New Start

So, I'm back with a new Naruto Story. Honestly, I don't have the care anymore for Naruto Uchiha Student of a God. In due time, I will make a Fairy Tale and High School DxD story without Issei. I will most likely have Natsu be the red dragon emperor. That's all I'm saying about that. Now! Let's try this new story I thought of for a while now. I know there are other ones like this, but hopefully, I can get this to stand out.

It was a rough time for the 4th Hokage. His wife Kushina has just given birth triplets. Their first born was Naruko Uzumaki/Namikaze. Their second was Ninato Uzumaki/Namikze, and their last one was Naruto Uzumaki/Namikaze. There was also a mysterious man with a spiral mask who was able to pull the Kyuubi out of Kushina. Minato was able to fend him off as he grabbed Kushina, Naruko, Ninato, and Naruto. He Hiraishin them into his house, Minato Hiraishin on top of the mountain. He looked at his children as he held them in his arms.

"Minato! Don't tell me you're going to seal the nine tails into your own children!" Sarutobi shouted.
"Don't worry Hiruzen I wouldn't do it if I didn't believe in my children". Minato smiled as he Hiraishin near the nine tails.

Minato gently laid his kids down in a bush as he looked up to find the spiral asked man. "So, you're the cause of all this!"

"Ah! Lord 4th! It's a pleasure to meet you!" the man with the one Sharingan eye glowed.

"So, you're an Uchiha! You from this village?" Minato asked annoyed.

"Maybe I am! Maybe not! You will have to find out and see!" The man charged Minato.

Minato and the spiral masked man had a tough battle, but Minato was victorious. Minato saw the nine tails was still rampaging around. Minato summoned multiple alters as he placed his three children in them. Minato ran up as he got the seal ready, Minato made a clone to allow it to distract the nine tails.

After a few minutes of distracting and dodging, Minato successfully was able to seal away the nine tails away into his three children. Since Naruko and Ninato were older. Naruko was given 4 tails and Ninato was given 3. Minato put 2 tails in Naruto. However, there were many casualties leaving a scarred boy an orphan.

6 Years Later

A boy with spiky blonde hair was starring out the window. He only 4'5, he was pretty small for his age. He had whiskers a trait his siblings never inherited. Unlike the rest of the kids in the family, Naruto was the only one who had bright blue eyes that sparkled in the sky. He was the only one to inherit Minato's golden blonde hair. Naruko had red-hair with violet purple eyes, and Ninato had red hair that was a bit spiky on top, but most of the hair dangled to the side of his head.

It was a nice day outside for the boy to be playing, but this boy wasn't playing. He was inside because he didn't want to go outside. All he wanted to do was train with his family, however, he was told that his elder brother and sister needed to train. Naruto was left in the house as he watched outside his window. He watched as his brother was running up trees, swinging a sword around, or his sister throwing shurikens and kunais at targets. His elder brother and sister also were working on their ninjutsu. Ninato had an affinity for earth, lighting, and water, and Naruko had wind and water. Ninato was about 4'8 which was pretty tall for his age, and Naruko was already at 5'0 at the age of 6.

Naruto was alone for most of the time, he did, however, go outside once in a while. He hated hearing the laughter of happiness from his family. He would go out and walk around the village. Naruto was walking around as he saw some kids at the park. Naruto slowly made his way over towards the swings and sat down. He looked over to see a chubby kid, a kid with black hair that looked like a pineapple, and a boy with a weird jacket on him with goggles. They also had some other kids with them playing. Naruto went over to play with them, but he heard his family coming over.

Naruko and Ninato were walking with Minato and Kushina at their sides. "Shikamaru! Choji! Shino!" Ninato shouted as he called out for his friends. Naruto watched as his brother's friends run up to him fawning over him. There was another girl with blonde hair and teal eyes with a bang covering her face was fawning over Ninato.

"Well, isn't my son popular with the ladies!" Kushina smiled at Ninato.
"Mom! You're embarrassing me!" Ninato blushed.

Naruto felt his stomach drop, so he decided to walk away leaving them alone. Naruko, however, saw off on the corner of her eye as she watched Naruto walk away. "Hey, Naru-!" Naruko was cut off by her mom.

"Naruko! Go play with your friends! They are waiting for you!" Kushina smiled.

Naruko ran off as she looked back at Naruto walking off. Naruto kept walking as he made his way over towards the shopping district. He looked around as he saw bustling people around him until a man points him out.

