I promise there will be more Frary so don't worry. This story is a little more time consuming when following a certain storyline. I'm not going to completely copy every episode and soon I will be changing them up a bit so it shouldn't take as long. Also I'm trying to decide what I should do to lead up to the "Left Behind" episode because I'm obviously not doing the whole Olivia storyline. At least not the way it was done. but there should be some kind of tension between Frary to lead up to everyone's favorite part in that episode. So please let me know what your thoughts are. Also I'm not abandoning "If Only" either. Don't worry. ;)

A few weeks had passed and the castle was in preparation for the Harvest Festival. Shaina and Sophia had very little chance to talk about why they had found themselves back in time. The longer their stay the further involved in court they had become. It was helping their backstory, and each were sounding more and more like true noblewomen with their way of speech and accents. Sophia was too intrigued by Lord Julian's attention to her that she mainly talked of their meetings and such to Shaina. She asked about how Shaina was getting along, but didn't seem too interested in pressing for more details other than Shaina admitting she was getting attention from someone at court as well. Shaina also found herself being drawn more into Mary's secret confidence as if she'd always been her Lady-in-Waiting. Sophia and Kenna seemed to be getting along splendidly as they were both of the same personality and seemed to be quite taken with their men. Shaina was also secretly working on making sure Francis and Mary were falling for each other even more. Shaina had her suspicions on why she and Sophia were there and so she was doing her best.

Mary was glad when she got Francis message to meet her in reply to her earlier message asking him to do so. The weeks following the incident with Tomas they had taken things slow as the treaty was worked on further and there was still the matter of certain parties against the marriage all together. She smoothed her white day dress and walked to where she was meeting Francis. She smiled when she saw him and they began walking down the empty corridor. "I'm glad you decided to meet me." Mary began. "Yes, well I thought we should discuss where we are with one another." Francis replied. "Alright." Mary said. "With the borders quiet in Scotland, my father and his advisors seem pleased that our alliance remained intact...our-our engagement as well and seeing as there's no political decisions..." he droned on as they walked together. Mary turned and raised her hands waist level looking at him with pleading eyes. "Please just stop. I was hoping we wouldn't talk anymore of politics." she said a certain lightness in her voice. "Since the borders are secure, as you said. I was hoping we could be just..." she stopped lowering her gaze. "Just a girl, as you called yourself once?" he finished for her a small smile on his lips. She lifted her gaze back to his smiling herself. "And just a boy." Francis raised an eyebrow. "Well, a man, nearly." she added with a small chuckle. "Go on...woman" Francis said his eyes never leaving hers and his smile never faltering.

Francis was glad to see Mary back to her old self, yet with a more mature side as well. And he loved this conversation they were having. His mind wandered to the kisses they had shared and finding his gaze darting from her lips to her eyes he wondered if she was thinking the same thing. "Go on...woman." he said with a silly shake of his head and his smile widening. Mary just smiled at his antics. "All right, then, I will. If I were just me, Francis, not the future king of anything, and you were just you, Mary..." he continued for her. Mary smiled at his reply. "Mary." he said her name again his voice softening. "Well...this would be the moment that I declared myself yours. Only yours." he stated raising his voice just ever so slightly as if staking a claim and then grew closer and said the last part for just for her to hear. Mary looked up into his eyes no doubt mirroring the look on his own face. "And I'm yours. Truly." He knew she meant it from her heart. Her eyes were telling him everything. "And once I did that I'd probably invite you to the Harvest Festival." he replied.

Mary smiled and turned walking closer to the window. "And I would probably say yes." she replied. "And then I would probably try to kiss you." Francis said walking to the window with her. She turned so her back was facing the wall frame of the window. Francis was close enough to feel her breath on his face. "And I probably wouldn't let you." He kept moving till she was against the wall completely his head growing closer. "At first." she added softly and huskily looking into his eyes. Then his lips were on hers and his hands were on either side of her neck as they kissed one another. They were soft, tender kisses filled with love and passion nothing like the desperate kisses of two destined to be apart, but of two people destined to be together.

