Chapter 5: Homes

In another land; the tree house is sitting in an oak with mountains and a castle in the distance.

"Morgan! You've returned! Thank heavens!" a man's voice called out. "You're alright!" came the voice of another.

A crowd of people dressed in medieval clothes were standing at the base of the tree house. Two young children were in this crowd. One was a brown-haired green-blue eyed boy with a light blue cloak over his clothes and the other was a brown eyed, black haired girl wearing a dark blue cloak over her clothes and both cloaks were pinned with a golden bird. Both children shared a look, giggling.

Later on, Morgan was walking through her library with the medal book in hand. Suddenly a breeze filled with green leaves blew by her and swirled about under an overhang at the bottom of the large M-shaped bookshelves at the center of her library, reforming into the shape of an old man, with long white hair and a long white beard, wearing dark purple star covered robes and a tall pointy hat the same color with the same stars. This was Merlin.

"Welcome back, Morgan," the wizard said, cocking his head to the side.

"You know, Merlin," Morgan said. She was standing about six paces from the wizard. "What is it?" he asked.

"I learned this from Jack, Annie and their two friends. Children are bundles of possibilities." She smiled slightly and continued, "If I used my magic to help them out, their adventure would've turned out differently."

Merlin chuckled at this. "I'm glad you understand. Children constantly surpass their limits and become new people," Merlin said.

"Indeed," Morgan said, letting her irritation with the old wizard show slightly, "However," then she showed that instead of being irritated with the wizard, she's mad at him.

Merlin flinched.

Morgan glared at the old man, "Don't you think what you did was a little too rude?!" Merlin panicked, "M-Morgan! Now wait just a moment!"

Morgan's hair seemed to darken as she closed her eyes and clenched her jaw in anger as the medal book glowed with a golden light and its pages turned rapidly. Morgan's hair seemed to move in an unseen breeze.

Merlin glowed blue and vanished. She then used her magical powers to place the medal book out of reach. Morgan turned around and left the library, "Now I must find my dear brother," she muttered to herself.

Morgan went to find a servant to inform her brother that she wanted to have a little talk, now. She walked out of her library looking for a completely unprepared King Arthur.

Unbeknownst to Morgan, however, the ends of her hair were starting to turn completely black. Luckily for the servants of Camelot, Morgan found her unprepared brother before she could find a servant.

He was in the hall of the round table going through the one thing that no one ever told the king that he would have to deal with: paperwork. He sighed and stretched, having been reading through arguments and petitions since ten that morning and it was now noon.

Suddenly he heard a shout of, "Arthur Pendragon! Where are you?!" and he shivered in fear. He knew that voice. It was Morgan. His wife Queen Guinevere stepped out of a side room.

"What did you do to anger your sister, Arthur?" the queen asked. "Nothing, I think. Merlin probably did something and she probably wants permission to curse him," the Once and Future king said.

Guinevere rolled her eyes, "It is possible. Those two seem to enjoy cursing the life out of each other."

King Arthur then realized something, "She hasn't been that angry since the day she lost her son and Merlin had me forbid her from going after him. It has been almost eight years now," the king noted sadly, remembering the loss of his youngest nephew and how utterly distressed his sister was, to the point where her own magic changed her due to her pain and it hadn't changed her back.

Queen Guinevere looked back on the changes that Morgan le Fay had undergone since that day. It took a lot more to make her laugh now, and she was now always ready with a spell when the knights would make their, "Dark Witch of Camelot," jokes when before, even after her husband died, she would just laugh in amusement or turn their swords into roses.

The spells were a lot harsher now, usually sending the person in question running for the nearest chamber pot or yelping in pain. Now, the only things that would make her smile would be the messes that her two apprentices, Teddy and Kathleen would get into.

"Arthur Pendragon! I am not in the mood to play your childish games of Run from Your Sister and Hide! Where are you?!" Guinevere shared a glance with her husband. Both the King and Queen did not want to deal with an even angrier Morgan, that never ended well.

Queen Guinevere sighed, "I'll go and get her." The queen of Camelot quickly walked to the doors of the hall of the round table and went outside into the corridors of Camelot Castle.

