Millions upon millions of years ago, King Ghidorah landed on Earth in an asteroid that crashed in Antartica, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. But a few survived and evolved.

During the Rise of Mammals, Ghidorah awoke and went on a rampage across the world, but he was confronted by the Guardians of Earth, Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra.

"Now who the hell do you think you are?" A much younger Godzilla growled.

"I am, Ghidorah The Planet Eater, Destroyer of Worlds, you are?"

"Gojira, King of The Monsters," Godzilla replied.

"Mosura, friend, and protector of all Earth's creatures."

"Radon, Ruler of the Skies, former destroyer."

"Well, nice to meet you all, now I must destroy you and your pathetic planet."

"Bring it, you three-headed freak." Godzilla snarled.

Ghidorah and Godzilla roared at each other before Godzilla broke out into a sprint, Ghidorah charged at the Monster King, wings spread out. The two beasts clashed as Godzilla gained the upper hand by pushing the bigger kaiju back.

Ghidorah's left and right heads bite down on the Gojira's shoulders, Mothra came in behind and smacked Ghidorah with her claw-like arms.

Rodan swooped in and kicked the dragon's middle head, who retaliated by firing his gravity beams at the pterosaur kaiju, sending him down to Earth.

Godzilla bit down on the left head, making deep wounds.

"You bastard, get off!" Ghidorah yelled before pulling away from the kaiju's grip.

The Ghidorah took flight and kicked Godzilla in the face. "Get down here!" Godzilla latched onto the dragon's foot and pulled him down to the ground.

"Damnit, together you're strong, but alone, it's like fighting puppies." Ghidorah chuckled.

"How dare you insult the Earth's most adorable creature!" Mothra gasped.

"Oh please, it's true, I came in a big asteroid, landing on the ball of mud and water."

"Wait, that was you? That's why the explosion a few million years ago occurred." Godzilla scratched his chin.

"You've killed innocent creatures, blocked the sun for years, nothing on this planet could survive, all except the mammals." Mothra got up in Ghidorah's face.

"That's why I'm here, those mammals will evolve into horrible creatures that kill for sport, trash the oceans, kill members of their own kind, and disown their offspring, and I'm here to prevent all of that."

"If you do that, there will be nothing on this planet to protect, just us titans," Rodan replied.

"Exactly." Ghidorah then spat out another gravity beam at Rodan before taking off.

"Forget him, Rodan, he'll won't be back."