Bash parred with a few of the guards on that particular afternoon needing to busy his mind with things other than thoughts of the beautiful English woman up in the castle. Since their much more passionate kiss a few weeks ago they had been quietly meeting here and there so they could get better acquainted. Now he felt like he knew her and understood her better. So much so that he was always exchanging secret looks with her in court and somehow managed to keep their growing relationship a secret. But today with the Harvest festival approaching and Francis' obvious growing attraction to Mary, he was struggling with addressing how he really felt and what he wanted to do about it. His mind was brought back to the present as he caught the blade of a sword coming towards him out of the corner of his eye and parried it just in time. "Losing your touch Bash?" The knight asked teasingly. Bash shot him a bemused look. "Only slightly distracted for a moment Pierre." He replied a cheeky grin on his face. "Yes by some gorgeous woman no doubt." The knight retorted grinning from ear to ear. That got him a tap from the blunt side of Bash's sword. "And what's it to you?" Pierre sheathed his sword, chuckling as he picked up his helmet and headed for the barracks. "Oh nothing. I just don't see how you can get the attention from all the available women anywhere you go and yet you seem to leave them wanting." Bash sheathed his sword as well and fell in step with the knight. "That my dear friend is all because of the woman you rightly assumed as the cause of my distraction." The knight shook his head. "All that attention and you choose one woman." Bash chuckled at the knight's comment. When you meet the right one it's worth it.

Shaina had wanted to see Bash before the Harvest Festival but she'd been busy helping Mary get ready and then assisting her other friends as well. They all giggled and talked like school girls and so it took them longer to get ready than usual. She would just have to find a way to talk to him at the Festival. She'd dressed in a emerald colored day dress with white lace flower petals embroidered on the skirt of the dress. She'd twisted her hair up into her modern version of a French twist and let the rest of her hair hang down her shoulder in thick golden curls reaching her waist. Sophia had chosen to let her hair down in the wavy curls as she sported a very pretty cream day dress with beads trimming the neckline, hem and sleeves of the dress. So the girls were off to the Harvest Festival looking as beautiful as a summer day.

When they arrived at the Festival things were in full swing with vendors displaying their wares and trinkets. Mary and the girls were listening to a vendor tell a story about writing regrets on pieces of ribbon and tying them to little wooden boats to watch them sail away. "What a lovely tradition." Mary said when the man finished his story. "Mary?" Each of the girls turned around at the sound of Bash addressing Mary. "If I didn't know any better I'd say you and your ladies are actually enjoying your time at court." he said, smiling, as he approached the women carrying a drink in each hand. "Enjoying the Harvest Festival." Kenna said. "Kenna. Aylee. Greer. Lola. Sophia. Shaina." he said greeting the others. "As a matter of fact we are. Hello, Bash." Mary replied after the other girls nodded their hellos in reply to his greeting. "And what about the two recent additions to your entourage?" he said looking between Sophia and Shaina and back to Mary. Kenna watched him linger a little longer on Shaina's face than he did anyone else's and raised her eyebrows slightly smiling to herself. "Seeing as no one has made an attempt on our lives or tried to force us into unsavory alliances things are going quite well." Sophia replied to the question rather jokingly, but Lola caught the silent exchange between Shaina and her friend that said otherwise. She'd have to get the details after the festival. "Well I'm glad to see the happy looks on your faces. Nothing dampens the mood than beautiful ladies wearing permanent frowns." he replied smiling charmingly from ear to ear. "Do you flirt with everyone?" Mary asked a grin on her face. She couldn't help but notice his frequent looks to her left where Shaina was standing. "Absolutely everyone. Or at least those who keep the rumors going." he said though the reply sounded half-hearted. "Well you'll find that I am also not difficult to please. Just don't make an attempt on my life and you'll find I'm quite gay." Mary replied. "And that about does it for the rest of us." Greer said quite serious. "And is that all it takes." he asked raising an eyebrow. "That, and your brother." Mary admitted smiling bashfully. Bash lifted the cup in his right hand, smiling before taking a drink. "Then I shall let you go and find him." Mary and the others smiled before walking past further into the Festival. Kenna and Lola exchanged a look when they both caught the small gesture Bash made to Shaina who, with a slight nod of her head, let Bash know she understood.

