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Prince Tomas was glad when they reached the castle of King Henry and Queen Catherine. The two maidens he'd found looked a little scared and unsure even though he'd assured them they were safe. His father had sent him to close his deal with King Henry and he was sure a Good Samaritan deed would put him in high standings with the royals. After the guards let them through he dismounted and helped the Lady Sophia down and then helped the Lady Shaina down from the wagon. The stood next to each other arm in arm looking a little intimidated and in awe at the same time. A few seconds later they were announced and were greeted by Henry as well as Francis and a few of his advisors. "Welcome to French court Prince Tomas." Francis greeted him with a warm, but almost forced smile. Henry seemed to study the two maidens before addressing Tomas. "And are these lovely maidens' friends of yours or..." Henry inquired. Tomas smiled and shook his head. "No, my king they were two damsels in distress you could say." At Henry and Francis' confused looks he continued. "My companion and I found them abandoned by their envoy when we were making camp for the night. They say they were journeying from England to align themselves with France when their envoy found out they left them to the elements." Henry's gaze turned to both girls who seemed a little more comfortable now.

"It's true your Majesty. We joined them at port giving the excuse that we were separated from our family in the crowds. When they started to head in a different direction than French court we asked for a few to accompany us here and when they asked why we had to tell them." the one called Sophia explained. "They left us in the middle of the night and when we tried to make our way her my friend fell and..." Sophia seemed to get emotional and her friend Shaina took her hand and squeezed it. "Father I think these ladies need to be shown to a room and then examined by Nostradamus. I'm sure they are cold, hungry and tired." Henry was silent for a few minutes and then finally nodded. "Yes, you're right. Why don't you take care of them while I start discussing this deal with the Prince?" Francis nodded and waited until his father and Tomas walked into the castle then he turned back to the two girls. "Don't let him scare you too much. He won't do anything to jeopardize anyone who wishes to be loyal to the French throne. Now follow me and we can see about getting you two settled in." he held out his hand and the two girls nodded and gave him a small smile before walking with him into the castle.

Mary shut the door to her chambers firmly and sighed. If Henry wouldn't help her and he wouldn't listen to Francis she would find a way to get the help Scotland needed herself. She was a Queen after all. Then she remembered Greer talking about the Prince from Portugal coming to make a trade with King Henry for timber. Scotland had an abundance of timber and she was somewhat confidant she could out match Henry's offer. She exited her chambers and headed outside the castle. She needed fresh air and time to think. As she was walking in the outer yard she saw Greer walking with the Prince. She made her way over to introduce herself. If she couldn't do anything else she could at least buy troops. "Oh, Mary we didn't see you there." Greer said. Tomas looked at her and smiled. Mary didn't want to hurt Greer's feelings, but she knew he was intrigued by her. "It's all right Greer. So, this is who you were telling me about earlier? The wonderful Prince of Portugal." she said smiling good-naturedly. Tomas chuckled and Greer blushed. "Well I'm glad someone thinks highly of me." Then a maid came hurrying towards them. "I'm sorry for the interruption, but you are needed in the guest chambers my queen. I wasn't told why just that you should come." Mary nodded curious as to who would be needing her now. "If you'll excuse me Greer, Prince Tomas." she said inclining her head towards the Prince. She followed the maid back to the castle sure she'd made a little impact on him.

Shaina was ready to just be left alone, but at the same time she couldn't believe they were somehow in French court in the 16th century. Nothing looked like it did on Reign, but no one looked like their paintings she'd seen in history book either. Francis was almost better looking than the actor. She hadn't seen anyone else, so she wasn't sure what had happened and what hadn't yet. It wasn't like she'd seen that many episodes anyway. It was almost too much to take in. They still had to figure out what they were doing there and what was going on. Still the knights were awesome and not bad looking either. The Prince that had rescued them was nice, but she got a bad vibe from him. Still her and Sophia found it hard not to start fangirling over the fact that Francis was standing in front of them. This was all going through her head while Francis led them to their chambers. Sophia hadn't said much since her explanation earlier and Shaina hoped she was okay. "So, these will be your chambers and these two lovely girls will be your servants for the remainder of your stay. They will get you all settled and let Nostradamus know when he can check on you. I sent for my fiancé Queen Mary to help you as well. Trust me you will want her to take you under her wing rather than my mother." he explained. Shaina almost rolled her eyes. She knew about his mother. She really needed to talk to Sophia now. What if they messed with history? They surely couldn't change a tv show that wasn't really historically accurate, could they? It all just made her brain hurt. Once Francis left and the two servant girls drew water for them to bathe in they were finally alone for a few moments.

Sophia turned to Shaina her eyes wide and a very excited look on her face. "OMW! We are like in the presence of The Dauphin of France and Queen Mary of Scots! Like what is going on?" she said excitedly. Shaina shushed her but had the same look on her face. "I know and way to go on the excuse, but what happened with you? Did you just wake up here and I was slower in coming around or what?" Sophia sighed. "I actually woke up in the middle of the night and walked outside because I thought I heard something, and I placed my hand on the funny looking rock you have on your porch and then boom I was standing in the middle of the woods dressed in those clothes and you were lying on the ground still asleep. I tried to wake you, but nothing happened. Then you know the rest." Shaina raised her eyebrows. "Wow. I think we should just try to lay low and play it safe until we figure out where we are in this part of history. I don't remember what episode we left off at. If we are in the earlier part we don't want to mess nothing up, but if we are in the part that we haven't seen yet then we should be fine." Sophia nodded, and they finished bathing before the water got cold.

