Chapter 3: Pirates Ahoy!

When Jack opened his eyes, things had definitely changed. He could hear seagulls calling, and waves crashing on the shore.

He looked around. Everyone else had their eyes shut still, but seemed to be stirring.

Harry surprisingly looked a little green.

Jack stood up and walked to the window and looked out. They were on the island from the book and, yep, there was a pirate ship off the coast.

"Jack," Annie said, "Do you see anything?"

"Yeah, I see a pirate ship and something else out in the waves, I can't tell what it is, maybe a log or something, but it looks like it is getting closer to shore."

Harry walked over to take a look. "I can't tell what it is from here either, and my spyglass is in my trunk."

Stephen then stood up with a groan, trying to maintain his balance. His eyes were shut and mouth closed tight. He reached into a pocket on his pants and pulled out a small collapsible spyglass and handed it to Harry.

"Here," he said. He then leaned out the other window to try and calm his stomach.

Harry took the spyglass and tried to make out the shape that Jack had seen. He mentally cursed.

It was a rowboat and it had three pirates in it. Harry could make out that one of the pirates had an eyepatch and seemed to be the captain.

"Great," he muttered, Jack and Annie looked at him curiously, "It's a rowboat, and there are three pirates in it, one of which looks like the captain and he's definitely wearing an eyepatch."

Both paled as Harry turned to his buddy, "What do you suggest Stephen?"

"Let them land, I have a slingshot and some pebbles. You pelt them with the pebbles to keep them occupied and angry and I'll go dart the captain. On land and without their captain, most pirates were cowards. They won't know what to do. They'll probably row back to their ship to get help which should allow us to sneak onto the ship, get the medallion and scram. The darts will only last about half an hour so we need to move quickly."

"Ninja," Harry muttered, causing Jack to ask, "You're training to be a ninja?!" and Annie to look at Stephen wide-eyed.

This caused Stephen to take his slingshot and rap Harry on the head with it.

"No, I'm not. That's Flitwick, Harry. You know that. Here," he handed Harry the slingshot and pebbles, "I'll go get into position and be spotter, you keep 'em busy. I'll rap on the roof when they are in range."

With that he slipped out the window and onto the backside of the roof.

Once Stephen was gone, Jack asked, "I thought you both planned what we would do together, Stephen seemed to just tell you what to do. Why?"

Harry chuckled and looked out the window. The pirates had landed and were combing the beach.

Peanuts had hopped up onto the sill to see what was going on.

Harry spoke quietly, "We had planned out what to do once we got onto the ship. Everything we do there is by the plan the two of us formed. This is completely spur of the moment. Stephen's good at that, however, dealing with trouble head on and such is my strength. Don't forget that although he doesn't show it, Stephen still is a frightened boy not much older than you, Jack, and he is carrying a lot of pain and sadness. I as well have my own problems that you cannot help that much with as the two of you are still very young. Our problems require adults, which is part of the reason your parents keep an eye on us. We both are very grateful for that, but need to either find our missing parent in Stephen's case or find someone who can help me fully with mine."

Jack nodded in understanding, as Annie embraced the elder green-eyed boy.

Peanuts had not heard this exchange as the sounds of the waves and birds calling had drowned out Harry's voice.

Just then a voice was heard from the shore, "Capt'n Bones, look! It's a house in the trees! Maybe thar be treasure!"

"I go first Pinky, I be the Captain!" Jack quickly looked up.

"Uh oh," he said, "Here come the pirates."

Harry drew his invisibility cloak from his pocket and told Jack and Annie to crouch down so they wouldn't be seen. Peanuts hopped down and scurried into Annie's open hand. Everyone held still as the pirates drew near.

Then they heard eight raps. Harry immediately translated this code. Start shooting, bounce rocks, get them spread out.

Harry took aim and shot, bouncing a rock off of a nearby tree, hitting the boot of one of the pirates.

The pirate in question seemed to ignore this, however, the one who appeared to be the captain suddenly told the others, "Spread out and cut off any escape routes. If there is anyone in thar, we'll get 'em for sure. I'll go around the back. Wait until I give tha word to start shootin or I'll lock ye in tha brig."

"Aye, aye Capt'n Bones!"

The three pirates spread out the captain going around the back of the palm trees the tree house was in.

Jack could hear a slight shifting on the roof as Stephen moved about to take aim. Everything seemed to go silent.

Then the apparent Captain Bones shouted, "Ready, aim…," the pirates cocked and aimed their pistols, then Jack heard, or thought he heard a slight sound, like the wind, "Ow!"

Stephen had struck dead on with a sleeping dart. The other two pirates that Harry could see almost dropped their pistols.

"Capt'n Bones!" one of them shouted, "Be ye fine?!"

"Be silent Stinky, I be fine, just be a tiny splinter I..," the captain trailed off as Jack, Annie, Harry and Peanuts heard a thud, and then multiple crashes as though a large body had fallen over and rolled down a hill.

"Capt'n Bones?" the one called Stinky asked, "Capt'n Bones?! Pinky! Somethin's happen'd to th' Capt'n!"

Harry saw both pirates vanish and could hear them crashing through the underbrush. Up above, Stephen was smiling.

He slid back into the tree house and dropped the rope ladder to the ground. "They'll be a bit. Their captain rolled down a hill and it's probably going to take them a good ten minutes to get him back to the boat."

Harry unfolded his cloak, "Hopefully it will be big enough for the four of us," he said looking at the silvery cloak.

"What's that?" questioned ever curious Annie.

"My father's invisibility cloak, now let's hurry and get to that rowboat," said Harry. The four children plus the mouse scurried down the ladder, Stephen and Harry going first to stay on lookout.

