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A/N: Welp-I did say 'never say never' right? This is going to be a little different. It's going to be a collection of scenes (mini-one shots, I suppose) that I think are missing from the show. Scenes between known Jolie scenes that should have played out on our tv and never did. I've got 3 others in my head to write-up, but if you think of more then let me known and I can see what I can muster up. Except for this one all the others are 2010 and later Jolie. I'll put a summary up of when the scene should take place. Just so you have a ball park of what happened right before this scene. Until next time-PCGirl.

Timeline: Takes place after January 19, 2009 episode after Jessica tells Natalie that she let Tess come out after Nash's death to kill her. And John had to break up a fight between Blair and Marty, who are both swooning over him.

John walked into Rodi's and was surprised at the sight. He hadn't been able to sleep so he thought he'd come here and work on the books or maybe inventory. Anything to get his mind off the battle of Marty and Blair. Someone above must have thought it would be hilarious to have him walk into his bar to see Natalie leaning over the table to make a shot.

"Stop arching your back, that's amateur stuff," he said in a low whisper as he leaned towards her ear and watched the goosebumps appear on her arms.

Natalie jumped at hearing his voice so close to her. Turning around she immediately smiled at him being here, "Hey."

"Hey yourself. Where's Banks?"

"Asleep, I suppose," she shrugged. "I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd sneak out and come here until Jeff kicked me out."

"Sleep bringing you nightmares?" he questioned, remembering how she was after Hayes and being rescued from the pit. She'd wake up in a cold panic for weeks unless the bathroom light was left on. He wondered if being trapped in that room had brought the same reaction back to the surface.

"Not tonight. Some stuff came out with Jess and I'm struggling."

John walked over and grabbed them each a beer, handing hers to her he took a sip, "How about you talk and I'll listen? Like old times."

Natalie smiled, John was always such a good listener. That's why she always valued their friendship-one that seemed to have dissipated the past year, but maybe they could get it back-at least to the friendship level. "She admitted she let Tess out because she couldn't kill me herself."

John watched her eyes darken at the repeating of the confession, "Your sister loves you-I know that, and deep down you know that too. I think at times-in the heat of hurt and betrayal we say things we don't mean. Or think things that if we were in our right mind we wouldn't ever think."

"So she gets a pass just because she has DID?" she asked, getting angry with the thought of John being on Jessica's side in all of this.

"No, but she has to live with that knowledge. And she probably told you today to try and get some sort of forgiveness from you."

"Me forgive her?" she laughed.

"It doesn't have to be right away, Natalie," he said as he looked at the floor quietly for a moment. "Besides-there's someone else that needs your forgiveness too."

"Who's that?" she asked and watched as he looked up slowly and she suddenly realized he was asking for himself. "You? For what?"

"For not believing Banks when he came to me with that letter. I've never liked the guy-but I should have known you were in danger. Especially when you didn't come back when Rex was shot," he said as he began walking around the pool table and picked up the eight ball, rubbing it between his hands a few times before letting it roll back into the table.

"I could have saved you a lot of anguish if I'd just gotten over my own hurt at you being with Jared."

"I'm not a damsel needing rescuing, John. Besides-I think you have more than enough of those right now," she said with a slight smirk on her face.

John chuffed at the comment, "Tell me about it. I don't know how I even got into this mess."

"Well, I'll let you figure it out," she said as she put the cue up and went for her purse. "Thanks for letting me vent."

"Any time," he smiled and watched her walk back out into the January air-enjoying the few minutes they had of being friends once more.