Lincolnleft a note in the doghouse before left, informing that he'll be with Clyde fir the day. The boy quickly dialed a cab to pick him up.

"Soon the taxi showed up,pulling to the side of the curb. The hound boy made is way to the back door and opened it.

"Can you please take me to Voodoo Dolls Inc"

"Sure kid but aren't you supposed to be sleeping? I mean it's pretty late" the driver inquired as he glanced at his watch.

"You can call me Lincoln. And to answer your question, yes it is pretty late. It's just my family kicked me out of the house" Lincoln explained causing the driver to raise an eyebrow to the boy's explanation.

"Look kid, I don't want to sound rude an all but what's it like to live in that house?"i've heard a lot about 1216 Franklin Avenue. Some good but most bad" The driver exclaim while merging into incoming traffic.

"As you may know, I live with ten sisters"

"Are you for real kid?"

"No joke! I really live with ten sisters. Things can get chaotic but we seem to get a long. Well we use to"

"What you mean Linc"

"As time went on things has changed. My family grew big in size. All had issues with getting some one on one time with our parents. It's just feels like I ain't part of the family. My parents are always too busy with the girls that they're pretty much exhausted when they have time for me. Don't get me wrong, I know it's hard to get equal attention but it's seems like they don't put an effort to help me with my issues"

"I'm sure they try. I have a big family too. Like you said Lincoln, it's not easy"

"Can you tell me more about your family?"

As the cab made its way downtown, Lincoln told him everything from The protocol to the Luck incident. As Lincoln explained more, the driver started to hate the boy's family more and more. As Lincoln finished the explanations, the driver pulled into a parking lot.

"Well here we are kid. That'll be 16.76 in total" the driver informed as Lincoln pulled out his wallet. After inserting the cash into the machine, he got out and closed the door.

After dropping off the kid, the driver pulled into a near by bar. He turned off the car and made his way inside. He made his way to the bar table and sat down on the seat.

"What can I get you Josh?"

"The usual Stella Please"

"So what brings you by the time? And you know your not supposed to be drinking on the job"

"It's okay. My shift ended about few minutes ago. I don't have to bring back the taxi cause the company sends out a signal that shuts down the machine that contains the day's earnings. Don't worry I can't get the money out. The company made it impossible fir us employees to steal the money from said machine"

"Well you say so Josh but more importantly, why are you drinking? As I recall your not a drinker and neither am I"

"It's just my last fare"

"What about it? Did something happen?" The bar tender said in concern as he poured his friend the requested beer.

"The last fare was an eleven year old boy and by the sound of it his family doesn't respect him nor makes time for him"

"Tell me more about this kid's family"