Hybrid in a New World

It was the middle of the night, the clear sky glittered with thousands of stars with a moon that was bright and clear. A single massive castle similar to Russian aesthetics, surrounded by walls, towers both pointed and domed despite a crumbled tower on the right side, topped with jade and gold on the roofs, stood serenely protected in the center of an even larger city. This time with tall regal buildings of a more central European aesthetic, a section that was protected by even higher walls that only the castle stood higher than. Outside of those walls was a sprawling city with various canals for rivers and streets for land transports, homes and businesses, some still lit with the inhabitants awake, others dark for the peaceful rest of the night. A serene picture of the city was destroyed as three figures broke through a section of the castle, heading for the walls surrounding the city.

"Damn it!" A young orange haired teen cursed as he flew further away from the castle, a woman riding on ice and a man cloaked in electricity chasing after him. The teen wore a slim black robe, lined with light blue on the edges and a series of black Xs going down the front to keep it together. On his arms were several bands ending in claw like gloves. Inside those robes was a high collared white shirt with more blue edges, and black pants. On his hip were two katana and a pentacle bracelet with a skull in the center on his wrist. He landed on the wall and was about to jump off the other side when a lightning bolt struck in front of him, revealing a man.

"End of the road," he growled, "you will not threaten the peace here." He was a tall, middle aged man with spiky blonde hair and blue eyes in dark gray armor. On his arms were a pair of golden gauntlets that had piston poles on the forearms that cackled with electricity. Behind the teen was a beautiful woman with long icy blue hair, light gray military apparel, a tattoo on her chest, black crosses on her cap and belt, and a huge rapier blade.

"Is this really a god of death?" She asked, leveling her blade at him. "I'm disappointed, Ichigo Kurosaki." The teen traded looks between the two; never looking concerned, only annoyed. His mind raced back to how he got into this situation.

(Exposition and flashback)

It all went back to that rainy day in July, he was just a kid walking home with his mother. He thought he saw a girl by a raging river and ran to help her, only for it to be a monster known as a Hollow. When that thing attacked, a pillar of light struck his mother and she lost consciousness. Ichigo's powers awakened that day and saved his mother's life, though now she was in a coma. From there, he learned his heritage as a Soul Reaper, a Quincy, a Hollow, and about the villains that threatened existence as he knew it, Aizen and Yhwach.

Desiring to live up to his name as a protector, he trained. Trained in everything he could and become as strong as he possibly could to stop his enemies. Eventually, he made his way to the Soul Society, where the Soul Reapers concentrated their power, and warned their leader, Genryusai Yamamoto of Aizen and Yhwach. Aizen was a captain turned traitor that sought to rule all the afterlife and sacrifice any in order to do so. After a long time of consolidating their forces, Aizen waged a war with Soul Society, ending in Ichigo's victory over the traitor and absorbing his powers. Now only Yhwach remained.

Ichigo continued to train and master everything his masters had to teach him, but he lacked only one thing. Experience. Which brings him to a conversation with the leader of the only group outside of Yamamoto's command, the Zero Squad's Ichibe Hyosube.

"Ichigo, I have a proposition for you lad." The old monk said to Ichigo over the phone. "Answer this, what is a Soul Reaper?" Not thinking too much about it, Ichigo gave the answer that was drilled into his head for years.

"A balancer that safeguards the equilibrium of souls in existence."

"And can you keep to that duty?" He suddenly asked, throwing Ichigo off slightly. "Can you focus on that duty and not interfere? Can you be a Soul Reaper? Here's a test for you, remember the Valley of Screams?"

"The dimensional pockets in the void between dimensions as a result of billions of souls and their energy concentrating there?" Ichigo guessed, it had been a long time since he needed to have any concern for those spaces.

"Sometimes they form their own worlds, even become populated as an alternate 'Living World' to the one you live in." He explained, surprising the hybrid with the knowledge that alternate realities could exist. "We found one such world that is in the midst of a war. Your mission is to go there and be a Soul Reaper. Don't use your powers for one side or the other, do not directly interfere with their affairs, and reap the souls of the dead. Some might have potential to join the Gotei, others will simply wish to pass on, but you are to not interfere."

"Am I going to have a gigai?" Ichigo asked, already thinking about the endless possibilities of the world he would see. Ichibe laughed kindheartedly.

"No, a gigai won't be necessary. Something else." He answered. "A new set of clothes are being made to restrain your Reiatsu so these people won't disintegrate from being too close to you, and something special. A ring that will give you a physical form when worn, but will return you to spirit when off. Granted it will weaken you by some degree, but think of that as extra training!" He said jovially.