Mary entered the castle and made her way towards the guest chambers. She saw Francis heading towards her coming from the rooms. "What's going on Francis?" she asked a little impatiently. He didn't seem fazed by her tone of voice, he just stopped to talk to her. "When Prince Tomas was traveling here he found two ladies abandoned by their envoy in the woods. They can explain their story, but they looked like they needed a place to gather themselves. I wanted you to talk to them and even maybe take them under your wing. Otherwise my mother might scare them off or use them for her schemes." Mary pressed her lips together. "Yes, against me." Francis gave her a warning look. "You mustn't say something like that out in the open." Mary sighed and nodded. "I will look after them, but for their own sake." Francis gave her a grateful smile and continued walking. Mary watched him leave and sighed. She didn't want to explore what she was feeling, but she was pretty sure she was falling in love with someone who she wasn't destined to be with. She started walking towards the chambers and knocked before entering. She found the two girls sitting on the settee freshly bathed and dressed only in a simple shift. They stood up looking surprised and then managed to compose themselves enough to awkwardly bow to her. She hid a smile and wondered where these two had come from. "No need ladies. I see you haven't been around royals very much." The blonde one shook her head. "No, your grace. We are just two ladies from England looking to pledge ourselves to France. Our country is in so much turmoil and we feel a better chance at finding a secure match here in France." The dark haired one nodded in agreement. Mary nodded and motioned for them to sit. She ordered one of the maids to order dresses and a few other wardrobe attires for them right away. Then she insisted the girls relax and explain what happened. "Our father's insisted on finding the right match before letting us spend much time in court in England and then with the threat of war with France both decided to pull themselves from courtly duties as Lord's and keep their heads down at home. We both being friends since childhood decided to forge our own path. A difficult one it will be as now we are likely disinherited with no dowry." The one with the blonde hair seemed to be the bolder one of the two. "Then on our arrival here our party whom we travelled with learned of our wishes and abandoned us on the road. I'm sure you've heard the rest." The dark haired one had finally spoken up. She listened quite intrigued and was really glad Francis had told her about them first. Catherine would insist they were most likely spies or something. Mary quite like them and was sure they would be fast friends.

Sophia was still trying to take it all in and they'd been there for almost a full day. Once Mary had talked to them and explained that they would be under her care and she would see that they would be made her official ladies' maids, so they would have a chance to meet suitors and not be questioned too much about where they came from. She wasn't sure if entertaining suitors was a good idea if they didn't plan on staying, but Shaina insisted they play along until they found out if there was a reason they were there and how to get home. She was giddy over the fact they were there, but she could tell Shaina was a little more into it. Especially after her long intricate story she had told Mary. Once Mary had made everything official they were given chambers next to hers and even borrowed two of her dresses till theirs were done. Mary said that they should keep to their rooms for the rest of the day until they were feeling well rested. She explained that with the Prince of Portugal being there to negotiate a trade deal would have everyone engaged and that they could make their appearance at the boating party that night. She also introduced them to her other ladies' maids Greer, Kenna, Lola and Ailee. Once Mary left them Shaina asked to hear about their stay at French court so far and what was happening with everyone. Sophia smiled at Shaina's plan. She wanted to know what was going on, so they would know what they were in for. They found out that things were similar to what they had seen except that Kenna seemed to be in love with someone back in Scotland and so Sophia assumed something had happened and she wasn't having an affair with the king.

Shaina sighed as the girls left to get run some errands for the boating party. "So, we have learned that things are still the same with Mary and Francis and everything with Lola and Colin have already happened. I think that we must be in the middle of the events of the first season. I remember reading about a Prince Tomas in the next episode's summary. I also know that unless we changed it somehow Francis will die young though." she said sadly. Sophia sighed. "Woah spoiler alert! Anyway, who knows maybe that's why we are here. We don't actually know what happens later and maybe the little you do know can help us." Shaina nodded. "I hope so. Now let's hope our dresses come before tonight's boating party. I want to make an entrance worthy of any Princess." They both fell into a fit of giggles and started making plans for the party.

Bash was dreading having to make an appearance at the boating party later, but when Francis told him of the two girls that Tomas had found he decided to go and see what all the servants were gossiping about. Some said their story was true and others said they could be spies for the pagans who sacrificed in the woods or even England. Bash hoped the rumors didn't spread outside of the castle and he decided to take care of that as soon as he could. He hoped something could take his mind off of Mary. He knew that even if she didn't marry Francis she would marry someone who could help her kingdom. He just hoped Tomas would decide on the deal and make his way back to Portugal. Bash had an uneasy feeling about him and he didn't like it.

Francis got dressed for the boating party as he mulled over his plan. He didn't want to let Mary down, so he had one last chance to convince his father to change his mind and send troops. He felt like he was letting his heart get too involved, but he couldn't help it. He was falling in love with Mary and though he didn't say it he did want to marry her. They just had to wait for the right time. He put the last of his outfit on and headed for the grass by the lakeside. Time to follow his heart.