Harry turned toward to mouse. "Peanuts, keep an ear out for those pirates. We don't want them spotting us."

Peanuts squeaked and nodded.

"Let's move," Stephen said, looking around. All five took off.

As they headed down to the rowboat, Harry remarked to Stephen, "I wonder in Captain Bones back there is any relation of Susan Bones or her Aunt?"

Stephen chuckled, "That would be amusing. The head of the British Magical Law Enforcement, and renowned upholder of the law, being related to a lawbreaker like that?!"

(Elsewhere, in Britain and in a completely different time, a greying red-haired woman sneezed as she was reading reports; Someone must be talking about great-great uncle Bones the pirate, she thought, then a commotion outside her office was heard. She rolled her eyes and went outside her office, "Delores," she snapped, "Out, I will not have you harassing my aurors!")

Harry started laughing at that, then stopped as Peanuts started squeaking. They hurried to the rowboat and boosted Jack and Annie up and then climbed in.

The children hunkered down in one end of the boat and Harry spread his father's cloak over them with him and Stephen holding down the sides of it to prevent any possibility of moving it.

They then heard footsteps in the sand. The pirates were back!

"Stinky we need to hurry up! Ye know that the Capt'n be meaner than 'e already is when he wakes up!"

"I know that Pinky, but Capt'n be heavy. Look! There's the boat! Signal the ship to move just off the reef. It will take us less time to row back."

In enough time, the pirates apparently loaded their sleeping captain onto the boat and cast-off rowing as hard as they could to get back to their ship.

Soon the rowboat bumped against something much larger and the four children plus mouse could hear the pirate who they now knew to be Stinky shout, "Ahoy there, mateys! Send down some lines, the Captain's been knocked out. Mister Cotton, open the door to the Captain's cabin so we can carry him in there."

Just then, two thuds were heard and then the boat started rising just after. Soon enough the rowboat was hauled on to the deck of the ship.

The pirates were heard running around to help their captain.

Harry peaked over the side of the rowboat and seeing the pirates were all clustered around their captain, motioned the others to follow, but to stay hidden.

Once all four children and Peanuts were hidden behind some barrels of what smelled like fish on deck, Jack, wanting to know how much longer they had until the captain woke up, whispered to Stephen, "How much longer do we have?"

Stephen quickly calculated, and then whispered back, "Five minutes, max." Jack and Annie both gulped.

Harry peaked around the barrels and seeing that the coast was clear, said, "Let's go. The open door just up these stairs are where we need to go, judging by what I can see of the interior."

The four quickly slipped up the stairs and into the cabin, while unknown to them or the pirates on deck a small fire had started below near a few certain kinds of barrel.

Once inside, they easily spotted where the medallion would be and moved quickly over to where the captain kept his portion of the treasure, but before they could look for the medallion, they heard footsteps on the stairs and froze.

Suddenly three pirates carrying their sleeping captain entered and laid him on a bunk at the back of the cabin and quickly left.

The children breathed a quiet sigh of relief, then began to look for the medallion. Four minutes later and they hadn't found it.

That is until Annie noticed a small treasure chest on a table underneath a tiger's pelt. "I bet it is in there!" she whispered excitedly and quickly ran over to look.

Annie was just tall enough to reach up, open the lid, and grab the familiar shape of the last of the four medallions and pull her hand out. Suddenly the lid on the treasure chest slammed shut as the boat rocked in the waves and Captain Bones stirred.

Annie darted back to the safety of the cloak and everyone moved quickly to the closed door.

Bones stood up and grumbled to himself and went over to the small chest. He opened it and his one eye widened.

"My medallion, where is my medallion?!" he raged. Then he stormed over to the closed door, threw it open with a bang and rushed outside with a yell, "Which one of you thieving varmints took my medallion?!"

The four children quickly snuck out and down to the rowboat. Jack looked over the side.

"How do we get back to the tree house?" he whispered.

"We swim," Harry replied.

"Swim!" said Annie, "Jack and I can't swim that far!"

"We'll help you," Stephen said.

Just then a group of pirates rushed onto the deck, yelling, "Capt'n Bones! Capt'n Bones! There's a fire below near the powder and we can't put it out!"

"What?!" Bones roared, "Why can't you put it out you maggots?!"

Just then an explosion was heard from below and pirates started jumping over the sides. "That's not good," Harry said as he stuffed his invisibility cloak into his pocket, seeing as the pirates were now distracted.

Before anyone among the five could say or squeak anything, multiple explosions ripped through the ship, sending the four children and Peanuts flying off of the pirate ship and wood shrapnel through the air and causing the medallion to break as a piece of shrapnel hit it.

Harry and Stephen were sent careening for the shore and the tree house, with Stephen slowing down just enough to slam gently (if such a phrase can be used) into the palm tree that the tree house was in partially dislocating his right shoulder.

Harry's magic reacted and slowed him down enough to land safely on the sand next to the tree house and he was able to quickly recover.

He ran over shouting, "Stephen are you alright?" and helping Stephen, who replied that he was perfectly fine except for partially dislocating his shoulder, put his right shoulder back into place and begin to climb up the ladder as what seemed to be a firework show lit up the sky near the quickly sinking pirate ship.

Jack, Annie, and Peanuts weren't so lucky. They got flung up into the air with the wood shrapnel.

As they spun in midair, the pieces last of the medallions flew from Annie's hands, joined together and began to glow golden.

Then the Medal Book flew out of Jack's backpack and the last medallion flew into its slot with a ringing sound and all three beings seemed to right themselves in midair.

Then the four medallions brought about a miracle.