Luckily, or unluckily depending on who you were, Morgan was passing by at that moment.

"Morgan!" Queen Guinevere called gently. The angry Morgan stopped and turned to look at the queen.

The enchantress composed herself, "Guinevere," she said calmly, hiding her emotions well. This was another thing that had changed about Morgan. She didn't show her true emotions around many people these days. "Where is Arthur?" the sorceress asked of the Queen of Camelot. "In here," Guinevere said, holding the door for the other woman.

Both women entered the hall. Queen Guinevere quickly sent a serving boy for some wine for her sister-in-law and husband as Morgan stormed up to him, her green eyes flashing dangerously with unknown magical spells.

Arthur spoke first, knowing it would be best to calm down his enchantress sister first. Arguments with her angry were always dangerous.

"Morgan, please, sit down, calm yourself and drink something first. Whatever Merlin did this time can wait, and no you may not turn him into a bird for the rest of his life." Morgan sat down, knowing that Arthur would not listen until she did so.

Morgan's eyes glinted dangerously, and her lips curled into an evil smile. "I've already dealt with Merlin, Arthur," her tone and smile reminding Arthur that there was a time in her teenage years where she wasn't nicknamed "The evil Dark Witch of Camelot," for nothing. She waved here hand and a small orb appeared with something inside. Arthur looked closely at it.

"Morgan!" he said, "There was no need to turn him into a mouse! Release him, now!" Morgan simply left the white bearded mouse where it was. "He returns to his human form in a week, Arthur. You will not change my mind on this. Unless you would like to spend the next two days as a frog as you did when we were teenagers?"

The king flinched.

Morgan started laughing, however, this was the same wicked laugh she had in her troublesome teenage years. Arthur shivered and thought to himself, the sooner Morgan drinks some wine the better.

Luckily, the servant Queen Guinevere had sent reappeared with two goblets of wine for the King and Morgan. Guinevere waved the servant away, telling him to avoid the hall for the next little while as sensitive topics were being discussed.

The servant scurried away, not wanting to see where this talk would go. Arthur slowly drunk some wine, keeping a careful eye on his sister while doing so, making sure she drank enough of the wine to actually calm down.

After a period of about five minutes, the rage and dangerous glint in Morgan's eyes vanished. It was then that King Arthur spoke. "What did you wish to discuss, Morgan? It mustn't be Merlin, as you have apparently already dealt with him."

Morgan looked her half-brother right in the eyes, and held her gaze for a minute before answering. "I am looking for answers Arthur. Answers that pertain to someone I met during Merlin's latest…. joke."

Arthur looked confused, "I have heard your tale already, Morgan. While what the two children did was remarkable, I don't believe they are the reason you came to speak with me."

Morgan inclined her head in acknowledgement. "Indeed, Arthur. You are correct on that point. It was two others, whose involvement in that adventure that caught my attention." Arthur raised an eyebrow and Guinevere sat down.

"Go on," the king said. Morgan le Fay shot him a look, but she continued nonetheless. "Two boys, both are thirteen, almost fourteen." She told a sip of the wine, "Both had black hair, and the oddest of eyes. One had emerald green eyes and a strange scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on his forehead and the other…," Morgan trailed off. "Morgan?" Guinevere asked.

The enchantress took a deep breath. "The other had blue eyes. The same blue eyes as my son. He seemed so familiar to me, but all my memories of him are completely inaccessible. I only remember bits and pieces, like his hair color and eyes, that's it! Did you have Merlin wipe my memory, Arthur?!" Morgan's voice slowly rose while she was speaking. The dangerous glint reappeared in her eyes.

Arthur quickly replied as Guinevere gasped at the very possibility that her youngest nephew might still be alive, "No, Morgan! I would never have suggested such a thing to Merlin! However, it is possible that your magic might have done that on its own. Didn't you once tell me that magic is almost alive? Although Merlin might have done it on his own."

At this, Morgan froze. "It is not alive, Arthur. Magic isn't self-aware. I was trying to explain that magic reacts to the emotions of the practitioner and…," Arthur snapped his fingers, saying, "Morgan. Focus."

Morgan blinked, realizing that she had fallen into her mentor role. "No, it is not possible. Not to one's self. That form of magic must be cast or done through a potion and potions are extremely obvious."