"Hey look! Isn't that the demon! The one who attacked the village!" A man shouted.

"Demon?" Naruto said quietly.

"Are you sure don't you think he looks like lord 4th's son?" Another guy asked.

"He may have the same hair and eye color, but he has those damn whiskers that demon had! No one in the 4th's family had facial features with whiskers! Plus his kids only have red hair! There was however a baby by spotted as the nine tails were put into a blonde kid!" The man assured.

"Then he really is the demon! Get him!" The one man shouted. Then soon more people stopped moving to stare at Naruto. The all started to run after him, Naruto tried to run as fast as he could. However, he doesn't have that much stamina he is only a child after all.

Naruto tripped as the mob gathered around him. "Kill the demon!" "Make him pay!" another shouted.

Naruto only coward in fear, "What did I do! If I did anything I'm sorry!" Naruto was starting to cry.

"Saying sorry isn't going to cut it! You can't bring our families back!" A man growled with a kunai in his hand. Others were holding kitchen knives, torches, bats, or wood bats.

They began to torture Naruto stabbing, beating, kicking, punching, or trying to set him on fire. Naruto barely escaped the fire as he ripped off part of his shirt that was burning to the ground. One of the Anbu members heard the cry as he came running over. He landed in the middle stopping the people who were beating the kid. "The hell do you think you're doing! Beating on a little kid!" The people around him stayed silent.

When the Anbu went to look at who it was, the kid was gone. He vanished from the scene without even leaving a trail of blood, or scent behind. Naruto was running past the gate of Konoha as he found himself in the middle of the forest. Naruto fell on the ground face first into the mud, as he slipped into unconsciousness.

The next day Naruto woke up with his body aching everywhere. He looked up to find himself in the hospital. Naruto saw no one in the room, but he did see a figure walk through the door. He didn't seem to be too tall, but he had to be about 13 or 14. "Hey you alright kid?" the boy asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine". Naruto sat up as he took his bandages off. The Anbu looked at Naruto funny, the wounds on Naruto's body were gone. There wasn't even a trace of any attacks or wounds on him,
"I hope I see you again, what's your name?" The Anbu looked at Naruto.

"The name is Naruto". Naruto averted his gaze at the ground.

"Mine is Itachi, but please don't let other people know. I'm the Hokage's bodyguard. I will be around to make sure you're safe kid, see ya". Itachi left in a swirl of leaves. Naruto sighed as he got up and walked out the hospital room.

Naruto made his way over towards the front desk he let the woman know he was checking out. She didn't say anything but stare at Naruto with a look of hatred. Naruto didn't say anything else, but he looked at a visitor sign-in sheet. Naruto didn't see a single person's name he recognized, which means his family didn't even know he was gone. Naruto flipped it back one more page as he saw Naruko Uzumaki/Namikaze Sign at 9:00 pm Sign out: 8:00 am Naruto looked at the clock as it was 8:30 am.

Naruto made his way back towards his house putting back on his tattered clothes. He walked up to the house as he looked up. He went inside to see if anyone was around. "Where the have you been mister!" Kushina walked out steamed.

"I was" Naruto tried to respond but was cut off.

"No! I don't want to hear it! Go to your room mister!" Kushina pointed at Ninato's room.

"That's not even my room mom". Naruto said to himself. Naruto walked into his room as he passed Naruko.

"Hey, little bro! How are you feeling today?" Naruko gave her little brother a smile.

"I feel better Naruk. Thanks for visiting me last night". Naruto gave her a small smile.

"Naruko! Ninato! Let's go we need to get breakfast and then training!" Kushina shouted.

"Okay, mother!" Naruko and Ninato ran out.

Naruto kept walking until he heard Naruko's voice, "Mom can Naruto join us?" Naruko tried to plead with their mother.
Minato squat down to her height, "We can't do that Naruko. We need to train you two, especially so you guys can control the Kyuubi's chakra. Naruto may have 2 tails, but he should be able to train when you guys start the academy". Minato ruffles the top of Naruko's red hair.

Naruto's smile turns into a frown as he goes into his room. Naruto was in his room once again as he looked around. He realized again how little things he owned. He had no toys or action figures his brother or any of his other friends had. They always had something to play with while Naruto had nothing in his room. He had a mattress on an old wooden frame that was old. He had covers for his bed but had holes in them. He had a blanket, but his blanket was a few pieces of a string being held together. Naruto had no curtains as the curtain's holder broke a year ago. He got punished for breaking them. The thing is, they broke because the screws were loose and just so happened to be underneath the curtain. His floorboard squeaked, his closet had only a few sets of clothes with only one pair of shoes that he found in the village dumpster.

