For while now I have had this idea stuck in my head, an idea I need to put on 'paper'. One of my most favorite games ever has and always will be Fallout: New Vegas. It has a great everything, great story, great action, iconic, funny, it's one of the best and I love it. I also love Fallout FanFiction stories but can't find a lot of good ones, so I'm throwing my hat in this. A Fallout crossover with my favorite anime One Piece.

A while ago I read a story called 'A Couriers Grand Adventure'. It was the usual main Fallout character get's sucked into a new world that doesn't suck and is awesome. I liked the story, unfortunately the story only went on for about six chapters, (HA!), before dropping it. It's the same for a lot of Fallout crossover stories. The most popular being RWBY crossovers.

Here's a warning to anyone reading this, this story is a side project for me. So I will not update this story frequently at all.

Now enough talk, let's start another Grand Adventure in FanFiction.

A Wild Card in the Big Blue


No Ones P.O.V


"Sir, it's time to wake!" A voice on the other side of a door called out.

The only response the voice received was a groan of protest before a lone figure in a red room shifted on a single red bed.

"Go away." The muffled voice called out.

"Sir it is 10:30 in the morning, the doors have already opened and you have a busy schedule today." The voice said in a stern tone.

"You say that everyday." The muffled voice said in protest.

"Because everyday you have a busy schedule." The voice shot back. "Now do I have to get a Securitron to drag you out like last time."

"Fuck~" The muffled voice groaned before pushing off the red bed. "Alright, I'm up."

Their sitting on the bed was a 20 year old man. The man had light skin, shaggy black hair that reached just above his neck, a patchy beard, and golden eyes. The figure was currently warring a leopard printed night ware and on his wrist was a brown clunky Pit-Boy 3000 that was shining amber.

The figure got out of bed with a groan before making his way to the door and opening it. Their in front of him was an older man in a black suit and clip board in hand, a stern expression on his face.

"Why did I higher you again?" The man in the night wear said with a glare.

The man didn't flinch from the glare and just looked over the clip board. "Because I seem to be the only one that can deal with you sir."

That man the young man snort. "True." He said as he rubbed his face and walked out of the room. "So what's on the schedule today Sam."

The now named Sam cleared his throat and fallowed the sleepy man. "First is an assessment on the casino's earnings and employ review, then Ms. Julie Farkas has requested that you stop by the orphanage and tell a story to the children their."

That made the sleepy man pause before nodding. "That doesn't sound like a bad idea." He said with a small smile. "Tell her I'll stop by around the time they go to sleep, help them get to bed."

Sam quickly wrote that down. "I should also mention the manager of the Ultra Lux as invited you for a new dish made by the chef."

"Cancel it." The man said quickly with a shiver as he entered a bathroom.

That made Sam sigh as he wrote that down. "Why do you always decline their food, it's quiet wonderful."

That made the young man chuckle as he quickly stood in front of a mirror. "If only you knew Sam." The man said as he looked at the beard on his face. "Going to need a shave." He said before holding out his hand.


A second later after a flash of light a white razorblade appeared in the man's hand before he got to work on his face.

After a minute a shaving the man washed up before doing his hair into a pullback with some hair-gel. "Got to thank The King again for the hair gel." The man muttered before looking to his Pit-Boy. A moment later the man was in Viva Las Vegas suit, only this one was pure white and black. "And for the suit." The young man said before turning to Sam. "Anything else on the agenda today?"

Sam looked over his clip board for a moment before shaking his head. "No, just the orphanage visit and assisting the casino." He said before looking at the young man. "We should get moving Sir."

The man groaned at Sam as they walked to the elevator. "I told you already, call me Six."

In the Mojave wasteland there were many legends in the sands. Legends of aliens, the Burned man, Blue-Star Bottlecaps, Pre-War tech, and many more. But their was one legend that was as real as an angry Deathclaw, and that was Courier Six.

The Courier was nothing more the that, a simple courier. Until fate ended with the man shot in the head and berried in a shallow grave outside of Goodsprings. But even death didn't stop this legend in the making and soon went on a path of vengeance, but at the cost of his memories. Despite the vengeance on his mind The Courier was a kindhearted man who helped all he could along his travels, making many friend as he walked the Mojave, but just as many enemies. But the Courier was far from a saint, he stole what he wanted from people who could afford to lose, cheated, threatened, and had a foul mouth. But he never stole from the poor or his friends, he never needlessly kill, and he never harmed a child in anyway.

When The Courier found himself in New Vegas he quickly found the man who took his past and evened the score. That should of been the end of his tale, if it not for the powerful Mr. House bringing Courier Six into a much bigger plan. To beat the Legion and push the NCR back to California.

Having been the Wild Card in the middle of a large scheme the Courier wanted the best for not only Vegas, but also the Mojave. Siding with the Legion was out of the question, seeing as the Courier hated them just as much as most of his companions. The NCR was a government that was biting off more then they can chew and would quickly lose their grip on New Vegas. The Courier could not lead New Vegas himself, despite his will and skills he was not a leader, he was a fighter, a survivor. So that only left the man who saved the Courier from death, Mr. House.

The two worked together, bringing in other groups for support or making sure they were not a threat to Vegas. Mr. House mostly let the Courier decided how to handle the other Factions on the Mojave and that let the Courier try to come with the best outcome for everyone. But despite them working together Mr. House and the Courier did bump heads, such as when The Courier and his companions killed Caesar in his own camp, even if it did go against House's plans. Despite their disagreements the two still continued their work together and soon took over the Hoover Dam, kicking the NCR out and cutting the head off the Legion.

