joke. But those friends mean no harm."

"I see." She nods and asks another question. "So why did you want to get to the Guild? I don't peg you as someone who wants to be an agent."

"I just want to try getting my very first quest. I always wanted to see if I can try my hands on adventuring." At the corner of my eyes, I notice we just passed through a pudding shop with Purple Heart sign on it. Is it opened by Purple Heart personally?

"Well, good luck on your endeavor then. Maybe if you're lucky you might get to join a small Squad." At that moment I nearly tumbled and try to process the keyword she said. Squad? I never heard of it at all. Is it something I missed when I was playing all the Hyperdimension games?

"I'm sorry but uh… what is a Squad?" I ask her nervously. She looks at me as if I have grown two heads. I am not native to this world and I have no idea about it at all.

"Which rock have you been living in? How can you not know about this new party system?" IF chastises me and crossed her arms, frowning at me for my lack of knowledge. "Alright, I'll explain to you so listen closely. The new party system known as Squad is a system created by the CPUs themselves to allow people to form a large party up to 32 members. The main criteria to create a Squad is you need to find up to four members and you will be given a Squad House."

So the Squad system is similar to a guild in MMOs and some of the tactics games I've played.

"Are there other things I need to keep in mind when making a Squad?" I ask her just in case some things I supposed to know is not known to me.

"Well… I can only offer you this advice. Do not, I really mean it, do not choose quests that your Squad could not handle. I have seen too many people who are too stupid for their own good tackling those quests." She looks at me seriously and I gulp nervously. I can tell she had seen too much already and I have no plans to die whatsoever.

"Yeah, I'll keep that in mind," I reply simply.

As if just right on time, we arrive at a white building with a brown roof and thick horizontal purple linings. I can see that there are many different types of adventurers ranging from the stereotypical ones to more ridiculous ones. Heck, I swear I have seen one who dresses like a swimmer!

"We've arrived. Impressive isn't it?" I could only nod as I admire the building. "Welcome to Planeptune's Guild branch office. Now follow me inside." I follow her into Planeptune's Guild and the hub is much busier than outside.

IF guide me to a holographic terminal and gestures me to a panel. "Put one of your hand there and the terminal will automatically register your membership. It won't take long." I follow what she instructed and the panel analyses my hand. After that, the machine begins to show random words and numbers that move too fast for my eyes to follow.

After a few seconds, a purple panel shows my profile and I got to say, this machine is quite accurate about me.

The name is still [Helli] and it shows all of my other physical statuses. I'm 19 this year and my height is 5'10" and weight at 171 pounds. On the top left corner is my face, which shows a young adult with short neat hair. The bang is slanted with the right being the shortest and the left is the longest. In the image, I am wearing a black t-shirt under a red, slightly crumpled jacket, and dark blue jeans. Finally, I am wearing a pair of grey sports shoes.

"Well, it's done. So what do I do now?" I turn away from the terminal and ask her.

"Obviously you should choose your first quest now. How about a level 1 quest?" She taps some holographic buttons and a list of low rank and level appears. I look through the quests and there are a lot of low-level quests for Virtua Forest.

"Sure, I guess I can go for two or three of them?" I tap one that requires me to kill some Doggos, collect Herbs and kill Real Gamers. It shouldn't be too hard for me if I am being careful.

Once I did that another list comes out, this time it shows me available Adventurers who are going to the area. Both me and IF are gobsmacked by the names we are seeing among the long list.

RED and Million Arthur.

"I thought those two would've gotten a Squad of girls themselves but… damn" IF mutters to herself as she stares at the names. I agree with her to be honest. Those two would've been a high-rank solo Adventurers and get themselves an all-girl Squad but… this is just pitiful.

I quickly tap both of their names and press [Confirm] to make them part of my party. I just feel that I need to help them.

"Why did you choose them?" IF ask me and I just shrug my shoulder. "I just think they are reliable based on their names." Another lie but there is no need to reveal everything.

"I just happen to know those two anyway so I guess I can help you confirm who they are." I nod and decide to wait for the two. While waiting I ask some more questions to IF.

Apparently, in this world, the events of Megadimension has ended for 3 years and this new system is to help in controlling the ever-growing numbers of Adventurers in this world. I had also asked her whether should I need to buy a quiver and, even though she looks at me weirdly again, she told me that I can produce arrows with next no mana unless I want to create special types.

Base on that information, I can only hope I didn't take the wrong weapon type for my overall build.

After some time, from the corners of our eyes, we can see three individuals coming to our way.