"You should take care with Bash." Aylee said to Mary as they passed more vendors after leaving Bash. "I believe he has feelings for you." Mary gave her young friend a smile. "Nonsense. He was just saying hello. Besides he said himself he flirts with everyone." Greer nodded. "He was flirting with the rest of us just as much as he was with Mary." Sophia picked up a piece of fabric from the booth they had stopped at. "He asked how the rest of us were enjoying court also." Lola and Kenna hid their smiles behind their hands. "What are you two on about?" Shaina asked. "You've been sharing looks with one another this whole time." Greer added. "I'm sure of it now." Lola said. "Shai..." Kenna stopped with a glance from Lola who was looking behind Greer. "I think Lord Castleroy has been staring at you this entire time, Greer." Lola said. While the other girls discreetly investigated what Lola had noticed Kenna leaned closer to her friend? "Are we not going to address what we witnessed back there?" she whispered. Lola shook her head. "She'll tell us when she's ready. She's new to French court and we must watch out for her and her friend." Kenna nodded when Mary and the other girls turned back to Greer. "I think they're right Greer." Aylee said. Greer sighed heavily. "I will talk to him, but only for the sake of keeping my word to Father." Lola, Kenna and the others raised an eyebrow quizzically. "I'm here to find someone to marry for a title, but that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun. I'm not all protocol and duty." Greer replied cheekily. "You've got to tell us what you're referring to." Kenna said. "In due time." was Greer's reply.

Shaina watched with the others as Greer made her way to Lord Castleroy, noticing a certain kitchen servant watching her intently. "I'm quite thirsty so pardon me while I get a drink. Tell me if anything interesting happens." she said to the girls, giggling, as she turned and headed for the drink table. Right before she stopped at the table a hand reached out and caught her by the waist, pulling her into the corridor. She turned hurriedly, wondering if some unsavory type had snatched her, but then she smiled and giggled when she saw it was Bash. "You nearly gave me a heart attack." she whispered. He placed a quick kiss on her upturned lips before handing her the drink he'd had in his hand earlier. "Sorry. This is for you milady." he said chuckling to himself. "I was waiting for the others to ask what you were doing with two drinks." Shaina said taking a sip of the wine. "Well since I am known for my wild ways I'm sure they took it as a normal thing for me." he replied sipping his own drink. "I was thinking earlier though, about us." he said his tone becoming serious. Shaina set the drink down on the nearby table and looked up at her handsome "prince". "What about us?" she asked taking in the earnestness in his eyes. He paused when a few courtiers passed them heading inside to the Festival. "Let's go where we can talk without interruption." he said taking her hand and leading her towards the castle. There they found a quiet place beside Bash's chambers. "Now you have me curious Bash. Is everything okay?" Shaina asked. He smiled softly and nodded. "I know you only arrived at court a few weeks ago, but since I've gotten better acquainted with you I wanted to..." he paused and she could tell he was struggling with how to word his thoughts. Which to her knowledge was unusual for the dashing rogue. "Go on." she urged, her heart rate rising slightly at her guess of what he was wanting to say. "I think I'm falling in love with you, Shaina." he finally said, his voice a mere whisper. Shaina's heart melted at his declaration. "I'm falling for you hard." she whispered in reply and without thinking of the repercussions that would follow she kissed him.

Greer tried to keep herself from sighing out loud as she pretended to enjoy Lord Castleroy's conversation about pepper corn and such. She kept glancing over his shoulder at Leith who was just staring at her, a cheeky smile on his face. She hoped he wasn't going to get her or himself in trouble. Her lips still tingled when she remembered the few kisses they'd shared. Curse her fate in life. She wanted love as well as title. But she was reminded of her status and how that was a rare find. "And so..." Greer caught Leith's eye again and his almost imperceptible nod toward the door so in the middle of Lord Castleroy's reply she accidentally on purpose tripped a little and causing him to spill his wine down the front of her dress. "Oh I'm so sorry! Your lovely dress." he exclaimed horrified at the incident. "Oh it's fine. It's not your fault. If you'll excuse me though I should go and see to the dress so it doesn't stain." she replied. He agreed and so she left the Festival and headed to her room. "Lady Greer!" she heard Leith call to her as she approached her room. She stopped and turned to face him. "Did I perhaps have something to do with you causing that little incident or...?" he asked not looking the least bit apologetic. Greer hid a smile as she tried to act slightly miffed. "Of course you did. You were staring at me. And you know I'm not a Lady." she stated haughtily. "I know that." he replied raising an eyebrow. "And I know an old kitchen trick that can get that stain out." he added not sounding the least bit hurt at her words. "You are also right to hint at it being on purpose. I..." she paused as he began to smirk staring at her lips. "No one will be looking for me anytime soon." she said changing the subject. Leith didn't even blink an eye. He leaned forward and claimed her lips in his. She knew she shouldn't be doing this, but her heart yearned for it.