Even after the battle The Courier did his best to work with Mr. House to not only help the New Vegas, but also the Mojave and the other factions in the waist.

Goodsprings: Goodsprings became a tourist hot spot, gaining lots of popularity for people wanting to meet Victor and see the Grave of The Courier. Making the town a very rich settlement. People especially liked the Courier merchandise the town had to offer.

Prim: Sheriff Meyers continued to protect Prim to the best of his abilities and with the help of the Courier was able to get the local Mojave express up and running.

Boomers: The Boomers continued to fly their giant plan in the sky with their Great Lady, though the Courier asked for them to fly in unpopulated areas to not cause panics. Though still mostly cut off the they evenly started trading with the Gun Runners and even work with them along with New Vegas' defenses.

Kings: The Kings continued to protect Freeside and were soon seen as police force then a gang. They still did things their way but they always did right by Freeside.

Freeside: Thanks to The Courier's help Freeside soon stopped being a squatter nest and soon became a proper town with clean water and food coming from the farms.

Follower's of the Apocalypse: The Courier worked closely with Julie Farkas to help not only Freeside, but even the Follower's to gain a stronger foot in Freeside. Thanks to The Followers many jobs were open for people, the chem dealers were pushed out, and even an orphanage was established for kids, personally funded by the Courier. Courier Six was so impressed with Julie Farkas he personally asked her to work with Mr. House to improve New Vegas and the Mojave.

Great Khans: Leaving on good terms from the Mojave The Khans built strong settlements in the northwest thanks to the Followers, creating trade routes with New Vegas, helping them both become stronger.

Jacobstown: Jacobstown became a haven for mutants of all kind and even some human. They had a strong relationship with the Followers and soon started helping each other for many needs.

Novac: Nothing changed much for Novac as time went on. People were happy and tourist provided good income for the small town. Though people did come to see the rocket test sight the Courier visit.

Brotherhood of Steel: Thanks to the Courier their was a peace treaty between the NCR and the Brotherhood, stopping a long and bitter hatred between the two. Their was still problems between the groups but thanks to diplomacy no blood was spilled.

NCR: President Kimball was soon kicked out of Office that same year and the new president tried to opened a relation with New Vegas. It took some work but the NCR was now getting most of the electricity from Hoover Dam without much caps.

Legion: Without their main leader and their second in command lost The Legion crumbled as The Courier and House sent Securitrons after the slavers without mercy.

Power Gangers & Fiends & Gangs: As soon as the Dam was concord The Courier and House wiped out the major gangs that posed a threat to Vegas and it's people.

Mr. House: After seeing the Courier's success and humanity all over the Mojave Mr. House tried to think more about the people in the Nation he was trying to build then just the Nation. With the help of Julie Farkas and the rest of the Followers House was able to build Vegas better then he could of imaged.

But it wasn't just the factions that changed with the Mojave, but the companions that helped the Courier, his friends.

ED-E: Fully upgraded ED-E continued his journey to complete his creators wishes. Despite being just a robot ED-E missed the Courier dearly never forgetting what the human did for him. The Followers used the information of Poseidon Energy to help power Freeside.

Cass: Thanks to the Courier and Mr. House's help Cass was able to re-start Cassidy Caravan and become one of the biggest supply lines in the Mojave.

Boone: Boone stayed in New Vegas and worked with Cass as a bodyguard and trainer for the guard. Overtime the two got closer and evenly tried to go steady.

Veronica: Veronica found piece working with the Followers and her lover Christine after being reunited by thanks to the Courier, feeling content with her work and life. She still missed the Brotherhood from time to time, but the treaty between them and the NCR gave her hope for her former brothers and sisters.

Arcade: Arcade was reluctant at first with House as the leader of New Vegas and most of the Mojave. But seeing the Courier work with the mysterious man gave Arcade hope for the Mojave.

Rex: Rex was able to balance the memories of Ray and his own. The Cybordog soon returned to the side of The King, once again becoming his faithful companion. But even the dog could not forget what the Courier had done for him in his time of need.

Lily: Lily continued to take her medicine at half doses, evenly losing a large part of her past. She evenly left the Mojave in search of her past after saying goodbye to the Courier and her companions.

Raul: After being inspired by the Courier, Raul took up his gun again in the memory of Rafaela. The ghoul soon became a legend in the waists, a ghost of the past dispensing justice to the wicked.

Courier Six: And so the Courier's road came to an end... for now. He continued to help New Vegas and the Mojave as best he could. The Courier has walked the Mojave and back, survived the Sierra Madre, walked Zion Canyon, fought in the Big Empty, and concord the Divide. After the end of Hoover Dam in his free time The Courier reopened the Lucky 38 Casino in hopes of elevation his boredom... he was sourly mistaken.

Six's head slammed into his desk as he let out a groan. "Why, why did I think this was a good idea." Six whimpered.

"Because this is your biggest source of income you use to help fund the Followers and their orphanage." Sam said as he looked over his clip board.

That seemed to straighten Six out as he got back to work. "Right." He said before sighing. "But you know, things are kind of boring now." He said grabbing Sam's attention. "I mean, I'm the mother fucking Courier, I've been all over the Mojave Wasteland, fought Deathclaws with my fists, taken out the toughest Legions, and now," He waved his hand around the office he was in. "Now I'm behind a fucking desk."

