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It's that time of the year again. The season for giving and being with family. Snow covered the ground. Kids played in the snow. They had snowball fights, built snow forts and built snowmen. One group decided to play the "I'm dirty Dan" scene from Spongebob. Yes the typical things you'd see on that special time of year. Over the various states, military officers and other various veterans came home to surprise their friends and families.

We now look at a specific location Royal Woods, Michigan. The family in this town is known as The Loud House. Why are they called the Loud House, you ask? Well that's their last name but they have tendency to live up to their family's last name.

Rita And Lynn Sr. are currently preparing their house for the family to be together once again for the holidays. They were expecting a big portion of the family to come back home. There was knock at the door.

"Well hello guys, glad you can make it" Lynn Sr. said as the guests walked in with their kids, Ruby and Lamis.


10 yrs old

Likes: Jazz, Blues, Blue/Rock

Dislikes: Johnny Test Tv Series, Rap, Pickles

Ruby: Calm, stays positive, looks at the bright side of life, takes things slow, Rock N Roll

"Hey dad" Luna And Lincoln said happily as they set their things down near the Christmas tree.

"Where's Ruth?" Lincoln's dad asked.

"She's busy making the Dessert for later on. She'll be here later on in the day.

"So how's my two grandchildren doing?" Lynn Sr. asked as they got comfortable on the couch.

We're good but our other sister is sick. Two of our Mom had to call somebody to take care of her" Lamis said.

"That's a shame to hear that sweetie" A voice said walking into the living room.

"Hey grandma!" The two sisters said as they ran over to her. She then gave the two young girls a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey mom" Lincoln said gaining her attention.

"Hey son, How are you and the family?" She asked.

"Well Luna and the kids are here. Ruth is coming later with the dessert. Our other child is sick. So once Lucy and Ruth find someone who can take care of her, they'll be here. Luna's probably doing her business" Lincoln said as he gave his mother a hug.

"Oh...yeah...I forgot that you married three girls" Rita said hesitantly.

"Hello mum" A voice said in a British accent. Turning around she spotted her third oldest daughter at the doorway of room.

"Hey Luna, glad you can make it" She said as she hugged her daughter.

"It's good to be here mom. I can smell the Roasted turkey and ham" Luna said as she sniffed the air.

"Hey, don't forget the figgy pudding" Lincoln stated.

"Don't worry Linc, I got that covered" Lynn Sr. said as he chuckled.

"The others are outside in the backyard" Rita mentioned towards the door in the kitchen.

"We'll go see them. It's a good thing we're wearing our coats and scarve" Luna said as she walked towards the back door with Lamis, Ruby and Lincoln.

As the four of them opened the door, Luna and Lincoln ducked from an incoming snowball that hit Ruby in the shoulder.

"Man that's cold. It's feels a little colder than last year" Ruby said as she wiped the snow off.

"Snowy guys" A voice said. Getting out from hidden spot, Luan Loud made herself seen.


Personality: Calm, lovable, ease going, patient

Likes: comedy, making people laugh, telling puns And April Fools

Dislikes: being called names, pranks backfiring

"It's good to see you guys" She said as she hugged him.

"Us too" A series voices said as they joined the hug

"It's good to be back" Luna said breaking the group hug.

"It is literally missed you guys" Lori said happily.

"We totes missed you" Leni said as Lori just shook her head in annoyance knowing that exactly what she said.


Personality: nice, bossy, spoiled, selfish (sometimes)

Likes: family, Bobby, phone, having siblings do her chores

Dislikes: Being talked backed to, arguing, someone entering room without permission


Personality: Happy, compassionate, caring, thoughtful

Likes: family, fashion, her boyfriend

Dislikes: out of season clothes, mean people, getting upset, getting angry

"Anyway, Where's Luce, Ruth And Lugosi? I thought they'd be with you" Lana asked.


Personality: Energetic, haptics, helpful, caring

Likes: Mud, fixing things, animals, her family, getting dirty

Dislikes: Mean people, arguing

"They'll be here later dudette" Luna said patting her sister's head.

"Let's have a snowball fight!" Lincoln said happily as his kids screamed with glee.

"Alright!" Now you talking" Lynn Jr. said as she began to rebuild her snow fort.

"I call being with Lincoln and his family!" Lily shouted as she walked over to Lincoln.

"I really think that we should be in different places, Lily. It will be fun to check out our arm strength against one another" Lincoln said as readjusted his sisters earmuffs.

"Aww, Alright" She said looking a bit disappointed.

"Cheer up Lily, Maybe when we're done, we'll all go inside and make some hot chocolate" Luna said patting her sister's head.

"Let's get to it then" Lisa said. Without another word, each family member took a spot on the lawn began building their snow fort. Some built it, to make it look like a shield.

"Lisa! No using science to win and we're not allowing you to use the snow bazooka" Lori said remembering to the episode of "Snow Bored".

"Lori one, science zero" Lisa said putting away her snow weapon. Without anyone looking, Lisa quickly used her brains to enhance the snow to bot breaking apart on impact.

"Hey guys! Sorry we're late"A voice yelled gaining the siblings attention. At the door stood Lucy, Ruth, Lemy, Lupa, Lupe, Clyde, Haiku, Winston, Benny, David, Skippy, Francisco, Chaz, Ronnie Anne And Bobby along with, Loki, Loan, Bebe, Lona, Liena, Liby, Lane, Lacy, Lynn (boy), Lona, Leif, Londey, Lexx, And Levi.