Naruto was starting to get sick of having to stay in this house. Naruto was starting to long for the affection and love of a parent. At this point, Naruto realized that this wasn't going to happen. Naruto left the house once again deciding to leave for good, Naruto thought he had better chances living in the woods than in his house. Naruto walked outside and into the forest.

He sat down as he found a decent spot to set up his "camp" or even if you could call it that. Naruto remembered reading chakra scrolls from his father's library. Minato accidentally left his scrolls for chakra and how to access it out on his desk in his den. Then a figure appeared next to Naruto as he was about to try to catch fish and cook it for breakfast.

"Hey Naruto, what are you doing here?" Itachi asked.
"Hi! Itachi! What are you doing here?" Naruto asked confused.

"What? You can still recognize me?" Itachi said surprised.

"Well, yeah first of all your short to be an Anbu so that was a clue, but I can also recognize your chakra too!" Naruto smiled.

"Could he be a sensor type?" Itachi thought to himself. "What are you trying to do?" Itachi asked.

"Oh, I'm practicing my chakra control!" Naruto smiled. Naruto focused his chakra into his feet as he walked out onto the water. He was standing on the water, then he relaxed as he started to walk on water with no issue.

"Naruto! That's really impressive at your age! Most genin can't walk on water until they start D rank missions". Itachi was wide-eyed.

"Itachi is there a way to find out what my elemental affinities are?" Naruto asked.

"Uhhh Oh! Uh Yeah! Here I got some chakra paper with me". Itachi pulled the paper out as he gave it to Naruto.

"If I remember reading the scroll right, if it wrinkles its lighting, wet its water, sets on fire its fire, cuts its air, and earth if it turns into dirt". Naruto said silently as he poured chakra into the paper gently.

"Wow, he also pretty smart too! I wonder who his parents are?" Itachi wondered to himself. Then Itachi's thoughts were cut off as his jaw dropped to the floor. An abnormal large wind blade cut the paper in fourths, one-fourth of the paper wrinkling, one set on fire, other is wet, and the last fourth turns into earth. "The hell? Does that mean I got all 5 elemental affinities!" Naruto said shocked.

"Yeah, it does Naruto". Itachi said stunned. "Naruto since I got some time on my hands would you like to train under me?" Itachi asked.

"Yeah! Would I ever!" Naruto smiled with stars in his eyes.

Itachi giggled as he poked Naruto with his fingers at his forehead. "Not now Naruto, meet me here two days' time, then we can train". Itachi smiled as he left in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto smiled, Naruto decided to walk back to his house for the last chance. He also remembers it was his birthday too. So, Naruto was a little excited but was also a bit worried.


The last 3 birthdays were birthdays he couldn't forget. He was completely forgotten about, his parents left him in his room. After they were done training on their birthday, they went out to eat immediately. They were also accompanied by a blonde woman with a Dimond on her head and a man with white spiky hair with the kanji for oil on his head. He hard the man with white spiky hair letting Ninato sign a toad summoning contract. Naruko got to sign a slug sage contract.

A couple of days after that they had a giant party for his siblings. Naruto saw the banner outside as the banner said, "Happy Birthday Naruko and Ninato!" Like what the fuck it's his birthday too! Naruto walked inside as he found everyone gathered around his siblings and parents. Naruto was heartbroken, that's when his demeanor changed towards his parents. How could his parents forget that he was their son too! He was born on the exact same day as his siblings. His brother got all the attention as he was even said he could become the next Hokage of the village. That hurt Naruto, he remembered stating he wanted to be Hokage first when they were 4 years old. His parents and people of the village gave Ninato and Naruko everything they wanted, toys, money, weapons, clothing, etc.

This only fueled the fire more to Naruto, it came to the point where Naruto was furious. Naruto wanted to march in and yell at all of them. Something, something kept Naruto back. He didn't know what it was, it was most likely because his sister Naruko was the only family member who acknowledged Naruto. Besides her, Naruto thinks that Jiraiya and Tsunade didn't even know who he was or if they knew he was Minato and Kushina's son.