Arthur sighed, "Then the only explanation would be that Merlin did it of his own volition." Morgan's eyes hardened. "Morgan, listen. As much as Merlin loves to antagonize you he does care in his own way. You were absolutely miserable after your son vanished and everyone was concerned. Merlin might have done that to try and spare you the pain."

Her eyes softened a little as Arthur continued, "The only way to find out would be to ask him yourself, and at the moment, he's a mouse."

Morgan sighed. "The memories are slowly returning to me, Arthur," the sorceress admitted, "However, if that boy is my son, there is no guarantee that his will do the same." Arthur looked at the mouse pointedly.

Camelot's resident enchantress floated the mouse over to her and picked him up by the back of the neck, "Merlin," she said, "Is what Arthur is suggesting true." The mouse nodded its head rapidly, squeaking. The sorceress sighed, "Alright, I will let you off this time. However!"

The mouse froze. "You are still going to remain as a mouse for one week for your latest joke. I will keep you away from Teddy and Kathleen. I had originally planned on giving you to them to practice with."

The white bearded mouse squirmed, knowing that both apprentices' spells had a habit of not working correctly the first few times. Teddy's especially.

Morgan smirked. "Begone," she said, and the rodent vanished. Arthur then questioned,

"What else makes you so sure that this boy might be your son, Morgan." She looked at him, reached into her hidden pocket and pulled out the gold and amethyst ring, and held it out. "This is," she said.

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere stared at the ring. "My God," the king whispered, "That's his ring."

"Yes," Morgan said, putting the precious object away. She stood up to leave and organize her library.

"Morgan," the king's voice was heard as she turned to leave. She looked back. "You have my permission to take in the second boy if you so wish. Bring your son home." Morgan simply said, "Thank you, Arthur," and she left, walking briskly down the halls of Camelot Castle.

As she entered her library to begin to organize her hidden library of spellbooks, she heard the pitter-patter of little shoed feet. "Mistress Morgan!" Two voices cried. It was her two apprentices, Teddy and Kathleen. "Mistress Morgan," they said, "We were worried!" The embraced her.

Meanwhile, back in Frog Creek-

Stephen woke up with a sore head. "Dude, you look like you got hit with a steamroller, or a bludger from one of the twins."

Stephen picked himself up, they were in the tree house, there were no pirates, no strange woman, and no Peanuts. However, there was Jack, Annie, and Harry.

Harry was grinning at him.

"Oh, be quiet Harry. What happened and who was that strange woman?"

Jack answered the first part, "Well, Harry says that your foresight hijacked you and that you spouted of some sort of prophecy and," and Annie finished as Harry helped him get to the window, "the woman was Miss Morgan!"

Harry clarified to a confused Stephen, "The woman was Morgan le Fay." Stephen's eyes widened as the lightning started to return to his eyes, "That was her?! Geez. Of course, I had an attack of foresight. Tell me about it later. Let's go home."

He climbed down the ladder and the others followed. As they were leaving the woods, Stephen remembered something that Jack and Annie's mother had told him and Harry. "So, Jack," he said, with a mischievous look in his eye, "Your mother tells me that you're going to be in a play that is going to be put on in a few days before you get out for the summer, are you nervous?"

Jack blushed. "N-no, I'm not nervous," he said. Stephen laughed along with Harry as both thirteen, almost fourteen-year-olds knew the eight-year-old too well.

Stephen suddenly turned serious, "I wish you all the luck, Jack. I'll be there through part of it, but I have a business meeting at the same time that was decided upon months ago, so I cannot stay through the entire play. Harry, however, can, and will be staying the entire time. Now you and Annie run along ahead and tell your parents we'll be there soon. Harry and I need to talk about big boy stuff."

Annie protested, "But Stephen," "No, Annie," Harry interrupted her, "Go on ahead."

Annie pouted but acquiesced and ran on ahead, Jack not too far behind as he was slightly embarrassed about Stephen finding out.

Harry slowed down his pace and glanced at his almost brother. "Ok, Stephen," he asked. "What is it?" The reply stunned him.