Sam just snorted. "Most people would kill to be in your position."

"Oh I know, those people tried to kill me." Six said with a cheeky grin making Sam shake his head.

"I'm serious, you already cheated death more then then 100 time, you helped brought order to New Vegas, the Mojave, and even the NCR." Sam said as he gave Six an even look. "You already lived fast enough to give a Jet junky a run for his money, it's time to enjoy the spoils."

That just seemed to make Six snot. "I have enjoyed the spoils, do you know how many weapons I have in my armory. Now I barley use them," Six said as he leaned back in his chair. "I just wish that-"

Six was cut off when his Pit-Boy beeped, gabbing his and Sam's attention. Turning the Pit-Boy to the radio setting Six was surprised to see House's name.

"Six, I need you to see me for a moment, something has come up I need to speak with you about." House said before the line went dead.

"... You were about to say 'I just wish that something interesting happens' weren't you." Sam said in a deadpan voice.

Six just gave a cheeky grin as he got up from his desk. "What can I say, I'm pretty dame lucky." Six said before making his way out of his office.

The Courier didn't waist any time making his way up to the top of the Lucky 38 using the express elevator. Six soon found himself in the penthouse house of the Lucky 38 and quickly made his way into the penthouse, passing several Securitrons. Walking down a staircase Six soon came face to face a giant monitor with a man's face on it. The man on the monitor was none other then Mr. House, leader of New Vegas.

"Hey boss," Six said with a grin as he looked at the monitor. "You called me?"

The monitor flickered for a second before House spoke. "Yes, I came across something that caught my attention." House spoke in an even voice. "About an hour ago one of my Securitrons picked up some strange readings by Lake Mead."

"Strange how?" Six said with a raised brow.

"Strange as I've never seen these readings before." House said in a serious voice, surprising Six a bit. "Whatever is happening at Lake Mead is giving off energies I've never seen before, and as you know Six I have been around for a very long time."

That seemed to put Six off a bit. "Well it can't be anything from the Big Empty. Those Brains can only do their experiments their."

"I know, which means this is a complete unknown." House said as the monitor flickered again. "I tried to send a Securitron to Lake Mead but soon lost connection. Most likely the energy is giving off an EMP effect, cutting my connection to my robots."

"So what do you want me to do?" Six asked with a tilt of his head.

"Go to Lake Mead and see if you can find anything out. This energy might be a Brotherhood experiment, or the NCR finding a way to take my Securitrons out."

Six grinned and stretched his arms. "Finally some leg work, I was getting stir-crazy working in an office all day."

That seemed to get a laugh from Mr. House. "Always the man of action. I set a radio frequency on your Pit-Boy so we can keep in contact, leave whenever you feel ready."

Six gave a small salute before leaving the penthouse and made his way to the his presidential suite. As Six took the elevator down he looked to his Pit-Boy before being covered in a amber light before quickly being in his Duster Outfit along with his Sheriff's Hat and Lucky Shades, it was his light gear he used when traveling long distances. When the elevator finally stopped Six made his way to the room on the far right and quickly entered his armory. The walls were filled with unique and custom weapons ranging from energy guns to melee to much more. Along another wall was drawers filled with unique armor for nearly situation any situation the Courier may find himself in.

Six looked around his armory and grabbed all the weapons he may need for his little adventure, not wanting to take any chances. Thanks to Six's Pit-Boy he was able to store all of the weapons he needed without having to lug it around. You see Six had a unique Pit-Boy created by Mr. House himself, it was nearly the same as a normal Pit-Boy except for the fact it can store items into it, ranging from a simple Banana Yucca to a full suit of Power-Armor. House told Six that his Pit-Boy could atomize things inside the device, storing them inside. Their was a size and weight limit to what Six could put in his Pit-Boy, nothing being larger then Power-Armor and nothing heavier then 60 pounds for each item. But other then that Six could, and did, have a full armory inside his Pit-boy at all times.

After Six grabbed every weapon he may need he quickly gained a thoughtful look on his face before grinning when he glanced at the doghouse in his armory. Walking up to the doghouse Six crouched low.

"Hey buddy, you up yet." Six's only response was a low growl. "Listen, I'm going to go out and maybe fight some bad guys. Want to come?"

Six waited patiently for a response before something walked out of the dog house, making Six grin. "Morning Stripe."

If front of Courier Six was no dog or cat, but an actual mini-Deathclaw. The Deathclaw was about 8 inches tall, with green skin, curved horns, and a white stripe on his back. The small Deathclaw was found by the Courier in the Big Empty in a place called Higgs Village. At first the mini Deathclaw tried to kill Six when it first saw the Courier, but Six found the creature so interesting he somehow timed it after saving it from drowning, turns out Deathclaws can't swim. He soon made it his pet, naming it Stripe after seeing the white stripe on it's back.

The little Deathclaw waited no time climbing the Courier before resting on his shoulder. Six chucked as he petted Stripe on the head hearing it purr before making his way to the elevator. When the Courier reached the cosine floor he wasn't all that surprised to see Sam waiting for him.

"What did Mr. House want?" Six's secretary asked.

"Some strange stuff is happening at Lake Mead and House wants me to check it out." Six said as he started to walk out of the casino.

"Should I cancel your visit to the orphanage?" Sam only to be waved off by Six.

"I should be back before they go to sleep, so don't worry about it. I'll get to the Lake in less then a half an hour if I take my bike."

