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We arrive at a large building with a red and white sign written 'Neotendo'. I can't help but resist the urge to laugh or giggle at the name. As far as I know, Neotendo is basically a renamed Nintendo. So, if this is the case then Blanc should've been this company's worker as she is the personification of Wii.

But I am getting sidetrack now. We walk into the building and reach the reception. The receptionist, like many people I've met before, is a woman. She busily worked on the holographic computer in front of her.

"Excuse me," I approach the woman to get her attention. "We're from the Guild and we just received your company's request." RED shows the quest detail in her phone to the receptionists. The woman looks up and after a few seconds, she nods and made a call.

"Morning sir, the Guild is looking for you." She pauses then nods before ending the call. She gestures us to the right towards the elevators. "The CEO would like to meet all of you. Just go to the 10th floor and then turn left. You should be able to see another receptionist there too."

"Thank you very much." We follow the directions given and made our way to the CEO's office.

Day 2.2: Troubles in Neotendo. Begin the investigation.

We call the elevator which has a window facing the city. As we go higher, I look over the city and be admired by it. I can't help but wonder if it is possible for my world to reach this level with the limitations of resources.

"You seem to never see this before." I turn to Falcom and then back to the city view. Well, she is right. I never have seen the real Planeptune cityscape before. Though I can't help but be suddenly reminded I still haven't told them where I live before this.

Especially since they seem to not mention I didn't have basic survival necessities before coming to this world.

"Well, I live somewhere remote for most of my life. If anything, I have never been to any of the nations before." I smoothly lie through my teeth. Everyone got interested in my story now, I guess I need to build up my story through this now.

"My father barely comes home but when he would he'll bring something from the city." Well, more like the country. "Most of the time he would bring games and nice clothes for my family. But other than that, I never left the town before."

"What about monster problems?" Cheekama asks. Makes sense since in the outskirt there are a lot of monsters. If anything, I think this world is like many other worlds where monsters infest every corner of the world.

Especially the once former entertainment places that become a dungeon.

"There were almost no monster problems at all," I answer honestly this time, but next would be another lie again. "The town is built in a place where only very high-level monsters can reach there. But it doesn't happen usually since they would be somewhat exhausted by coming there. Most of the time the defense system would take care of them."

"Wow… if that is the case why haven't I passed by it or heard of it?" I momentarily glance at the floor display. We're on the 5th floor now. I shift my gaze back to Falcom, who is the one asks me. "Consider how obscure we are, I don't blame you. Even if we are to go there now…" I stop my sentence as I feel something is a little wrong.

I know my home is safe and sound but… what happened to it before I come here. Something happened before my arrival. I know it through my intuition and gut feeling, but I seem to forget something.

What the hell is this? Selective amnesia? What kind of stupid laser guided cliché is this?

"Something wrong? You stopped for a moment." I notice Arthur got close to me and I jump back a little. "Oh uh… nothing just… remembered something bad."

Everyone looks at me for a moment then immediately panics. "O-oh, I'm so sorry to remind you something you don't to recall." Wait, for what? Hold on, why did they think… shit, my thoughtless phrasing.

I repeatedly say no to them while shaking my hand. "You didn't mean it. I mean nothing bad happened to the village but just… something did happen, and I have to get out of there quickly with almost nothing with me."

The girls still look somewhat down. Oh dear, how can I salvage this? "The village is still safe and peaceful. I only leave because of a scuffle between me and my family." I wing this and then realize it feels right. Did a scuffle happen between my family and me? I don't know. "But if you want to someday I can bring all of you there."

The girls look more hopeful this time and I let out a sigh I didn't know I'm holding. RED approach me with excitement and look up with… shining eyes? "Really?" She sounds very hopeful as she stares at me. As much as I want to say I can't, I can't say no to her.

"Yeah," I nod at her. "One day I might bring all of you there." RED's face becomes so brighten up I would think she is a kid. Well, she kind of acts like one if I think about it.

[Through your brief interaction with {Crystalline}, you gain +9 LXP with everyone.]

[Congratulations, Lily Rank between you and Falcom has risen to Rank 2!]

[Congratulations, Lily Rank between you and RED has risen to Rank 2!]

A rise in rank huh. Consider I got 1 LXP with RED before and 6 LXP with Falcom, I think it's safe to say that I can rank up when I hit 10 LXP thresholds. Though to let RED of all people to be rank 2 is slightly worrying.

Though is it straight or gay if I date a girl when I become a girl?

The elevator made a 'ding' noise when we reach the 10th floor. The door opens, and we are greeted with a nice-looking corridor. While short, the walls are decorated with a large stone tablet with some woman and girls with wings of different shape and sizes. There are 5 females on each side on each side flying towards the CEO's office.

I can only assume they are CPUs, or rather, former CPUs. As far as I know, only CPUs has those kinds of wings, with the last few of them having traditional angel wings. These girls carry various weapons, one of them even use a shield.

The door that is at the end of the corridor has a large logo with the company's name. The font looks very uncanny compared to my world's counterpart. If anything, I think the CPUs in the tablet are Lowee CPUs.