End of FLashback

Naruto came up to his house, but before he opened the door he heard the laughter of kids playing. He heard grownups talking loudly. Naruto's hand was just barely on the knob when he stopped himself. No, they weren't his family. Naruko maybe his family member he could think cared about him. That point he wasn't too sure anymore. Naruto backed up as he turned around high tailing it towards Hokage Mountain.

Naruto got there as he slammed his fists into the ground. "What! In! The! ACTUAL! FUCK! DO THEY NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT ME! DID THEY FRICKEN FORGET ABOUT ME!" Naruto was crying as she slammed his fists into the mountain more making the crater bigger. Naruto sat there as he looked up, he looked up at the sky, "If my family doesn't even love me then what the hell was I born for? Why the hell did they even had another kid if they were just going to neglect me". Naruto curled up in a ball as he cried the night away.

The nine tails were watching everything Naruto was going through. "Huh, I'm supposed to be a demon, but yet seems like he had had it way harder since they keep calling him the demon". Kuruana scoffed at the idea at how poorly Minato raised his son.

Minato and Kushina at the party were talking to everyone as the party continued. Kushina said to herself, "Something feels off? I feel like I'm missing someone?" "Kushina! How are Naruko's and Ninato's training!" Kakashi walked up. Kushina smiled, and Minato smiled back at his student. They all drank and partied the night away.

The next day Naruto woke up as he found himself shivering in the cold. Naruto got up as he walked down at the bottom of the mountain. Naruto made his way over towards the Uchiha compound to look around. He saw children playing, they were all smiling and laughing having a good time. Naruto couldn't help but smile as he envied their happiness, but he had to face that he was never going to receive that they had.

Then it finally clicked, "If people didn't even acknowledge my existence; and people don't care about him. Would it be easier if he were to just disappear? Would it be easier if I were to just die and not be a bother anymore? The only person who may have seemed to care about was Naruto was Naruko, but Itachi too. I think it better off if I really was gone. It may hurt Naruko for a little while, but she will get over it. For Itachi, well I don't think he will feel anything since I don't even know him". Naruto sighed as he made his way towards Hokage Mountain.

Naruto walked back to the mountain through the Uchiha compound. Naruto walked past the head clans house as he saw a girl with black hair and raven black hair. Her hair came down to her shoulder blades. She smiled at Naruto waving to him, "Hello there!" She smiled.

"Hi…. bye". Naruto's final words trailed off to a bye, it was soft enough for the girl didn't hear Naruto.

Naruto kept walking as he made his way out of the Uchiha compound. Itachi walked up behind his little sister, "Hey Satsuki? Who was that? Your new boyfriend?" Itachi poked fun at his little sister.

"HEY! Itachi! No! You stupid Baka! I just said hello!" Satsuki puffed her cheeks out. She let the air out putting her finger on her chin, "Well he was pretty cute thought". Satsuki smiled.

Naruto marched his way back up as it was already late in the day. To make is ironic Naruto was standing on top of Minato's face. Naruto was to jumps off so, he didn't have to live anymore. All Naruto did pray before he jumped off was that to wish a kid like him never has to go through what he did. He would personally ask Kami if he were to go to hell asking him never to allow a kid to go through what he did.

Naruto took in the sight one last time, he looked at the horizon as he watched it. The breeze hit his face as his hair flowed in the wind. He closed his eyes as he slowly leaned forwards starting to slide off. Naruto remembers the few good times he had with Naruko. He remembers that she would crawl into bed with him if she was cold. She would hold him when he was upset or try to involve him in family activities. Ayame and Teuchi, the the last person he thought about was that black-haired girl at the Uchiha compound. Naruto had to agree that whoever she was, she was cute. Naruto finally slipped off as he was falling towards the ground. He felt the rush of air hit his face, he felt his stomach in his throat. Naruto was forced to grow up early he hardly had much of a childhood, so in a way, it didn't matter anymore.

Naruto heard some screams of a woman yelling that someone jumped off the mountain. However, Naruto didn't care he knew it was going to be over very soon. Then he felt himself stop falling, but instead, he was moving up. Then back down, then back up. Naruto opened his eyes as he looked up. He saw an Anbu with a with his cat mask on. "I-Itachi!" Naruto's eyes were wide.

Itachi landed back down in the Uchiha compound, "Naruto what are you doing jumping off like that!" Itachi scolded Naruto. Naruto kept his mouth shut as he averted his gaze towards the ground.

