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It was the year of the 74th Hunger Games. However, Kirya felt like it wasn't the 74th.

"Mom?" she asked one morning.

"HEY, MOM!" Her brother, Cato, called.

Kirya gave out a sigh. Cato was asking about the countdown to the reaping agian.

"Five days, hun," my mom called. She turned to me. "What's up, Kirya?"

"Mom, if the dark days did end 75 years ago, shouldn't it be the 75th Hunger Games?"

"I don't think I ever thought of that," Her mom mused.

Kiyra, however, was already out the door.

She needed answers.

Eventually, she made it to the library, and took every book about The Hunger Games off the shelves. The day before the Reaping, she found the answers to her questions.

"Ladies first!" the girl at the reaping ball squeaked.

"WAIT!" Kiyra screamed, dashing up to the stage. She held the tape in her hands high. "THIS IS THE TAPE THAT PROVES THAT THIS IS THE 75TH HUNGER GAMES!"

"Whatever do you mean?" The girl squeaked.

"The tape is titled, The Forgotten Games," Kiyra explained. "I watched it myself, and it is nothing like any games ever documented!"

She rolled the tape. Little did she know, she saved an entire rebellion from starting.