"My memories are coming back, Harry." Harry sucked in a breath, as Stephen continued, "That woman's voice helped repair some of the fragments. While I still don't have a clear picture, I can still make something's out. My mother had magical powers, I know that now, and a half-brother named Arthur and a sister-in-law. Both those people seemed to be dressed in very fine and expensive clothing similar to the robes you have to wear for school as did my mother. I cannot make out the colors of my mother's robes, but I can clearly make out a brooch. It is gold, and in the shape of a raven I believe. Aside from that nothing else. However, on the prophecy, what exactly did I say?"

Harry shook his head to clear it of the astonishment of Stephen's memories returning, then answered, word for word what Stephen had foreseen.

Stephen groaned, "Damn it! Great, now that I have to send in with my report of the school year. Stephen continued, "And I have to call Hammond to send the two eggs over."

Harry winced. That was never fun and Hermione would be having a fit. Harry then asked, "Stephen, what are you going to tell Jack and Annie's parents?" "About the meeting? What I can. About the prophecy thing. Everything. The memories I will keep to myself, except to let them know that I am getting closer."

Stephen caught the sadness in Harry's eyes, "If I do find my mother, Harry, I am not leaving you behind, that is not an option. Got it, you knucklehead?" With this, Stephen got Harry in a headlock, and gave him a knuckle sandwich.

Harry squirmed and shouted for Stephen to, "Let me go!" Stephen eventually did and took off; racing after Jack and Annie. Harry wasn't too far behind. Once they got to Jack and Annie's house, they went inside, where dinner was ready.

After dinner, Stephen was sitting on the porch watching the sun set. Jack and Annie's parents came out with Harry. The younger children were finishing up their last homework assignments. "Stephen," Jack and Annie's mother said, "Harry says something happened today?" Stephen told the adults the details he had already decided to talk about.

After he had finished, Jack's father, William asked, "Should we contact that magical law enforcement officer? Cooperson?" Stephen and Harry shared a glance, "Yes sir, that would probably be the best thing to do. They might be able to provide some assistance on with whatever happens."

Jack's mother, Elizabeth, smiled, "Alright you two, time to get to the backyard. Annie will want to catch fireflies before bed and the two of you have to set up your hammocks." Both parents went inside as Harry and Stephen stood up.

The emerald eyed boy looked at his lightning blue eyed friend, "I am worried about the eaters of death part, Stephen. That doesn't sound good."

Stephen nodded as both boys walked through the house into the backyard, "Indeed it doesn't. Luckily your headmaster doesn't control the laws over here. Those who terrorize the innocent need to be punished harshly."

The boys grabbed their hammocks and set them up as Annie and Jack came outside to catch the first fireflies of the summer, the elder boys laughing as their younger friends ran around trying to catch the quick moving bugs not knowing that when Harry had given Morgan the ring, Stephen had accidentally slipped the letter from McGonagall in with it.

In Camelot Castle-

Morgan le Fay was turning in for the night. Luckily for her, her spellbooks hadn't been touched, especially some of the more dangerous ones. As she sat down to brush her hair before bed, she heard something that sounded like parchment rustling and it was coming from her pocket.

She reached in and pulled it out. It looked like a letter. She read what was on the thick parchment. It seemed to be a letter requesting a tutor for on Harry James Potter on the topic of potion-making.

Morgan smiled to herself; one that would make most sane people run for the hills. Oh, she would help the young man, and also change their entire outlook on potions. This Severus Snape would have to watch his footsteps as she did not tolerate any kind of sabotage or misbehavior.

Morgan reached for a quill pen and signed her name then laid the parchment on her dressing table. She then changed into her nightgown, got into bed and blew out the last candle. Hopefully in the morning things would be back to normal.

The next day, Frog Creek-

The day after they returned, Stephen and Harry had to send in their reports, including the fact that Stephen had another foresight hijack.

Then Stephen had to call John Hammond to get the eggs sent over. Hammond had made him his heir for his company and theme park and one of his employees was Harry and Stephen's long-distance science teacher. Dr. Henry Wu. Called by his students and coworkers, the Mad Scientist.

Hammond groaned at the potential for another prophecy to unfold and then Stephen said something that only Harry and Annie were privileged to hear. "Mr. Hammond, sir," Stephen said.