"This sounds like it'll be more trouble than it's worth." The hybrid said dryly.

"Maybe Ichigo, but you lack life experience as a man, soldier, and Soul Reaper. What do you say?" Ichgo thought about for a good while. Soul Society could handle things without him and there is nothing wrong with more experience. Besides, he's fought against would be world destroyers, murderous psychopaths, and went to Hell. What could this new world POSSIBLY throw at him?

"Bring it on."

(Entering the new world)

Armed and carrying the gifts of his teachers and wearing powerful seals on his being, the hybrid went through a specially made Dangai leading him to the new world. The run took him hours, many uneventful hours, before reaching the end and coming to his destination. True to form, he was in the inconvenient and dangerous place to come out of. Thousands of feet up in the sky.

'Of course this is where I end up.' Ichigo thought bitterly as he began to fall, the wind ripping at his form. 'Well, it's not like I'm not used to-' He continued until he noticed his ring began to shine. Almost immediately, he felt his entire body tighten and his heart seize before feeling his strength leaving his body.

"Granted, it will weaken you by some degree." The words of the old monk replayed in his head.

'Are you kidding me!? I feel like my body is made of lead, with multiple tons of weight on my hands and feet, with what seems like twenty times natural gravity! How weak am I!?' He thought worriedly, trying to muster up his Hirenkyaku to slow his descent. The moment he connected to the Reishi of the world, he felt like throwing up. 'It's like the soul of this whole world is toxic. Just what the hell is happening here!?' He thought as his vision began to blur as vertigo set in. Fighting to keep from blacking out, he saw himself falling straight towards a majestic castle and what seemed to be hundreds of Hollows appearing before fleeing just as quickly. The last thing the young Soul Reaper saw was the tower he slammed into.

"Owww~." Ichigo groaned, smashing through floor after floor of the tower, until he ended at what seemed to be the lowest level. "This could have had a better start." He said, pushing himself up out of the crater he was in with debris falling off his body and all around him. He shook his head in an effort to get the world to stop spinning and get his bearing. He saw many spears, swords, axes, even rifles and cannons. "Did I land in a Renaissance era or something?" He asked before catching a new scent. "Is that... gunpowder?" He looked over to a barrel that was cracked open, with an oil lantern hanging above it. Then the lantern dropped. "Shit." He said, just before the lantern shattered and the room exploded.

(Inside the Throne Room)

Chaos reigned in the throne room, a young child on the seat of power looking scared and confused, a large rotund man with a thick white beard demanding answers, and a spiky blonde man issuing orders. The chaos began when they suddenly saw weird creatures appear throughout the castle, phasing through the wall like they were nonexistent, and their unearthly howls sending chills down everyone's spines. They were there and then gone, but the people inside demanded answers.

"General Budo, do they still have nothing?" The child asked, barely keeping his tears at bay. The blonde man bowed to the boy and spoke, with regret coloring his voice.

"Still nothing my liege. For what value it holds, it doesn't seem like the revolutionary army is attacking. That's all that we have." The general said, giving the child some relief, until the fat man next to him spoke up.

"All that you have at your disposal and this is all you have to tell?" He said rather condescendingly. "Palace security is supposed to be your responsibility."

"Not that it would've done any good." A blue haired beauty said, marching into the room with three men dressed in black following her. "They couldn't be harmed or touched. Nothing we did was effective." She reported, shocking everyone in the room.

"Truly general Esdeath? Surly you jest?" The fat man said, begging for it to be a joke. But the woman shook her head.

"It's as if they were spirits Honest." She answered, sounding bored despite the situation. Just then, the palace shook as if something hit it.

"What now!?" Honest yelled out as the child emperor tried curling into himself, hiding from the terrors attacking his home.

"Esdeath! Take a contingent and find out what that was! I'll stay here and protect his majesty!" Budo ordered, with Esdeath nodding.

"You lot, come with me!" She ordered a group of soldiers, bearing a smirk that promised pain for whatever prey she could find. They ran out to the armory and munitions building, one of several in the castle, reaching it just in time for another explosion to bring it crumbling down. 'Well, there goes my fun.' She thought in disappointment, not sensing any attack or opponents to fight. "Start investigating. Find out what happened!" She ordered, the men scrambling to obey. Seconds later, she heard the movement of stones and wood that wasn't from the soldiers digging away at the tower but from deeper underground.

