"Why doesn't the others follow my lead. I'm the Queen here. Not Lincoln. I always never really liked him. Not even the slightest. How can anyone like that white haired buck teeth nerd. He's such a looser. All he does is sit on his butt and play stupid games, dress up as some pathetic comic book character abs read comics in his undies. Oh god! The undies. It's like germ city" i said to myself as I looked at my sisters help him cook breakfast.

Luan POV

As I helped my little brother make food for everyone, I couldn't help but notice Lola standing at the entrance of the kitchen, staring at us with crossed hands and a deep glare. I don't know what her issue is with him. Lincoln Is a sweet and caring person. Sure he's made plenty of mistakes but he learns.

"Hey Luan!" A voice screamed witch startled me, making me throw an egg at Leni.

"My dress!" I heard Leni scream very dramatically.

"Sorry about that sis. Didn't mean to yolk it at you. Shell i fetch you a towel?" I said as I laughed as the others groaned.

"Really bruh"' I heard Luna said as she looked at me, very annoyed.

"Shall we address little miss sparkles" A soft voice said, scaring the wits out of me along with the others.

"Sigh. You guys always forget about me. But I'm all, what's the plan? How are we going to spend time with Lincoln" the emo questioned.

"I think that Luna and I should go first" I suggested.

Lori POV

I'm literally not having it today. Why? It's because of Lola. Like the others I don't literally know what's her issue. I'm the oldest and in charge. Yeah I can be bossy but I'm not too bad. I love all of my siblings dearly. Lincoln on the other hand Is different. He's the only boy in the family besides dad. I sometimes wonder how he's able to keep up with us. We all need him. He's a great helper for many of our activities.

"Hey Lincoln?" I spoke up.

"Yes Lori?" He replied.

"This may seem a little out of nowhere but later, do you wanna hangout at the arcade with me?" I'm not working today but I get two percent off of food and drinks"

"What's in it forme?" He asked. Of course, should have seen this coming. Shaking my head, I got down and gave him a hug.

"Nothing at all my lil brother"'I replied as I released him.

"Today, you don't owe me anything at all. I would like to try to become a better sister to you Lincoln. I know I haven't been the best yo. So right, now I'd like to fix it.

"Um guys?" I heard Lana spoke.

"Yes Lana?" I asked.

"Not sure about you but the stuff on the stove is burning" Leni spoke.

I quickly turn off the stove and helped my brother set the table. We made small talk and talked about our new events going on but didn't tell Lincoln about our plan is. All I know is that he'll be very happy

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