Timeline: After 4/11/11 show when Natalie tears up the sonogram picture and gives John the ring back.

Natalie let herself into the room thankful it was empty. She'd called back to the station to make sure John was still there so she could get this taken care of. After the breakup before she'd cleaned her stuff out that night-knowing that they were over so it was time to move on.

This time though-this time she truly believed they may still have a chance to work it all out. That was until earlier after she ripped up the picture of Liam's sonogram and gave him back his mother's ring. She dropped her suitcase on the bed and went to her drawer of his dresser to start packing. Opening it she was surprised it was empty, checking the other drawers she noticed his things were still there, but none of hers were.

"What the hell, John?" she muttered as she went towards the closet and found her dresses were missing as well. Hearing a key in the door she jumped and walked out into the living room to see John coming in.

"Can I help you?" he asked, surprised to see her standing in his room.

"I came for my things-thought after earlier if it was better for me to hurry up and get mine and Liam's stuff out of your way."

"Natalie," he sighed. Didn't she understand? She would never be out of his life-not really. It wasn't just the room-it was his whole life. From the moment he first saw her at Crossroads she was ingrained into his brain and then later, once she'd torn down the walls, into his heart. That's why this hurt so much-because as much as he wanted to be angry at her there were so many moments of love that trumped it.

And Liam. He still couldn't explain why he had such a pull to him-why he kept waking up to an empty bed and expecting to find Natalie nursing him in the chair they'd positioned next to his crib.

"I packed it all up and it's down in storage. I meant to get it over to Llanfair earlier-sorry."

"It's ok. What are you doing here anyways? I called the station so this wouldn't happen."

"Oh, yeah. Uhm, Rodi's called and had an emergency so I slipped out the back to run over there and stop by here real quick before heading back to the station. Do you need me to help you load the stuff up?"

"No, I can do it myself," she said as she started for the suitcase and then remembered something. "Oh-I need to look through the mail. I think Liam's birth certificate got sent here."

"No," he said loudly as he stopped her from opening the drawer of the desk they kept important documents in. Realizing his tone he backed off, "I mean yeah-it showed up, but it's packed in the boxes downstairs."

Her hand paused on the handle of the drawer, a slight hurt at his original tone at the thought of her looking for something that didn't even belong to him, despite his name listed on it as the father.

"Sorry-I'll be out of your way in just a minute," she said, turning away and going for the suitcase, hoping her eyes and voice didn't betray her true feelings of walking out of this room and knowing once again it was no longer home.

John said nothing as he watched her close it up and walk out without another word said between them. When he no longer heard her footsteps in the hallway he went to the desk and opened the drawer she had her hand on. Sitting in the chair he felt a feeling of dejavu as he pulled out his mom's ring and placed it back in the box he'd only taken it out of back on Christmas Eve. Snapping the lid closed he set down the box and pulled the piece of paper he hadn't wanted Natalie to see.

Looking at the grainy black and white photo of Liam's profile he felt tears come to his eyes. He'd found Natalie's copy of the sonogram when he was packing up her things-deciding to make a copy of it to keep here before slipping hers in the box. Glad that he did now, since his copy was in bits of paper in the bottom of his office waste basket. Slipping the picture back in the desk he placed the ring box on top of it.

This might be all he had physically of the family he longed for, but he knew they were still in his heart. And despite his best efforts they would never leave.