"Itachi who is that?" A woman with black hair and black eyes walked out.

"Oh, mother this is my student, but I just saved him from jumping off the Hokage mountain". The words shook Itachi's mother to the core, "Bring him in! We should talk to him". Itachi's mom said worriedly.

Naruto only kept his gaze at the ground as he stayed silent. He walked inside as he sat down in the family room. He was on the couch with Itachi standing behind him, the woman on the opposite side on the couch. Then a man who seemed to be Itachi's dad, but then a little girl came from her room as she peeked around the corner. Naruto looked at her as she looked back at him. For a moment there was a second of bliss as time stood still for Naruto.

"So, Naruto mind explaining why you jumped off the Hokage Mountain?" Itachi asked with his eyebrow raised.

"Before I explain why I should have told you my full name". Naruto said depressed.

"Full name? What do you mean Naruto?" Itachi asked confused.

"Well I'm Mikoto Uchiha, I am the mother of Itachi and Satsuki". Mikoto gave Naruto a sweet smiled.

Naruto was memorized by her beauty as he blushed, that why he thought her daughter was really cute.

"I'm Fugaku Uchiha I am their father and husband of Mikoto". He gave Naruto a smile.

"The name is Naruto Uzumaki/Namikaze". Naruto said as he felt a jolt of pain in his heart.

Mikoto, Fugaku, Itachi, and Satsuki eyes widen as their jaws dropped. Mikoto tried to keep her composure, "N-Naruto w-why did you try to kill yourself". Mikoto said nervously.

Naruto went on to how he was treated by his parents earlier in life, he did add in how Naruko was the only one to show him that she cared. Naruto spoke about the birthdays that his parents missed, he had hardly any belongings and was not even allowed to train with his siblings. If they went out to eat, they would forget to bring Naruto along. Birthday's were spent with him by himself. Naruto also said, "Oh, Teuichi and Ayame are always there for me too. They don't know the position I am in, but they know I come in occasionally by myself". Naruto smiled at remembering the two.

Mikoto and Fugaku were furious, they can't believe that their childhood friends would do this. It's almost as they don't even recognize their own friends. "Maybe we should go talk to them Naruto?" Mikoto suggested.

"No! I don't want to go back! I'm not going back home! They probably don't even realize I'm not at home. What's the point if they aren't going to come to look for me!" Naruto was starting to ball up and letting tears run down his face. "I've never been so alone! I have a family, yet they don't act like it! The only person who tried was Naruko!" Naruto argued back.

This left Fugaku and Mikoto shocked, but they smiled when they saw Satsuki walk up to Naruto. "Naruto I may not understand everything, but I know! Maybe you can be part of our family! I've always wanted a younger brother! We may not be blood-related, but would that be fun!" Satsuki smiled.

Naruto blushed, "I don't know I don't want you guys to get in trouble". Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

Mikoto and Fugaku looked at Naruto, "Naruto if you want you can stay with us for a while. Until you make your mind up why don't you stay here until you know what you want to do". Mikoto smiled at Naruto.

"Eh! Really!" Naruto's eyes lighten up.

Mikoto smiled as she let a little laugh escape, "Yes, Naruto! We want your parents to know unless you want them to or they find out first". Mikoto and Fugaku smiled at Naruto.

"Naruto you're going to be part of this family. I'm more than happy to accept you as a surrogated son".

Naruto started to let more tears roll down, "Thanks! I have always wanted to be able to act like a real family! Mom! Dad! Satsuki! Itachi!" Naruto was crying. The additional Uzumaki/Namikaze heir was added to the Uchiha clan.

"How about you slowly start working your way into our household. If they hardly ever notice you, just be there every now and then, so they won't get suspicious. Eventually, you will be able to move in here as our family member! As my Naruto-kun". Mikoto caressed Naruto's whiskers. Naruto enjoyed that as he let out a small little purr making Satsuki and Mikoto blush and giggle.

A Few Months Later

Naruto began to hang out at the Uchiha compound more and more. He was rarely ever at the Uzumaki/Namikaze compound. No one ever notices, but Naruko was the only one who realized Naruto wasn't there as much. Naruto trained more and more with Satsuki and Itachi. Itachi introduced Naruto to his friend Shisui Uchiha. He was like an older brother to Naruto.

