The King and Prince of The Monsters had landed in Royal Woods, finding it decimated, just like Mothra had said.

The neighborhood where the Louds lived was completely destroyed and on fire.

As he looked around, Godzilla saw blood all over the place, "Disgusting, I'd be surprised if anyone survived."

The two continued on until the found the mutant's footprints, "We've caught you, Shit Gojira." The two followed the trail to the big city, seeing it destroyed as well.

After searching for a few minutes, they found the kaiju, who appeared to be sleeping, and much bigger.

"Gotcha, bitch." Godzilla charged up his atomic breath, his nostrils flared blue before the mutant awoke and swung his tail at the king, sending him crashing into the rubble of an already fallen building.

The mutant Godzilla turned his burned, scared body to the king, he was clearly bigger than before, standing at 130 meters tall, 112,096 tons, and much longer arms. Godzilla rose from the rubble and held his hand in pain, "Ow, the he-" Godzilla's eyes shrank to where they were barely visible, stunned by his counterpart's evolution. "You son of a bitch, you."

The two Godzillas stared down each other, neither making a move, not just yet. Godzilla flared his nostrils, ready to throw down, and so he charged, bellowing at his bigger counterpart, Shin anticipated this charge and grabbed the king by his neck and tossed him a few hundred feet. Godzilla rose to his feet and charged again, this time prepared, Shin swung his tail, but the king caught it and lifted his 112,096-ton body off the ground and repeatedly slammed him into the ground before kicking in between his legs, sending him flying into a fallen building.

The monster king's tail twitched as his atomic energy flowed up his dorsal plates as he fired his signature attack at the mutant, causing him physical pain, making him scream in pain as he lit up purple, Godzilla ceased his fire and charged once more, grabbing his foe and prying his mouth open, which was a huge mistake, the mutant opened his split jaws and fired a stream of flames, making the monster king back off and cover his eyes.

Leo had enough, he roared in anger and charged at the mutant, spitting his webbing at Shin, gluing him to a building before assaulting his with his clawed arms, Shin's tail swung around and knocked the Mothra-Godzilla hybrid off him. Godzilla regained his sight and charged at the mutant, crashing through the building, knocking his opponent over.

Shin glared at the monster king, marking the first time he's shown emotion, "You fucking bastard, I should end your life here and now." Snarled the mutant in a demonic voice, "You can talk!?"

"Yes, now I'm gonna ki-" Before the mutant could finish, a sharp, metal rod pierced the back of his head, severing his brain. Another rod pierced his lower back, making him topple over into the rubble.

Godzilla and Leo looked up to see the two giantesses, Lynn Loud and Ronnie Anne Santiago, both with pissed-off expressions.

"Lynn! Wait, Ronnie, the fuck are you doing?" Godzilla raised his eyebrow ridge, "Um, avenging my family!?"

"Huh, oka-"Godzilla was cut off by Shin firing his beam at the king. Leo hooked his claws into Shin's gills, pulling him forward.

(Two Against One-Godzilla 2014)

Shin used his jaws to grab Leo's leg and toss him, only for Leo to use his arm to grab his jaw and latch back on. Using this, Godzilla charged at Shin and sent him crashing into a fallen building. Shin got up and roared at his counterpart only to find Leo on his neck once more, piercing his gills. He turned around to bite him only for the moth to jump off.

Lynn grabbed the bloodied rod and swung it like a sword, slicing Shin's arm in half, in response, Shin whipped his tail around and slammed it into her. Ronnie leaped onto his back and began to assault his face, luckily for the mutant, his eye membranes protected his eyes. He using his remaining arm to grab Ronnie and throw her to the ground.

Godzilla fired his atomic breath once more, striking Shin dead-center in his chest, the force of the atomic breath pushed the mutant back, his feet digging into the ground, trying to stop himself. Leo took this opportunity to spit his webbing at Shin's face, preventing him from using his atomic breath.

But what they forgot was that Shin's kind was an ever-evolving species and that he can evolve out of a situation, Shin's spines began to glow purple, and with the speed of a speeding Zilla, fired his beams from his back, hitting all four of them.

Godzilla roared in pain as the beams cut through his flesh, Leo cried as the beams pierced his wings, sending him to the ground. Lynn and Ronnie were lucky to have only a few cuts and not a full-on wound. Shin's severed arm began to crawl away from the battle now that everyone's stunned.

The stump that was Shin's arm regenerated into a whole new arm, with both of his arms now functional, Shin grabbed the other rod and hurled it at Godzilla, who nearly missed it. Shin charged at the king, slamming into his side and knocking him over.

Shin used his foot to pin down Godzilla and prepared to fire his atomic breath, his jaws split apart for the beam, which was reaching the top of his throat, and into the mouth, ready to fire. "Damnit, Shin." Godzilla groaned. Before Shin could fire, something grabbed his head and pulled him away from Godzilla. Shin was smashed into a building, he looked up to see Rodan and Mothra.

"You mess with the bull, you get the horns, motherfucker!" Rodan taunted, "That's right! I want you gone, leave us and humans alone or I will deal with you myself!" Mothra roared. Knowing he's clearly outmatched and outnumbered, Shin turned the other direction and ran for the ocean.

"That's right, run away you damn coward!" Lynn shouted as the mutant fled. Shin's severed arm latched onto his tail, the mutant leaped into the air before diving into the water, leaving a trail of blood.

"Guys, are you alright?" Rodan asked as he helped Lynn onto her feet, "Not really, Shin used his spine beams or something, it hit us all, some worse than others." Lynn replied as she pointed to Godzilla and Leo, "Godzilla!" Mothra cried, "How much does it hurt?" She asked while patching his wounds, "A little. But I'll live, thanks for saving us."

"Anything for my king," Mothra smiled, "Anything." Mothra turned her attention to her son, who was laying on the ground, his wings with holes in them. "Oh my God! Leo!" Mothra rushed to her son and quickly began to patch his holes, "Are you okay!? Does it hurt?"

Leo chirped weakly in reply, "Don't worry, I'll patch you up in no time."

"Rodan," Godzilla started, "Do you know where the Ghidorahs are headed?" Godzilla asked, "Yes, they're headed for Boston."

"Alright," The kaiju king turned to face everyone, "Is everyone patched up and ready to go?"

They all nodded in reply, "Good, let's go kick some Ghidorah ass."