(A/n: this is my first story and I'm dyslexic so please if I am writing don't rush or you'll get a crappy chapter. Do you want that? A chapter you won't understand! NO! So be patient please and I don't own Harry Potter jk dose soooo ON WARD!)

Ginny sat in the library hiding from her bullies. Reading Ginny found a spell which neutralized the underage tracking.

She wrote it on a peace of parchment and left.

Sighing Ginny walked the corridors to her dorm. She saw the glares, stares and sneers. Her eyes welled with tears. All she could think was 'why can't they understand that i was possessed, that I wasn't in control of my actions'.

Walking on wishing that her brothers didn't just abandon her after being so neglectful and letting her fall into the cliches of Tom last year. Ginny sat on her bed and looked around at her dorm mates scowled at her. They got up and out of there way to deliberately beat her up.

Lying down ginny sighed. she could feel the two broken ribs, cut lip, black eye, broken arm, the bruises and cuts. That was when she decided 'I'm fed up of the way I'm treated so I'll leave And prove myself'

Later that night ginny took her bag and placed her trunk inside. This was possible because she had cast a feather-weight charm and an undetectable extension charm.

Walking through the corridors of hogwarts hiding in the shadows. She was about to move out of her hiding place when she heard a hiss. She froze. She couldn't risk it now she was going to leave no matter what. Then she heard it "mrs Norris let's find some wondering students so that they can be given detention," ginny never understood why he worked in a school when he hated kids.

Then she saw him. She was glad she was wearing her back school shoes. She had thought ahead and had put a silencing charm on them. Ginny was also wearing black socks, trousers and a hoodie wich was over her face. She stood stiff knowing that If she didn't move she wouldn't be knotest.

Professor Snape walked up to filch. He snarled "a child has been in the library they knocked over the lamp it's still warm they'll be around somewhere," Mr filch, professor Snape and mrs Norris ran off.

Ginny ran through the corridors without a hitch and went on to the gaits and opened them. Walking though she felt a sence of dread was over her. She said sighing "I'm leaving the school for good," turning to the gait she closed it.

As she closed the gait she said "goodbye hogwarts when your students become less judge mentle I will retern the only other way I will retern is if someone needs my help," sharply turning on her heal she bagan to run as fast as she could, away form the school.

To be continued...