Naruto would relentlessly work on moves he remembers Minato teaching his other siblings. He also practiced in all areas of his ninjutsu. He made sure to try to make his elemental affinities equal in power and strength. Itachi, Shisui, and even Mikoto would teach Naruto jutsu. Naruto performed them with ease and great power. His main issue was making sure he didn't use up too much chakra. His reserves are high, he still needs to be able to balance the amount used and held within.

Week later

"Mom! Its been a week! We need to look for Naruto!" Naruko yelled at her mom.

"Naruko! For the last time he probably just in his room. I don't know what been with him, just leave him alone". Kushina tried to blow it off.

"I'm sure he is in his room Naruko". Minato placed his hand on Naruko's shoulder.

Jiraiya and Tsunade also knew who Naruto was, but they don't think they never really saw him before. "Minato what does Naruto even look like? I don't think me or Tsunade even remember what he looks like". Jiraiya said worriedly.

"Kushina are you sure you saw Naruto recently? I don't think I even saw him at the birthday party?" Tsunade's eyebrow went up.

"Wait but that wasn't even his birthday? Wait…. Was it?" Kushina was trying to think. "Minato Naruto was born a month after Naruko and Ninato right?" Kushina started to sweat.

"I think so? He is the youngest I know that?" Minato was starting to sweat.

"Are you guys kidding me!" Naruko snapped.

Ninato stayed silent as he never really cared about his younger brother. He always seemed like a weird person, he was always a weakling or a shut-in. He didn't have the time to deal with him.

Kushina and Minato both looked at one another, they both walked down the hall of their house. They came across a room, but before they could open it.

"Mom? Dad? That's my room?" Ninato raised an eyebrow.

Kushina and Minato were both sweating bullets. Jiraiya and Tsunade were not happy either, they don't remember this part of the house. Kushina kept walking further into the house, "Wow I don't even remember the kid's hallway being so deep". Kushina said with a worried voice.

They walked up to his door as they looked at the door. The handle had rust on it, the door was old wood. The floorboard beneath them creaked like metals doors grinding on hinges that haven't been oiled in some time. Kushina knocked on the door gently, "Naru…. Naruto you in there?"

No, response.

"Naruto, its mom. Can I come in?" Kushina said nervously.

Again, no response. Kushina turned the knob as it squeaked when she opened the door. As she opened the door the room was filled with dust that kicked up from the air pushed from the door. Kushina and Minato coughed as they waved the dust off. They looked around the room, it was dark, cold, and wore down.

"Kushina the how long as it been since you dusted in here?" Tsunade raised an eyebrow.

"I-I don't know I don't dust my kids' rooms". Kushina said nervously.

Jiraiya studied the room, "By the looks of it as if no one has been living in here for a month". Jiraiya said confused.

"But didn't we just see Naruto a day ago?" Kushina tried to remember. She looked at Minato.

"Was it two days ago?" Minato was trying to think. Kushina looked at Ninato.

"I don't know". He turned around and walked out of the room.

Kushina looked at Naruko, she was looking down with an agitated look her face, "Mom it been months now Naruto stopped living in here". Naruko turned around and walked out.

Kushina and Minato's eyes widen as Tsunade and Jiraiya's eyes widen as well. Kushina starts to bawl her eyes out, "WHERES MY BABY! MINATO! WHERE IS MY BABY! MY NARUTO! WHERE IS MY BABY BOY!" Kushina was crying her eyes out.

"Guys look at this" Jiraiya walked over at the desk in the room. "It's a letter from Naruto, it has the same amount of dust on it like the rest of the room. I say he wrote this about a month ago too".

Dear Dad, Mom, Ninato, and Naruko,

I decided to stop living with you guys. I have been ignored for far too long. I'm happy that you guys loved and cared for Naruko and Ninato. I don't have anything against Naruko she was the only one to visit me in the hospital. I don't know how my own two parents didn't know I was in the hospital. I also am writing this to let you know I hate both of you. I don't think I can ever forgive you guys for forgetting me and neglecting me. I even had a bet to whether it is a month or not until you realized I was gone. I figured Naruko would find out and she did. I told and let her know everything. Apparently, she is the only person I can consider family who is actually related by blood. Don't try to find me, I don't want to see you two again if I do I will not be addressing you two as such people I use to call family. I found people who actually cared about me and took me in. I'd wish I was born into a different family, but also to wish that Naruko was also by my side. Don't try looking from me. I don't want to see you or any of my god parent's faces either. I know they have also helped you train them. I know who they are, I only met them once. That moment was short lived as I tried to approach, you guys darted off for Naruko and Ninato. If you don't even know when my birthday was or where my room was, then you guys are even worst parents than I thought.