Sam sighed as wrote down on his clipboard. "As you say sir." Sam sighed at the Courier walked out of the Lucky 38. "He probably just wanted to leave me with all the work." Sam said in a bitter voice before turning around and walking to Six's office.

Six pulled his motorcycle to a stop on the road as he stood a few meters away from Lake Mead. Bringing up a pair of binoculars Six saw a few broken Securitrons in front of the lake docks.

"House, I'm at the Lake." Six said as he got off his bike and slowly walked to the lake, his eyes vigilant. "And I found your Securitrons." He said as he knelt down to the broken robots.

"Do they appear to be physically damaged?" House asked through Six's Pit-Boy.

Six looked over the robots for a minute. "No, they appear to be ok physically. So that means you were right about them being turned off with an EMP." Six said as he looked over the lake, seeing the small man made island near the center. "I don't see anything here, not even the remains of a pulse grenade."

"Look around, something must of caused my- Wait." House cut himself off for a few moments before speaking again. "Be alert Six, that strange energy is appearing again."

As soon as house spoke those words a white mist started to form above the Lake and slowly travel around. Not only that several Lake-Lurks started to clime out of the water as well.


One of Six's favorite weapons appeared in his hand and he wasted no time shooting at the Lake-Lurks in the head.

"Six, what's happening?" House called from the Pit-Boy.

"There's a strange mist above the Lake, it seems to be stirring up the Lake-Lurks." Six said as he dodged a sonic blast and shot another Lake-Lurk in the head. "It... it actually looks like a rainbow, a Rainbow Mist."

Unknown to Six as he focused on the Lake-Lurks in front of him with Lucky the mysterious mist started to form behind him. Not even Stripe seemed to notice as he was growling at the Lake-Lurks.

"Six, the strange energy is starting to become more intense in your area. I'd advise you leave as soon as you can." House said with slight concern.

"I'm a little busy at the moment." Six said as he kicked a Lurker that got to close in the chest as he reloaded Lucky. "Beside, the mist in on the la-" Six cut himself off when he saw the rainbow mist start to form around him and Stripe. He could feel a pull in the mist the Courier never felt before.

"Six, Six what is going on!?" House shouted from the Pit-Boy in an argent voice.

Six felt a bitter smile cross his face cross his face as he saw the mist surround him faster then he could blink. He had no idea what the mist was, but from the way Stripe was roaring at the mist it wasn't good.

"Sorry Boss, House." Six said into his Pit-Boy as the mist covered his body, feeling something he never felt before. "Look's like I fucked up."

Then just like that Courier Six, warrior of the Mojave, disappeared from the wastes.

Six's eyes snapped opened and he took in a large breath, only to get a lung full of salty water. His hands shot to his Pit-Boy and Six quickly equipped his Rebreather, taking a breath full of air. Glancing around the water Six saw Stripe floating in the water not far from him and quickly grabbed the Deathclaw before swimming to the surface. As soon as Six hit the surface Stripe coughed up a lot of water and gave Six a weak look.

"Hang on buddy, your not dead yet." Six said as he looked around, but was shocked at what he saw.

Pure Blue water surrounded Six and Stripe as they bobbed in the water form waves, no land in sight. Six was stun shocked about what he was seeing before him and would of stayed their, if not for the cold water all over his body. Quickly pulling out his Binoculars Six started to search for any kind of land. Then the Courier's eyes spotted an island in the distance.

"Alright, hang on Stripe." Six said as he put the mini Deathclaw on his head and started to make swim to the island as fast as he could.

Six thought he was a pretty good swimmer considering he lived in the desert. But against the moving waters around him put Six's limited swimming skills to the test. After about 15 minutes of swimming Six washed up on shore of the island, slightly out breath. Stripe landed on the ground and quickly shook his body of the water.

"You alright?" Six asked Stripe getting a nod from the Deathclaw. It always amazed the Courier how smart Stripe was compared to other Deathclaws and wondered what science madness made the Deathclaw like this. "Good... Now where the fuck are we!?" Six shouted in a panic as he looked around. "The water is blue and salty, this island has green life, and what the fuck was that Rainbow Mist!" Six finished his panic while panting hard, slightly out of breath.

Stripe put a claw on the Courier's leg before climbing back on his shoulder.

Six sighed at he felt Stripe trying to comfort him. "Thanks buddy." He sighed before looking at the island. "Well, we better get exploring." Six said before he looked up and noticed some smoke, making the Courier grin. "Where theirs smoke there's earthier a settlement or ruins, I'll take either at this point." He said before heading for the smoke.

As Six walked through what he could only describe as a forest he could not help but look around with slight wonder. Not even Zion had as much life compared to this place. As they walked Six looked at the map on his Pit-boy and was surprised to see no date on the area around him, he wasn't even getting a radio signal.

After about 20 minutes of walking The Courier found himself in a settlement but was surprised at what he saw. The settlement was cleaner and more well built then anything he ever seen, but at the same time where were some building that looked destroyed. Walking closer to one of the builds Six saw whatever happened, happened recently.


Six was knocked out of his thoughts when he heard a woman's scream in the air and instantly ran towards the sound. As he ran deeper into the town Six started to hear more voices. Some of those voices were laughing, laughing like a Fiend when they raided a settlement. When Six reached the end of the town he was again surprised at what he saw.

At the very edge of town was a large docks with two large groups of people. The first group apparently was civilians, men, woman, children, all looking scared of the second group. The second group was about 20 men in black clothing with horns on their head, all armed with swords and guns. At the docks was a big ship with a weird flag that looked like a pig with a skull on it.