"Sho." She heard someone speak before the massive pile of debris was blasted off, revealing a young orange haired man. "Definitely one of my rougher landings." He groaned out, getting to his feet and pulling out bars that were stabbed into his body. He treated the tower collapse like he was getting out of bed, stretching and shaking as if to wake up. The teen looked up to general. "Yo, my name's Ichigo Kurosaki. Where am I and who are you?"

(Back to the Throne Room)

"Welcome Ichigo Kurosaki!" The prime minister said jovially. After introducing himself, Esdeath brought him to the throne room and reported exactly what she found. A teenage boy fell from the sky into the munitions tower and survived the explosion before freeing himself from the pile of debris. Everyone in the room was shocked, but Honest decided to capitalize on the chance. "Welcome to the seat of power of our mighty empire that has held strong for over a thousand years. I am Prime Minister Honest, chief adviser to our great emperor." He gestured to the small child, who seemed very excited by Ichigo's presence but still held himself as regal as possible. "This is our lord Emperor Makoto, the great general Budo at the foot of the stairs," Budo nodded in acknowledgment while glaring at Ichigo as if to dare him to try anything, "and you've already met general Esdeath."

"A pleasure." Ichigo said, giving a cheerful smile to each and every person in there, not in the least bit concerned about his safety. "I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, Shinigami." He said, earning small gasps from the group.

"Shinigami... as in 'Death God'?" Esdeath asked, more and more interested in the boy.

"I prefer Soul Reaper." Ichigo answered. "I guide the souls of the dead to their afterlife."

"Are those what those monsters were earlier?" The emperor asked, surprised that any human could become such monstrous creatures. "Souls?"

"Well... yes." Ichigo said, scratching his head in embarrassment. "There are two kinds of souls, Pluses and Hollows. Pluses are the ghosts of the departed, still wholly conscious of who and what they are. Hollows are what happen when they give in to hate and despair, becoming starving beasts that live only to devour other souls."

"So they're dangerous creatures?" Esdeath guessed, very intrigued by the idea. "Hence your blades?"

"They can be, but I've yet to encounter a foe I couldn't beat." Ichigo returned, still baring that confident smile. Unbeknownst to the hybrid, the general's face was burning and she felt her heartbeat go faster.

"Why did you fall out of the sky?" Budo asked, making Ichigo's mood sour in response.

"Urahara." The Soul Reaper growled with enough venom that even Esdeath felt the need to back away, then the teen shook his head. "Sorry. The reason why is because of an asshole I know."

"Mr. Ichigo, if I may ask, could you lend us your power?" The child emperor asked, earning surprised looks from the adults that shifted into anticipation. "Right now, my country is plagued by a civil war that threatens to tear it apart. I've tried to lead as best as I could, but they seem to want nothing more than the destruction of the nation. If you could help, then maybe this country might know peace much sooner." He begged, and Ichigo felt how genuine he was. This kid wanted to be a good leader for his people, but how did it get so bad? His eyes shifted to Honest, and just looking at the man told him how vile and black his soul was. He didn't need the judgment of a Zanpakuto to tell him this man was going to Hell.

"I'd love to help," He said, causing the kid to brighten with a smile, "but I can't." The look of heartbreak nearly crushed him. "This is a matter of the world of the Living. My concern is with the Dead. I'm merely here in a corporeal state because I need to live here. But I can't be directly involved in the affairs of the Living." He turned to leave, missing Honest telling some of the guards to intercept him. "But if I can offer any advice, stop trusting that prime minister of yours and see the state of your empire for yourself." He said before walking through the gates.

(With Ichigo)

'Well, that was something.' Ichigo thought as he wandered through the halls, quickly noting that he was being followed and surrounded. 'And now this.' He sighed before stopping. "Let me tell you here and now, this is a bad idea. You might wanna turn back." He waited for all of one second before the group tried to attack him. The result was instantaneous as to the outside observer, Ichigo didn't move an inch but the entire group of twenty would be assassins ended up embedded in the walls and floor around the hybrid. 'Almost there, still feels heavy though.' He thought to himself, before smelling ozone and feeling his hair stand up. He turned to the side, just in time to dodge an electrical punch from Budo.

"God or not, I will allow no violence in the palace!" He roared as he threw lightning fast punches at the hybrid, none of which connected. They were fast and strong but they were also sloppy and undisciplined, suggesting that the man had almost no or any recent battle experience. Ichigo, having sparred with a woman that was nicknamed 'Flash Goddess' for her speed his whole life had little trouble dodging the man.