Don't love,

"Naruto". Jiraiya finished the letter.

Kushina fell on her knees as she began to cry her eyes out. "Minato! What did we do wrong! We were only doing what was best right!"

"I thought we did! I thought Naruko and Ninato having more tails would make it harder for them to control their tails". Minato said in shock as he put his hand in his hair trying to process things. Jiraiya and Tsunade were even surprised, but now that Naruto mentions it, they remember that event. It was for Naruko and Ninato's birthday party.

In the forest where Naruto and Satsuki was training

"Satsuki try the fireball jutsu! I know you got it!" Naruto smiled.

"Sure!" Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu! A large flame ball spews out of her mouth as it evaporates some of the water in the lakes. "You try it Naruto!" Satsuki smiled.

"Let me try!" Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu! Naruto unleashed a fireball that was twice the size Itachi was able to do at his age.

"Wow! Naruto! That was even bigger than Itachi's when he was your age!" Satsuki said surprised. "Dad is going to be so proud of you!" Satsuki smiled.

The two were smiling at one another, Satsuki couldn't help but feel something for Naruto. The way he smiles, his bright blue eyes, and his spiky yellow hair. It made Satsuki blushing when she is close to him. Naruto on his side he was blushing as he felt his heart thud in his chest.

Then Naruto felt a presence as he turned around. There was a Shinobi from Sand, "You're coming with me, little girl! You're going to help the sand get their own clan of Uchiha!" the Sand ninja had a devilish look on him.

"You're not going to lay a hand on her!" Naruto put his arm in front of Satsuki.

"Please a brat like you couldn't possibly hurt me!" The ninja laughed.

Naruto did the only other jutsu he remembered watching Minato teaching Naruko and Ninato. Naruto swirled the chakra in his hand and compressed. Since no one would teach him anything, he taught himself how to read! Naruto pushed a bit more chakra into the sphere he practiced on his own time. The chakra ball formed as it spiraled into life. RASENGAN! Naruto slammed the ball into his stomach sending him flying.

Thanks to Naruto having a lot of free time, he would do a lot of training with his chakra on the side. He hasn't practiced enough physically, but enough where he was a mid genin. The Sand-nin stood back up as he clenched his stomach. "That hurt brat!" He gets back up and runs quickly as he kicks Naruto into a tree as Naruto spat out some spit.

Naruto cursed himself for not working on his body physically. He slowly got up, but the man worked his way towards Satsuki as he grabbed her wrists. He snickered as gave her a once over. "I'm taking you back with me! The sand will be glad to take you in as the next Uchiha Clan Heiress in the San!" He smiled as he began to walk out.

Naruto didn't know what the hell this guy was talking about, but he didn't like it. "Get away from her!" Naruto shouted.

The nin ignored him. Satsuki was screaming for help.

"N-Naruto!" Satsuki screamed.

The scream echoed as Fugaku, Mikoto, Itachi, Minato, Kushina, Naruko, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Ninato. The Uchiha family heard Satsuki scream Naruto as they ran over. The others heard Naruto's name as the ran over.

"I WON'T LET YOU HURT HER! I WON'T LET YOU PUT YOUR FILTH HANDS ON HER ANYMORE!" Naruto's body was enveloped in a red chakra cloak with one tail. Naruto stuck his hand out as wood trunk shot from his hand. The wood at the end split into four different points as they stabbed the Sand-nin impaling him in the chest and stomach. "DON'T YOU DARE HURT SATSUKI!" Naruto's voice bellowed.

"TCH! *Spits blood out* Dammit! You're a jinjuruki! Also, with his wood release! Fuck! When Sand invades, we will be screwed". The Sand-nin passed out and dies.

Naruto's chakra cloak recedes as he huffs and puffs, he sees his hands are connected to the wood. On the end, if the dead body of a Sand shinobi. "Wood release what the hell?" Naruto was huffing and puffing out of breath.

Naruto looked over to see everyone standing there, including his old family starting at him wide-eyed. He looked to his left to see Satsuki starting at Naruto in shock while holding her arms over her chest. "Satsuki are you okay". Naruto breaks off from the wood passing out.

A/N: How was it? Too much? Not enough? Too little? A little rape but not my intention. I needed a way to draw out Naruto's wood release.