Personality: Gloomy, Friendly, Calm, Nervous (Sometimes)

Likes: Goth, Writing Poems, Bats, Magic Spells, Princess Pony

Dislikes: The light, Lynn bouncing balls at night


Personality: Very intelligent, Calm, Collected, Very Honest

Likes: Science, Hanging Out With Family, Helping

Dislikes: Family Getting Hurt, Someone Messing With Her Experiments, Calculations Are Off (Sometimes)


Personality, Gloomy, Expressive, deadpan

Likes: Goth, Writing Poems, Magic Spells

Dislikes: People don't notice her, People being selfish


Personality, Kind, caring, Joyful, Helpful, Supportive

Likes: Lola (Married), Hangin' with family, cooking

AN- I'm just giving some background information on the family. I also made up likes/dislikes due to the information. So im sorry if those categories look contains the same information as the other character. Every Loud sister has their husband, except for Lily. I didn't add all the character info because there's so many characters within the story. Anyway back to the story

All of the new comers then ran to their respective wives along with their kids. The competition soon became a lot more competitive. Each adult, son and daughter threw snowballs at their rival friends and family.

"You're going down Lincoln!" Ronnie screamed as she threw a snowball at the lone Loud boy.

"Hey honey, help me take out Luan and Benny!" Lola screamed towards her husband's direction.

"No problem babe. I'm always happy to help our rivals meet their doom" He yelled as he threw a snowball at Benny as he ducked down into his fort.

"Hey Linc, What do you say when a Loud sibling that gets knocked down?" Luan asked her brother as she threw a snowball at him. The Loud boy didn't get a chance to speak due to the impact of the snowball. He groaned in pain as Luan answered.

"You say that they got snowed out?" The comedian punned. She was then taken out of her mood as Leni along with Chaz knocked her and Benny out.

"Nice shot babe!" Chaz cheered as his wife jumped up and down happily.

"Alright, Lamis, help us win this" Ruby said as he, Luna, Lucy and Ruth threw snowballs at Lana and Skippy.

"Shouldn't you be helping our parents cook?" Lamis asked.

"Luan and Lincoln went inside to help them since they lost the game. And don't want to have fun with your mom?" Ruth answered.

As time progressed, the teams were eliminated, leaving, Lisa, David, Lori, Bobby, Lana and Skippy remained.

"Don't be so worried. Once Lori and I hit you with our snowballs, you'll be able to see them again" Bobby informed with a devilish smirk.

"Don't get too confident Bobby, we still to take out Ronnie, Lisa, David, Lana and Skippy" Lori said as she grabbed a chunk of snow from the ground.

"Hey, little sis, quit now before you get hurt" Lori and Bobby said to their sister.

"Uhhh...no, I'm not backing down" Lana said as she threw a big snowball at Bobby, just missing the Santiago by a few feet. As the two sisters along with their husbands, Lisa was still in the game with her husband.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" David said as whispered to to his wife as he held one of her inventions in his hands.

"Yeah, go ahead and do it. Even though I'm breaking my promise to my elder sibling, I do what it takes to win" She said as she loaded up her Snowzooka.

AN- I forget what she called it in the episode 'Snow Bored'. I think she called it 'The Automatic' something but I forget.

She then took out something out of her pocket. It looked like a bomb of some sorts. Lisa then peeked over her fort wall. Seeing that the coast is clear due to Lori's and Bobby's fighting with Lana and Skippy.

Looking back to David, he then gave a nod as an approval. The device flew through the air, landing in between the four opponents. As the two teams continued to throw snow at one another, the device began a bright red, melting their fort in a instant.

"Hello...and goodbye" Lisa and David said as they blasted the two teams with snow.

"Guys, it's time for food" Lola yelled from the back porch. Lori and the rest of the knocked out adults, slowly got off the snow and went inside.

"It literally smells delicious mom" Lori said happily as she sat next to Ronnie and Bobby.

"Yeah, it smells really good, Mrs. Loud" Bobby said.

"Bobby, you know that you can just call her Rita" Lori mentioned.

"I know but it just doesn't seem right for some reason" Bobby said.

They ate the turkey and ham that was cooking earlier that day.

"That was great. Just like good ole times" Lana said happily.

"Yeah, I remember when I was kid, I tried to act more like an adult so I can sit at the grownups table" Lincoln said with a chuckle. (A Tale Of Two Tables)

"Oh then later on, we joined you guys at the kiddie table for dinner" Leni said happily as the family shared a laugh.

"I remember when you got Lana to fill in for me at the pageant show that was being aired on tv" Lola said as she laughed.

(Toads And Tiaras)

"There was also the sweet spot" Rita said mentioned.

"Or the whole 'Bad Luck' incident" Lynn Sr. Said solemnly. After that was said, everybody just became quiet. Everyone and I mean everyone including Leni couldn't forget the ordeal of 'that' incident.

"Guys, I think it's best that we...forget about it" Luan said breaking the silence as she watched Lynn's expression. So for the rest of the dinner session, they only talked about the good memories like when Lincoln covered for Lucy when she clogged the toilet orbthe time when the sisters helped Lincoln win that Ace Savvy.

Afterwards they ate figgy pudding and apple pie. During that session, they talked about what's been happening in their lives. The family then began to take a rest to let the food digest.

Soon enough they decided to open up their gifts. Each person got their own unique gift, from music to ear rings to phone or to makeup and other various other gifts. The family thanked one another for the gifts and the family got, especially this time of year.

AN- Like I said this was a request by Salvo1985 and SquidbaggerOfWoomyAndNgyesness's. Sorry that I didn't give a lot of background information but I wanted to focus more on the story. I hope you have a great Christmas and New Years Eve/Day. Review, Fav and Follow. Merry Christmas ( Mele Kalikimaka )