'Still moving too slow.' He thought again, slowly getting used to the restraints on his body. During this time Ichigo took the chance to analyze the gauntlets on the man's arms, sensing that they were the source of the electricity he was using. "Those aren't ordinary gauntlets. What are they?" Ichigo asked, chancing that the man was naïve enough about combat to tell him.

"This is my Teigu, Adramelech." He answered, Ichigo not even believing his luck. "It allows me to control lightning as I see fit. So I repeat; god or not, I will allow no violence in the palace!" Ichigo disappeared from his sight and Budo felt a hand on his neck.

"There's a difference between allowing something and actually being able to do something about it." Ichigo scolded, spying an energy gauge on the gauntlet. "And from the looks of things, if you didn't have this weapon, you'd be nothing. You're lacking in battle experience."

"He does, but I don't." He heard a sweeter voice say before sensing a series of icicles flying at him. He let go of the general and dodged out of the way, Esdeath marching toward him with a raised hand. "I was hoping you'd start something, fighting a god of any kind sounds like fun." She said with a smile.

'Now this one might be some cause for concern.' Ichigo thought, getting a familiar Kenpachi vibe from the icy general. 'Can't fight in here, too crowded.' Ichigo dropped to the ground, placing his hand on the floor. "Bakudo #21, Senkienton." He quickly chanted, creating a massive explosion of smoke to distract the two. He then reinforced himself with his Blut and Hierro and jumped through the rest of the palace, spying the wall surrounding the city district.

(Current time)

Now here he is, his strength limited, in an unknown world, with two very powerful individuals trapping him between them, and they want to either capture or kill him. Neither of which was something he was going to allow to happen, but he needed to be careful. Lightning and ice, brute force and a creative combatant, he'd say it's like fighting Yoruichi and Toshiro at the same time but he doubted either of them were as dangerous as his Shinigami allies. All the same, his head was still spinning and he hasn't felt like he was truly used to his restraints just yet.

"Before we do this, tell me." Ichigo started, planning out how he was going to do this fight. "Are you two the strongest the empire has to offer?"

"I'm known as the strongest in the empire." Esdeath answered. "He's known as the 'great general' and personally protects the palace for a reason." It was then that she noticed that Ichigo's hand was glowing with a swirling yellow energy.

"Good. Bakudo #4, Hainawa." Ichigo quickly said, flicking his glowing hand at Esdeath who was ensnared in a rope of light. As he did that, Budo charged like lightning to punch Ichigo, only for the hybrid to disappear from between them. The result was him striking Esdeath and sending her off the wall. "I've got a feeling you've been out of the game for far too long." Budo felt his blood boil at the thought of a teen, god or not, humiliating him in such a manner.

"You little brat!" He roared turning to the Soul Reaper and charging a ball of electrical energy. The second he shot it, Ichigo flashed next to the man and kicked him in the stomach. He was pushed back dozens of feet, feeling the air drained from his lungs, before gasping and roaring in anger again. He charged at Ichigo and began throwing punch after punch, black thunder clouds forming above the two, with Ichigo dodging and blocking every strike.

"You need to come up with a better strategy." Ichigo said before catching Budo's wrist and throwing him over the shoulder into one of the towers on the wall. "You've seen that I match you in speed and in strength. Why do you keep using strategies that don't and will not work?" Budo got up to glare at him, before smirking and making a lightning bolt crash down on the Soul Reaper. Ichigo had just a single second to look up and react.

"I admit, I've grown rusty during my time protecting the palace." Budo said as he made lightning continue to fall on Ichigo. "Thank you for showing me this folly in my actions. I will work on that after you're dead." It was then he noticed that Ichigo did not scream one time. He was growling and a ball of yellow light was forming in his hands, the lightning concentrating there. "What the-?"

"Hado #63, Raikoho!" Ichigo called out, firing the energy back into the sky and dispersing the clouds. Budo gaped at the man, someone that completely redirected his attacks and still stood strong. "Nice try Budo, but I know how to redirect lightning." The great general brought his arms together, attempting to use his trump card ability, but Ichigo flashed in front of him again and spartan kicked him in the chest. He was sent flying again and crashed through the debris pile from earlier. "Tell me, are you on the Prime Minister's side?" He asked the man as he dug his way back out.

"I know what Honest is doing to this nation." Budo answered. "As soon as this rebellion is over, I will kill him and Esdeath." He promised, readying to shoot another ball of lightning, only to find Adramelech was no longer on his arms. The gauntlets were on the ground behind Ichigo.

