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summary: takes place in harrys fifth year, harry tired of being used runs away with a few unlikely friends. moving to japan they start a new life, but its not quite as peaceful as they hoped

manipulative/Dumbledore evil/ron, evil/hermione, good/draco

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~~~~~~~~~~~~coffee jelly~~~~~~~~~~~~

saikis POV

When you have psychic powers, the impossible becomes possible. You may think having psycic powers is a dream come true, well your wrong. bending spoons, winning corporate giveaways, yeah i can do it, but bending apoons makes it hard to eat my curry, and a lifetime supply of junk food makes your stomach hurt. Clairvoyance, telekinesis, mind-reading, etc etc I can do all of that, that boy must be the happiest boy alive, that is what your thinking right?

Wrong, im the unhapiest boy alive, a boy who has nothing, i could never have a surprise party, i win every game of rock paper scissors, and i have never felt a sense of accomplishment from hard work. I dont want to be in the spotlight, so i keep my powers hidden with clips i created that i wear in my hair. The only one i cant really control is my telepithy, it works on everyone within a 200 meter radius. Well almost everyone, the only person i cant read the mind of is nendo, a guy nobody likes but he seems to have attached himself to me.

Oh well, its a school day so here i am walking to school again with nendo following me. Everyone has been thinking about the new family moving into the neighborhood this week. since i havent heard any new voices id guess they arent here yet. Supposivly they moved from england, and they have three teen boys that will be going to school with us. As usual i was looking at the ground as i walked, i was trying to ignore nendo jabbering away beside me, when i bumped into someone. Wait i never bump into people, i can hear their thoughts so i always know where they are.

Looking up i saw three boys, the first was tall, very tall, with dark mocha skin, black hair that came just passed his ears, and brown eyes. The second was also tall but shorter than the first, he had grey eyes and white blonde hair that came passed his shoulders. The last boy was shorter than me by about 4 inches, he had raven black hair that came to mid back, it was pulled back in a pony tail. He also had the most amazing eyes, green as emeralds, they sparkled like gems, but that may be from the tears as he was the one i knocked down. He had glasses in his hand, so i guess he couldnt see very well. they were all wearing the school uniform.

"Hey, you prat," said the blonde, "you should watch where your going, or atleast appologize for bumping into my friend!"

'Sorry, I didn't see you there' i sent using telepathy.

" Well?" asked the taller brunette. What? my telepathy doesnt work on these guys, what is going on here?

" Hey. we are sorry, my buddy was destracted i was telling him about this new game i got yesterday," nendo said from beside me.

"Just watch whee your going, come on guys we are going to be late if we dont get going." Said the tallest, placing the glasses back on the ravens face, before walking off towards the school.

" Hey, you cant talk to us like that! who do you think you are? ah come on buddy lets get to school, i heard we were getting some new kids today." said nendo, he grabbed my arm and started dragging me after him. How could i not hear their thoughts? I can hear everyone, well except nendo, but hes an idiot. You cant read something that isnt there after all.

We got to school with no more problems, entering the classroom we took our seats. Using Clairvoyance, I found the three students in the principal's office. Oh wait, they are leaving, i guess they are new students. Blinking, i focused back on my class just as the teacher walked in.

" Alright class take your seats, we have some new students in class three today. They moved from england, and i expect you to be nice to them," she finished. The door opened, the principal and the three boys from outside stood at the door. Ushering the boys inside, the pricipal smiled, wished them luck, and left.

'Oh the blonde is so handsome.' ' the dark one looks so scary, i bet hes a thug.' 'the small boy is just so beautiful, almost as beautiful as teruhashi.' These along with many more were thoughts floating through the classroom. how annoying, they are just people, just like the rest of you.

"Class this is Malfoy Draco," she gestured to the blonde, " Zabini Blaise," the tall mocha skined boy, "And Potter Harry. Boys there are seats in the back for you. please sit so we can start our day." Nodding, they moved as one to the indicated seats, the smallest in the middle, as if he needed protection.

'Oh new kids, as a perfect pretty girl, its my job to welcome them to school. After all, who wouldnt want such a beautiful girl to talk to them? i bet i can get atleast five oh wows out of them at lunch.' Thats teruhashi, the prettiest girl in school, or thats the common idea. When i look at her i just see muscles and bloodvessles thanks to my power. But shes not wrong, perfext on the inside and beautiful out, shes dangerous, thats why i stay away from her. thankfully she hasnt taken the time to notice me yet.

Classes ended and it was time for lunch, i Stayed in the room, mom always packed my lunch. Noticing the three in the back pushing their desks together i left the room, giving them privacy, and went up to the roof. If this is going to go on ill have to figure out why my telepathy doesnt work on them.