At the left side of the door, there is a receptionist's desk. A woman is standing in front of the door, she is the one the receptionist at the lower floor told us. When we are near the door, she greets us.

"Hello, I assume all of you are the ones who would like to see the CEO?"

"Yes, we are." The woman nods then open the door to let us into the office. We got in one by one and once all of us are inside, the door behind us closes.

The office room has a large window facing the Bassilicom and the city, showing how high we are. I feel slight nausea from seeing it, but I managed to keep my fortitude in check to stay upright.

The floor is made of white tiles, maybe marble, and in the middle, there is a blue carpet. The carpet is surrounded by four leather sofas that I couldn't recognize. They look almost like normal sofas, but they looked lower than the usual ones.

In front of the large window are a large deck and a tall, white office chair. The table is strewn with documents and some empty cups. There is also a table lamp and a holographic computer, which has multiple screens being shown but I can't see what are the content.

Seating on the chair is a young man who is busily working on the various holographic screens before closing them with a swipe of a finger. The young man is an Asian with a nice complexation and a bob black hair where the bangs are split. He wears a pair of square glasses with white frames. Finally, he wears a neat formal uniform with a blue and white tie.

I can't help but stare at him for a moment. He looks so much like someone that I… no, the whole gaming industry knows. The man changed the industry drastically and is well liked by everyone.

"Satoru Iwata?" I hear myself mumble that name out. I realize what I mumbled and shut myself up quickly.

The Iwata look-alike looks up to us and then stands up. "Are all of you the ones who accepted our request?" His voice sounds professional, which I won't be surprised. But I feel that the real Iwata wouldn't exactly use this kind of voice.

"Yes, we are." Arthur chooses to be the one step up and talk. She sounds quite professional too, probably from her training as royalty as she might have to deal with politics if she becomes the only King of Britain in… the Million Arthur world.

I can feel a thousand head slaps by someone from that sentence alone.

"I see." He smiles and takes out his hand to offer her a handshake. "I am Sabastian Iwata, the CEO of Neotendo. It's a pleasure to meet all of you." Arthur takes his offer and shakes his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you too. I am Million Arthur, one of the members of Crystalline."

"Please have a seat and we'll talk about my request." All of us sits down and made ourselves comfortable. Once we are fully seated, Sabastian begins to talk.

"Before we start, may I ask do all of you aware of the new game Ultra Fight Sisters Ultimate for Lowee Switch that would be released in a few days?" He asks us. All the girls say 'Yes' while I merely nod. From the title itself, I am sure this game is the counterpart to the popular game in my world.

"Very well, I shall tell you what is happening. You know that we had multiple leaks of this new game and after many efforts, we couldn't find the root of the problem. We had tried finding a hacker but…"

"There is none." I finish the sentence for the man. In the back of my mind, I know it is rude, but I could care less. I have never been great with business to begin with due to how I talk to them.

He nods to the conclusion I made and then continues. "Yes, and I begin to suspect that it is someone from the inside who did this."

"So, you would want us to do an investigation to see if your claim is true?" Arthur asks him.

"As much as I do not wish to be true, this is the only logical theory I can think of." The CEO sound slightly anguished when he says this. I take a deep breath and lightly bit my tongue. I don't like how he sounds. I can tell he had plenty of trusts to his workers, only for one of them to betray him.

"Very well, we will find out the culprit for you," Arthur reassures the man. As soon as she says that, I got a notification.

[Quest obtained: Search the culprit]

"I cannot thank all of you enough. If you wish to examine our resources or ask questions, I would do everything in my power to assist too." The man bows and stands up from his seat.

"May I see your HR reports and, if possible, some of the developer's personal data?" I request the man for them. I have the feeling that if I can see the reports I determine the culprit base on it. I can still clearly remember my mother told me she had an interview with someone who has a disturbing history.

The rest is history.

"I would allow that. Just ask the receptionists outside my office to the HR office. I'll ask the HR manager to give you access to the reports and the personal data."

The girls also made their requests, RED asking the permission moving around the office, Arthur wish to interrogate the developers alongside Cheekama and Falcom wants to check the database of all the computers.

All of them are given permission to do so. With our roles set, we are ready to go. When we come out, the receptionists tell us the direction of our destination.

"Do you think we can do this?" RED asks us. I don't think she doubt us but only asks us out of obligation perhaps.

"We sure can do it." Arthur smiles and steps out of the elevator on the 6th floor. "Good luck everyone."

One by one, we have gone to our separate destination with mine on the 4th floor. When I step out of the elevator, I am quickly led to the HR office by one of the office workers who is waiting for me. When I got into the HR office, a woman is waiting for me there.

"Are you the one?" She asks. I nod, and she proceeds to show me various holographic screens, all of them about the most recent HR reports. "These are the information you requested. If you need any help please tell me. Also, please sit there." She points at the seat in front of her and we take our own seat.

"Alright, let's count up their sins," I mumbled to myself as I begin to analyze all the information and taking mental notes.