Getting closer to the docks Six started to hear the people talk.

"Alright, bring us all your valuables or we'll burn this village to the ground." One of the men in black shouted getting a frighten cry from the civilian's. "The Marines have abandon this island, that shows the power of the Boar Pirates!"

Six raised an eyebrow at the odd name as he slowly walked to the docks, still not noticed. As the pirates ranted on about valuables a man came forward.

The man was in a wheelchair, appeared to be in his late 50's, bald with a white beard, and ware big round classes.

"Don't think you can push us around Pirates." The man said in a strong voice despite his situation. "The Marines might be gone, but we'll defend ourselves."

That got a laugh from the Pirates as one of them pointed a sword to the man. "Do you honestly think a man like you can stand against us." The Pirate said before looking to the other scared civilians. "Do any of you feel like taking a chance against the Boar Pirates!" The Pirate yelled before giving a sadistic grin against the man in the wheelchair, who appeared to glare at the man. "This is what happens to people who get in out way!" The pirate yelled as he swung his sword at the man.

"That Gun!"

Just as the sword was about to make contact against the unflinching man a shot rang out and the sword was shot out of the pirates hand. Everyone turned to see Six standing not far away from both groups, his gun smocking before he holstered it.

"Who are you!?" A pirate angrily called out while the rest pointed their weapons at Six, who didn't look the least bit fazed.

Six shrugged at the pirates as he pet Stripe under the chin, unnerving some people seeing the pet. "Just a traveler trying to do some good."

That seemed to piss of the pirates. "Do you have any idea who we are!?" Another pirate called.

"Yes, I do." The pirates seemed to smile, satisfied with the response. "Apparently you guys are a group of pig fuckers," That made all the pirates jaws drop as the civilian's tried not to laugh. "I mean I'm not judging, I ran into a few crazy people in my travels. I once met a man who wanted to fuck a robot named Fisto-"

"We're the Boar Pirates you moron!" All the pirates yelled in anger while pointing their weapons at the Courier. "Get him!" They said before they all charge.

As soon as they started moving Six brought up That Gun and fired six shots right into some of the pirates chest. The shots were precise and would not kill them, but it would leave them out of the fight. Apparently no one was dead so Six was willing to go easy on them. As soon as That Gun was empty Six and the Pirates got close Six put That Gun away before bringing up his hands.

"Nuka Break!"

In an amber light a Nuka Cola sign appeared in Six's hands out of thin air, shocking everyone. When one of the pirates got close Six smacked them way without any mercy, making them look similar to ragdolls. The sign also shocked some of the pirates Six hit and they ended up frozen on the ground.

"Shoot him!" A small group of pirates shouted as they pointed rifles at Six.

Without hesitation Six spun around and brought up his empty hand again.


As soon as the gun was in Six's hands he got the Pirates in the chests, dropping them all to the floor before they can even fire. Soon their were only about 4 pirates left standing, who were all shaking in fear as they looked at Six. The people of the town were all staring at Six in awe and cheering him on as he fought.

Six looked at the remaining pirates and put his weapons away.

"So, as you can see I'm not your average wanderer." Six said as he stepped over a downed pirate. "So why don't you run away with your tail between your legs before I start getting trigger happy."

Before the pirates could open their mouths a pair of loud footsteps were heard, making everyone but Six and the man in the wheelchair freeze in fear. A moment later a large man appeared at the top of the pirate ship deck, and when Six meant large Six meant large.

The man was a towering eight feet tall, a chubby face, and a large potbelly that jiggled with every step he took. He had a large nose ring that looked like it should be on a cow instead of a person and had two giant wooden club on his back.

When the man's eyes landed on the fallen pirates they harden. Turning to the still standing pirates the large man sent them a glare that made them stiffen.

"Why are all my men taken out?" He asked in a deep voice.

The pirates stood at attention to the large man. "I-it was that man!" I pirate shouted while pointing to Six. "He's the one who did this!"

That seemed to piss of the large man even more. "Are you telling me you weaklings were all taken out by one man!" He shouted making all the pirates flinch.

"H-he's a Devil Fruit user Captain! The man's making weapon's appear out of thin air!" The pirate shouted in fear.

That made the Caption pause before turning to the Courier. "Who are you, a bounty hunter?"

Six holstered Lucky and put his hands in his pocket. "They call me Courier Six, Six for short." Six said with some pride in his voice.

That seemed to piss off the Captain even more. "Are you telling me my men were beaten by a fucking mail man!" The large man shouted making everyone step back in fear, except for Six and the man in the Wheelchair. "When I kill this mail man I'm going to deal with you lot, and the rest of this town."

The large pirate captain jumped off his ship and landed on the docks, nearly breaking the wood under his weight.

The pirate captain walked slowly walked up off the dock and stood a few feet from Six. "My names Big Boar Billy, captain of the Boar Pirates with a bounty of 8,000,000 Beli!"

"8,000,000, no way!"

"He's that dangerous!"

"We're doomed!"

Six narrowed his eyes at the unfamiliar currency name, but seeing the peoples reaction he knew this guy was no joke. Crouching low Six had Stripe jump off his shoulder.

"I need to handle this alone buddy, you protect the people." Six said as he squared off the pirate.

Billy just snorted as he pulled out his two clubs from his back and held them up. "Don't think I'm as weak as my crew, for we have something similar you and I." He said with confidence making Six raise a brow. "We're both Devil Fruit users!"