"And they know this?" Ichigo guessed, Budo nodding his head while trying to think of how to retrieve his Teigu. "You really are an idiot aren't you?" Ichigo said, picking up the gauntlets and giving them a closer examination. "Tell me Budo, what is the reason behind this rebellion?" Budo found no reason not to tell him. If the Shinigami was going to be neutral, maybe the god of death could offer some wisdom.

"Widespread corruption at the hands of the Prime Minister." The general answered. "He controls his majesty like a puppet and does as he pleases, squeezing the life out of the empire. Esdeath protects his rule and his corruption ensures another fight for her amusement."

"If that's the case, then why not work with the rebellion?" Ichigo suggested, which enraged Budo.

"I serve the empire! I will never turn against-!" He roared before Ichigo punched him on the head.

"You are doing nothing." Ichigo scolded. "While you stand there, feeling pride in keeping the palace safe, the empire you serve is dying from a parasite. That is worse than rebellion because you have done NOTHING to save your empire!" Ichigo roared, making Budo think back on his inaction. "At least do SOMETHING to try and save it. Get that kid away from Honest, supply information to the rebels about the most corrupt officials, just stop doing nothing." The Soul Reaper pleaded, and the general felt ashamed. How much damage was the result of his own inaction? He found his Teigu tossed to him, looking up to Ichigo. "Put those back on and grit your teeth." The general quickly obeyed while Ichigo raised his palm to the general's head, and soon the general passed out. "Inemuri, you are such a useful Kido." Ichigo said before sensing that his Hainawa was finally broken. "Your turn now." Ichigo said as he ran along the wall, sensing that Esdeath was following him.

(Esdeath Fight)

"That was mean of you." The icy general said after chasing Ichigo for a kilometer along the parapet of the wall until he stopped. "Tying me up like that and then running off to have fun with that geezer Budo? I suppose only someone that's unfamiliar with me could be so audacious." Ichigo turned to face the woman. "You truly are fascinating, Soul Reaper. Not many people can fight with Budo."

"I assume you have a weapon similar to his?" Ichigo asked, looking back on the damage from fighting the other general. A few buildings were trashed by the lightning and the section of the wall itself seemed to be on the verge of crumbling. 'She's definitely a more experienced fighter, likely meaning that when we fight the damage will be a lot worse. What's more, I know that glint in her eyes. Kenpachi has the same look of battlelust.' He thought as he tried to think of a way to keep the damage to a minimum.

"That 'weapon' you speak of, is called a Teigu." She answered, placing a hand over the tattoo on her chest. "There are many different kinds of Teigu that only go to whoever is compatible with that Teigu. Budo's Adramelech can command lightning. I can control ice." To emphasis that point, she created several floating ice shards and aimed them at Ichigo.

"I see." Ichigo said, raising his hands. 'This means that there are weapons in this world similar to Zanpakuto, and every Zanpakuto was unique to their wielder. Meaning that every Teigu should be a unique weapon.' She fired the icicles at Ichigo, who swerved around the barrage and flashed into Esdeath's guard. She merely grinned in anticipation of the fight before Ichigo shot his foot upward, which she blocked but was still sent flying upward. She winced from the throbbing in her arms from the attack, but she's never felt such elation.

'He's strong, stronger than anyone I've ever met!' She thought as she summoned as giant pillar of ice. "Hagelsprung!" She called out as she threw the ice at the death god, who was waving his hands about very quickly. Suddenly, four glowing lights appeared around her.

"Ryubi no Jomon, Kigai no Jomon, Koko no Jomon, Hoyoku no Jomon." Ichigo chanted, surrounding her with a white gate, a black watermill, a green scale shield, and a red ring connected to an obelisk above her, all of which formed a large black box. "Shiju no Saimon." The Soul Reaper finished, trapping her inside. She did not growl, merely glared in annoyance, as she tried using her ice to break out. However, the barrier held despite her efforts. "You're only getting out of there when I'm done." Ichigo said, floating by the cube before opening one of the gates and entering inside. "If you so want a fight, I'll give you one." He said, unsheathing one of his two Zanpakuto. "Shatter, Kyoka Suigetsu." The blade pulsed with energy and Esdeath grinned in anticipation.

"Come then, god of death." She said, drawing her massive rapier. "If I best you, will you be mine?" That last one threw him off.

"Wait, what?" He asked, looking at the girl he was certain was insane.

