The Man With the Life

Hello! So, I will be wrapping this series up actually with this chapter. I just don't feel like if I continued it would be updated very often. I got other stories I want to work on, but with school starting to get harder. I don't know how often I will be posting. So, I will be wrapping this up with just Naruto with the big harem. A person pmed me wanting me to do this. I figured it was a way to end it too. So, this is the last chapter for this story. So, please enjoy it!

Naruto was standing in the room confused, shocked, and angry. "Jiraiya! What exactly did you sign!"

"Your one-way ticket to paradise!" Jiraiya gave Naruto a double thumbs up smiling at him.

Soon the girls from the tables made their way over towards Naruto.

Naruto looked at all the girls, one girl with red hair, blue eyes, and a voluptuous figure spoke, "My name is Rias Gremory and these are my friends. Please take care of us as our husband!" She walked up placing a kiss on his lips.

Naruto could already hear Ayame, Naruko, Satsuki, and Kuruana yelling at him. Kuruana was thankfully back at home since she was taking care of their two children. Not just that with two more on the way. Naruko had another one, Ayame been eight months pregnant again. Naruto sighed, "Jeez just what has this world come to".

Next Day

Naruto walked inside with Ayame and the other girls running up tackling Naruto to the ground. "Hey girls!" Naruto smiled.

Soon Yui came running up as Obito turned the corner, "Oh hey Naruto". Rin was right beside Obito with her head on his shoulder.

"Hey, Obito! Rin! Yui! How is my little girl doing!" Naruto smiled picking her up putting her on his shoulders.

"Naruto how did the meeting go". Naruko smiled as she was wearing the Kage outfit.

Naruto then began to sweat, "If you want the full details. Ask this guy". Naruto bites his thumb and weaved a few hand signs, SUMMONING JUTSU!

Jiraiya appeared in a poof of smoke as he looked at Naruto, "N-Naruto why am I here?"

"You explain it." Naruto sigh as a girl with red hair and blue eyes came walking in with more girls walking in. There was a sea of women that were at the entrance of the house. With a bunch of them outside of the Namikaze compound.

Naruko had a twitch in her eye, "JIRAIYA WHAT HELL DID YOU DO!" Naruko was holding a katana in her hand.

Ayame had a frying pan, Kuruana had her claws sharpened, Tsunade came through the sea of woman with her hand glowing blue. Kushina had another katana, and they were all ready to beat the shit out of Jiraiya. Yugito came walking in with a baby in her arms. She was holding a baby girl with bright blonde hair and blue eyes. "What's going… what the hell". Yugito looked at all the girls.

Samui, Pakura, Anko, and Kurotsuchi came walking in with children that looked like them. Samui had a boy with bright blonde hair and gray eyes. Pakura had a girl with green hair with the tips being blonde with sky blue eyes. Anko had a baby girl with violet eyes and blonde hair with a couple of whiskers on the cheeks.

Naruko asked, "Jiraiya what did you give them!" Naruko had a tick mark on her head.

"T-this!" Jiraiya handed her the scroll that they all signed.

Naruko began reading the scroll, "WHAT! WHEN DID YOU ADD THIS!" Naruko was staring at Jiraiya with killing intent.

Jiraiya was starting to sweat bullets, "May Kami have mercy on my soul!" Naruko grabbed his ear pulling him into a separate room with the other girls.

Rias walked up asking, "Uhhh is everything alright". Rias asked.

Naruto facepalmed, "I'll explain later, but I think I should get my clones to start getting everything. I know we have to move into the new house".

"Well, all I know is we're going to be one giant happy family!" Rias smiled. The other girl who Naruto found who was Akeno pressed her assets against his back. He had all the other girls drooling over Naruto as they all hugged him and tried to cuddle with him.

Naruto side, well he couldn't do too much since the pact was signed. It sounds like he has a lot of girls to take care of. Naruto's kids came running up with Yui looking at Rias. "OOOO Red Haired mommy!" Yui smiled as she ran up to Rias.

Rias was shocked, "Naruto you sure do have a lot of kids".

"Yeah sounds like I'll have more to come". Naruto looked back at all the other girls.

"Yeah! More brother and sisters!" Yui cheered. Some more of Naruto's kids came running up. It was Akane, Ryuto, and Hikari were Ayame's children. Then Seiji and Ameisha came running up. They were Kuruana's children with nine foxtails and two ears on the top of their heads.

Then more kids came running in as it was Satsuki's kids. They had twins, they both had black hair with blonde tips on their heads. One had blue eyes while the other had black eyes. The one with the blue eye was Minato and the other was Sarah. They were both twins with one being a boy and the other a girl.

Naruto sighed, "Well seems like everything just great". Naruto smiled as his kid hugged him.

Rias and the other girls saw Naruto with the children. They all thought of having their own with Naruto, it was a reality that happening for Naruto. Naruto looked up as the other girls came back with a bruised Jiraiya following suit. "Alright! You girls! Here are the RULES!" Naruko shouted.

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