Leith kissed Greer, gently at first like he did at Michaelmas then he tested the waters by deepening the kiss. He cupped her face in his hands as she slid her arms around his neck. Soon Greer's back was against the door to her room and Leith fumbled for the handle as their kisses became more intense. He could tell she was thinking with her heart and not her head or she wouldn't be kissing him like she was. He finally opened the door and pushed her in with his body and then shut the door behind them. Greer seemed to hesitate when she heard the door shut, but Leith distracted her with a few kisses down her jawline and then back to her lips. "Leith..." she whispered against his lips. "Shh. We've got a stain to get out of this dress." he whispered starting to slowly and carefully undo the buttons on the back of her dress. He felt her grow a little tense as the dress fell from her shoulders. He lifted his head and looked her in the eyes. "I won't force you to do anything." he said softly. He could tell she was deciding whether to listen to her heart or her head. He kissed her forehead then slid a hand around her waist and pulled her close. She pushed back after a few minutes and met his lips again. "I'm ready." she whispered against his lips.

Mary was standing at a booth looking through the pieces of fabric when she felt a hand on her back. She turned and smiled when she saw Francis. He pulled a small wooden boat from behind his back. "I see you've bought a boat." He smiled and shook his head. "I've made you a boat." he turned it so she could examine it. "And I've christened it too." Mary looked at the inscription. "The Just Mary." she read aloud. Francis smiled proudly as Mary admired the boat. "I love it." she said. Just then a guard came up to them. "Excuse me my Lord, but we found a woman running through the edge of the wood. She's had quite a fright. Says her carriage was attacked by bandits and she only wants to speak with you." Francis and Mary looked over and saw a worried and frightened young woman hurry through the door. "Francis!" Francis handed Mary the boat. "Who is that, Francis?" Mary asked. "Someone from my past." he said before going to the girl. She threw her arms around him and he quieted her down looking back at Mary. "I'll explain later." he mouthed the words, but it didn't change the little bit of envy and confusion that pricked at Mary's heart.

Bash's heart soared when Shaina revealed her feelings were the same for him as his were for her. Then she kissed him and the floodgates were opened. He kissed her harder and with more passion than he ever had before. He picked her up and carried her into his chambers kissing her all the way. He shut the door and this time he held nothing back. He kissed her lips and ran down her jawline and neck. He slipped a hand around her waist and pulled her closer. She slipped her hands around his neck and ran her fingers through his hair as he kissed her collarbone and shoulder. He could tell she was nervous and yet she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He thought of her plans to come to court and find a suitor, but her actions were telling him other things. He slowed himself down not wanting to frighten or rush her, but gently love her. He slowly slid a hand down her side and felt her through the folds of her dress. She gasped against his lips, but then she pushed against his touch. "Bash, oh Bash." she sighed her head tilted back as he kissed her neck some more. "Tell me if you want to stop." he said not wanting to force anything on her. She replied by taking her hands and untying her dress. Bash immediately slipped it from her shoulders. Then with one hand he caressed her chest and the other he slipped beneath her chemise all the while kissing her lips, neck and shoulders. When he met with skin she shivered in delight and a small moan escaped her lips.

Shaina ignored any warning bells going off in her head and let her heart and her body lead her. As Bash carried her in his room and began kissing her with more intent and letting his hands caress her back she knew what she was enticing, but she didn't care. So when he pulled her against him and kissed her deeper she slipped her arms around his neck and ran her hands through his hair. When he started kissing lower she felt herself grow nervous as to what was eventually coming, but he started taking it slower and she let herself get lost in his touch. Then he roamed with his hands till he slipped beneath her dress as much as he could and touched her and caressed her intimately. This woke a brand new feeling in Shaina and she was surprised at how her body responded. When he asked if she wanted to stop she knew she didn't want to stop. So she let her body take over. Slipping out of her dress she let him touch her through her chemise then he found his way beneath that and met with skin. She gave a sound in the back of her throat as she felt her body reacting to his touch.

Leith didn't waist anytime in making his desires known. As soon as Greer's lips touched his he got to work. He quickly rid himself of his clothes and found himself enlightening Greer in the ways of love making. He had her squirming and tensing underneath his touch and soon he guided her to the bed where after a few more minutes of teasing and caressing, showing Greer what he wanted her to do to him and then he met her in a joining of great intensity as each sang one another's name in their passion induced voices. Leith knew there was no going back as he pulled himself out and off of her and they lay beside one another neither speaking of what had just occurred.

Greer hadn't realized how much she'd wanted Leith till she'd had him and then she'd wanted more. When he gave it to her she cried out his name and closed her eyes letting him ease the connection by kisses and strokes. When they finally pulled apart she lay beside him and as she caught her breath she realized she was no longer an unhandled woman. No doubt questions would arise if she were ever to find a suitor she liked. But she would face that trial when she came to it. She was slightly surprised to find she did not regret what happened, only that it wasn't sooner.

