Hey guys, I know you haven't heard from me in a while, because while I was so focused on my books, I completely abandoned this life of mine. So here we have Twilight of the Animorphs, my latest story idea. It's an AU that I feel will be really really good and refreshing for fans of the series! Enjoy.

All throughout the forest the beings flew. Concealed by the cover of night and their distance from human civilization, there were no witnesses, and nobody to get in the way. The beings flitted, darted, and sometimes even smashed against each other above the trees at speeds so fast, no living creature on Earth could duplicate it. The creatures would only be perceived by anyone who was lucky or unlucky enough to witness it as balls of light. There were many combatants, they raced in totally random and chaotic paths like fireworks swirling into the sky then exploding. The beings that were there were divided into two colors, the blue ones were larger and more powerful, they were chasing their enemy who was represented by a lone green light.

Their target was too agile to hit properly with their ranged weapons, and in order to avoid causing damage, they decided to try and ram him.

All over the forest the blue ones chased the lone green light. It swerved and swooped with no discernible destination, only the objective of escape. Dodging the blue lights and narrowly avoiding getting rammed, the fight seemed to be hopelessly in the blue light's favor, as it was forty two against one. The green light then took a massive risk, he dipped below the treeline, losing his pursuers for a few precious moments, smashing though every tree branch in his path, then rose above the branches again in a sharp ascent. The green light turned to the right and smashed into one of the blue lights from underneath, the blue light was shattered by the ramming action. The being was killed almost instantly in a shower of sapphire embers, blue fire consumed all of the pieces that were falling to the ground. There would be barely ashes left by the time the debris hit the forest floor.

The green light fled, the blue lights all pursued their elusive enemy, intent on avenging their comrade. The green light took an elliptical path, far more straight than previously, far more predictable. The rest of the blue lights began to catch up, they were finally able to utilize their superior speed, they got closer and closer. The lone green light continued his curved route, then when they were fifty feet away from him, he dipped below the tree line yet again. The blue lights continued to take chase, this time however, they had discovered their prey had flown into a small canyon.

The blue lights pursued, following the green light as its way of flying once more turned into an erratic pattern meant to dodge enemy fire. The Blue Lights had seemingly won, their foe was trapped, they charged their weapons to maximum firepower moments after entering the canyon.

But they fell right for his trap.

A multitude of large guns designed to take down these kinds of ships opened fire. Many of the blue lights exploded into pieces that were scattered and fell as they dissipated. Nothing left to bury, but nothing left for their enemy to take and reverse engineer. The blue lights tried to rise out of the canyon, but it was too late, they had paid the price for their mistake as the green light's people crowed in victory.

The blue lights that survived the ordeal shot out of the canyon, and the green light rose to meet them, the number of combatants was far smaller now. One, to six, with four of those blue lights wounded. ((It seems you were right,)) The Visser spoke to his opponents with a sneer. ((This was not a fair fight at all! Care to try again? I'll enjoy this far more than you did!)) The green fighter crowed in victory as he finally turned to face his pursuers. He fired the weapon on his ship at the enemy, it was a special craft available only to the morph capable elite of the Andalite military. His was an outdated model, but it could hold it's own against modern Andalite technology, especially with his skill at flying it. He wasn't an Andalite, yet here he was, commanding one, one of the greatest blasphemies possible in the Andalite's eyes.

The warlord circled to the left, putting himself between the Andalite Biocrafts and the human city in the distance, he charged his cannon and before firing. He twirled in the air, a deliberate move that messed up the fighter's evasion calculation computers. A green bolt of energy surged through the night, and the second to last of the undamaged Andalites fighters was destroyed. In response the Biocrafts launched all of their missiles, Visser Three shot at the rockets as they homed on his position. The warlord destroyed them one by one, but there were too many to destroy them all.

The Visser was hit, his ship, which was his morphed body, was wracked by explosions, each one powerful enough to bust open a bunker. ((AAAAAAAAAARRRGH!)) The Warlord bellowed in an absolutely demonic shriek of agony, the telepathic sound of his voice raking the consciousness of every living thing close enough to hear it. It was obvious that the alien had taken considerable damage.

He was bleeding from two massive holes in his port side, but that did not stop him. He turned toward the Andalites and fired all of his weapons, the four wounded fighters did not last long. And that left only one Andalite to stand in the warlord's way.

((THIS ENDS NOW!)) The lone Andalite warrior uttered in his deadliest enemy's head.

The two biocraft charged at each other, dodging their opponent's fire. As the two craft got nearer and nearer to each other, both of them increased in speed. In the end though, both ships rammed headfirst into each other, producing a massive flash of light.

Some hours after the battle, a human wearing a black, tattered, bloodied trench coat was running through the wilderness. He was barefoot, wanting to get as far away as possible from the place he was leaving. He could remember the crowing in his head, how the Abomination laughed as his friends and family were cut down. He came to a road on the freeway and stopped, leaning against a tree he began to slide down. Instead he stood upright, then shone a light on top of the gaping wound in his side and grimaced. What looked like purple obsidian was embedded in him, there was less of that debris stuck in his gut than his pain indicated, though that was of only superficial solace.

I must make it to the mountain, he thought. It's our only chance, he's too powerful.

He then began to try and remove some of the purple shrapnel with a pair of tweezers that he had in his pocket. With the light shining down on him, he moved to remove one particularly large piece of shrapnel. When he grabbed the piece he bit his tongue in an effort to not scream from the pain. The substance began to convulse when it was grabbed, twitching erratically, making the wound in his side all the more worse. He gritted his teeth and pulled out the shard, then it was still, he then started taking gasping breaths, blood leaking from his mouth. He held the shard in front of his face with a clear expression of disgust. The offending item appeared as purple obsidian, but the part that was stuck in him turned into a jagged needle, penetrating him deeper. He produced a container that looked like a pill bottle and dropped the fragment inside there, he shook his head as he wiped his sweat soaked brow.

I can't remove all of those pieces out here, I must reach the mountain first. He then took out a piece of fabric and stuffed it inside the hole in his belly, grimacing all the while doing so. He heard a howl in the distance, unlike anything that belonged on the planet Earth, he shook his head, and a fearful mask appeared on his face. Then he noticed a sound with his sharp hearing, and when he turned he saw the lights on the road he clung tighter to the tree.

They've found me!

But his scanners detected nothing, nothing out of the ordinary, it was just a regular semi truck, at this information the man smiled. He detached himself from the tree and bent his knees. When the truck was almost parallel to him, he ran. It was a sprint, his most powerful burst of speed, fifteen feet traversed in a second, all the while he ignored the agony in his gut.

He landed with barely a sound, letting out a very agonized gasp as he latched on to the back end of the trailer, accidentally breathing in his own blood. The gasp would certainly not be heard in the cabin of the truck, and the quiet coughing wouldn't have been noticed either. He prayed the route the vehicle was going would take him to his destination. It was almost dawn, when he looked he could just barely see the sky beginning to get brighter. Hoping he had lost them, the man held on for dear life to the trailer of the truck, hoping beyond all hope that he would make it there in time.

So, there's the prologue! So, what do you think? Please let me know your thoughts, I'd REALLY love to hear your opinion.