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Leni was in her room that she shared with her eldest sister, Lori. She begun to take off her usual outfit that was a light blue dress with a floral design around the shoulders and bottom, leaving her in her blue floral design panties.

She walked over to her closet and pulled out a leotard and a pair of black leggings. She knew it was a tradition to wear a pink pair of tights but she didn't think it felt right to wear pink tights. Black leggings with a pink leotard felt more fashionable and comfortable.

She slipped them on as quick as possible. She closed the closet and begun to pick up the dirty clothes and fashion related items off the floor.

She soon walked over to her bed. Looking under bed, she soon found her CD player/Radio. With a smile, she brought it out and placed it on the floor near her dresser.

The blonde then opened the drawer, revealing her collection of music relating to ballet. She removed one CD from its case. This disc contained the songs Turkish March (Mozart) and Fur Elise.

With a big smile, she placed into the system and played the disc. The blonde stood on foot, using her body for balance while her other leg behind her body with her knee kept straight. This move was called Arabesque. It's pretty simple if you know what your doing. She did this position while moving around a bit.

Next, she then made one foot slide along the floor before brushing into the air. As her left foot goes into the air, she then jumped off the floor, using the other leg for support. This form was entitled Assemblé.

Meanwhile, coming up the stairs was her older sister Lori. She made a quick left towards her room. As she got closer, she heard muffled music coming from her shared room.

"I wonder why I hear Mozart" She thought.

"Cause maybe your sister is practicing ballet" A voice announced, startling her instantly. Looking around frantically, she spotted nobody around her.

"Who said that?" She asked.

"I did" The voice said. Noticing that the voice is coming from all around her she gave a stern look.

", how many times do I have to tell you not to do that?" She said with annoyed look.

"Sorry but I think you might to hurry" The authors voice insisted.

"Why?" Lori asked with curiosity.

"You'll know in five seconds" He said. Not even even three seconds, Lori heard Leni scream in pain. Without any hesitation, Lori ran to her door, busting it open. Looking around, she noticed the room was a little bit more roomy. Her eyes soon found Leni getting off the floor with an injured foot.

"Leni are you ok?" Lori asked with a concerned voice. Looking up, she spotted her sister offering her a hand.

"Yeah, Thanks Lori" She said showing a small smile as got up and held onto Lori for support.

"So...what were you doing that injured yourself?" Lori asked as she took a spot next to her on the bed.

"I was practicing ballet" Leni stated as she rubbed her ankle.

"That's cool sis. I used to do ballet when I was a kid" Lori said with a smile.

"Really" The ditzy asked.

"You bet. I thought it would be fun to do and keep my mind off of one person I despise the most. Carol Pingrey" She told Leni.

"Why you stop and how come you never told me?" She inquired.

"Well if I wasn't sure if you were into this kind of thing. Back then you were more of a fashionista back then. You still are too" The eldest retorted with a smirk. Lori then got up and went for the door but not before telling that she'll be right back.

In the Hallway, Lori went to the rope that was attached to the door of their attic. She pulled the rope and slowly brought down the ladder. She then entered the upper half of the house.

Inside were lots and lots of boxes. From their baby clothes to their photo albums and other various childhood toys. She walked over to the box labeled "Lori's Ballet". Looking inside, she noticed her old ballet uniform. It was the traditional pink tights and leotard. She closed the box and brought it with her to the attic enterance.

Carefully, she climbed down the ladder and placed the box down on the floor before closing the attic. With a smile firmly planted on her face, she took the box back to her and Leni's room.

"What you got, sis?" Leni asked as she looked up after sending a texting someone.

"It's the box that's filled with my trophies and pictures of myself doing ballet" She answered. Lori then opened the box revealing many awards and many Pics.

"Who's that?" Leni asked pointing to a girl giving young Lori a trophy.

"That's Miss. Nat. She taught me how to do ballet" Lori stated.

"Cool. Oooh since you used to do ballet, I was now thinking that we should do a little performance in front of our family" Leni suggested.

"I'm not sure Leni, it's been years since I've done it and I don't have anything in pink that's a leotard. I only have the black leggings" Lori informed.

"I can make you one, Lori. Then later on we can do a show for our family" Leni stayed as she brought out her string and knitting kit.

"Well...if you really want me to do it with you, I'll do it. I could use the time to remember when I was a kid" Lori said happily.

For the past hour or so, the two blondes made a couple of new leotards (even though they have enough). They made new ones in various of colors. As they knitted their clothing, Lori told the story of when she use to dance and do ballet.

Late Afternoon

"So, what's the big surprise that requires our attention?" Lola asked getting bored of waiting.

"I bet she is going to tell us that Bobby proposed to her" Lynn commented as she was bouncing a tennis ball.

"Good, you're all here" A voice said from the staircase. Looking up, they spotted their sister, Lori. Before she spoke, each of her siblings laughed at her. Her hair was tied into a ponytail. The leotard was pink. And finally, she wore black leggings and shoes, specifically made for ballet and other dancing styles.

"What's so funny?" Lori asked as Leni came down the stairs and stood next to her.

"Oo man Lori, you look ridiculous" Lincoln said as he continued to laugh with the others.

"Cool it, twerp. Leni and I are going to perform a little show for you all" Lori stated.

"Well hurry up, I'm getting bored here" Lola whined. She soon felt a big jab to her side.

Getting comfortable, the sisters watched the two blondes set up as the parents walked into the living room. They quickly joined their kids.

The music then started. Lori started off with a ballet. The older blonde moved along the carpet then stood on one foot as the other foot was up and behind her back with a bent knee. The move was entitled Attitude.

Leni then took her turn. Like Lori, she did other ballet moves that she learned (from Lori) then stood on her supporting foot as her other leg was drawn up to the knee of the supporting leg in an open position.

Together, they performed the Enchappé move. As they continued to perform other ballet moves, the rest of them were applauding and complimenting their form.

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