"Stephen, how many times have I asked both you and Harry to call me John?" Hammond laughed. "Too many John. However, before you sign anything with Masrani or anyone else for the creation of your theme park, make sure there are three conditions that must be followed and a request," Stephen seemed to have gotten a glimpse of the future.

John Hammond raised an eyebrow, "What are those conditions, my boy? Simon has already privately agreed with me that he will run the park until you are of age and then hand everything to you, Harry and any potential spouses," Harry chuckled to himself knowing that any conditions of Stephen's would be not for him, but for everybody.

"They are simple, sir. Condition the first: That there shall not be, under any circumstance, a creation of a hybrid."

Hammond quickly wrote that down, "I can agree with you there, my dear boy. There is absolutely no need to create anything that did not come from nature. There is no need to create something that never existed. I can guess condition #2. That there shall be no attempts by either Ingen or Masrani to weaponize the creatures?"

They were saying creatures because Annie was around. Jack was at his dress rehearsal. "Yes, although it should be written as, attempts by anyone. It is for the safety of the soldiers and civilians. Should a handler die in combat, the creatures may eat anyone else around them. We already know that unless they are bonded, they are not really safe for anyone."

"I definitely agree. That is definitely a condition that will stay and I believe the Ingen board will agree with you on that point. We should add that all equipment and procedures to clone the creatures is now patented. And the third?" John asked. "The third is one that Harry suggested awhile back. Under no circumstance should anyone ever consider the creatures to be merely assets, or numbers on paper. The person who looks at them as merely assets should be required to shovel dung for the next week."

Hammond chuckled deeply, "That is a condition that will certainly help with a lot of things. The request?"

Harry answered this one, "Sir, this is a request that has three parts and took many days of talking it over between Stephen and I to finalize it. That our bonded familiars, when they hatch, be allowed to stroll along the streets of the park for children of all ages to get a personal, up close encounter with the creatures, hands-on as you would say, with a predator. The second is that when adding new exhibits, that children with decent knowledge of the creatures be asked instead of focus groups. The third is that Isla Sorna, now that it has been wiped clean, become a private sanctuary for the corporation heads, their families, the head scientist and handlers and any potential familiars and if Isla Nublar's volcano erupts, that plans be put aside to help convert a part of Sorna to a new park."

Hammond breathed deeply and replied, "You both have a rather interesting ability to look out for not only the welfare of yourselves, but for others and into the future. That request I and the Ingen board have already discussed and have agreed upon as well as the possibility that the creatures be added to the CITES and ESA. I will have the eggs sent out this evening and you will receive them in three days at the latest. Simon will heavily agree with these conditions and I know Henry was part of the decision process. And on the prophecy, I will have her on standby nearby on the base with her handler with the eggs. Thank you both. Good night."

With that the phone call ended. Annie asked, "What was that about?" with wide blue eyes. Harry shared a look with Stephen, then answered, "What we are about to tell you cannot be told to anyone except Jack. Do you understand?"

Annie nodded.

Harry pulled something from his pocket. It was a pamphlet. In Dark Blue it read, Jurassic World, coming next summer. It was a year out of date.

Annie's eyes widened, and she said, "Mom said that it was just robots and rides, like your normal theme park."

Stephen and Harry both chuckled, "Nope, small fry. They are real. The T-rex, Rexy is her name; is quite fine with being around her handler, Hammond and the two of us. As long as one of us is around, you'll be safe. She's just a little ornery," Harry said.

"She's the only original dinosaur from the first attempt which was never made public due to safety, well aside from the Spinosaurus, but he died not long ago. The other dinosaurs should just be getting to adulthood now."

Annie nodded and hearing her mother pull into the driveway, went to tell Jack. Needless to say, Jack wasn't too happy until the elder boys explained.

Three days later, last day of school-

"Oh! Romeo of House Montague! If my kinsmen see you, your life will be naught! Please do leave immediately!"

This was Jack's classmate, Tracy. The play they were putting on for the end of the year was Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Tracy, the lucky girl, had been voted to play Juliet.