"It was merely a passing fancy at first, the idea of falling in love." She said, as if talking about weather. "Could I fall in love? Who could I possibly love? I even began thinking of a list of qualities I would need for my lover. Powerful, fearless, came from outside the capital, you even had a nice smile. The only thing out of place is the age." She said with mild disappointment. "I was hoping for someone younger than me, but I can work with an ageless deity."

"I'm fifteen." Ichigo blurted out, surprising Esdeath. "I may be a Shinigami, but I am a teenager in human years. As for the other requirements, I may be holding back but rest assured. If you are the empire's strongest, NONE are more powerful than me." He said as Esdeath felt an intense pressure on her very soul, and she could only grin in excitement. This strong and STILL holding back? She needed to make him her's.

"Then let's go Ichigo!" She roared, raising her hand and sending a wave of ice spikes toward the man she desired. Ichigo raised his own hand and made his counter.

"Hado #33, Sokatsui." He calmly cast as a massive torrent of blue flames burst from his hand, the fires matching the ice. "Ye lord. Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man. Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws." He said as the flames burned even hotter and fiercer, now easily overtaking Esdeath's ice. Seeing no way to dodge, she created a thick barrier of ice and kept reinforcing it in the hopes of limiting the damage.

'For a reaper of souls, he has plenty of power. Hollows must really be powerful monsters.' She thought with a growing smile. 'What I would give to hunt them!' The collision of elements ended with a final burst of flame that shattered her barrier but also quickly dissipated, with Ichigo charging at her with his blade ready to cleave her in two. She brought up her rapier to cut him, or at least knock him aside, but Ichigo blocked and slid down the length of her sword while bringing his elbow to her gut. She caught it with her free hand and began to freeze him, but Ichigo quickly punched her in the throat and kneed her in the stomach. 'As suspected,' she thought in ecstasy, 'only an equal would satisfy me.' She slammed against the wall of the barrier and was getting ready to retaliate when she noticed Ichigo already in front of her.

"Ikkotsu." He whispered before punching her in the gut as the barrier broke apart. 'This needs to end.' Ichigo thought, his vision getting blurry from the strain of his seals working against him. If it wasn't for his ridiculous amount of Reishi and stamina, he'd be on the receiving end of this fight. "Hope you had fun Esdeath, but I'm calling it quits for now!" He called out, the ice mistress already back on her feet.

"You think I'll let this end?" She asked, still smiling madly despite holding her ribs in pain. "This is the first fight I've enjoyed in a long time! Give me more Soul Reaper!"

"Maybe later." Ichigo said, knowingly angering the woman. "I'm done for today. Bye." He said before charging off toward the North.

"I won't let you get away!" She shouted before charging after the image of the Soul Reaper, never knowing that the real one was still on the parapet of the wall.

"Damn, she's as crazy as Zaraki." Ichigo groaned, grabbing his head in a futile effort to keep the world from spinning. "I need to get somewhere safe. Need to..." He stopped when he found a long raven haired girl with red eyes in a black sleeveless dress and a blonde scantily clad woman, both looking at him in shock and amazement. "And what do you two want?"

(Illustrated Guide to Assassination)

In the labs of Soul Society, one man in particular was tinkering away with his latest device while thinking of what kind of things his pupil would learn and was glad he managed to condense a Reishi 3D printer down to such a size for the hybrid. Then he suddenly sneezed and felt a chill go down his spine.

"I think Ichigo might be mad at me."

A/N: Thus begins Ichigo's adventures in the new world. Only few will be able to match Ichigo in this world and his spirit self will be full powered against the Hollows. Some characters from AGK will live, but some will DEFINITELY DIE. I feel like many of you wanted this to be before Tatsumi joins Night so he can stop Tatsumi's friends from dying, but no. Sayo, Ieyasu, Sheele, and Bulat HAVE to die. Those deaths are important to Tatsumi's development. Some character will join Ichigo as Soul Reapers, but not all. And since a lot of you want Tatsumi to have his OWN harem, it'll include Leone, and Chelsea. I never liked Mine and I wanted her to die. Not saying she will, but I wanted her to die.

The rating may change, depending on if you want Ichigo and Tatsumi to have some 'fun' with the ladies on screen.

To clarify, ICHIGO IS NOT JOINING EITHER SIDE. HE'LL FOLLOW HIS OWN MORALS, BUT HE WILL NOT JOIN THE JAEGERS OR NIGHT RAID. The one exception might be fighting Wild Hunt, because I want Champ and Shura to die in a brutal manner. For obvious reasons.