As soon as Billy said those words his body started to change before Six's eyes. He became taller, fatter, his skin turned fuzzy with brown fur, he grow a snout on his face, and two large tusk grow from his upper mouth.

Six blinked at the transformation. "Ok... that's new." He said with slight disbelief in his voice. He then quickly changed into his Elite Riot Gear after his body glowed amber for a split second.

Billy let out a roar before charging at Six with the two clubs in hand. The Courier didn't waist any time and also ran at the boar man, his right arm stretched out.


A moment later Six's hand now had one of his favorite Power-Fists on. As soon as Billy was close he brought down both clubs where Six was standing and the Courier side stepped at the last minute. Both clubs created a small crater in the stone ground, surprising Six a bit but he hid his expression and brought up Pushy. Throwing a strong punch into the boar man's side there was a small flash of light from the Power-Fist making Billy scream in pain.

Six smirked as he pulled his fist back, only to get backhanded by the club and sent skidding across the ground.

"Don't underestimate my Boar Boar Fruit weakling!" Billy shouted as he charged at the fallen Six.

The Courier quickly jumped to his feet and held out his hand again.

"Big Boomer!"

Suddenly a double barrel shot gun appeared in Six's hand and he quickly fired off two shots. Six was shocked to see that despite both shots hitting the Boar man they did not do as much damage as he thought. The Courier quickly rolled out of the way from and got some distance from the Boar man.

"No weapon you bring out will be enough to take me down." Billy said in an aragonite voice as he wiped the small amount of blood off his arm. "My hide is thick and fat, able to absorb most blunt attack with ease." He said with a cocky grin on his pig face. "Combine that with my strength and it is only a matter of time before I cave your skull in."

The Courier took the words into account before a grin crossed his face. "So blunt attack won't work, then I'm going to have to bring my crazy friend out." Six said as he brought his hand out again.

Everyone watching waited with anticipation as an amber light covered Six's hand... to reveal a toaster.

"...Do you take me for a joke!" Billy shouted in anger as steam shot from his nose. "How is a toaster going to save you!?"

"I'm not some simple fucking toaster you walking bacon!" A voice called out making everyone pause.

All eyes turned to Six and with toaster in his as the Courier had a grin on his face.

"I'm the motherfucking Toaster bitch!" The Toaster shouted while in Six's hand.

There was a long silence in the town before it finally broke.

"EEHHH! THE TOASTER TALKS!" Everyone shouted in disbelief as their eyes bulged out of their heads, even the man in the wheelchair's jaw dropped.

Even Billy's jaw dropped at the talking Toaster before shaking his head. "Still, how is a talking toaster going to save you."

Six just let his grin be the answer to Billy's question.


A sword appeared in Six's other hand as he held it up against the toaster. "Ready Toaster?"

"Ah yeah, it's time to cause some fucking madness!"

"Weapon Special: Super-Heated Katana!"

Six brushed the blade against the Toaster's slot and the blade was soon glowing orange.

"You better fuck this pig up Six!" The Toaster said before disappearing back into the Pit-Boy.

Six grinned as he held the Katana in his hands. "Well you heard the toaster, come at me porky."

Angry steam shot out of Billy's snout before he charged at Six again.

"Boar Boar Stampede!"

Billy started to swing his clubs around at almost lunacies speeds. Instead of dodging or getting out of the way Six ran straight at the at the Boar man and raised his glowing Katana. In a swift motion Six brought the blade down and slashed Billy's club clean in half, and cut the Devil Fruit user across the chest.

"Hot!" Billy screamed in pain before hitting Six with his still one good club right on the head.

Six grit his teeth as he felt the club hit home right on his head, but the Courier has taken worse beating before. Not stopping his attack Six used his Katana and quickly sliced the second club in half.

"I don't need a weapon to take you down!" Billy yelled while bringing his meaty hands down on Six.

The Courier's Kanata disappeared as he brought his arms up to block the. As soon as the Boar man's fist made contact with Six the Courier grit his teeth from how heavy the blow was but was able to block the attack.


Six brought his right fist low as a Power-Fist materialized on his hand.


Using the Scribe Counter Veronica taught him and putting his full weight behind the attack Six sent a devastating uppercut right to Billy's fat chin. As soon as the blow connected Billy's head was caught in an explosion and sent the Boar man flying away.

"Captain!" The pirates shouted in disbelief as they saw their captain lose.

As soon as Big Boar Billy hit the ground he changed back to his human form. His eyes were blank and smoke was still around his head, some of his teeth were even missing. Six panted hard as he slowly pulled his fist down to his side before sending a glare to the standing pirates, who let out a cry of fear.

"Take your pirates and go." Six said before pointing a finger at the pirates, who flinched. "But your Captain stays."

"Yes sir!" The pirates shouted in fear before dragging their fallen comrades and pulling them to the ship. In a mater of minutes the only pirates left was Big Boar Billy was the pirate ship sailed away.

Their was a still quiet in the town as before it exploded in cheers. The villagers all rushed to Six and started thanking him profusely. It was a little surprising to Six, whenever he saved someone back home they just give him some money and a quick thanks before going on their way. These people were looking to Six like he was a godsend.

"Everyone move, make way!" The man in the wheelchair yelled as he made his way over to Six, a stern but grateful expression on his face. "This man need medical attention."