Then a boy spoke. "I am afraid of nothing. My feelings for you shall remain unchanged. Oh, Juliet. Please! Grant unto me a token of your love. Exchange a vow of your faithful love for mine!"

Jack had been the lucky boy to be picked to play the part of Romeo. He wasn't nervous about acting, this wasn't so bad.

Jack's father, William, and mother, Elizabeth were in the audience with Annie and Harry. Stephen had just left for his meeting.

He also had received a call. An hour and a half later, Jack was leaving the school building, having just said goodbye to Tracy when his parents, Annie, and Harry walked up.

"So, Jack," his father said, "It seems you have a talent in acting." Jack's mother, Elizabeth added, "We're having cake and ice cream tonight to celebrate."

"Yay!" shouted Annie, and Harry ruffled Jack's brown hair. Elizabeth turned to her husband, "And we'll open a bottle of wine too?"

William chuckled, "Yes," and as they turned away a car drove up. Stephen hopped out and he was smiling and holding a packet of paperwork.

"Stephen," Elizabeth called as the car drove off, "How did the meeting go?" "As smooth as can be. All conditions were agreed upon by everyone and the legal documents have been signed. The transfer of ownership will happen soon. Mr. Hammond has just been informed by his doctor that his cancer is in complete remission. In three weeks' time, Jurassic World opens." William looked surprised.

"That's a lot of work for a bunch of rides and beaches on an island off the coast of Costa Rica." Stephen chuckled, "In a few hours, sir, you may be changing that opinion. Mr. Hammond said after the meeting that he would be stopping by to see that somethings that he couldn't bring to the meeting were transferred to Harry and I."

William and Elizabeth laughed, and started to walk home. Stephen wandered over to Jack where Harry was teasing him for blushing after talking with Tracy.

"Harry," Stephen scolded, "That's enough." Harry stopped as Annie ran over. "Jack, Harry, Stephen," she said. The boys looked at the little blonde girl.

"How do you think Miss Morgan is doing?" Jack smiled, as the elder boys shared a look. Stephen hadn't fully regained his memories.

"I think she's doing fine. She's probably defeated the magician who turned her into a mouse and right now...," Stephen looked down at his pocket watch, then interrupted Jack. "Jack, Annie we need to get going. Hammond will be by soon." Harry paled and both boys reached down and lifted a little kid each and took off.

Ten minutes later, the four were at the house and cleaned up but Harry and Stephen's hair seemed to be a complete mess however. They had made it just in time.

Hammonds car was pulling onto the street now. Jack and Annie stood with their parents and the two elder boys stood in front.

The car stopped and Hammond slowly got out with the assistance of, to the surprise of Harry and Stephen, Henry Wu. Hammond walked up, with Wu wheeling a large insulated crate and incubator bags. These were designed specifically for this purpose. Hammond walked up the stairs greeting everybody.

Then all four sat down. Hammond explained the truth of the park to the amazement and wonder of William and Elizabeth.

Wu chipped in, "Without these two fine young men, Mr. Hammond's dream would not have become a reality. They are also among the brightest students I have ever taught. You both should be proud."

Hammond then said, "I agree with Henry. These two boys, in the short time I have known them, have saved my dream by making suggestions that should be so obvious that they shouldn't have had to be suggested. They saved my company so much and pushed for the welfare of all, not just themselves. I have already made them my heirs to not only my company, but Jurassic World as well. When they come of age, they will never have to worry about anything, and if I know these two at all, neither will your children."

Elizabeth gasped. William's eyes widened, and Jack and Annie stared.

Hammond continued, "Boys, we got incredibly lucky today. CITES and ESA now cover all current and all future dinosaurs to ever live in the park. I believe Henry has the next honor." Wu laughed, "I think we both can share that John. Boys, meet your soon to be familiars."

With that, Wu opened the crate and handed to bags to Stephen and Harry. When William and Elizabeth got a clear look at what was inside, they gasped. Inside were two large eggs. Wu took one out and handed it to John then lifted the other.

"For Stephen," said Hammond, "A Suchomimus tenerensis."

Wu handed the other egg to Harry. "For Harry," Wu said with pride, "a Giganotosaurus carolini." Harry and Stephen both received their eggs gently and slipped them into the bags and closed them.