Bash was wondering if he was going to do all the work when Shaina started fumbling with his belt and pants till she got them undone and then went about removing his shirt. He let her take it all in, every single inch of him. Then she lifted her chemise over her head and was fully revealed to him. "Oh my beautiful Shaina." he whispered coming close and pulling her against him. He felt her completely relax against him as if she could finally be confident that someone loved her. Then she lifted her head from his chest, her golden locks brushing over the skin he'd caressed carefully, and she kissed him. This was no gentle kiss of a girl. No this was the kiss of a woman who knew what she wanted. Bash moaned as her kiss evoked deep feelings from him and then he felt himself tense as she lowered her soft touch to him. He kissed her harder one hand holding her waist and the other caressing from her chest to her navel before traveling lower. "Show me what you want Bash." She whispered the words close to his ear sliding her hand down his very, very sensitive spot. He felt himself grow weak at her touch groaning at the back of his throat as he jerked into her touch. He slid his hands down her back and lifted her legs to straddle him. He kissed her stomach as he carried her to his bed. He lowered her down and went to work.

Shaina felt herself grow bolder as Bash held her to him. So she let her body's natural instincts take over and before long she had him all but on his knees. Suddenly she was straddling him and her hands were around his neck for support. She closed her eyes and tilted her head as he kissed her stomach and naval. He lowered her to the bed and before she could open her eyes to look at him he was caressing her intimately. She never imagined the things her body knew to do on their own. Her mouth opened and closed silently, like a fishes does as she moved against his touch. She felt herself losing her ability to do anything, but what her body wanted her to do. "Bash oh Bash." she cried the intensity building till she was bucking up and down against his touch. She knew he'd understood her calling his name as she was reaching the climax without him when she felt the warmth of his body against hers and lowered himself to her. She opened her eyes suddenly feeling him and how it hurt, but in a good way. He was watching her and noticed her discomfort and small whimper, so he kissed her and began caressing her again. Her body responded and they moved in rhythm with each other. Soon he didn't need his hand to evoke passion from her. He closed his eyes as she tightened against him and caused him to cry out her name. Then he felt the barrier break and she cried his name again as with one last push he released and she realized as she came down from the high their passion had evoked that she was no longer a maiden.

A few seconds later Bash felt Shaina break and with one last push he released inside her. She cried his name one last time before they began to ease up and breathlessly they pulled apart. There was a few moments of silence before Bash sighed quite loudly. "Was it that bad?" he heard her say almost to herself. He turned on his side to look at her pushing an errant curl from her damp face. "No. Quite the opposite. This will definitely be a Harvest Festival to remember." he replied softly caressing her cheek. "How'd I do?" he added smiling mischievously sliding his hand down her side. She caught his hand and brought it to her lips and kissed it. Then she smiled almost innocently. "I'd say you did just fine, but then again seeing how I've never done this before how would I know." Bash gasped and started tickling her. "Oh really?" And boy was she ticklish. "Okay, okay, but I'm serious about the first time part." she conceded raising her hands above her hand in surrender. Bash looked at her his gaze softening as he lay back down on his side to face her. "Well I am slightly flattered that you chose me, but by your reaction you are seemingly even more flattered that I chose you." she lowered her gaze not wanting him to read her so easily. "You were serious earlier about having feelings for me? It wasn't the wine talking?" she asked looking back up at him. He kissed her softly then gave her his most sincere smile. "Shaina don't doubt yourself. I am very serious about how I feel about you. I've never given myself to a woman like that before. Honestly it wasn't the first for me, but it was the first time I did it with someone I truly, deeply care for." his speech seemed to calm her uncertainty. "Come here." he said softly pulling her to him.

Shaina felt herself grow a little more wise in the ways of adulthood as she realized what Bash was saying about her was true. And to be honest she was a little worried that it wasn't his first time and she wasn't doing things right, but his answer was very clear. And her heart melted even more when he was honest with her and then she felt safe with him. Though he could read her very easily she didn't mind. He bid her to come closer tugging on her hand and so she found herself back in his arms. And it felt wonderful. When she opened her eyes again the daylight was dimmer and she realized they'd fallen asleep. She also realized it was the best sleep she'd had since arriving in this era. So without waking Bash she settled back down and closed her eyes again not caring if anyone missed them at the Festival. She was right where she wanted to be.