Six finally noticed the warm blood flowing down his head and how dizzy he felt. The Courier brought a hand to his head to help stop himself from falling over, gaining some concern looks from the villagers.

"Get the doctor, he might have a concussion!" The man shouted getting some of the male villagers to run. "Are you ok?" The man asked in concern.

Six just chuckled as he rubbed his head. "Would you believe that this is far from the worst head injury I have ever taken." Six said before whistling, and a moment later Stripe came running at him and climbed on his shoulder. "Hey buddy."

Most of the villagers looked weary at the Deathclaw but also intrigued. "What an interesting animal." Man said as he pet trip on the head, getting a low purr. "Looks like a demon."

"Stripe is one of a kind." Six said before looking at Billy. "You got anyway to hold him."

The man gave a scoff before turning to some of the villagers. "Tie him up and dunk him in the water enough so he doesn't use his Devil Fruit powers." He said before turning back to Six. "Now let's get to patched up." The man in the wheelchair said before leading Six away from the crowed, who continued to cheer him on.

Six blinked his eyes as a light was flashed in is face. "He definitely has a concussion." The doctor said as he brought up some gauze from his bag. "But it doesn't appear to be that bad."

The man in the wheelchair, who's name was Nathen, gave the doctor a surprised look. "Really Doc, I saw him take a club from a Devil fruit user full force."

The doctor just snorted. "Yes, and I can tell," The Doc said as he gave Six an even look. "This isn't your fist head injury, is it?"

Six just grinned as he moved his hair to the side, reveling two small scars. "Got shot in the head twice about a year ago, was left in a shallow grave soon after." He said getting a shocked look from the two older men. "I lived, but at the cost of my memories." He said as he glanced at the sleeping Stripe on his lap.

"You can't remember anything?" The doctor asked in sympathy.

Six shook his head. "Nope, can't remember nothing. My name, home, parents, all blank." Six said with a shrug. "It's why I call myself Courier Six, since that's all I was doing before I was shot. Apparently my shooter wanted the package I was carrying."

Nathen gained a hard look on his face as he leaned back into he wheelchair. "Is that why you came to this island, to find your past or the man who shot you."

Six waved off Nathen. "I already found the guy who shot me, and I... settled the score." He said before leaning back in his chair. "As for my memories, I'm gaining them back slowly. I can remember some stuff I did as a child."

Nathen nodded before giving Six a small smile. "Well let me welcome you to Coconut Village, here we have the best coconuts in the East Blue."

Six gained a complete confused look on his face as he looked at the two. "Yeah, listen," Six said grabbing the two's attention. "After I was shot in the head I only stuck around a place called New Vegas and I only know the stuff about our local government. So I might be ignorant to a lot of stuff."

The doctor paused before nodding. "It makes sense, memory loss varies from case to case." He said before sending the Courier a questioning look. "If you have memory loss then why did you leave your island."

That made Six pause before shaking his head. "This might sound strange... but I think... a mist took me here." He said getting a strange look from the two. "You see when I was around a place called Lake Mead there was this strange Rainbow Mist their. Then next thing I new I found myself in the water about a mile away from this place with Stripe."

That got a shocked look from Nathen. "What, you swam in water, but aren't you a Devil Fruit user?"

Six looked to Nathen and gave him a strange look. "Memory loss remember, I have no idea what a Devil Fruit is." Six technically didn't lied.

"Devil Fruits are mystic fruits that grant people powers after eating them." Doc said getting a shocked look from Six. "There are many types of Devil fruits in the world. The Devil Fruit Big Boar Billy had was a Zone type, allowing the user to gain the abilities of the animal. In Billy's case a Boar. But despite the power one major weakness of a Devil Fruit user is that they can't swim ever again."

Six let the word run through his head before he shook his head. "Yeah I don't have that." Six said before bringing up his Pit-Boy. "This is called a Pit-Boy, it lets me store weapons and items inside it, I have a whole armory of weapons and armor in this baby." Six said with some pride as the two men looked at the device. "I have it set to voice activated, so all I have to do is say what I want and it will appear in my hands."

Nathen had a thoughtful look on his face before looking to Six. "You said something about a mist right." He said grabbing Six's attention. "Did it happen to be a Rainbow mist?"

Six's eyes widen and he quickly nodded his head. "Yes, yes exactly that! It started on the lake and before I knew it the mist was around me and Stripe." Six said to Nathen. "Have you ever heard seen or head of something like that?"

Nathen rubbed his chin a bit in thought. "While I was in the Marines," Nathen noticed Six's questioning look and sighed. "Which I will tell you about them later. Anyway, while I was in the Marines I remember hearing about a strange Rainbow Mist that would appear out of nowhere and take people and ships away, never to be seen again." Nathen said before looking to Six. "I guess it's possible the Mist just takes a person to somewhere else in the world? You live long enough as I you tend to believe these sort of things."

Six had a hard look on his face as he let the words sink in. He new for a fact he was a long way home, but now after talking he new for a fact he was so far he may never get back home. Spend enough time with some brains in jars and you can pick up some science here and there. Six knew he was not on his earth anymore.

With a sigh Six looked to Nathen. "So who are the Marines?"

Nathen folded his arms and had a mixed look on his face. "The Marines is the unity of more then 170 nations all over the world, ranging from all oceans to even the Grand Line. The World Government. Their main job is to protect the people under them and capture pirates." Nathen said with a hard look.

"I'm guessing that's not always the case." Six said surprising Nathen before the old man sighed.