"Well boys, Henry and I must get going. I will see you both in a few weeks. Rexy will remain nearby on the base with the aurors and her handler. And Stephen, good luck on your quest. If you succeed, make sure you bring your mother."

Hammond got into the car slowly with Wu's assistance. Then they both drove off to the airport. Jack looked stunned.

William and Elizabeth went inside to have a glass of wine. Annie then asked, "Wasn't that part of the prophecy thing Stephen told?" Jack looked at his sister and Stephen and Harry's eyes opened wide. "A place of wonder shall be born," Stephen whispered.

A few days later, Jack, Annie and their parents were in the park having a picnic as it was Memorial Day. They were joined in the park with other families. The main topic of discussion was the new theme park opening in three weeks.

Most of the adults wanted to wait until the fever had died down, however, there were a few members of the city council, who thought that they could bully or intimidate their way into getting a pass to the island of Isla Nublar.

Stephen and Harry had faced much worse and wouldn't bend to pressure. Aurors were patrolling as there had been magical attacks in Boston and Philadelphia.

Auror Cooperson strolled up to where Stephen and Harry were sitting with Jack and Annie. Rexy was hidden nearby. Everyone was on edge when it suddenly happened.

Someone screamed as black smoke rushed down to the ground and masked robed figures appeared shooting curses. "Die you filthy animals," one of them shouted.

The aurors jumped into the fray with a cry of "Kill the Death Eaters."

Unlike in Britain, the American Aurors were deadly.

"Jack. Annie. Guard this," he handed Jack the bag that contained his soon to hatch egg. "Harry," he shouted, and then he saw Harry give his own bag to Annie.

"Harry, keep them safe! Don't follow me into this!"

But Harry would not listen. "Like I'm going to leave you behind. Jack! Keep an eye out for Peanuts!"

They had decided to use the name Peanuts as code for Morgan. Jack nodded as Cooperson stood guard. The auror, who had an Unspeakable friend, knew who they were talking about and had secretly informed William and Elizabeth about Morgan.

The two adults were unhappy with their children until they remembered that they had taught the children to always be willing to help. Elizabeth then had asked the big question. If this Morgan was Stephen's mother as he had been in a better mood of late.

The Unspeakable didn't know, but said it was possible. Stephen and Harry charged in to help get any children out. A few minutes later the children had been evacuated, but there were still adults who were being tortured.

The Death Eaters stood their ground and then their leader caught sight of Harry. "It's Potter!" he shouted. "Crucio!" the Death Eater shouted.

Stephen saw the curse coming for his buddy and moved, taking the painful Cruciatus curse square in the chest.

"Stephen!" Jack and Annie screamed, while their parents held each other close. Harry started to run in to rescue his friend then found he didn't have to do so.

The ground began to tremble as something very large moved their way. The trembling got faster and faster until Rexy burst out of the trees in all of her glory. And fury. With that, the prophecy pretty much completed itself. The creatures once thought gone forever returned and the great lizard raged in fury.

Rexy unleashed a mighty roar and charged straight at the Death Eaters. She wasn't going to eat them, but they didn't know that. They ran. Well, tried to run.

The American aurors were having none of that. They acted immediately. While Rexy chased them down, the aurors stunned them.

Soon after, Rexy's handler came to get her. He took one look at Stephen, who was completely out of it, and into his radio said, "Contact Hammond and the Board as well as Simon Masrani. They need to know what has happened. I hope he has found his missing parent because some serious shit is about to go down when the British ministry finds out what he did to some of their terrorists. Rexy," the Tyrannosaurus looked at her handler, "Let's go. Hammond will want you back on the island to guard the boy."

The T-rex seemed to nod and began to move towards her transport cage. Cooperson moved over to help carry Stephen, "Man," he said, "I hope he can pull through. Some serious shit is about to hit the fan and I don't want to be the one who has to tell his missing mother why her son is in a coma."

"Indeed," a woman's voice was heard as Cooperson brought Stephen over to Harry, Jack, Annie and their parents. Harry, Jack, and Annie's heads shot up and they looked around. Then they gulped. Morgan le Fay was standing in the shade of a tree, and she did not look happy.