"How am I going to make it up to him?" Rita thought.

"I want to just apologize for the way I treated you and especially your son. As we both can tell, he seems more responsible than your daughters"

"Yeah...i guess you're right. But still, how am I going to apologize to my only son? Myself and his father mostly punish him more than the girls"

"Well Mrs. Loud, you just gotta take one step at a time. I know that now that you didn't mean for this to happen. I'm no parent but looking at it through my perspective, I see a big issue with your relationship with your son. By the looks of it, it seems that you and the rest of the family single him out to be the criminal without any evidence"

"I feel like a terrible parent. I can't even control my daughters sometimes. We expected Lori to be the mature one and kelp everything in order it feels like myself and my husband force Lincoln to do that part. He's only eleven years old for god's sake! No eleven year should be acting parent until it's their time"

"Just calm down. Breathe in and out" the manager said as she did as instructed.

"Your not a bad person. Sure you made mistakes but you've learned you're lesson. It's never too late to fix the broken (sighs) look I have to get back on the clock. Man lunch break is over and here" he said throwing two gift cards to her, witch she caught at the last second.

As the guy left, Rita read the amount that the card held two hundred dollars in total. She smiled at the gesture and began shopping around for the family.

The first item she bought was Lincoln's Zombie Brand cereal. Sure, the girls got him one as an apology gift but she still grabbed the discounted item off the shelf. The mother of eleven ventured through the aisles of the store collecting toilet paper , napkins, bread, butter and other essential items. As she was heading to the checkout a hand reached out, touching her shoulder while saying her name.

"Hello Mrs. Loud"

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