"The government's view is very black and white. Marines are good and pirates are always bad, Marines are right and pirates are wrong." Nathen said while he rubbed his face. "It's how many units in the Marines are so easily corrupted and how they always justified everything they do, no matter how bad."

Six thought about the NCR and compared the two. The Courier admired the NCR for what they were trying to do, but they did not have the resources or power to do have the stuff they promised. Also a bunch of laws and politics stopped them from helping people or even just doing their job.

"So you were in the Marines." Six asked as he heard Stripe growl softly in his sleep.

Nathen grinned with a look of pride. "Yup, and I must say I was petty strong in my younger days. I even had the potential to become a Vice-Admiral, until I lost my legs." He said making Six wince. "Don't make that face, I fallowed my dream and I helped a lot of people in my heyday, I have no regrets." Nathen said with a big grin as he looked Six over. "And I have to say Six your not a bad fighter... for a rookie."

Six almost fell out of his chair from the comment and he sent Nathen a challenging look. "Rookie! I'll have you know back in New Vegas I was one of the most deadliest motherfuckers there!"

Nathen just gave a shrug at Six, his grin never falling. "Oh your deadly, but I've seen fighter that would of take Billy down with only a few hits, myself included when I was in my prime."

"Really now?" Six said giving the old man a deadpan look.

Before the courier could even blink Nathen's hand shot out and held something to Six's neck, making the young man stiffen. Glancing down Six saw a knife almost pressing against his neck, making the Courier gulp slowly.

Nathen gave a small chuckle as he pulled his hand back along with his knife. "I was known as one of the fastest Marines for my rank." Slowly the grin on Nathen's face fell and he gave Six an even look. "Listen kid, I have an offer for you."

That peeked Six's interest a bit. "What is it?"

Sitting straight a bit Nathen looked right into Six's eyes. "I'd like to train you," He said, surprising the Courier quiet a bit. "You got a lot of talent on you kid, more so then your everyday villager or even Marine, but your raw, self taught right." He said surprising Six a bit but got a nod from the Courier. "Not only that but your clueless about the world around you thanks to your memory loss, and I don't feel comfortable letting the guy who saved our little island get himself killed out at see. So what do you say?"

Six folded his arms and sent an even look to Nathen. "Would I have to become a Marine?"

"You could become a pirate for all I care." Nathen snorted, surprising the Courier a bit. "You see kid it wasn't a pirate that took my legs, but a Marine, and it was a pirate who saved me." Nathen said as he gained a far away look. "It was that day when I lost my legs that I learned that pirates, Marines, and even civilians are all the same, people trying to live. It's morals that makes us different, what we believe in and how we do things." Nathen said with a strong conviction that surprised Six quite a bit. "From seeing you fight today I can tell your a good person."

Six looked at Nathen for a long minute before a thoughtful crossed his face. "Back in New Vegas we had a saying back home." He said before looking at the ex-Marine and gave him a grin. "Fuck it let's do this shit." He said getting a laugh out of the man before they shook hands.

-1 Year Later-

After Courier Six agreed to be trained under the Ex-Marine it was the hardest training of his life. Six's body was already different from your everyday normal person thanks to all the shit he survived, but the old man's training was something straight from hell even the Legion could not cook up. And it wasn't just his body Six trained but his mind as well, with the ex-Marine teaching everything he would need to learn in order to survive out at sea.

For physical and fighting techniques Nathen taught Six three of the Six-Powers. The Six-Powers, or Rokushiki, were apparently superhuman techniques to do amazing feats no normal person could do, and Nathen happened to be a master of three of them. Unfortunately he could not use his legs to show Six the Rokushiki but still taught the Courier none the less. The three Rokushiki techniques Nathen taught Six were Kami-e, which to dodge attacks like paper, Soru, which aloud a person to move at high speeds, and Geppo, which allowed a person to jump on the air. It took Six a few months to get the techniques down but he soon mastered them to an extent, even Nathen was shocked by his progress since it took the old man years to learn just three of the six powers.

Once Six had the right skills and knowledge of the sea, he started to set off into the world to find his adventure.

Standing on a small boat with Stripe on his shoulder Six gave a smile to all the villagers that were seeing him off. After spending a year training and learning from the ex-Marine Six found he like the little island and would even call it a second home like Goodsprings.

"So this is it huh kid?" Nathen said with a grin as Nathen bobbed in the tiny boat. "Finally going to start your adventure."

"What can I say, Courier is in my name. I can never stay in one place for too long." Six said before he sent Nathen a grateful look along with some of the villagers. "Thank you, for everything. You taught me so much."

Nathen snorted as he folded his arms in front of him. "It wasn't that hard since you were a fucking prodigy." Nathen grumbled a bit, feeling a little bitter. "It took me years to learn just three, but you did the same in one."

The two looked at each other before laughing at each other. After a minute the two were cut off by the howling of the wind, making them both look up.

"...The wind is strong, perfect for sailing right now." Six said in a quiet voice before looking back at Nathen. "So I guess this is goodbye."

Nathen just waved the Courier off. "Knowing you I'm pretty sure it won't be long before your face ends up on a wanted poster."

"We can only hope." Six said with a grin as he started to sail away on the small boat. Seeing the island he lived in get smaller and smaller as he road the waves with Stripe on his shoulder.

"Well little buddy," Six said to the mini Deathclaw on his shoulder as he looked forward. "Let's see what trouble we can find." Six said as they started their adventure.

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