...what is this?

...where am I?

...it looks like Skyworld, but it doesn't feel like it...

My wings don't hurt anymore...

Was the curse lifted?

"Hello?" "Anybody hearing me?" "Lady Palutena?" "Pittoo?"


No answer.

Wait...if my wings don't hurt anymore...

I can finally fly on my own.

"Take that, Medusa!"

Feels good.

Feels great.


"Pid? Is that you?"


Who is that? Certainly isn't Lady Palutena.

Black tipped feathers.


Even though I can't remember you, it feels like I haven't seen you in forever.

"I-I thought Medusa murdered you!"

"What are you talking about? I vanquished her."

No way.

This isn't real.

...or was I living a lie?

"I...m-missed you, Momma..."

"I'm not going anywhere."

Hissing. Where is it coming from?


"No no no no no no...NOT AGAIN!"

(Pit's POV)

A clawed hand was the last thing I saw before waking up in a cold sweat. I had frantically looked around to make sure I wasreallyin my room this time. My concerning stare soon met with a pair of emerald eyes.

"GAH! Don't scare me like that, Lady Palutena!"

"I'm terribly sorry, Pit," she sighed, "I was just making sure you were okay..."

"What are you talking about?"

"Sometimes I have nightmares about something happening to you," she sat on the foot of my "bed" (which was a large cloud).

I thought hard about that messed-up dream I just had. "Heh, funny you should mention that..." I picked the black-tipped feather out of my laurel.

"You too?" she asked.

"Sort of. I'm pretty sure I saw my mom-and then Medusa just about murdered her before I woke up-"

"You saw her?!" She grabbed my arms.

"...she had messy, orange hair, didn't she?"

She only asked another question,"Was her tunic light blue?"


She squeezed me tighter than she ever had.

(Palutena's POV)

You have no idea how ecstatic I am to hear those words, Pit. Your simple mind took what little knowledge you had of your mother, combined it with what I had told you, and created a scenario that got you to see her again. Even if it ended bad.

"Your mother would be proud of you for doing what she couldn't."

"Y-you really think so, Lady Palutena?" He began to wrap his arms around me.

"I'm certain of it."

If Tass was still alive, or at least lived to see her son slay Medusa twice, along with the true master of the Underworld, she would've stepped out of retirement and fight alongside her son. If Tass was still alive, Pit could fly on his own. If Tass was still alive, I would've had two champions.

...if Tass was still alive, what would she think of Pittoo?

(No Set POV)

"I'm forever grateful you survived everything thrown at you," Palutena released her grip, "You're a tough little cookie!"

Pit perked up at that last word.

"It's just an expression, Pit." Palutena chuckled, causing Pit to sulk again.

The single black-tipped feather Pit held in his hand had really put him into deep thought. He lived because of his goddess.

"Thanks for keeping me alive," he nuzzled against the goddess's chest.

"...Mama Palutena."