The first one I notice has the appearance of a proud female knight. She has fair white skin, with dark orange eyes, blonde hair and atop her head, is a gleaming crown made of gold and diamonds, at the end of her braid of hair, are two jewels that float encircling the ends of her hair. She dons a silver, black, and red dress with gold lining. Her legs are clad in steel leggings, and underneath them are black stockings. Did I mention that after seeing her for myself, I can say she is a beautiful woman that I might have a crush on if I didn't know she's into women more than men.

Besides her is a fairy-sized young girl and large violet eyes. Her long, pale blue hair is worn in pigtails with multiple braids pulled up on the sides of her head and a white ombre. Her forelocks and bangs blend together, some straightened. Each pigtail is tied with a black ribbon lined in a gradient of violet, lavender, and sky blue. She wears a matching black outfit with material cut out to reveal most of her torso and attached to a pink diamond gem, which connects to the glowing blue circle around her neck. She has white ornate wings with blue and pink gradient diamond gems to match the turquoise gem on her bracelet.

The third one is a young teenager who looks to possibly be a year or two younger than IF. For a small girl, she has a noticeably big bust size. Her skin is fair-pale in tone. She has long crimson hair worn with many bangs framing her face while her hair is worn in the shape of an R on the left side of her head, held with a black rope with two big tan beads. She has white colored stripes in her hair, one on the lower half of one of the R-folds, the other covering almost the whole bang on the right side of her face. Her eyebrows are the same shade of red, while she has gray eyes. This young teen wears a Chinese uniform that is similar to a Hanfu except it looks more risque. The dress consists of black and red colors. The top is dark gray and black with golden lining and ruffles with small red X-shaped strings under her breast and a belt-like piece. At her chest is an opal blue Magatama. She has unattached sleeves with small pink cherry blossom and petal patterns around the bottom, with golden lining and black at the bottom. At the top, just below her shoulders are black ruffles. Her skirt consists of four big petal shapes resembling her sleeves, with a pair of shorts underneath. She wears similar black and red shoes.

I can tell they are Million Arthur, Cheekama and RED respectively. But, as you can tell, RED seems to grow up quite a bit as her height is around IF's elbow.

RED runs up to IF when she sees her and hugs her.

"Wifey! I'm so glad to see you!" This got IF giggling at her antics and lightly push her away from herself. "Yeah I get it, you must've missed me a lot for you to hug me don't you?"

The young teen nods with gleaming eyes and I swear I can also see the background is sparkling. "Of course, you're my first wifey so I miss you a lot! Don't you miss me?" Just then Million Arthur and her friend reach us but didn't say anything. She just watches the scene with interest.

"Yeah, I do. But right now I'm quite busy." She points at me and I merely did a simple greeting by raising my right hand. "This guy here is the one who asks both of you to be part of his party. He's a first timer by the way."

"My name's Helli, nice to meet you all." I greet both of them and exchange a handshake with them. But RED didn't do it, instead, she turns to IF and decides to ask her.

"Why did you ask me to help him? I prefer helping my wifeys." She huffs while I could only retrace my hand and look at her nervously. To be honest, I do expect her to reject my help. But as for Million Arthur…

"I do agree with this young lady here. But it would be against my pride that I do not help a commoner."

Yup, the only reason is her pride. She didn't even bother hiding it too.

IF is about to speak up but I interrupt her. "It's okay, if they don't want to do it then I can try this on my own."

I'm about to leave them alone, but I feel someone stops me by pulling my jacket. When I turn around, it's RED the one who pulls me. I don't get it, she explicitly said she won't help me but why would she stop me?

"I will help you but… you also need to help me." She looks up to me, expecting me to say something. I guess I can hear her out. Hopefully, it's nothing.

"Sure, I'll help. What do you want?"

She leans closer to me so that her face can come close to me. It took a lot of my willpower to not step back and allow her to observe my face. "You're pretty average." She comments and then continues. "But… if you're like any of those protagonists maybe you can help me find a bunch of wifeys!"

Million Arthur agrees on it, and I could only scratch my head. "I can't guarantee on it you know. I'm not some overpowered OC or some smooth talker."

"As long as we are one step closer to our dreams of obtaining our harem we don't care!" Arthur proclaims to me and, without warning, pulls one of my hand towards the exit. "Now that is settled we shall be off to our quest!"

I can hear Chikama silently apologize to me on the way. I can tell she has to deal with her every day and it's getting tiring.

But with that, we are off to a new adventure.